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These could be affecting your promotion chances. Banks which advance loans for setting up
industrial units do have such departments where their...
Aligning Personal and Corporate Values
This article highlights the types of leadership styles American president's like Barack Obama must
display to be an effective world leader.
China's Competitive Advantage in the Global Market
Make your next meeting more productive! Tips for running a successful meeting. What led to Dell's
initial success as a market leader and what caused its eventual decline?
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Six Sigma is, for most, a buzzword. Accounting managers can illustrate ethics in the way they treat
their customers and employees.
People fear creating a good project plan - they think it takes too long. Leaders have vision, direction,
and a sense of purpose. A college system that churns out people with meaningless buzz words and
no useful skills has turned the pyramid upside down.
The Nine Areas of Project Management, and Why They Matter
Most projects fail, and the most common reason is that the goal is not clearly defined. It is also a
place for business networking. In the new...
This is an adapted situational analysis of the Rio Tinto Iron Ore group from 2012. When the goal, or
scope of the project, is clearly defined, success becomes possible. Some decisions, such as...
Do you work long hours but feel like you never get any closer to clearing your backlog of work? Well
you're not the only one. They are; Planning, Organizing, Staffing, Directing and Controlling.
by Writer Malkia (1 follower)
SWOT Analysis: 1. It is hinged around the mission, vision, values and critical success factors of an
organization. We will discuss 3 ways to avoid discrimination when hiring.
What are the 5 key points to consider. Learn why, and how to determine whether your...
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What is the Contingency Leadership Theory?
How to Develop a Project Management Program that Really Works
The Art of Climate Change is a project by Dorsi Lynn Diaz with an exhibit/show at The Sun Gallery in
Hayward, Ca, in June-July of 2014. It takes a look at things such as, pricing decisions made in
different types of markets;...
Will Six Sigma Help Operations Management in Your Company?
Effective Problem Solving Methodology
by livingsta (491 followers)
The Five Functions of Management
How to be a Good Boss and Supervisor in the Workplace
. This article focuses on practical success and introduces...
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We make decisions every day that affect our lives and the lives of others. Find out how the Pareto
Principle can transform the way you think about working.
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Different Types of Leadership: Prescriptive & Situational
Manufacturing Cost Breakdown Pt. Use these fun goal charts to track your success. Plus, make him
think it's all his idea!
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Life isn't what I expected
PERT, the Project Evaluation and Review Technique, is a way of knowing if your project is on time
and on budget. Also, provides overview of things "managed" by project manager.
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Too Many Managers Means Nothing Gets Done
by SidKemp (531 followers)
How to Define Business Success
The Situational Leadership Theory stresses that different situations demand different kinds of
leadership. You learn how to make projects succeed, too! Getting a PMP is a...
A Code of Ethics: Management in Accounting
Bangladesh is moving ahead. Stepping outside our comfort zone is a necessary evil if we desire to
pursue our dreams and live a life of courage.
Your 60 PDU claim project for PMP (Updated 24th Mar. Service Above Self is its motto. This is both
good and bad, and that is for the same reasons. What is it really? And can it help improve Operations
Management at your company? Can 6 Sigma improve quality & cut costs?
How to Layout a Project Management Plan
The contingency theory aligns the leader's style with the most constructive circumstances for his or
her success. Learn about lean manufacturing terms commonly used in the Kaizen system....
by Melinda Longoria (41 followers)
Organizational Strategic Plan- Elements and Examples
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Lean Management - Yamazumi Analysis
Top group of companies in Bangladesh
Employers often require employees to attend mandatory training. This article is one of many to
Are you a business manager looking for an explanation of how best to maintain your business and
business assets? Here is an analysis of three different types of maintenance - reactive, preventative
and predictive....
