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To start with, i have to let you know that, these days my committee

faced a complex and tough topic that has a major impact on a

country s well being situation. We have been working on the fiscal
stability treaty, an important agreement between all the members au
of EU that aims to give a fresh start ( a da o gura de aer, fresh restart)
to the CPs economical situation and have them follow the right
budgetary track.

The major two disputes we had to cope with were the fact that, on
one hand, there s the undeniable incompatibility between the states'
own vision of monetary growth and their economical status quo.
It is unacceptable, for example, to put in the same room countries
like Germany and Rom and ask both of them to reach the same goal
cuz it d lead to a huge inbalanced mess.
On the other hand, the other main issue we came across was the the
treaty's inflexibility reggarding the possibility to change or to adapt it,
which is totally undemocratic thing and puts a lot of pressure on the

Therefore, considering what i ve just mentioned, the first thing to be
changed about the FST is to dived it in two parts. Firstly the general
aspects that should apply for all CP and then, the the part where the
FST gives specific directives for each type of country according to
their condition. This way the target will be more achieveable for all

Once we do that, we solve a series of problems, including the
undemocratic way to implement the FST.

Furthermore, it is also extremely important that we tackle the
countries' deficit in a way that does not affect the people and states'
industristries. So that, we believe that stimulus should be the method
we focus on by investing more in the main markets and areas of
interest so that austerity measurs will only be encouraged in special
alarming cases. This way the pshycological impact on population will
be a favourable one, without risking to affect their buying force and
saving accounts.

We need people to work, we need jobs for them and we must make
them feel comfortable about tomorrow. We showed that the fst
must have the states strive to achieve autarky and while maintaining
the international trade.

Thats the solution, people being supported, international network
being encouraged, facilitating jobs trough nonrefundable funds and
not austerity measures that would only make people uncerain and
Therefore we believe that the terms of the treaty should be revisited
with a view to a greater emphasis on stimulus and less on austeryty.