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Tips for Cracking SNAP (Symbiosis National Aptitude ) test by
Scores of SNAP is essential for admission into the postgraduate institutes of th
e Symbiosis International University. .
There is no sectional cut -off in SNAP.. The number of questions in SNAP is arou
nd 150. There are five sections in the
exam. These are: Quantitative Ability, Verbal Ability, Analytical Logical Reason
ing, Data Interpretation Data Sufficiency
and General Awareness. The difference between SNAP and other MBA entrance exams
like CAT, XAT, FMS, JMET etc.
is the section on General Awareness. There is 25 per cent negative marking for e
ach incorrect answer. Here are some of
the tips from to tame the Exam Monster. SNAP entrance Exam by Symbi
osis has always been a scary
word for most of the B-School aspirants. Actually it is not that scary if we han
dle it smartly
From the examiner's perspective, the real objective of this test is to seek out
normal folk with a bit of common sense and
logic who has the potential to be great managers some day. SNAP judges you on fo
ur crucial areas.
1. English (Grammar, Reading and comprehension Skills, Vocabulary, Essay writing
2. Mathematics.
3. Logical thinking.
4. General Knowledge
English: English is an area of weakness for most of the Indians. For students fr
om smaller town or for most of the
Engineers, English is a real challenge. It is advised to start preparing for Eng
lish from the very first day. If your English is
sound enough, you can almost crack the English section of SNAP with flying color
1. Grammar: SNAP aspirant should know English grammar very well. It is a must a
s without proper English
grammar, SNAP is a dream. If your grammar is not good, you will have to spend a
good number of hours for this. You
can read grammar book by Wren & Martin or you can also go to an
d take online test in grammar to
improve your grammar.
2. RC: There is only one way to score more in RC passage section, that is by in
culcating reading habits..
Read lots of English articles. Spend at least an hour per day reading news paper
. Take care that you read not only sport
section but also other sections like the editorial, world page, science etc. Mak
e sure that you don't read just for the sake of
reading. After reading the passage, try to summarize the article like, what the
author wants to convey, what is the take
away from the article etc. Please remember that reading is important but compreh
ension is also equally important. Try to
read articles/novels that is not in your comfort zone. If you hate science, read
scientific journals. If you sleep while
reading philosophy, read philosophical books, the goal here is to get used to re
ading different types of passage. Also you
can also go to and take online test in Reading Comprehension fo
r SNAP for FREE. Read as much as
you can. It is ome of the best ways to score good in the English section.
3. Vocabulary: Although a decent vocabulary is enough to score good marks in ve
rbal section, but it is always
advisable to have good vocabulary. Build your vocabulary. Mark at least 10 diffi
cult English words that you come across
and jot it down in your diary daily. You can also play vocabulary games online f
rom website for
Mathematics: For mathematics, Focus on understanding the concepts rather than mu
gging formulas. Practice more and
more for mathematics. It will help you to improve your speed and accuracy. You c
an also go to and
take online test in Mathematics for SNAP for FREE. Visit for Free Q
uestion Papers for almost all Exams.
Logical thinking: Improve your logical thought process. It is a factor that earn
s you top rank. Don't just solve a XAT
problem; analyze the problem for 20-30 min as why that happened, what is the oth
er approach. What went wrong etc.
Also you can also go to and take online test in Logical Reasoni
ng for XAT for FREE.
General knowledge: It is based on current affairs. A person who has been regular
ly reading the newspapers for past few
months would be able to clear this section easily. If you have not been able to
read the newspapers in the past, please try
to go through the past editions. General knowledge is like vocabulary, you will
have only two options- either you know it
or you dont know it. The ideal time span to solve this section is 10 minutes. You
can score very good in SNAP if you
have good GK as it hardly takes time to answer it if you know the answer. Try to
improve your General knowledge if you
are targeting SNAP.
Personal Interviews: Questions on academics are often asked of candidates with l
ess than one year of work experience.
Know the basics of every subject and work on one or two subjects extensively. Kn
ow your curriculum well.
Answering 'Why do I want to do an MBA': There is no ideal answer. It depends on
your background. Answer why an
MBA education makes sense with your long term goals, combined with your work exp
erience and your academics. How
do you believe in the concept of learning throughout your life etc. If you can c
ome up with something honest and unique
then your chances of making a good impression will increase exponentially.
Answering 'Tell me something about yourself': Avoid repeating from your resume.
