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Online Claims Processing System

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Project Topic Choice 1: Online Claims Processing System

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Online Claims Processing (OCP) is a web application used by several organizations for
approving & rejecting claims submitted by their employees and authorizing payments against
their claims. OCP is also known by some other names such as Web Claims Processing, Web
Based Claims Processing, eClaims etc. OCP is used to process claims for the employee’s
expenses which is covered under their company policy such as Transportation, Medical, Meals,
Marriage, Child Care, Stationary etc.

Market Needs
Larger organizations who can afford ERP applications such as Peoplesoft or SAP, they already
have it with their ERP but smaller organization who don’t have they need OCP if they have
policies against which they entertain claims incurred by their employees.

Provide complete web based solution, including employee registration, enter new claim,
approve/ reject claim and a complete web based administration.

Strategic Aim
Provide complete, feasible, secure, easily maintainable and cost effective solution.

Specific Aim
 The OCP should display pending claim count in the main page of employee.

 Employee can view their claim status online and all claims can be treated as Pending,
Approved and Rejected.

 Employee can add, edit claims info until claim is not approved. Employees cannot
modify approved claims.

 System must store audit details.

 System should be accessible only through their intranet and no additional access can be

 Complete web based system no installation required to run the application in client

 Employee must able to access claims history.

Project Topic Choice 1: Online Claims Processing System

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1. Websites such as google.

2. Meetings with different levels of people in 3 organizations.
Note: names of those organizations can not be disclosed anywhere in this document or the project report.

3. Peoplesoft application on my current organization’s intranet.

Literature Review
 Employee handbook of my current organization

 Organization’s policy document

 Web

Data Analysis and Research Methods
Data analysis whether the data is qualitative or quantitative, analysis will be used to:
 describe and summarize the data.

 identify relationships.

 compare variables.

 identify the difference between variables.
This is going to be a mix of qualitative and quantitative research methods

Conclusion and Recommendations
Proposed application development project could serve as an important module for the
organizations who are looking for robust, reliable, and customizable application. If accepted in
the market it could compete with big brand names and could be great source of revenue.

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