Krista Kennedy

Dept. of Writing Studies, Rhetoric, & Composition
Syracuse University, College of Arts & Sciences |

Academic Appointments
Associate Professor of Writing and Rhetoric 2016 - present
Syracuse University
• Director of the Writing Major and Minor 2016 - 2018

Assistant Professor of Writing and Rhetoric 2009 - 2016
Syracuse University
Teaching Assistant, Dept. of Writing Studies 2004 - 2009
University of Minnesota, Twin Cities
Teaching Assistant, Dept. of Rhetoric and Writing 2002 - 2004
University of Arkansas at Little Rock

Ph.D in Rhetoric, ScientiMic, & Technical Communication 2009
University of Minnesota, Twin Cities
M.A., Professional & Technical Writing 2004
University of Arkansas at Little Rock
B.A., English, Professional & Technical Writing 2002
University of Arkansas at Little Rock

Kennedy, Krista. Textual Curation: Authorial Agency in Wikipedia and the Chambers’
Cyclopædia. Columbia, S.C.: University of South Carolina Press. 2016.

Edited Volume
Howard, Rebecca Moore and Krista Kennedy. Special Issue on Western Cultures of
Intellectual Property. College English 75.5 (May 2013).

• Kennedy, Krista and Rebecca Moore Howard. “Introduction to the Special Issue on
Western Cultures of Intellectual Property.” College English 75.5 (May 2013). 461-469.

Kennedy CV 1/18

Peer-Reviewed Articles
Kennedy, Krista. “Designing for Human-Machine Collaboration: Smart Hearing Aids as
Wearable Technologies.” Special issue on Communication Design of Wearable Technologies
in Health and Medicine. Eds. Catherine Gouge and John Jones. Communication Design
Quarterly 5(4) (Dec. 2017). 40-51.

Kennedy, Krista. “Textual Curation.” Computers and Composition 40 (June 2016). 175-189.

Kennedy, Krista. “The Daw and the Honeybee: Originality and Anxiety in the 1728
Chambers’ Cyclopædia.” College English 76.1 (Sept. 2013). 35-58.

Peer-Reviewed Chapters
Kennedy, Krista, and Seth Long. “The Trees Within the Forest: Extracting, Coding, and
Visualizing Subjective Data in Authorship Studies.” Rhetoric and the Digital Humanities, ed.
Bill Hart-Davidson and Jim Ridolfo. Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2015. 140-151.
• Collection awarded the 2016 Computers & Composition Distinguished Book Award.

Kennedy, Krista, and Rebecca Moore Howard. “Collaborative Pedagogy in the Digital Age.” A
Guide to Composition Pedagogies. (2nd edition.) Eds. Tate, Gary, Amy Rupiper Taggart, Kurt
Schick, and H. Brooke Hessler. New York: Oxford University Press, 2013. 37-54.

Kennedy, Krista, Georges Lamoine and Cécile Révauger. (Invited.) “Ephraim Chambers.” Le
Monde Maçonnique des Lumiéres (Europe-Amériques et Colonies). [The World of
Freemasonry in the Enlightenment (Europe, Americas, and Colonies.)] Eds. Cécile Révauger
and Charles Porset. Paris: Editions Honoré Champion, 2013. 728-730.

Kennedy, Krista, and Derek Mueller. “Every Mad Scientist Needs a Tower: Blogs as Research
and Pedagogy Laboratories for Graduate Students.” Metamorphosis: The Effects of
Professional Development on Graduate Students. Eds. Andrea Davis and Susan Webb.
Completed chapter under contract to Fountainhead Press as of October 2010. In press.

Conference Proceedings
T. R. Amidon, L. Arduser, C. Gouge, L. Hutchinson, J. Jones, N. Jones, K. Kennedy, T. Lipsey, K.
Moore, M. Novotny, and C. A. Welhausen. “Examining Usability in the Communication
Design of Health Wearables.” Extended abstract. Proceedings of ACM SIGDOC Conference,
Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. Aug. 2017 (SIGDOC’17), 2 pages. 2017.

