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October 2014

Labette Center for

Mental Health
Works Toward Providing
Evidence Based
Prevention Programs
Labette Center for Mental Health Services
Inc. (LCMHS) currently provides outpatient substance abuse treatment services
and is working with Labette County Substance Abuse Task Force (LCSATF)
to start providing more prevention services in our community. LCMHS has
chosen three additional
evidenced based prevention programs to
implement in our
community, Project
Towards No Drug
Abuse, Guiding Good
Choices, and Active Parenting Teens.
A critical point between use and abuse occurs during high school years. Project Towards No Drug Abuse (TND) is an effective
program that is intended to help break the
chain between substance use and abuse. The
program is targeted to high school age youth.
The instruction to students provides detailed
information about the social and health con-

sequences of drug misuse, provides motivation enhancement strategies and includes

instruction in active listening, tobacco cessation techniques, self-control, and decision
making to counteract the risk factors for substance abuse.
In addition to providing youth with programing, LCMHS knows there is a need to provide support, education and training for the
parents in our community. The programs chosen will cover
both middle school
and high school age
shows that parents
are the most influential person for a young
person in making decisions about substance
use. Providing parents with
options of education and support as
well as a network of other parents working towards the same goal can make a great
impact on our community efforts to reduce
and eliminate substance use in our youth.
Guiding Good Choices, originally developed
under the title Preparing for the Drug-Free
Years, is a five session program that teaches
parents of children ages 9-14 (grades 4-8)
how to reduce the risk that their children will
develop substance use problems. In the proContinued on Page 2 - Prevention

For more information about Labette Center for Mental Health Services
call 620-421-3770, check out our website at, or follow
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Problems do not go away. They must be worked through or else they
remain, forever a barrier to the growth and development of the spirit.
M. Scott Peck

Prevention - Continued From Page 1

gram parents will learn how to strengthen their bonds with their children and
reduce the risk that their children will use drugs. The Guiding Good Choices
program has been shown to have a positive impact on parenting behaviors
that influence the initiation of alcohol and cigarette use by children.
Active Parenting of Teens is designed to serve all parents of teens and preteens from about fifth grade up. The program is designed to serve an ethnically diverse population of families, as well as a wide range of family structures
from single parenting, blended families and intact families. Active Parenting
of Teens addresses working with families that have significant teen problems
such as drug use, those with everyday challenges such as disrespectful behavior, and can be used in special populations such as those with ADHD, parents
who have been ordered by court to take parent education, parents in correctional institutions, parents of hospitalized teens and many others. The Active
Parenting Teens program is an interactive approached program designed for
small groups of 10 to 20 participants at a time. Groups meet for six 2 hour
sessions on a weekly basis. Parents receive a comprehensive model for parenting teens and preteens.
In order to reach teens and families, LCMHS plans to work in coordination
with Parsons High School to implement Project Towards No Drug Abuse,
and all local schools to target parents of teens between sixth to twelfth grades.
LCMHS will also be working with support from LCSATF in measuring participation and outcomes from pre and post assessment measuring of the program participants. LCSATF has provided training to staff members of LCMHS as trainers for all three of these evidence based programs. The goal is
to provide three sessions of Project Towards No Drug Abuse, three sessions
of Active Parenting Teens, and two session s of Guiding Good Choices to the
community at no cost to participants.
For more information about these prevention programs, contact Misti Mustain, Director of Clinical Programs, at 620-421-3770 or 800-303-3700.

Lead Your Health Workshop

LCMHS is hosting a "Lead Your Health, Living with a Chronic condition" workshop! Melissa Lunsford, Health Home Care Coordinator,
and Shelli Nyambani, Peer Specialist, will present this exciting workshop geared to help individuals learn how to manage their health needs.
This program, which is a six week workshop, will begin on Thursday
October 16th and last through Thursday November 20th. Participants
will meet at 1:00 pm each of these Thursdays and will be dismissed no
later than 3:30 pm. There will be an informational/registration meeting offered on October 9th at 1:00 pm. This workshop is available to all
community members at no cost.
This workshop will be held in the Rainbow Apartments office building
located at 906 S. 13th Street, Parsons KS. Participants will gather in
the Conference Room. For LCMHS clients, if transportation is a barrier, please contact one of the individuals providing the workshop and
they will attempt to coordinate it.
Lead Your Health is a highly interactive workshop series that promotes the development of skills necessary to lead a healthy life with
any physical or mental chronic condition, like arthritis, depression,
heart and lung disease, schizophrenia, diabetes, etc. The program was
developed by Stanford University and is used around the world. It is
all about "self-management" in that it helps people regain control and

Calender of Upcoming Events

October 9th
Rainbow Apartment Conference Room
906 S. 13th St. Parsons KS 67357

Lead Your Health Informational Meeting
October 14th 8am-5:30pm
LCMHS Community Room
1730 Belmont Parsons KS 67357
Mental Health First Aid - Registration Required
Adult Version
Oct. 16th-Nov. 20th (Thurdays) 1:00pm - 3:30pm
Rainbow Apartment Conference Room
906 s. 13th St. Parsons KS 67357

