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San Fernando Val l ey Chapt er of t he Ameri can

Associ at i on of Cri t i cal Care Nurses

Sue Boryk, RN, BSN,
Happy Summer
I hope you are taking
a moment and enjoying
the pleasures that sum-
mer breezes bring and
are relaxing a little. With
August upon us, the
been in full swing
preparing for the up-
coming year. June was
our new leadership in-
stallation month and Ju-
ly, our transition month.
The incoming 2014-2015
board and hospital liai-
sons celebrated the
achievements of this
past years leadership at
the Liaison Appreciation
cont. on pg. 2&3
Vol ume 1, Issue 1
August /Sept ember 2014
Board meetings are
the second Thursday
of each Month @
7pm please check
website at http:/
other/ for details
Or email

With Kirsten
October 8th, 2014
@0730 am-4:30pm
At the Odyssey
Visit Eventbrite at:

Sue Boryk President (left) and Cindy Kapucija Past Presi-
dent (right) meet Teri Lynn Kiss AACN President 2014-
2015 (center) at NTI Certification Celebration!
The SFVAACN is pleased to announce Kirsten Pyle-Springer as our featured speaker at our Fall Symposium!
Back by popular demand she will entertain and educate us on a variety of topics including:
Medical/Legal Case Reviews
Street Drugs
Rapid Response Teams

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Vol ume 1, Issue 1
2013/2014 SFV Chapter Accomplishments:
1. Going Green (still some paper), use of electronic registration, e-newsletter, e-invites, symposium syllabus on flash drives.
2. Offered the Leadership Development Workshop at NTI to all SFVC members free of charge! We provided funding for nine members of the
SFV board to attend NTI along with funding for one member to attend A Slice of NTI in Los Vegas. We also made two education scholar-
ships available to any member of SFVC. We increased our donation to the Sharon Connor Fund to $1000.00.
3. We had a large group of members nominated for board positions this year. We had an excellent response to our election with 48 mem-
bers voting. Due to the large number of nominees and in an effort to encourage participation from newer members, the board voted to in-
crease the number of member-at-large board positions to ten. At this point we have our President lined up until 2017. We hope to en-
courage newer board members to step forward into more demanding positions as time goes on. We have encouraged increased mentorship
to better prepare board members to step forward into their upcoming roles.
4. The Annual Fall and Spring Symposiums were extremely well attended with a record number of attendees! We have made a point of plan-
ning and preparing for our symposiums further in advance. We continually search for, recognize and recruit potential speakers and vendors
for our symposiums.
Presidents Message cont. from pg 1. and New Officer Installation Dinner held at Roys in Woodland Hills. John Malafonte of
Otsuka Pharmaceuticals hosted and provided a guest speaker for the occasion. I want to thank Cindy Kapucija our past-
president for her insightful year as I succeed not replace her. Her encouragement had many of you stepping forward challeng-
ing yourselves to provide the best care for your patients and families. Many of you became certified at an advanced level, con-
gratulations! I also want to salute an outgoing member at large, Anna Dermanchyan! Anna, a fairly recent graduate, has held
many SFVC board positions and has been an incredible resource to us. She has stepped down to pursue her PhD in nursing.
She continues with AACN at the national level on the nomination committee. With gratitude and pride we wish Anna the best!
We hope that you too, will get out of your comfort zone and enjoy some of the events and/or educational opportunities that the
SFV Chapter offers, starting with our fall symposium this October 8th.

Note from the Newsletter Editor and Immediate Past President: I would like to thank the 2013-2014 board members for Step-
ping Forward to make this past year such a success! I look forward to working with the incoming board to Focus the Fire!
Please submit articles to by October 21st, 2014!
Cindy Kapucija
San Fer nando Val l ey AACN