ArmMield, Dawn, Krista Kennedy, and Ann Hill Duin. “The Roles of Networked Learning,
Collaboration, and Connectedness in the Classroom.” Extended abstract. Proceedings of the
IEEE Professional Communication Society. Piscataway, NJ: 2014. 1-2.

Kennedy, Krista. “Textual Machinery: Authorial Agency and Bot-Written Texts in Wikipedia.”
The Responsibilities of Rhetoric. Eds. Michelle Smith & Barbara Warnick. Waveland Press,
2009. 303-309.

Kennedy, Krista. “Methodological Issues Relevant to the Study of Authorship in Wikipedia.”

Kennedy CV 1/18

Conference Proceedings of New Research for New Media 2005: New Media Research @ UMN.
September 2005. 63-68.

Forum Contributions and Review Essays
Kennedy, Krista. (Invited for inaugural forum.) “The Anxiety of Automation: Attending to
the Deep History of Automated Entities.” Explorations in Media Ecology 16(2-3), 2017.

Kennedy, Krista. (Invited for inaugural issue.) “Google Faces Legal Challenges in its Effort to
Digitize University Library Contents.” Major Intellectual Property Developments for Scholars
of Composition and Communication. CCCC Intellectual Property Committee. NCTE: Urbana,
IL. Available at 2006.

Gurak, Laura J., Gretchen Haas, Laurie Johnson, Krista Kennedy, and Jessica Reyman.
“Copyright, Ownership, and Digital Media: A Trilogy.” Reviews of Lessig, Lawrence, Free
Culture (Penguin Press, 2004); Fisher, William, Promises to Keep (Stanford UP, 2004); and
Vaidhyanathan, Siva, The Anarchist in the Library (Basic Books, 2004). Reviewed in
Minnesota Journal of Law, Science and Technology. May 2005. 687-708.

Feasibility Studies and Reports
Kennedy, Krista, Carol Faulkner, Kevan Edwards, Mathew Maye, Kandice Salomone, Naomi
Shanguhyia, and Jeremy Sloane. “Educational Excellence Subcommittee Strategic Planning
Recommendation Report.” College of Arts & Sciences, Syracuse University. 2017. 25 pages.

Kennedy, Krista, George Rhinehart and Michael J. Frasciello. “Proposed Creation of a
CertiMicate of Advanced Study in Professional and Technical Writing.” Final Report. The
Writing Program, Syracuse University. 2012. 15 pages.

Creative Publications (selected)
Kennedy, Krista. “Blowtorch, Copper, Basement,” original photograph reproduced in
Howard, Rebecca Moore, Writing Matters, 3rd ed. New York: McGraw Hill, 2017. 639.

Kennedy, Krista. “Quilt Made by My Momo,” original photograph reproduced in
Howard, Rebecca Moore, Writing Matters, 3rd ed. New York: McGraw Hill, 2017. 519.

Kennedy, Krista. “Muddy Water Always Makes Me Feel at Home,” original photograph
reproduced in Green, Amy, “Neighboring Residents Take Legal Action After Sinkhole at
Fertilizer Plant.” WGCU/NPR. Sept. 26, 2016

Kennedy, Krista. “Exit,” original photograph reproduced in Vibert, Frank and Gunnar Beck,
“The Seven Days of Brexit: How a Leave Government Could Bypass Article 50.” The London
School of Economics and Political Science. Politics and Policy Blog. June 15, 2016.

Kennedy, Krista. “Water Power Park,” original photograph reproduced in Global
Energy Issues MOOC, MINES ParisTech (École Nationale Supérieure des Mines de
Paris). Spring 2016.

Kennedy CV 1/18

Kennedy, Krista. “Half Tamale Spread and a Shiner Bock,” original photograph
reproduced in Alexander, Kevin and Liz Childers, “Are These the 11 Best BBQ Cities
in America?” Thrillist, Feb. 15, 2015 and Yahoo Food, Feb. 18, 2015.