Leader vs Manager: Traits, Qualities and Characteristics
Valve Corporation gave us the ground-breaking immersive first-person shooter Half-Life, developed
the Source gaming engine and Steam, the online games platform with 30 million active accounts,
among many other products....
by Dumbledore (163 followers)
Setting Strong Goals and Objectives
by LLambie (14 followers)
Good communication is key to the success of any project. But, if your company is not ready, Six
Sigma can make things worse. Business managers often benefit from mentoring junior managers
and networking with other business professionals. When you put out an ad for this position, you
receive hundreds of resumes. Learn how to create a definition of success that creates success!A
clear definition allows us to manage the factors that create success. Learn different ways to track
progress and how sharing goals with others can help you complete your goal!
Personnel Management is an important segment of general management which deals with people at
work and their relationship within an organisation.personnel Management aims at abstaining and
maintaining capable and...
Women in Leadership: The Four Types of Leaders
Term Paper: Organization Strategy Analysis Using SWOT
The 80-20 rule can help you get organized, become efficient, and increase your productivity. In
2010, an estimated $142.5 billion was spent on it in the U.S., $467 billion worldwide.
Progressive Elaboration for Project Success
How to Organize Your Disorganized Boss
I have been involved in managing projects and portfolios of projects for over 20 years and there are
a few golden rules I have learnt from all these projects that are standard across any type of project.
People with higher levels of gravitas tend to be...
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10 Reasons for Business Success or Failure
by SidKemp (531 followers)
Planning Function of Management
True problem solving can be a complicated process, but when done properly it can be very
successful. Good Manager is not only an asset for his company but also beneficial for subordinates.
They won't know what to say. Know these factors, re-design your...
This Hub takes a look at the meaning of employee empowerment. Project Plans are the backbone of
the management information system required for any Prince2 project.
Functions of Management. This hub presents three models of effective followership.
Human Resources Management Selection Tools
Authentic Leadership is the newest theory in the study of leadership. Some of the most prominent
positions in the most reputed firms are headed by business executives of Indian origin. We must also
address quality, risk, communications, and other factors. These decisions may involve anything from
deciding where to eat dinner to how to prevent a nuclear catastrophe. This is a highly specialized
field, but with a little effort and dedicated workers, you can...
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This Hub article explores some of the most important external variables that must be considered
when making pricing decisions. Progressive elaboration - doing good design step by step - is the
Have you ever been overwhelmed at the number of emails staring at you from your inbox? This
article shows you practical ways to conquer your email inbox.
Unlock Your Potential
In this hub Michael Kromwyk provides some insight into the ACER competitive strategy and how it is
positioned against other brands in the PC and peripherals market. Implementing effective business
by Melinda Longoria (41 followers)
How to Avoid Discrimination When Hiring
by Candyleo13
by ecoggins (567 followers)
KAIZEN: Definition of Lean Manufacturing Terms
by L.L. OB is also a multi-disciplinary study,...
Simplifying the Complex Decision Making Process
by drmiddlebrook (230 followers)
Business Success Using Six Sigma tools: DMAIC
5 Ways to Improve Daily Scrum Meetings
This article explores Dell's competitive advantage in the industry, documenting it's rise and fall. Six
Sigma Quality Management is often Employee Derailment touted as a solution for operations
management and cost problems. This article...
You have a business and you are interested in hiring a manager who will be able to assist you in
growing that business from the ground up. OB uses scientific methods to test hypotheses. . Effective
communication is vital to success in business, and crucial to the success of change management.
Planning in Management - Planning Function of Management; See What is Planning, Planning
Definition, Importance of Planning, Features of planning, Planning Process and Types of Plans.
by charmike4 (176 followers)
How to Improve Quality Control
Manage Budgets - Understand How to Manage Budgets
This Hub examines four major areas of responsibility of project managers: Project scope, resources,
time, and costs considerations. But does DMAIC really work? Maybe . If it is running behind or over
budget, you'll know how much extra time or money it will take to deliver....
Four Questions to Ask Before Making Product Pricing Decisions
Monitoring physical progress of the projects
Importance of Training and Development in the Workplace
by erpvisual
Controlling in Management - Controlling Function of Management; See Controlling Definition,
Features of Controlling, Importance of Controlling and Management by Exception.
