Bill to grant elderly resident aliens same perks Pinoy senior citizens enjoy

The Philippines will soon become “more of a fun place to live” for elderly Americans, Japanese,
British and other foreign nationals who have taken up permanent residence in the country
Two lawmakers are seeking to e!tend to elderly resident aliens the same privileges granted to
senior citi"ens under the #!panded $enior %iti"ens &aw
'ep 'ufus B 'odrigue" ()nd *istrict, %agayan de +ro %ity, said this is a sector of elderly
members in the society that has been overlooked even if their contributions have been -ust as relevant and
“These are foreign nationals who have relocated to the Philippines and chosen the country as their
own second home,” 'odrigue" said
The .indanao solon said some of them have come for commercial purposes, established their
own businesses, or have settled as retirees or immigrants in the country for personal or family reasons
“*uring their stay, they have brought in considerable investments, patroni"ed local businesses,
contributed to the local economy, and in some cases have taken a role in nation building,” 'odrigue"
'odrigue" and his brother, 'ep .a!imo B 'odrigue" Jr (Party/list, Abante .indanao, filed
0ouse Bill 1232, which seeks to grant resident aliens residing in the Philippines who are at least 45 years
of age the same privileges granted to senior citi"ens under 'epublic Act ('A, 617), as amended by 'A
To avail of these privileges, the measure provides that the elderly resident alien, or his8her duly
authori"ed representative, may submit as proof of entitlement an identification card issued by the office
of the senior citi"en affairs (+$%A, of the place where he8she resides or a Philippine retirement authority
identification card
0e8she may also submit an alien certificate of registration 9/%ard and other documents that
establish that the elderly resident alien is at least 45 years of age and a resident of the Philippines as
further provided in the implementing rules and regulations of the #!panded $enior %iti"ens &aw
The bill further states that the ta! deduction allowed to establishments under $ection 1 of the
#!panded $enior %iti"en Act and the conditions thereto shall also apply when discounts under
subsections 1(A, and 1(%, are granted to elderly resident aliens
'odrigue" said these foreign nationals who have taken up permanent residence in the country and
have integrated into Philippine society are as much a part of the public as well as the country:s own
“They deserve consideration for their contributions and similar treatment in their older years,”
'odrigue" said (75, mvip
NR # 3484B
JUNE 1, 2014

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