Kennedy, Krista. “Making Spicy Fried Chicken on Christmas Eve,” original
photograph reproduced in Thomson, Julie R., “How to Season, Clean, and Care For a
Cast Iron Skillet Like a Pro.” The Huf^ington Post. Feb. 11, 2015.
Kennedy, Krista. “Packing Up an Identity,” original photograph reproduced in Gerke,
Markus, “Teaching Gender and Feminism as a Male-IdentiMied Instructor.” Minneapolis, MN: The University of Minnesota and W.W.
Norton & Company, Inc., Jan. 10-17, 2014.

Kennedy, Krista. “Summertime,” original photograph reproduced in Doll, Jen, “How
to Enthusiastically Prepare for Summer 2013.” The Wire, news blog of The Atlantic.
May 16, 2013.

Kennedy, Krista. “The Old Bailey, London,” original photograph reproduced in
“Bragging Investment Manager Loses £1.7 Bonus in High Court.” The London Evening
Standard. Dec. 10, 2012.

Kennedy, Krista. “The John Wayne Hockey Movie: Sports World vs. Underworld,”
original photograph reproduced in Cole, Stephen, Triple Overtime. New York: Simon
& Schuster, 2012. 95.

Kennedy, Krista. “Little House Replica,” original photograph reproduced in
• Taylor, Danielle, “Homeward Bound.” Log Home Living, June 2012. 88.
• “Historic Cabins Across the Country.” Country’s Best Log Homes Presents Cozy
Cabins, 2010. 26.

Kennedy, Krista. “Snoot!,” original photograph reproduced in Del Signore, John, “Rat
Bites Prisoner’s Penis, Lawsuit (and Nightmares) Ensue.” Gothamist. Jan. 14, 2011.

Kennedy, Krista. “Bleakness,” original photograph reproduced in Friedrich, Alex, “U-
Minnesota System to Turn Down the Power Over the Holidays.” Minnesota Public
Radio (MPR). Nov. 11, 2010.

Kennedy, Krista. “Pasadena Playhouse,” original photograph reproduced in Devall,
Cheryl, “Pasadena Playhouse May Reorganize Under Bankruptcy.” Southern
California Public Radio 89.3. KPCC. May 11, 2010.

Kennedy, Krista. “Art of Boxing Video Installation,” original photograph reproduced
in Norris, Wendy, “The Gas Fracturing Fracas: What We Still Need to Know.” The
Colorado Independent. January 15, 2009.

Kennedy CV 1/18

NonEiction and Journalism
More than 20 publications in Quills and Pixels (2002-2005), The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette
(2002), UALR Forum (2001), Active Years Magazine (1994-2002), Arkansas Catholic
Newsweekly (1993-1994), and Arkansas Women’s Journal (1993-1995).

Awards and Grants
Syracuse University Internal Grant Program seed funding for “‘Invisibilized Hearing’: The
Invisibility and Secrecy of Deafness in Hearing Aid Advertisements.” $1,000 (maximum
award). 2015.

Kairos Graduate and Adjunct Award for Research. National award “given to a person whose
research and scholarship is already excellent and/or also shows future promise for having
an impact on the Mield of digital rhetoric.” 2009.

James I. Brown Teaching Excellence Award, UMN Department of Rhetoric, ScientiMic, and
Technical Communication. 2006-2007.

Gerard A. Hauser Graduate Scholarship, Rhetoric Society of America Conference. 2006.

Veritas Software Fellowship, Industrial AfMiliates Program, UMN Department of Rhetoric.

Teaching With Technology Award, University of Arkansas at Little Rock. (University-wide.)
Category: Best Practices. With Charles Anderson. Nov. 7, 2003.

Archival Work
Berger Hearing Aid Museum and Archive, Kent State University
Bernard Becker Medical Library Archives, Washington University
Bodleian Library
The British Library
James Ford Bell Collection, University of Minnesota
The Library and Museum of Freemasonry, United Grand Lodge of England, London
New College Library, Oxford University

Invited Talks
Invited Speaker, Penn State Communication Arts & Sciences Summer Symposium on
“Theorizing Communication in a Digital Age.” June 13-14, 2017.
• “Texts Less Visible.” July 13, 2017
• “On Archival Work in Digital Communication and Becoming Archival Ourselves.” June
14, 2017.

