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October 2013
Credits & Lyrics


Side One
Lecce, Leaving (7!00)
Key/Hole (7!10)

Side Two
Home Chds (7!40)
The Rising Tide (9!10)

Side Three
Last Night On Earth (5!00)
By The Window (7!20)
Late Descent #2 (3!10)

Side Four
Ambulancer (6!10)
Blackt Out (11!30)

Lee Ranaldo: guitar, vocals, bells, vibes
Alan Licht: guitar, back vocals, bells
Steve Shelley: drums, shakers, bells
Tim Lntzel: bass

John Medeski: organ, piano, Farfisa, Fender Rhodes
Ral Fernandez Refree: ukulele on Last Night On Earth
Sage Ranaldo: back vocals on Blackt Out
Elina Albach: cembalo on Late Descent 2

Dust Crew: Bentley Anderson, Celso Pinto, Cody Ranaldo, Johannes

Produced by Lee Ranaldo with Ted Young, Steve Shelley, Alan Licht.
Recorded and mixed by Ted Young at Echo Canyon West, NJ.
Mastered by Greg Calbi at Sterling Sound, NY, July 2013.

Recorded Sept 2012-June 2013, mixed May-June 2013
Additional recording by Aaron Mullan, LR, Tim Glasgow, Bentley
Anderson and Elias Gwinn.
Field recordings for Late Descent #2 done in Berlin, Germany by
Elina Albach and at Castello Scaligero, Valeggio, Italy by Johannes

All songs written by Lee Ranaldo 2012-2013, published by Lazy
Eight, BMI
All arrangements by LR and The Dust.

Cover Photography: Michale Lavine
Cover Art: Ted Lee
Live shots: Danielle Petrosa
Gatefold Photo, technical assistance, digital design: Cody Ranaldo

mgmt.: SAM
touring: Ground Control Touring, Julie Tippex
legal: Richard Grabel, Davis Shapiro Lewit Montone & Hayes

Thank You: Sonic Youth; Leah Singer, Cody Sage & Frey Ranaldo;
John Agnello; Michele Fleishli, John Silva, Michael Meisel, Jesse
Silbermann, Chris Kelly, Kristen Welsh and John Cutcliff at SAM,
Dawn Nepp/Haber Corp; all the folks at matador and beggars group;
Chris Stone/Stone Immaculate; Agnes B; SoundRes, Pomarico family
and friends in Lecce, Italy; Nels Cline, Matt Azzarto; Justin Norvell
and Fender Musical Instruments; Phillip Jarrell/Jarrell Guitars;
Michael Kirshmann/ZT amplifiers; Fred Di Santo/Art & Lutherie and
Simon and Patrick Guitars; Frank Deimel/Deimel Guitars; Kleissonic
Pedals; Mastery Bridge; Baxendale Guitars; Majestic Guitars;
ToneConcepts Inc..

Design and Layout by LR

The marble floor is cold and I can smell the sea
I walk these streets of old with you standing right by me
I sorta knocked you down, you couldn!t stay awake
I left you in a pile of stones, I took what I could take
I caught you dreaming, waiting for the light of day
It!s such a funny feeling, knowing what I!ve got to say

Black heart is down, you steal the remains of the day
After what I!ve found, yr just pushing and pushing away

I kinda knocked you out, but I won!t let you blow away
I pick you up but every time, it!s right back in the fray
So just let it go, mow the lawn tomorrow
I!m scared to let you know, scared I might follow
I caught you dreaming, waiting for the light of day
It!s such a funny feeling, knowing what I!ve got to say

Black hearted clown, you steal the remains of the day
Yr still spinning around, still pushing, you push me away

I caught you dreaming, waiting for the light of day
It!s such a funny feeling, knowing what I!ve got to say

The marble stairs are old, white walls turned grey
It!s time for you to quit this town, you could make a break
We!re making noise tonight, stirring up some dust
Trying t set our heads on fire, trying t see past "us!

I!m thinking about the first line that I wrote t you way back when
You always said that I was the last in yr long line of friends
But peeking thru a keyhole, there!s only so much to take in
Things get so uneven, like they do, in the end
Deny me any indication
Define me any way you can
That!s when I call you over

I see a little darkness mixed in w the light
I know yr kisses herald a night of sweet delights
Let!s make the best of a bad situation
Try t define love any way we can
That!s when I!ll call you over

Yr bright like a shadow and dark like a sunny day
You shuffled all the pages until the words decayed
I!m a traveler in the hard hard rain
And you my dear are quite insane
I!m in the middle of the river
Scattered ropes and jewels forever

I!m back out on the town now, back out on yr street
I feel a little strange about it, but you know what I need
So take this as a last line, take this as the end
The scattered fruit, the chatter, a youthful malcontent
Let!s take our eyes out and then complete the conversation
Devise a way out of our grandest plans
That!s when I call you over

Every time I wait for the revolution to come
Every night I think it!s here and then it!s gone
I!m gonna take the time to tell if I am in the way
Another time, another place and another day

You and I have something written on the tongue
We looked East and West searching for things behind the sun
We learned to parcel out the things we!ve loved the best
Put aside the ones we!ve loved and laid t rest

So spit it out, spit out what you!ve got t say
What!s on yr mind? What!s dreaming?
What!s on yr tongue today?
That it!s time for all the blind to see?
That we all lie awake and get no sleep?
The world is wide, wild and free
It means everything t you, everything t me
We can take the time t let it pass us by
Or open up our eyes and let it in

You and I went walking in the tide
Seeing eye to eye, fit together, feeling wise
We!re gonna shake the tree and see if there!s a better way
Another frame of mind, another state of grace, another day
And get on home.

