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Fill the gaps with the following verbs below

using the Future simple will

1. My father thinks that he _________ for that
company some day.
2. In the future we _________ robots in our
3. a) Look! Your room is a mess. ) !k" I
____________ ri#ht now.
$. %he __________ me many &etters when she
#ets there.
'. I(m bored now. I _________ )*.
+. )hey _________ the secret.
Use the present continuous with future
meaning and fill the gaps with the verbs
1. I ____________ my friends toni#ht.
2. %he ____________ to London tomorrow.
3. )hey____________ footba&& this
$. ,e are _____________ a party this
'. ________ he ________ his #randmother
this weekend-
+. I ______________ to the beach tomorrow.
7. ,hat _________ you ________ toni#ht-
I(m a birthday party.
Use the to be going to in the correct
1. _______ you __________ to music-
2. ,hat are you doin# with a&& that f&our- / I
__________ a cake.
3. %he __________ a doctor when she finishes
her hi#h schoo&.
$. Look! Mary is ____________ the bus.
'. I(m some money because I
_____________ a car.
+. Look! )hat p&ane _____________.
0. Look! )hose dark c&ouds. It
1. ,hat are #oin# to do with those e##s- /
I______________ to an ome&ette.
Choose the correct phrase. With the
correct future tense.
1. %he _____________ a meetin# tomorrow.
a) is having b) will have
1. In 2222 the cars ______________.
a) will fly b) is flying.
2. )hey ____________ to their homework
a) are going do b) will do
3. Look! )hat car _____________.
a) is going to crash b) is crashing.
$. I(m hun#ry. I __________ a sandwich.
a) will prepare b) am preparing
'. 3e ____________ the doctor tomorrow.
a) is visiting b) will visit
+. 444,hat are you doin# with that scissors-
444 I ___________ this pictures.
a) will cut b) am going to cut
0. ,here is she #oin# to-
44444 %he _____________ the bread.
a) is going to buy b) is buying
1. 3e _________ the e&ection some day.
a) will win b) is winning
5. )hey ___________ toni#ht.
a) are coming b) will come
12. It is rea&&y hot here. !k! I __________ the
a) will open b) is going to open
11. In the future peop&e __________ in other
a) will live b) is living.
12. %he ___________ to 6aris tomorrow.
a) is flying b) will fly.
Write/ work/ watch/ have/ tidy/ tell/
Visit/ meet/ fly/ have/ play/ not go/ do
uy/ Cook/ land/ make/ listen/ take/ rain/ be