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Introduction to ERP

What is ERP?
Why we need ERP?
Advantages of ERP
Major ERP Packages
Introduction to SAP & R/3 Architecture
What is SAP?
History & Features of SAP
SAP R! Architecture "#i$itations of R! Architecture%
SAP R& Architecture "'y(es of work (rocesses%
SAP R& A(()ication Modu)es
SAP #andsca(e
Introduction to ABAP/4
What is A*AP?
#ogon to SAP Environ$ent
'ransaction +odes
Mu)titasking +o$$ands
A*AP, Editor " SE&- %
Ste(s for +reating a Progra$
E)e$ents in R& Screen
.ut (ut State$ents
.(erators in A*AP
/ata0 Para$eter & +onstant State$ents
/ata 'y(es & +)assification
/ata .1jects & +)assification
'e2t E)e$ents
String .(erations
+ontro) State$ents
Fie)d strings
ABAP Dictionary
A*AP /ictionary 3ntroduction
/ata /ictionary Functions
/ata /ictionary .1jects
o /ata *ase 'a1)es
o Structures
o 4iews
o /ata E)e$ents
o 'y(e 5rou(s
o /o$ains
o Search he)(s
o #ock o1jects
Pri$ary 6ey And Foreign 6ey
'a1)e Maintenance 5enerator
+reating a (ackage
/ifference 1etween )oca) o1jects & (ackages
'ransferring )oca) o1jects to (ackages
4ariants 3ntroduction
+reating variants in A*AP Editor & /ata /ictionary
Message Casses
Message +)ass 3ntroduction
Message ty(es
+a))ing $essage c)ass in Re(ort & /ia)og (rogra$s
Seection Screens
Se)ection screen 3ntroduction
o Para$eter State$ent
o Se)ect7o(tions State$ent
o Se)ection7screen State$ent
Screen ta1)e and its fie)ds
/yna$ic screen $odification 1y using Modif 3d key
!"en S#$ State%ents
Interna &a'es
3nterna) 'a1)es 3ntroduction
/ec)aring 3nterna) 'a1)e
Po(u)ating 3nterna) 'a1)e
Processing 3nterna) 'a1)e
3nitia)i9ing 3nterna) 'a1)es
3nner :oins And For A)) Entries
+ontro) *reak State$ents
De'ugging &echni(ues
/e1ugging 'echni;ues 3ntroduction
*reak7(oints "Static & /yna$ic%
Watch (oints
/yna$ica))y changing interna) ta1)es contents in /e1ugging Editor
.(tions to ste( through the (rogra$ in /e1ugging Editor
Moduari)ation &echni(ues
Modu)ari9ation 'echni;ues 3ntroduction
Passing Para$eters to Su1routines
Passing 'a1)es to Su1routines
Function 5rou(s & Function Modu)es
Re(orts 3ntroduction
+)assica) Re(orts
3nteractive Re(orts
'echni;ues 8sed For 3nteractive Re(orts
o Hots(ot
o Hide
o 5et +ursor
Diaog / Modue Poo Progra%%ing/ &ransactions
MPP 3ntroduction
Re)ationshi( 1etween Screen0 F)ow #ogic and Progra$
F)ow #ogic Events
o Process *efore .ut(ut "P*.%
o Process After 3n(ut "PA3%
o Process .n 4a)ue Re;uest "P.4%
o Process .n He)( Re;uest "P.H%
3nc)ude Progra$s in MPP
o 3nc)ude '.P
o 3nc)ude 3<=
o 3nc)ude .<=
o 3nc)ude F<=
/yna$ic Screens
o #eave Screen
o #eave to Screen
o +a)) Screen
o Set Screen
Processing of #ist fro$ 'ransaction and 4ice 4ersa
E)e$ents in Screen #ayout
o 'a1)e +ontro)s
o Ste( #oo(s
o 'a1stri( +ontro)s
o Su1screens
Batch Data Co%%unication
*/+ 3ntroduction
*/+ Methods
o +a)) 'ransaction Method
o Session Method
Hand)ing 'a1)e +ontro)s in */+
#egacy Syste$ Migration Work1ench
o /ifferent Methods
o F)at fi)e creation
o 8()oading data
Fi)e Hand)ing
o A(()ication Server
o Presentation Server
SAP Scri"ts
SAP Scri(ts 3ntroduction
+o$(onents of SAP Scri(ts
o #ayout Set
o Standard 'e2t
o .ut Put Progra$
Modifying Standard SAP Scri(t #ayouts
3nc)uding #ogos
SAP Scri(t 8ti)ities > 8()oad /own)oad
S%art *or%s
S$art For$s 3ntroduction
5ra(hics Manage$ent
Sty)e Maintenance
o Paragra(h For$ats
o +haracter For$ats
Writing (rint (rogra$ and designing )ayouts
A$V Re"orts
A#4 Re(orts 3ntroduction
A#4 through Function Modu)es
A#4 'y(es
Runti%e Anaysis & S#$ &racing
Cross A""ications
3ntroduction to /istri1uted Environ$ent
3ntroduction to +ross A(()ications
3ntroduction to RF+
+reating RF+ /estination 1etween ! Syste$s
+reating Re$ote Ena1)ed Function Modu)es
+reating (rogra$ using Re$ote Ena1)ed Function Modu)es
A#E *asics
.verview of .ut1ound & 3n1ound Process
+onfiguration Ste(s
/efine )ogica) syste$s
Assign c)ient to )ogica) syste$
RF+ destination
+usto$er distri1ution $ode)
+reating Ports
What is an 3doc?
'y(es of 3docs
o *asic 3docs
o E2tension 3docs
+reating 3docs
Message 'y(es
Assigning 3doc ty(e to Message ty(e
E/3 *asics
/ifference 1etween A#E & E/3
.verview of .ut1ound & 3n1ound Process
+onfiguration Ste(s
Port +reation
Partner Profi)e +reation
*AP3 .verview
+reation of *AP3
What is workf)ow?
.verview of workf)ow
.ser E/its
8ser E2its .verview
'y(es of 8ser E2its
o Fie)d E2it
o Screen E2it
o Function E2it
o Menu E2it
*A/3s .verview
/efining a *A/3
3$()e$enting a *A/3
!!PS Conce"t
.1ject .riented A*AP .verview
/efining a +)ass
3$()e$enting a +)ass
Misceaneous &o"ics
+orrection & 'rans(ort re;uest "+'S%
'rans(ort .rgani9er
Work *ench Re;uest
'ask +reation
Re)ease .1jects
SAP Me$ory & A*AP Me$ory
#ogica) /ata1ase
S/ F)ow
MM F)ow