The Rising Tide has kept us dry and high
This is the best time in my life, the time of the open skies
It!s leafy green and the sunlight is chasing your eye
This is the best time, we!ll let all best intentions slide aside

Valerie said it might be strong
So we!d all see the light, so it would last so long
We step out climb up into the boat and we get lost
It!ll calm you down if you get turned around, I guess we!re all a bit glossed

The tide is rising just enough t get us bye
This is the right time for us to step up, step outside of life
Swayin side t side I caught the touch of your hand
We lit out for unknown pleasures in some unknown new land

Michael said that he mixed it strong
So we can feel alive, so it lasts all night long
We get up get out and ramble round chasing that chord
Now it!s green glass, grass, and six strings tracing headlights on the lawn

In this pure moment let all best intentions expire
Light up you said, light up so we all can feel our desires
The Rising Tide drifts on an ocean of sand
Will we have a moment t take a chance like this in our time again?

Lisa said: It!s coming on so strong
I feel my head!s on fire, I!ve never felt this way before
We passed it around until everyone!s joined in the song
Now we!re all falling down, we!re all good and gone

The last night on earth the last thing we wanted was to see the sun rise
The last thing we wanted that last night on earth was seeing daylight in yr eyes
The last thing we saw before the light hit the night is now scattered in time
The last thing we thought before the lights all went bright was such a surprise

Every which way the wind blows
Don!t try to make it on yr own
Stay away from the windows
Keep the chill out of yr bones

You said something about a dance, and the things we remember
And then we moved thru the night one last time
We were turning our little thoughts to those nights in September
And then we moved, scattering light

The last night on earth the last thing we wanted was to see the sun rise
The last thing we wanted that last night on earth was seeing daylight in yr eyes
Life is so short, so hungry in spots, so hard to survive
We did everything right and then the lights hit the night and lit up our eyes

No matter which way the wind blows
You!ll never make it out alone
There!s a devil in every window
No-one left on the telephone

There we landed, out on the tide
We can take it or lose it, last chance t move it
Now we!re standing on the edge of time
We can take it or lose it, before it all shuts down

As I sit here by the window
Try t get you off the phone
We could sit and watch the wind blow
Kick back and watch cloud pattern roll

The sun refused to yield to yr layman!s future
Frescoes of painted fields take down yr computers
I don't wanna let you down, dream on and let yr body go
Let it move so slow, you can roll yr own way home

I have come to watch the grass grow
Underground theories seep in
I just sit inside this stray hole
Trading secrets on the wind

Cara!s body dappled, lengthening the shadows
Unrequited actress, dusky in the green grass
Set yr diamonds down, dream on and let em go
Let yr body move so slow, and roll yr own way home

I sit here and watch the world roll
Mixed up crosswinds in my head
I can!t tell you where the days go
How the whole things gonna end

I can tell you like to swim by the rivers in yr hair
I!ll consort with you again, clever creatures in the air
I won!t let you down, dream on and let yr body go
Let it move so slow, you can roll yr own way home

This is a late descent, the daylight is almost spent
Everything came in thru yr eyes, elegiac worlds collide
This is a late descent to take in a new view
This is a late last look deep into you

Rusted locks and chains stuck out in time again

Everyone!s here tonight where the streets are lit by starlight
We!ll let some daylight thru, just when my eye locked on you
This is a late descent down into the basement
This is a final look at all that we could do

Last time that I saw you, you smiled and said you were dead
A blind eye to the water, anyway that!s what you said
I won!t call you a runaway, I don!t call you a friend
Drop the past for the day-to-day, It all shakes out in the end
I call you t come back, when the stakes are high
Already dressed in black, baby yr tumbling in

The last time I saw you, you said that soon you!d be dead
You heard the voices calling, the ambulance in yr head
Then all the lights were shining, the blood backed up in yr eyes
You couldn!t translate the signals, the planetarian sigh
I!m calling you t come back, don!t you say goodbye
All messed up in black, baby yr falling again

Last time: lost time / next time: divine

The road that leads you out is the same as the way back in
Yr pain is not in doubt but baby yr good in yr skin

Last time, next time, divide, decline

The spiders of time are calling, wrapping you up in their webs
The night is quickly falling, fast unraveling threads
What empty season? Signpost to the divine?
What floating cloud had signaled that you!d lost yr mind?
Yr caught in the abstractions, waiting to begin
There!s no chain reaction, Baby yr good in yr skin

Everyone knows the answer before you do
Everyone hangs a light out in their head
Everyone got a taste of you
Everyone falls apart in the end

Blackt Out
Black Doubt
Blackt Out
Black Doubt


Fiercely pleading
Startlight creeping
Heavenly hands
Touching me?


Now we!re gonna blow shit up