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Introducing the 2014-2015 SFVC Board Members!
President: Suzanne Boryk, Los Robles Hospital
President Elect: Michele Long, Los Robles Hospital
Past President: Cindy Kapucija, Los Robles Hospital
Vice President: Caroline Corralejo, Simi Valley Hospital
Vice President Elect: Sandy Wisler, Providence Holy Cross Medical Center
Secretary: Gloria Taylor Lee, Los Robles Hospital
Treasurer Elect: Denise Chapnick, Northridge Hospital
Member at Large: Nancy Stewart, Los Robles HospitaL
Member at Large: Michelle Butler, Los Robles Hospital
Member at Large: Gavin OConnor, Los Robles Hospital
Member at Large: Melissa Steffen, Los Robles Hospital
Member at Large: Olena Svetlov, Los Robles Hospital
Member at Large: Kris Bounds, Providence Holy Cross Medical Center
Member at Large: Kathy Cadden, Providence Holy Cross Medical Center
Member at Large: Pamela Guevarra, Simi Valley Hospital
Member at Large: Kim Mazziotti, Providence St. Joseph Medical Center
Member at Large: Lily Prasithpramote, Providence St. Joseph Medical Center
Membership Chairperson, Historian: Kim Browne, Tarzana Medical Center
Accommodations Chairperson: Mary Ratner
Hospital Liaison Chairperson: Irma Williams
Vendor and Student Chairperson: Marcy Bregman
Registration Chairperson: Nene Ruelo, Encino Tarzana Regional Medical Center
Nomination Committee co-chair: Sherri Greif, St. John s Oxnard and Pleasant Valley Hospital

Presidents Message cont. This past May, SFVAACN provided scholarship opportunities to NTI in Denver. It was in Denver that some of our
board members met Teri Lynn Kiss, our incoming national president. At the certification dinner, she presented her theme Focus the Flame
energizing us to carry the fire to you. Using the FIRE acronym Teri spoke of her passion for nursing and reminded us as to why we once said
yes to our career in nursing.

F is for Fearlessness, as we continuously strive to bring about change.
I is for Inquiry, asking why or why not? Curiosity is the cradle of learning, what
works and what doesnt?
R Stands for Resilience. How have you changed over the years in Critical,
Progressive & High Acuity care?
We have all had to meet higher acuity patient and family needs.
E is for Engagement with the world we live in. In a healthy work environment we are teaming with
all levels of care. As team members we also share in the pride of ownership.
Teri wants us to use our energy and our fire to drive our imagination and our goals into positive action. Thus the theme, Focus
the Flame! After summers contemplative rest, September is traditionally the month of refocusing back to education or resum-
ing work. What are your goals this year? Between work, friends, family and other life events, what do you want to accomplish
the rest of the year? Take a look at our timeline on the website. Seek out a webinar through AACN or contact your hospital
liaison. Ask where you can attend a class or volunteer at an event. Focus your flame! Catch a glimpse from NTIs Fire & Su-
persession given by the Silhouettes on youtube,ccna final perfommance,video2.
Sue Boryk, SFVCAACN President 2014-2015

The new SFVC Volunteer Committee is working to recruit
members and students in volunteering opportunities!
As an organization striving for the Circle of Excellence award it is important for us to participate/volunteer
and educate in our community.
Listed below are some volunteer opportunities. As you know we need as many volunteers as possible to help us
achieve this goal!!! Please contact Debbie Licht for information. Thank you!

Water Safety Event

August 16, 2014

Hours: 12:00 pm to 3:00 pm
Location: Malibu Makos Surf Camp
30600 Pacific Coast Highway
Malibu, CA 90265

Contact: Debbie Licht 805-370-4437

Lets go out, participate and have some fun!
Gavin, Mellissa, Michelle and Nancy

Sidewalk CPR

September 7, 2014

Hours: 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm
Location: St Johns Hospital
2121 Santa Monica Blvd
Santa Monica, CA 90404
Having fun in Denver! From left, Cindy Kapucija,
Sherri Greif, Sue Boryk and Nannette Logan
The Presidents Reception at NTI, from left: Michele Long, Vicki
Good AACN President 2013-2014, Sherri Greif, Sue Boryk, Nannette
Logan and Cindy Kapucija
Chapter Networking Night in Denver! SFVC joined UCLA, Den-
ver, GWAC and VCC for a night of networking and fun!
Its all busi-
ness for Caro-
line Corallejo
and Sue Boryk
as they devel-
op their leader-
ship skills!!!

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