Risk Type: Details of Risk: Ways to minimise risk: Person(s) Responsible

Slipping or tripping over The directors (Jack & Chloe) and
band members may trip over
ripped carpet or wires. They
could also slip on the laminated
or painted white floor.
Make directors and
members aware of the
wires which are in the set
or any other trippable
hazards on set.
Each person is responsible for
walking around the set and
being aware of hazards which
fit this risk type.
Electricity Electricity running through the
wires to guitars, lighting, plug
Make sure unsafe electrical
plugs are made aware of,
for example tape outlining
hazard, other signals
outlining risk. Make sure
lighting wires are taped
down etc so the hazard is
minimised from connection
to other items.
Myself, the director and
producer of the music video.
Other equipment Lights falling over, dropping the
guitar, knocking drum set over,
speakers falling over. These are
all hazards which could seriously
hurt someone if they occurred.
Make sure band members
are careful when handling
guitars and drum set. Make
sure the lights are stable
and unlikely to fall over.
Also make the band
members and other people
present aware to these
potential hazards and to
Myself, the director and
producer of the music video.
Fires and burns A fire could break out due to
electricity within the building,
this could create an unsafe
facility and could cause harm to
the directors and band members.
Make sure band members
are aware of fire exits,
ensure extinguishers are in
the room and make sure
that there are no fire
hazards, for example bags
next to electricity plug
Myself, the director and
producer of the music video.

Producer(s): Jack Green & Chloe Phillips Production Details: Music Video
Song Title/Artist: ‘Sex’ – The Saints (The 1975) Production Date: 04/10/14