Kennedy CV 1/18

Archival Methods and Research Project Management. Invited Skype session, WRIT 8011:
Research Methods, taught by Laura Gurak, University of Minnesota Department of Writing
Studies. Nov. 28, 2016.

Automated Authorship. Ignite talk. ACM-SIGDOC. Kemmy Business School, University of
Limerick, Ireland. July 17, 2015.

Textual Machinery. Panel on “Code Work: Exploring Digital Studies Through Code.”
University of Minnesota Institute for Advanced Studies. April 15, 2015.

Bot-Written Texts in Wikipedia. New Media Breakfast Series. University of Minnesota
Institute for New Media Studies. April 2, 2009.

International Conferences
Collective Listening: Smart Hearing Aids as Wearable Technologies. Featured Panel on
“Usability in Communication Design.” ACM-SIGDOC. Dalhousie University, Halifax, Nova
Scotia, Canada. August 13, 2017.

Digital Hearing Aids as Wearables. Roundtable on "Rules of Engagement in the Age of
Wearable Technologies.” Association of Internet Researchers. Humboldt-Universität zu
Berlin, Germany. October 7, 2016.

Teaching Content Strategy with Large-Scale, Collaborative Websites. Panel on “The Roles of
Networked Learning, Collaboration, and Connectedness in the Classroom.“ International
Professional Communication Conference. Pittsburgh, PA. October 14, 2014.

“The Book ’Tis Not Mine”: Ephraim Chambers and the Intellectual Commons. Panel on
"Eighteenth Century Media." Society for the History of Authorship, Reading, and
Publishing. Minneapolis, MN. July 12, 2007.

National Conferences
‘Invisibilized Hearing’: Deafness, Assistive Technologies, and Rhetorical Invisibility.
Rhetoric Society of America. Minneapolis, MN. Scheduled May 2018.

Rhetorical Agency, Pervasive Surveillance, and Medical Wearables. Rhetoric Society of
America. Minneapolis, MN. Scheduled May 2018.

Invited participant, Digital Humanities Supersession. Rhetoric Society of America. Atlanta,
GA. May 29, 2016.

Invited organizer and participant, Machine Rhetorics Supersession. Rhetoric Society of
America. San Antonio, TX. May 25, 2014.

Freemasonry, Class, and Intellectual Democracy in the Chambers’ Cyclopædia. Panel on
“Inherently Their Own: Authenticity and AfMiliations in the Long 18th Century.” Rhetoric
Society of America. Philadelphia, PA. May 27, 2012.

Kennedy CV 1/18

The Daw and the Honeybee: Anxiety and Piracy in the 1728 Chambers’ Cyclopædia. Panel
on “Intellectual Property at the Boundaries: Piracy, Appropriation, and Moral Panics,
1728-2011.” Conference on College Composition and Communication. Atlanta, GA. April 8,

Automated Curation: Bot-Written Texts and Rhetorical Agency in Wikipedia. Panel on
“Technical Communication in the Wild: Authors and Agency in Nontraditional Settings.”
Association of Teachers of Technical Writing. Atlanta, GA. April 6, 2011.

Eighteenth Century Crowdsourcing. Panel on “The Rhetorical Wisdom of Crowds:
Circulation, Community, Culture.” Rhetoric Society of America. Minneapolis, MN. May 30,

Disturbances in the Force: Vandalism and Readerly Agency in Wikipedia. Panel on “Re/
Composing Communities: Technological Disruption in Shifting Publics.” Computers and
Writing. Purdue University. May 21, 2010.

Re-writing the Author: Textual Curation and Ownership in Wikis. Panel on “RedeMining
Intellectual Property in the Digital Copyright Debate.” Conference on College Composition
and Communication. San Francisco, CA. March 13, 2009.
Chronicling the 35W Bridge Collapse with Classroom Wikis. Poster session, with Lee-Ann
Kastman Breuch. Association of Teachers of Technical Writing. San Francisco, CA. March 11,

Writing Machines: Authorial Agency and Bot-Written Texts in Wikipedia. Panel on “Textual
Machinery: Agency, Responsibility, and Automation.” Rhetoric Society of America. Seattle,
WA. May 25, 2008.