How to use PERT Chart for Project Management
As more businesses fail in this challenging economy, understanding the key factors in business
success is crucial to the survivors, to entrepreneurs, and to new start up companies. Successful
business managers instill ethics in the workforce, actively communicate a passion for the business,
communicate effectively and demonstrate honesty. Effective communication is more than just a tool
in business organizations. Further, it defines leadership versus management and compares and
contrasts traits,...
With Gravitas - Your Intention Heard and Felt
by C.S.Alexis (1,147 followers)
The 5 point plan to ERP selection success
What is the Situational Leadership Theory?
A Prince2 project plan documents how identified targets for products, timescales, costs and quality
can be met. How does it look at work? What must employees understand to be truly empowered?
Who benefits from employee empowerment?
by Lean Dream (2 followers)
by LWhip (17 followers)
Effective communication requires not only the ability to convey messages but also the ability to be a
good listener. Here is a free plan to help you achieve your goals.
by Bangladesh Page (3 followers)
How do you improve quality control in your company? How can you improve quality control through
changes to the shop floor, procurement, engineering and corporate culture?
Controlling Function of Management
Developing Personal Leadership Skills
In the competitive environment of project management, here's some tips for standing out from other
candidates in an interview. Here are some common things employees do that bosses hate.
A Day In The Life Of A Project Manager
Rotary Club - What is it?
by tresero (77 followers)
Tips on managing up for a more organized boss. In this paper the value chain, strategic fit and the
types of diversification are reviewed.
by Mike Lickteig (1,022 followers)
by Dorsi (1,976 followers)
The Art of Climate Change
Factors that Contribute to Business Success
Organizational Behavior: Terminology and Concepts
by ElizaDoole (137 followers)
Leader vs Manager starts with a simple self-assessment that helps you determine whether you are
predominantly a leader or a manager. Just like men, women can be visionary, be peacemakers, be
steady guides through difficult times, or be problem-solvers.
Google's Competitive Advantage & Strategy
by wordscribe43 (431 followers)
Product Pricing Strategies
Are you considering a career in project management? Here's a real-life look at what a project
manager does, and what it takes to succeed in this career.
The Japanese Management Metamorphosis
by Cameron Corniuk (57 followers)
How to Become a Certified Project Management Professional
by spartucusjones (258 followers)
Called Follow-up or Project Supervision Department, it is an essential part of an organization to take
care of its projects. Sure, you can get ahead by impressing people; but it is far more fun to get ahead
using intimidation and other nefarious...
Creative and fun ways to work toward achieving your goals. There are different principles and
procedure for doing the costing. It will help anyone, seasoned marketers (by being a reminder), and
Every leader is also a manager but not every manager is a leader. Learning how to master the art of
the give and take can enhance your work and personal life and help you succeed.
3 Top Models of Courageous Followership
by drmiddlebrook (230 followers)
Project Management Templates: Communication Plans
How to Make People Uncomfortable
by Beth Eaglescliffe (60 followers)
Indians are known for their sharp intellect and leadership qualities across the world. While such
training sessions can be viewed as a disruption, employees should recognize the benefits in
participating in them.
by SidKemp (531 followers)
It is not enough just to ask a customer what he wants. Managers are just that, they manage.
Discover the five hallmarks of a well-defined goal.
by dommcg (42 followers)
How to develop gravitas, one of the most common traits of excellent leaders, inspirers and
motivators. Let's breakdown each role more succinctly
This article examines the three generic strategies discovered by Michael Porter. Learn how to define
project scope and goals...
A Rotary Club is a service organization that is part of Rotary International. What are contingency
leadership styles? How does the contingency theory work?
by SidKemp (531 followers)
A story demonstrating how examining one's thinking and values is the first step to aligning personal
and corporate values.
by RGraf (828 followers)
Certification as a Project Management Professional (PMP) from the Project Management Institute
(PMI) makes it easier to get great jobs and pay raises. Use the 5 whys root cause analysis to find the
root cause of problems and prevent recurrence.
by unrealist (8 followers)
Nokia was founded over 140 years ago in Finland, and since then has become a global organisation
that operates in over 120 countries worldwide. We can all do something positive...