Lead Your Health Workshop
January 13th 8am-5:30pm
LCMHS Community Room
1730 Belmont Parsons KS 67357
Mental Health First Aid - Registration Required
Adult Version
April 7th 8am-5:30pm
LCMHS Community Room
1730 Belmont Parsons KS 67357
Mental Health First Aid - Registration Required
Youth Version
For more information on upcoming events call 620-421-3770 or 800-303-3770 or visit us at:

make positive decisions about the direction of their life and health. We
teach people about different tools they can use in various situations,
promote things like being prepared for doctor's appointments with a list
of problems, symptoms, medications, etc. Program graduates typically
feel more activated, more able to advocate for themselves, and more
prepared to live their life rather than live their diagnosis.
There needs to be a minimum of 12 participants to proceed with the
workshop and the maximum is 20. There are currently still available
openings. If you or someone you know could benefit from learning more self-management skills and adding to their personal 'toolbox' of leading their health please share this information with them.
This workshop is not condition-specific, so regardless of whether it's
asthma, arthritis, diabetes, bipolar, or depression, this class can benefit
people regardless of their diagnosis. The curriculum was developed by
Stanford University and Melissa Lunsfor & Shelli Nyambani will be
the leaders!
For more information about the Lead Your Health workshop, please
contact either Melissa Lunsford or Shelli Nyambani at 620-421-3770.

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Spotlight on Departments:
Community Based Services
This quarters spotlight focuses is on Labette Centers Community Based Services programs. Community Based Services
are for children who have been diagnosed with a Severe Emotional Disturbance (SED) and who are having significant functional impairments in school, home, or the community. These
difficulties could include how the child behaves towards others, how they feel emotionally, or other problems.
As part of Labette Centers Community Based Services programs we offer case management, case planning and resource
acquisition, parent support services and wrap-around facilitation, coordination with schools, coordination with behavioral
health professionals, utilization of community agencies, early
childhood intervention, psychosocial groups and attendant

as Positive Behavior Support (PBS) services, anger management, peer interaction, and social skills. This program has
a staff to client ratio of 1:4 which allows
each youth to get individualized care.
Referrals for Community Based Services can be made by calling LCMHS and requesting an intake appointment with a therapist or qualified mental health professional. If a child meets
admission criteria, a case manager can be assigned and a treatment plan specific to the childs needs can be formulated.
For more information about Labette Centers Community
Based Services call 620-421-3770 or 800-303-3770.

Labette Centers psychosocial program,

Navigators, is designed with goals to assist youth in the development of social
and interpersonal skills, enhance personal relationships, increase community
awareness, and develop coping strategies. The Navigators program is individually tailored to each participant and
available to them as long as it is deemed
medically necessary.
Navigators offers psychosocial programs that are school based, after-school
based, community based and individual.
They work in both group settings as well
as one-on-one with youth ages K-12.
They use methods of interaction such

Front Row L-R: Rebekah Wells, Case Manager; Virginia Standley, Parent Support; Nikkii Rosenstiel,
Psychosocial Coordinator; Jodi Thompson, Psychosocial Aid; Jessica Boone, Psychosocial Aid; Kenisha
Morton, Childrens Case Management Team Lead. Back Row L-R: David Gravitt, Case Manager; Elizabeth Davis, Psychosocial Group Leader; Jamie Scott, Case Manager; Adam Sallee, Case Manager; Cory
Marcus, Psychosocial Aid; Kendra Johsnon, Psychosocial Aid.

The Labette Center for Mental Health Service, Inc. Foundation for Help and
Hope is an entity governed by a Board of Trustees, which is jointly shared
with Labette Center for Mental Health Services. The foundation creates opportunity for individuals in the community and surrounding areas to be able
to give to a local non-profit organization whose mission is to create hope and
opportunity for life change by providing education, support, consultation,
and therapeutic behavioral health services to the people and communities of
Labette County.
The foundation enables us to grow and expand the hope and help we are able
to provide. The Foundation for Help and Hope provides a tax deductible entity for individuals or organizations to be able to donate to.
To give to the Foundation, donations can be mailed to or dropped off at:
Labette Center for Mental Health Service, Inc. Foundation for Help and Hope
c/o Labette Center for Mental Health Services
PO Box 258
Parsons, KS 67357
To make a donation by Credit/Debit card by phone, individuals may call:
620-421-3770 or 800-303-3770
Labette Center for Mental Health Service, Inc Foundation for Help and Hope is a 501 (c) 3.
Any donations are considered tax deductible.

Celebrating 35 Years of Serving Labette County!

Mental Health First Aid Course

October 14th, 2014

Labette Center for Mental Health Services will be holding an Adult Mental Health First
Aid course on Tuesday October 14th, 2014 from 8:00 am to 5:30 pm. The course will
be held at Labette Centers main facility located at 1730 Belmont Parsons KS in the
multi-purpose room. Participants must register prior to the course. Cost of registration is
$50.00 which includes materials, lunch and snacks.
According to the Mental Health First Aid website, this program is intended for a variety of audiences: friends and family of individuals with mental illness or addiction, key
professionals (such as police officers, human resource directors and primary care workers), school and college leadership, faith communities, or anyone interested in learning
more about mental illness and addiction. The training venues will also vary as Mental
Health First Aid program sites reach out to Chambers of Commerce, professional associations, hospitals, nursing homes, Rotary Clubs, parent organizations, social clubs and
other groups who make up the fabric of a community. The core program is tailored for
response to the general adult population.

For more information contact Monica Simpson or Nikkii Rosenstiel at 620-421-3770 or 800-303-3770 or visit www.
Also, please check into our Youth Mental Health First Aid Course!!!!
For more information about the Mental Health First Aid program, visit:

Labette Center for Mental Health Services, Inc.

PO Box 258
1730 Belmont
Parsons, KS 67357