Lead the interviewer into an area that
you are comfortable with in your academics or in your work experience. What has
shaped you as a person? Do not
mention facts. Your answers should be self explanatory. For example mentioning t
hat you play football might seem
irrelevant but mentioning how playing the game made you appreciate the importanc
e of team work would make itself
Avoid lying as the interviewers are quite good in detecting inconsistencies in y
our statements. You could ask your friends
to describe you in three words and flesh out the words. Get feedback from your s
eniors or your boss. Try and get some
mock interviews from experienced people in your field. Be honest and humble. Als
o try to connect yourself with the
MBA College. How you can contribute to the college and vice versa. Try to map yo
ur goal with the college goal.
Other General Tips:
Stress Management: This is a must given the kind of competition you have to face
. Stay cool and calm. Do at least 30
minutes of yoga to increase your concentration and decrease your stress level.
Take more and more mock test: The more mock tests you take, the better it is. Si
nce SNAP test is computer based, it is
recommended to appear for mock test online at
Time Management: SNAP is not about solving all questions, but it s about solving
decent number of questions in a given
time frame. If you are unable to solve a question, please don't spend an hour on
that, Move to the next question and try to
solve easy questions rather than focusing your time and energy on difficult ques
tions. Take more tests. Measure how fast
you are able to crack. Time management is crucial in solving SNAP papers. Visit for Free Question Papers for almost all Exams.
Working Professionals: For working professionals: Make SNAP preparation a part o
f your morning routine. Working
has its advantages. It is easier to access SNAP preparation material online at w while in office.
Photocopy one or two exercise pages and keep it on your table while working.
Notes: Take notes of the tips while preparing for SNAP exam. It helps a lot in l
ast minute revision. Notes are your best
friend during exams. They are handy. Books have tons of information which you ma
y not need one day before exams. At
that time, notes are your best friend. Always prepare good notes in your own lan
guage. Also you can get good quality
toppers notes at for FREE.
Make Schedule: Make a schedule for your study: Scheduled study is always better
than last minute study. You get more
time to understand the fundamentals and also can study without any pressure. Sch
eduled study gives higher output.
Take short breaks: First read for an hour than go for a short break. In this bre
aking time you can talk to your family
members about some interesting things. You can even watch TV for that break and
watch only those program that you
like most. It will give a new power and freshness in your mind.
Morning Study time: Morning time is the best time to study as environment is cal
m and mind is fresh in the morning. It
means you can grasp easily whatever you read. And dont try to study for late nigh
Revise regularly: There is no point of studying if you dont remember it. Our memo
ry fades away gradually. Without
proper revision we will not be able to retain things in our mind. Revision plays
a cardinal role in getting good marks.
Last year papers: Last year papers are good way to know the pattern of questions
. Also many times questions are
repeated from last year paper. Solve all the question of last year paper. You ca
n get tons of last year papers at for FREE
Seniors: Seniors are best help to crack college exams. Always be in touch with s
eniors to know best books to study.
Seniors can provide good notes too.
Internet: Internet is a free pool of tons of information. You can trust internet
to get last year paper, sample papers, article
etc on click of a mouse. You can login to, the best website for
exam preparation in India,
Avoid procrastination: Procrastination is your biggest enemy. Beware of procrast
ination. Dont delay your preparation.
Today is the best date to start. Dont wait.
Afternoon Exam: Most of the exams are in the mornings, but SNAP usually is in th
e afternoon, would be better if you try
practicing during this time
Tips for the Exam day:
Make sure that you scan through your notes a day before exam.
Never read a new topic on exam day.
Be confident and relaxed.
Sleep well the night before the exam.
Arrive early at the test center with at least two forms of identification.
Make sure that you have pen, pencil, eraser and other stationery required. Visit for Free Question Papers for almost all Exams.
Take a deep breath and concentrate for five minutes before exam starts
Eat chocolate or drink glucose before exam as it increases energy level in your
body and thus your mind works
If you need a quick drink of water or a visit to the restroom, take time before
the exam, because once started the
exam will not be paused for these needs
Trust your preparation and give your best.
Sectional cut-offs are 50 percentile (and not percentage) which means two things
. You can play on your strengths,
that is giving more time to the section you are strong at and hence getting a hi
gher overall score. There is still a 50
percentile barrier to be crossed and you can't completely ignore a section.
Dont get tensed looking at the crowd. But please remember that not all the people
who shall appear will have put
in the same effort as you have and be always confident of cracking the exam.
Dont get panic for tough questions. If you feel the questions is too tough, remem
ber that if it is tough for you, it
is tough for everybody else
Never try to predict the paper or close your options by forming a strategy for a
particular pattern. A paper like
SNAP will always give you a shock when you see the instructions.
Spend the first three minutes scanning through the entire paper, so there are no
rude surprises awaiting you.
Understand that the SNAP is not the end of the world. Treat it like just another