People spend far too much time trying to figure out how to make people happy and comfortable.
Using active listening skills will improve the effectiveness of your communication in both the work...
by naumaan (17 followers)
Become a networking extrordinare through the concept of reciprocity. Nokia has also become a
market leader in the mobile telecommunications...
by drmiddlebrook (230 followers)
Successful completion of a project requires managing much more than scope, time, and money.
While poor or weak management become headache...
by unrealist (8 followers)
How To Write a Great Prince2 Project Plan
Business Strategy: The Three Generic Strategies
by dilipchandra12 (851 followers)
President Barack Obama's Leadership Styles
by FlourishAnyway (497 followers)
3 Stages That New Managers Go Through
Why Employees Should Want to Attend Training Workshops
Lean manufacturing terms and definition of kaizen in a clear and concise manner. Quality leadership
provides opportunities for management training, technical skill development, mentorships, and life
coaching that enhances business skills while providing personal growth experience. Woodard (252
A strategic plan is a plan that maps out specific strategies for achieving organizational results. This
article explains what is a Rotary Club
by Mark Ewbie (1,263 followers)
GEMBA KAIZEN: 5 Whys Root Cause Analysis
A project without a plan is like a vacation without an itinerary. This hub describes the broad
classification of PDU types by PMI. This sample term paper explores the construction of a...
by hafeezrm (461 followers)
Business management and leadership provide vision and strategy for moving companies forward.
Project success depends on the art of eliciting customers' dreams.
by Melinda Longoria (41 followers)
Preparing for an ISO 9001 certification audit can be a daunting experience especially if it is your
first audit by an external auditor. Rather it is the lifeblood of any company. And you'll probably get
fired, too! Make a clear project plan, and deliver great results on...
by charmike4 (176 followers)
Mangers and Leaders, are they the same?
by unrealist (8 followers)
by misslong123 (94 followers)
by CWanamaker (344 followers)
Learn how to set strong goals and objectives that are designed for success. You'll get lost, miss your
flight, and have a miserable time. 1
by Kathryn Vercillo (5,299 followers)
McDonald's SWOT analysis and recommendations
by rfmoran (331 followers)
by gitachud (28 followers)
by SidKemp (531 followers)
Functions of Effective Leadership
Requirements Elicitation for Project Success
Following points must be taken into consideration before fixing the price of a product. Read this to
find out how to determine your business drivers and strategy; your priorities; the total cost of
ownership; and how to make the right choice.
All new managers go through the same stages regardless of industry. Here are the 8 most common
questions you are likely to get asked.
I talk about my own experiences when it comes to being a supervisor and what I learned from them.
It identifies their strategic objectives and analyses them in an attempt to ID issues and provide
Leadership and Management: strength and weakness of manager
Annoying Work Habits That Bosses Hate
by SidKemp (531 followers)
Ethical behavior is crucial for today's businesses to function and is based on an solid value system.
In this hubpage...
There are too many managers managing ever fewer workers. A communication plan is the
mechanism through which effective communication is achieved. Top tips for managers, speakers,
presenters, and even parents. Strengths: - Strong brand name, image and reputation McDonalds has
built up huge brand equity. Each firm should adopt one of these strategies to provide sustained
Roles/Responsibilities in Project Management
by poetmel (10 followers)
What is Six Sigma in Operations Management?
Competitive Strategy - Why Diversify? PepsiCo Case Study
by asset-management1 (2 followers)
Daily Scrum meetings are one of the best features of the Agile Scrum method of web development,
but at only 15 minutes a day how can you be certain you are using the time effectively?
