The Karmaic Conundrum by AainaA-Ridtz A.

R When the ripples created by men, or by the oceans hit the shores, there will be repercussions. We must always ensure that with each fold that karma evolves from, and into new pages, it does bring full goodness to even the minutest of creatures. We can create that change, if we want to. We can be the change factor in the evolution, and spiritual growth of each veil, of each whisper that will harness its way into the hearts of those we determine to be our species. In turn, we would have had, at least if not too much, played a role in the evolution of humanity, and then undertake the talk of preserving harmony therein. First and foremost humanity needs to be shaped, to be molded into perfection like a child before it becomes a responsible adult. Before we can even initiate harmony or of preserving it, if therein humanity's evolution, it is bereft of its Essence itself, we will not be able to resurrect it completely to achieve its unity. At best, the evolutionary dance would spark chaos, instigate wars within the self, and in turn veiled within ambiguity itself. The Child Is The Secret Of The Father. If during the evolution of the seed into a tree, thereafter a fruit unveiling its secret; when this undisclosed expression is being marred by consistent blind management, karma would have played a role in its future. When the self is void of any social responsibility towards the greater Self, how will a child within be perfected in the resurrection? Without breathing the aftermath of life, without the knowledge and experiences the paths may have taken us into learning of ourselves, we cannot talk or put into practice any form of preservation amongst the species; preserving of the world we live in; let alone the worlds that are us, ourselves. We ourselves must be the change factor that crushes the enraging fires into Light before we can illuminate our paths; before we can lead the sleepers into the awakening of each nightmare, each ripple created by nature, or by the selves devoid of the Greater, the Better in each Karmaic event that shapes the innate, and the apparent-ness in a world of imageries. Otherwise what worth is it of us, to proclaim being human, and not play the roles as Vicegerents, to not realize the pains of crucifixion each passing of the veil from nothingness to being-ness and back to its original void of what men of sciences would term, the cyclic conundrum. Each breath un-thought of, each empty breath fed into the spheres of the living universe would attract emptiness, as much as fire would be attracted to coals, death to life vice versa. Each breath must come from a loving heart. This loving heart when filled to the brim, with intensities of feelings, be it love pained or otherwise should without much thought, be able to bring out a symphony at the touch of a wand, a snap of fingers from a hypnotizer's transcendence from regression to progression, learning and leaning into what discoveries it may take shape in its growth, of being able to discern concern and ugliness. "The way of being human passes through the efficiency in observing the realities, accepting and digesting them" Join our Group at Facebook