Writing Trust: Authority and Trust in Wikipedia. Panel on “Public Trusts: The Rhetorical
Construction and Negotiation of Trust in Multiple Contexts.” Feminism(s) and Rhetoric(s).
Little Rock, AR. Oct. 5, 2007.

Genette’s Poetics of Transtextuality as a Framework for Understanding Authorship in Blogs.
Panel on “Blogologies.” Computers and Writing. Detroit, MI. May 18, 2007.

Inspiration, Imitation, Adaptation: Hellenic Conceptions of Originality. Panel on “Ancient
Authors: Authorial Invention in the Greek Rhetorical Tradition.” American Society for the
History of Rhetoric, NCA. San Antonio, TX. Nov. 18, 2006.

“What Does It Matter Who Is Speaking?”: Situational Authorship in Wikis. Panel on
“Authorship, Ownership, and the Internet.” Originality, Imitation, and Plagiarism: A Cross-
Disciplinary Conference. University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. Sept. 23, 2005.

Kennedy CV 1/18

Methodological Issues Relevant to the Study of Authorship in Wikipedia. New Media
Research @ UMN: an Interdisciplinary Conference on New Media and Internet Studies.
University of Minnesota, Minneapolis. Sept. 16, 2005.

The Author and the Commons: Authorship in Blog Environments. Panel on "Owning
Knowledge: New Intersections of Intellectual Property, Technology, and Academia."
Conference on College Composition and Communication. San Francisco, CA. March 18,

Regional Conferences
“Budgeting for Accessibility at Academic Conference.” Western States Communication
Association. Feb. 20, 2017.

National Workshops
Preparing for the Job Market. With Kenny Fountain, Jordynn Jack, Paul Strob, and Bradford
Vivian. Rhetoric Society of America. Minneapolis, MN. May 30, 2010.

Blogging and Academics. With Scott Rogers and Jeff Ward. Workshop on "U Blog: A Practical
Introduction to Using Weblogs for the Classroom and Research." Conference on College
Composition and Communication. San Antonio, TX. March 24, 2004.

University Colloquia and Workshops (last Eive years)
“Little Documents that Do Big Things.” With Chad Seader, Jordan Canzonetta, Emily
Dressing, and Karen Oakes. Composition & Cultural Rhetorics, Syracuse University. Feb. 1,

“WRT 307 and the Liberal Arts.” With George Rhinehart. Department of Writing Studies,
Rhetoric, and Composition, Syracuse University. Nov. 3, 2016.

Disciplinary Perspectives on Teaching ‘Good Writing’ Roundtable discussion with faculty
from Whitman School of Management, the iSchool, Falk, and Engineering & Computer
Science. Reimagining Student Writers series, Syracuse University Writing Program. Feb. 25,

Invention and Style. CCR Salon (inaugural session). Syracuse University, Composition and
Cultural Rhetorics Program. April 21, 2013. Included display of Mive original photographs
(“Taste of Minnesota, Friday Evening,” “Faceless at Mickey’s,” “Saturday Night Cruise-In,”
“Northeast Lexington,” “BakersMield,”) spoken word performance of one poem (“Always with
a Truck, Always with a Ladder,”) and reading of a monograph excerpt on authorship and
laboring bodies.

Crowdsourced Encyclopedias. Tolley Faculty Dinner Forum: ReMlections on Digital
Culture(s). Syracuse University, College of Arts & Sciences. Feb 12, 2013.

Kennedy CV 1/18

Courses Taught at Syracuse University
Graduate Courses
Rhetoric, Writing, & Technologies (CCR 633). 3 sections.
Techne to DIY: Rhetorics of Craft (CCR 711). 1 section.
Authorship Studies (CCR 747). 1 section.
Professional & Technical Writing in the Digital Age (CCR 760). 1 section.

