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Overview of WebLogic Server

Explain the WebLogic Server terms: domain, server, machine and cluster
Explain the difference between the administration server and the managed servers.
Describe the administrative tools: Administration onsole, WLS!, WLD",
#onitoring Dashboard
Installing and Patching WebLogic Server
Determine supported configurations for WebLogic Server
$nstall WebLogic Server in graphical mode
$nstall WebLogic Server silentl%
Describe the installation director% structure
Appl% a patch to WebLogic Server b% using &'atch
Creating Domains
Describe a domain(s file s%stem
reate a domain b% using the onfiguration Wi)ard
onfigure machines, servers, and clusters b% using the onfiguration Wi)ard
op% a domain to another computer with the pac* and unpac* utilities
Starting Servers
Start and stop servers with standard scripts
$dentif% and resolve problems with server startup
ustomi)e start and stop scripts, including the LASS'A!+
,estart a failed server on a different machine
Using the Administration Console
Access the WebLogic Server Administration onsole
$dentif% the components of the Administration onsole
-pdate Administration onsole preferences
-se the Administration onsole change center
reate and configure servers b% using the Administration onsole
Configuring JDC
Describe WebLogic Server(s .D/ architecture
Describe WebLogic Server(s .0D$ architecture
ompare the different t%pes of data sources
ompare the different data source transaction options
reate and configure a generic data source
!une a data source(s connection pool
reate and configure a 1ridLin* data source
!onitoring a Domain
onfigure WebLogic Server logs
$nterpret a server log file entr%
reate and appl% a log filter
Enable WebLogic Server debugging output
#onitor WebLogic Server health and performance
#onitor .D/ data sources
Access diagnostic charts in the #onitoring Dashboard
"ode !anager
Describe the architecture and capabilities of the 0ode #anager
reate a 0ode #anager with the onfiguration Wi)ard
onfigure properties for the .ava 0ode #anager
Describe the .ava 0ode #anager director% structure
Enroll a 0ode #anager with a domain
Start and stop a 0ode #anager
Start and stop managed servers b% using the Administration onsole
De#lo$ing A##lications
Deplo% an application
Start a deplo%ed application
Stop a deplo%ed application
-ndeplo% an application
,edeplo% an application
-se the test lin*s for an application supplied b% the Administration onsole
#onitor a deplo%ed application
-se the #onitoring Dashboard(s built2in application view
Load test an application with !he 1rinder console given a script
"etwor% Channels and &irtual 'osts
onfigure a WebLogic Server networ* channel
#onitor a networ* channel
onfigure WebLogic Server to use an administration port
onfigure a virtual host for WebLogic Server
Creating and Configuring Clusters
Describe basic and multi2tier cluster architectures
reate a cluster b% using the onfiguration Wi)ard
reate and configure a cluster b% using the Administration onsole
reate and configure a d%namic cluster
reate and configure a server template
Describe how a d%namic cluster calculates listen ports and machines for generated
Cluster Pro(ies and Sessions
$nstall &racle +!!' Server with the Web !ier installer
onfigure &racle +!!' Server as a WebLogic Server cluster prox%
List the options for +!!' session failover
onfigure in2memor% session replication
onfigure replication groups
Cluster Communication) Planning and *roubleshooting
Explain the difference between unicast and multicast cluster communication
onfigure replication channels b% using the Administration onsole
Describe planning for a cluster
#onitor a cluster
Explain WebLogic Server(s role in managing transactions
onfigure WebLogic Server transactions 3.!A4
onfigure the WebLogic Server default store used for transaction logs
onfigure a database persistent store for WebLogic Server transaction logs
#onitor WebLogic Server transactions
WebLogic Server Securit$
List some of the WebLogic Server securit% providers and what the% do
Describe basic LDA' architecture
onfigure an external LDA' authentication provider for WebLogic Server
Describe how multiple authentication providers can be used with WebLogic
ac%ing U# a Doman and U#grading WebLogic Server
/ac* up a WebLogic Server domain
,estore a WebLogic Server domain
Define #anaged Service $ndependence mode
Describe the process to upgrade WebLogic Server 55g to 56c
,un the WebLogic Server ,econfiguration Wi)ard as part of the upgrade process