Conflict is defined as "the struggle that results from incompatible or opposing needs, feelings,
thoughts, or demands within a person or between two people or more people." (Certo, 2008) Conflict
by Kerdon (40 followers)
Methods of Costing and Types of Costing
Making 60 PDU in three year cycle is not difficult, if you do it the Project Management way. This
article give advice of where to focus your preparations.
by drmiddlebrook (230 followers)
Schermerhorn et al (2005), define organizational behavior (OB) as "the study of human behavior in
organizations" (p. Koontz and O'Donnel explained five functions of management. Human resource
professionals have a much...
How To Conquer Your Email Inbox
If you hire employees you want to avoid discrimination during the hiring & interviewing process.
Using this methodology you can see through issues and solve problems for the long-term.
Coaching: How To Measure and Evaluate Team Performance
by HowardBThiname (34 followers)
ACER Competitive Strategy Review
by gis_r07 (76 followers)
How do we create cohesive teams that get great work done? How do we manage different levels of
skill? How do we increase motivation in our team members? And how do we do all of this while being
fair, which is essential...
Reactive versus Preventative Maintenance
by SidKemp (531 followers)
by SidKemp (531 followers)
by Dr Jerry Allison (17 followers)
Using the Pareto Principle to Maximize Productivity
by WoW Guide Master (27 followers)
Manufacturing cost is a very important element of any organization. 3). It is touching the lives of
people around the globe, making now, a good time to take a closer look at our personal skills
agenda. What is the Authentic Leadership Theory? Why is Authentic Leadership needed? How do
you become an Authentic Leader? Read for more!
by SidKemp (531 followers)
by AlexanderWillox (2 followers)
by drmiddlebrook (230 followers)
by santhov (2 followers)
This Hub provides a basic introduction to some of the primary factors that must go into the decision
about what to charge for products/services. Costs Competition Demand Legal Considerations
Elements of Marketing Mix etc. Even...
We need to change the rules of negotiation, within our own thinking. 2014)
This Hub examines methods used to set prices when a company has more than one product for sale.
Learn about the many facets of providing leadership and managing a business in this Hub topic.
by UnnamedHarald (375 followers)
by dcbeckster
by SidKemp (531 followers)
by mike4few (2 followers)
by SidKemp (531 followers)
Work Place Conflict-Conflict Resolution-Managing Conflict
Effective Communication: Active Listening Skills
Learning the basics of advertising can help anyone improve their understanding of the marketing
process. Wise managers recognize the value with entrusting subordinates with delegated
Management is not a bed of roses and it needs one should be professionally sound. From using a
"skimming" strategy while bringing a new product to market, to bundling old and new products...
How to Achieve Goals the Fun Way!
10 Good Traits and Characteristics of a Successful Manager
There are bosses and then there are good bosses. In essence, a...
Managing budgets is a critical skill that is important for any businesses which includes monitoring,
controlling, recording expenses, minimising costs, identifying situations for corrective actions
by JohnMello (232 followers)
by ChrisMcDade8 (70 followers)
by drmiddlebrook (230 followers)
How to Run a Meeting Successfully
by vicsears
by jpcmc (517 followers)
by lifelovemystery (88 followers)
by ChrisMcDade8 (70 followers)
by Iamsam (171 followers)
Implement Effective Business Communication Strategies
What is Employee Empowerment?
Michael Kromwyk provides a review of the Pepsico business strategy and the opportunies for this
brand to diversify. I offer up tips for those who just filled the role as leader in their workplace so that
they can learn to become a good...
by Iamsam (171 followers)
Valve, the Billion Dollar Company With No Managers
by gitachud (28 followers)
Preparing for an ISO 9001 certification audit
Basic methods of price determination
To assess if coaching is helping your staff performance you could take the quizzes and performance
measures for coaching below and use them to evaluate the success of a coaching program.
10 Characteristics of a Good Boss
Women fulfill many leadership roles. How to make an agenda and when NOT to have a meeting.
Rio Tinto: Iron Ore; A Situational Analysis
by dilipchandra12 (851 followers)
This Hub takes a look at change management from a communications planning perspective. It is the
no 1 fast food company by sales, with more than 31,000 restaurants serving...