Graduate/Undergraduate Courses
Technical Documentation and Usability (WRT 419/619). Hybrid. 2 sections.
Emerging Technologies in PTW (WRT 427/627). Hybrid. 3 sections.
Information Design (WRT 437/637). Hybrid. 3 sections.

Undergraduate Courses
Digital Writing (WRT 302). Traditional. 4 sections.
Professional Writing (WRT 307). Online and traditional. 8 sections.
Rhetoric and Robots(WRT 426). Traditional. 1 section.
Digital Identities (WRT 426). Hybrid. 1 section.
Senior Research Seminar I/II (WRT 495/496). Traditional. 2017-18.
Freshman Forum (CAS 101). Traditional. 1 section.

Courses Taught at the University of Minnesota
ScientiMic & Technical Presentations (WRIT 3257). Traditional. 5 sections.
Internet Tools and Issues (WRIT 3401). Online. 1 section.
Technical & Professional Writing (WRIT 3562W). Traditional and Online. 5 sections.
Emerging Technologies in ScientiMic & Technical Communication (WRIT 4662W/5662W).
Online. 2 sections.

Courses Taught at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock
Composition I (RHET 1311). Online pilot. 2 sections.
Introduction to NonMiction (RHET 3317). Teaching Assistant. Online. 2 sections.
Introduction to Astronomy (ASTR 1301) and Introduction to Astronomy Lab (ASTR 1101).
Teaching Assistant. Online. 3 sections.

Graduate Advising
Dissertation Committees
Michael J. Frasciello, Composition & Cultural Rhetorics. 2015.
Jordan Canzonetta, Composition & Cultural Rhetorics. (in progress)
Jason Markins, Composition & Cultural Rhetorics. (in progress)

Core Committee:
C.C. Hendricks, Composition & Cultural Rhetorics. (in progress.)
Seth Long, Composition & Cultural Rhetorics. 2015, passed with distinction.
• 2015 American Society for the History of Rhetoric Dissertation Award Winner

Kennedy CV 1/18

Justin Lewis, Composition & Cultural Rhetorics. 2013.
Christine Geyer, Composition & Cultural Rhetorics. 2013.

Lindsey Bannister, Composition & Cultural Rhetorics. 2017.
A.V. Luce, Composition & Cultural Rhetorics. 2017.
W. Kurt Stavenhagen, Composition & Cultural Rhetorics. 2015.
Madeline Dahlke Yonker, Composition & Cultural Rhetorics. 2011.

Qualifying Exams Committees
Jason Markins, 2017
Jordan Canzonetta, 2017, passed with distinction.
Michael J. Frasciello, 2012
Justin Lewis, 2011, passed with distinction.

Committee Member:
C.C. Hendricks, 2017, passed with distinction.
Geghard Arakelian, 2016
Seth Long, 2014
Rachel Shapiro, 2012
A.V. Luce, 2011
Brett Keegan (in progress)
Jana Rosinski (in progress)

Masters Thesis Committees
Laura Ann McGrath, Languages, Literatures, and Linguistics. 2012

Curriculum Design & Support
Development of WRT Upper-Division Handbook, 2017-2018
Curriculum redesign of WRT 302: Digital Writing, 2014-15
Chair, Professional & Technical Writing CertiMicate Feasibility Study Committee, 2012
Chair, Writing About Science Course Development Subcommittee, 2012
Curriculum design of Writing Major Core (as co-chair and member of Major/Minor
Committee), 2010-12
Curriculum design and pilots of Professional & Technical Writing courses, 2010-12
WRT 419: Technical Documentation & Usability
WRT 427: Emerging Technologies in Professional & Technical Writing
WRT 437: Information Design
Curriculum design and pilot of WRT 426: Digital Portfolios, 2011
Curriculum redesign and implementation of WRT 307: Professional Writing, 2009-2011

Kennedy CV 1/18

• Proposal Reviewer, Student Research Competition, 2017

Association of Teachers of Technical Writing
• Proposal Reviewer, ATTW at MLA, 2012
• Committee on Research, 2009-2011

