by Aberdeen
iv got th weight ov th world on my chest
im th saddest boy in all ov th west
dont tlk 2 me like im not a hurricane
dont address me like im not made of rain
got a neon tan, got a foolproof plan
got a million dollar bill$ and a pocket fulla sand
got a bad idea, got a loose waistband
got a professional relationship with kim kardashian
got a wobbly stand, got a holy man
got a million little pill$ and a pocket fulla flan
dont tlk 2 me like im not a hurricane
dont address me like i’m not made of rain
tiny man with tiny hands
gonna get outta dodge as fast as he can
im a tornado just passing thru
gonna show u how much i can do
i played with fire now i smell like smoke
we rot the same, a dirty joke
im online! i feel fine! i feel so 2009
ha ha please cant u tell im lying
iv got the weight ov th world on mi chest
whatever, my mom says im not depressed
dont tlk 2 me like im not a hurricane
dont say shit like im not made of rain
Mx. Insecurities
when i accidentally put an album on shuffle, i have to restart it and listen in order
that’s just how i operate
hi, nice to meet you! im rippled !y "y #nsecurities
thanks for the invite, but i cant come tonight
im busy
$puts on an album in order and stares at the ceiling$
*waluigi vice*
# can tell it’s summertime
from the sound my neighbor’s lawnmower makes
when # open my window to let fresh air in it
sounds a little bit like
oh, lord!
my life’s a fuckin fever dream
my pipe’s hits are getting mean
and the grass sure looks green
from the plateau on which i sit (
oh, lord,
for once my pen spits unselfish syllables
never again will i sprain my wrist
stringing together phrases
so that my manic testimonials
and ironically fre)uent line breaks
can gather dust in your inbo*
i sing
I !uc"ing #ve S$ace
i want your hands to touch my skin, i want
your teeth to scrape mine before shining in a smile
i want you to pick flakes of my skin from beneath
your fingernails
we’re stars so
you make me supernova and outshine gala*ies
radiating red hot into the surrounding interstellar medium
i’m soaring with you through the mesosphere
to bask in us, seeping through all outer space
us ( the dark ink of night sky+
your eyes stoked coals and fire
brimmed from your lips
and dripped down your chin
to sear my skin like molten lust+
red sank into my veins where
hot wet ebbed and flowed
til it settled on my bones and,
dampened by my sweat,
made smooth stone where
soft flesh once laid panting+
yet even in darkness,
i am shadowed by thoughts of you
your eyes, like hot irons
stoked the coals of my heart(fire
like vapor, rose
to cloud the room
and my mind, heavy
with her image,
her likeness dripping wa*
onto blurry photographs
laid out on the carpet
a shrine to lips gra-ing skin
like fog, rolled in
over mountains with frosted peaks
and through woods
fearsome and deep, she glided
over moss and hair
settling in my pores
she stood with me,
and with her # was whole
t&is ne desn't &ave a na(e) srry
go ahead, break a leg+ make an egg+ break the bank
wind whippin’ like a cold towel+ i draw a blank
silver bon pour, he’s versatile, lu*embourg franc
i think i found my reason, one hit, hoobastank
swimmin’ in my illness, bedroom fish tank
choking on my breath, he said he drank
all of the ocean til the sailing ships sank
tell em honey, who should these landlocked sailors thank.
if bodies are temples i’m your former place of worship
who knew someone i loved so much could make me feel so worthless
your wavelengths draw static, they’re hard to interpret
been drinking in graveyards and smoking in churches
all this e*citement just gets me so nervous
do you mean to say you make me feel this way on purpose.
ship sinker, does my impatience show on the surface.
wave drinker, show me what it means to be wordless
I'( Aberdeen
&ere's (y *aceb"+
&ere's (y blg+
t&an" yu *r reading
w&at i &ave t write

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