How to Delegate Tasks to Subordinates
The business environment is continuously changing with businesses focusing on developing their
products and services to operate globally and expand their customers' competencies in a bid to meet
changing demands....
Recently, the behaviors of follower-subordinates began to be recognized as important to
organizations as leaders and managers. What makes a good boss? What makes a boss someone you
want to work for? Here are 10 characteristics of a good boss.
by SMA Frankline (16 followers)
Organizing in Management - Organizing Function of Management; See Organizing Definition,
Importance of Organizing, Organizing Process and Organization Structure.
Top 25 Business Executives in the World of Indian Origin
by Russ Baleson (261 followers)
by tamarawilhite (198 followers)
DMAIC means Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, & Control. What happens when you don't fit into
those expectations?
by davidlivermore (266 followers)
Managerial and Operative Functions of Personnel Management
Leaders and managers must define success so that we can communicate it. This article will provide
you with a simple breakdown of manufacturing cost and its purpose. They are increasing the annual
revenue with an upward trend....
by SidKemp (531 followers)
Project Scope Management: What Are We Making?
Dell's Competitive Advantage & Strategy
Managing "Change Management" Through Communications
10 Golden Rules of Project Management
Article about how the Japanese management has evolved, Japanese business culture, and specific
examples of an American company doing business in Japan.
If your company is large than a half-dozen, or so, employees, you could probably benefit from a
project management program. However, major determinants of price are -...
The current state of the economy has increased the number of people out of work and looking for
work a hundredfold. From primitive tribes thousands of years ago to the management of...
Communication in a business determines its success. Time management is about using your time
more effectively to free up more time to do...
by ecoggins (567 followers)
A Porter's 5 forces analysis on Nokia
by dommcg (42 followers)
nt is flow. Build trust, communicate clearly, minimize interruptions, and help your boss manage
email and prioritize. It can create breakthrough improvements in operations. It has links to few
resources to earn PDU free, as well as...
As per the nature and peculiarities of the business, different Industries follow different methods to
find out the cost of their product. Included in the paper are some university level models...
Project management interview questions
How To Be A Master of Your Own Time
by ecoggins (567 followers)
Why is China attractive to investors? This article explores factors that led to to the country's
competitive advantage and the attractiveness in investing into the world largest market.
by LLambie (14 followers)
Learning to perform a proper analysis of Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats (SWOT)
is a necessary task to plan an organization's strategic direction. This is based on a profound
understanding of the customer as the source and driver of demand.
This article explores Google's competitive advantage and strategy, from its growth as a small search
engine to one of the world's leading multinational corporation.
by dilipchandra12 (851 followers)
In the rapidly changing landscape of business in the 21st century, organizational leaders have a
tough job keep their businesses on the cutting edge and maintaining a competitive strategic
advantage. This is an ongoing public awareness project and concept.
There are things you do that really grate on your boss' nerves. How does the Situational Leadership
Theory work? How does a leader adapt to situations?
Kaizen emphasises problem solving as a tool for improvement of work processes. However the...
by BradleyHughes100 (8 followers)
by LLambie (14 followers)
by Dhananjoy Deb
Advertising: Basic Concepts
by drmiddlebrook (230 followers)
Pricing Products: Four Major External Considerations
Religion and society teach you from a young age how you should live your life. The transition from
one position to the other involves 3 stages which are the following: Ending >> Neutral >>
Organizing Function of Management
by Kathleen Odenthal (106 followers)
Delegation plays an important role in the performance of duties in the workplace. .
Mastering the Art of the Give and Take
The economy is feeling hardships in today's marketplace. Today's manger needs business skills,
personal skills and technical skills to navigate successfully in the global marketplace. The private
business group of companies in Bangladesh are playing a vital role in the socio-economic
development of the country. Indians have...
What is the Authentic Leadership Theory?
by Stephanie Henkel (1,072 followers)
What is leadership? What makes someone a leader? These are questions that are asked everywhere
two or more people gather for a common purpose

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