Conference on College Composition & Communication
• Appointed Member, Outstanding Dissertation Award in Technical Communication
Committee, 2012
• Co-Chair, Blogging Special Interest Group, 2005

Rhetoric Society of America
• Appointed Member, RSA 2014 Advisory Committee, 2012-2014
• Conference Proposal Reviewer, 2013, 2015, 2017

Invited Reviewer
• College Composition and Communication
• College English
• Journal of Business and Technical Communication
• Journal of Writing Research
• Research in the Teaching of English
• Rhetoric Society Quarterly
• McGraw-Hill
• Northern Illinois University Research & Artistry Awards Program
• SAGE Publishing
• University of Alabama Press
• University of South Carolina Press

Member, Humanities Council, 2017-2018.
Member, Arts & Sciences Strategic Planning Steering Committee. 2017.
• Chair, Educational Excellence Subcommittee
Lower-Division Advisor. College of Arts and Sciences. 2009-2011.

Chair, Major/Minor Committee, 2016-2018.
Chair, Professional & Technical Writing/Rhetoric of Science Search, 2016.
Chair, Senior Lecturer in Professional & Technical Writing Search, 2016.
Member, Major/Minor Committee, 2015-2016.
Member, Qualifying Exams Assessment Committee, 2012, 2015 - present.
Member, Graduate Committee, 2013-2015.
Member, Search Committee, 2013-14.
Member, Department Chair Search Committee, 2012.

Kennedy CV 1/18

Co-Chair, Major/Minor Committee, 2011-2012.
Founding Faculty Sponsor, SU Rhetoric Society of America chapter. 2011-2016.
Mentor, Future Professoriate Program. Syracuse Writing Program. 2009-2015.
Member, Major/Minor Committee. Syracuse Writing Program. 2009-2013.

Public Engagement
Quoted in Vanno, Phillip A. “As Texting Gains, Many See Quality of Writing Begin to Wane.”
IBOPE Insider, March 2012. I provided the contrarian opinion that writing quality is not
impacted by technological shifts.

Quoted in LaPeer, Heather, “All Inclusive: The Burton Blatt Institute advocates for the under-
represented disabled.” The Student Voice, Dec. 5, 2011. Spotlighted intersections of
disability and new media.

Curator and MC, “Land and Labor: 3 Voices,” featuring Janine DeBaise, Steve Himmer, and
Minnie Bruce Pratt. NonMiction Reading Series, SU Writing Program. July 21, 2011. Held at
SparkyTown in the Hawley-Green historic district of Syracuse.

Consulting and Nonacademic Positions
Project Consultant and Coordinator, Stone Butch Blues 20th Anniversary Author’s
Edition published in on-demand and digital formats by Leslie Feinberg. 2012-2015.

Digital Texts Consultant, Intuit Innovation Lab, 2008.

Digital Texts Consultant and Interim Project Manager, “The EfMicacy of Proactive Personal
Email Support as an Addition to Minnesota’s Stop-Smoking Website.”
Principle Investigator: Larry An, UMN Medical School, Division of General Internal
Medicine. MPAAT (Minnesota Partnership for Action Against Tobacco) Grant, $340,000 over
three years. 2006.

Editing Consultant. The Papal “No”: A Comprehensive Guide to the Vatican’s Refusal of
Women’s Ordination by Deborah Halter. Crossroad Publishing Company, 2004. First Place,
Gender Issues, 2005 Catholic Press Awards.

Business Development Associate, United Parcel Service, MidSouth District, 1995 – 2002.
Managed annual business plan of $11-16 million; provided personal point-of-contact for
shippers generating $5 million+ in annual revenue; coordinated district initiatives involving
40+ Account Executives in three states; served as District Liaison to Attorney General’s
ofMice, Better Business Bureau, and corporate legal ofMices.

Professional Memberships
Association of Internet Researchers
Association of Teachers of Technical Writing
Rhetoric Society of America
Society for the History of Technology

Kennedy CV 1/18

Available upon request.