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Reaction Paper on West Asia

Unfortunately, I am not sure how am I supposed to do this paper. Not because I didnt
learn anything. Fact is, I know more information about the beauty and history of West Asia
compared to the 99% of the class. Given that the instruction was a reaction paper containing the
learning weve acquired through our block mates reporting. I am one of the reporters and the
irony makes it even more confusing. Nevertheless, regardless if Im doing this right, Ill proceed
to exposing my new learning about the beauty that lies within the realms and history of West
Since my groups report is solely focused on the Islamic Empires, I believe that one of the
most important foundations as to how West Asia came to existence is Religion. The inclination
of the Muslims to Allah and their burning innate desire to spread Islam paved the way for
conquering nations and gaining more followers. The battles against nations curved the culture of
the Arabs, making it one of the richest among the kingdoms of the world today. Thanks to
Muhammad, whose wit and righteousness that came from Allah marked the History that no one
will ever forget. Though he was once an ordinary man who had left footprints on the sands of the
Arabian Desert, his righteous disposition had manufactured the legacy that will forever change
the world.
Moreover, though there were some misunderstandings and bloody battles that occurred
between Muslims and Christians during the Crusades, as soon as Ive found out that they also
recognize Abraham as one of their prophets, my perception about Islam somehow shifted
positively. Theres more to Islam than the unrecognizable melody of their chants during 6pm in
the mosque near Baclaran, or their quality of being a miser whenever we make tawad in
bazaars. St. Gabriel, also, was said to be an Islamic Messenger to Muhammad; so whether Allah
of the Muslims and God the Father of the Christians are the same or different, we are still
brothers and sisters under one Supreme Being, regardless of the nomenclature.
I will always be fascinated about the fine culture of Islam as much as I am to the nostalgic
streets of Manila. Though there will always remain a pinch or a handful of sexism and
discrimination, I believe that this is just their way of protecting their princesses and queens; the
women of their religion. I will always be amazed as to how they devote themselves to Allah,
wishing Christians would be as devoted like them to God the Father. The reflection of their
everyday lives can be mirrored to the teachings of the Quran, making them, undoubtedly, the true
faithful followers of their Supreme Being.
Finally; the evaluation; I really got disappointed as to how my group members presented
their reports. Its sad because it seems like theyre not really that into studying History. (Many
are called but few are chosen. ) Good thing theres kuya Gi, who really focused to the
assigned topic given to him. Cha Navarro as well, her report was very comprehensible, its just
that her voice was barely heard by the class.