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Green TurnItIn Assignment Gender bias is a preference of one gender, or sex, over the other. In dealing with technology, gender bias refers to choosing one preference over the other in computer softwares. Researchers found in a study of middle school students in 1994 that one girl out of four boys regularly used a computer. This is known as a gender bias in technology and the problem only seems to get worse as students grow older. There is much evidence in this problem, just look into any computer lab and it is clear that boys are using computers more than girls. There is some progress, but as research shows, there is still much work that needs to be done in including more girls into the technology world. As the research shows, girls seem to loose interest in technology when they enter their adolescence years. There are a number of theories that describe reasoning behind this phenomenon. One reason is that technology is approached differently by girls, another is the influence of parents on their daughters. One theory is that teachers and the overall education experience has a major negative influence on girls and technology. The most logical explanation is that most girls are influenced by their female role models, and the tradition has always been for males to be more dominant. Both boys and girls consider computers and computer games to be a boys’ toy. Even though boys are more likely to choose to play with computers and computer generated games, both boys and girls can be equally skilled to use them. The statistics show that more men are working in computer-related fields, most likely due to the fact that young boys play video and computer-related games more than girls. Boys are also more likely to play with computers and participate in computer-related clubs. Although most girls have had the same exposure to computers, boys still tend to be more drawn to them. An important way to help close the gap on the gender biasness in computer technology is to pay attention to the influences that girls’ role models have. The ones that are around young girls have the greatest opportunity to influence them on integrating technology into their lives. Parents have the greatest influence of all on young girls, but teachers and the educational system also have the ability to shape their ideas about the computer field. The role models of young girls need to remember that their words are most influential, and that shaping their image of the computer field goes beyond just instructing them.