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Our Football Family will pursue perfection in all endeavors through trust and dedication.
My Commitment
As coach and head of this Football Family, I will work tirelessly to form all aspects of our
program into the most supportive environment for the family and personal pursuit of
Our Football Family Mission Statement
Understanding the Family will only progress with the presence of trust and dedication, we
commit ourselves to pursuing perfection. We know that with the family in mind, we must
establish unwavering loyalty to the family at all times, including the tough ones. !cellence
will prevail for all, and there will be an absence of privileges for any individual. We know we
will get as our works deserve.
We are committed to growing mentally, physically, and spiritually" and we recogni#e that we
are students $rst, and athletes second. We will demonstrate class and humility on and o%
the $eld.
We will work to get better every day and develop consistency through the relentless
e!ecution of fundamentals. We will always compete with the best to become the best. We
will play with passion, and deserve to be &onference and 'tate &hampions. We reali#e this
can only be accomplished by e!traordinary focus, one step at a time.
We will respect the proud traditions of the past, and establish future greatness and tradition.
We will do so at all times, knowing that it is our responsibility to serve as positive role(
models for our school and town. We will be the class of the )idwest Athletic &onference and
Ohio *igh 'chool Football.
The Plan
+ou should not be a member of this family if you do not have high e!pectations of yourself.
We too, have very high e!pectations of you. We are working to achieve great things that will
a%ect countless lives. *ow you choose to conduct yourself, both publically and privately,
will re,ect on you, your family, your teammates, your coaches, your school, and the entire
As a student(athlete, you will be putting yourself through many tough demands. In addition
to team and school regulations, you must hold yourself to a higher standard than others
even think is possible. In this manual we will attempt to introduce to you a number of these
regulations. *owever, this introduction is not intended to be all(inclusive in its scope.
1. +ou are responsible for understanding and complying with all school rules and
regulations. Ignorance is not an e!cuse.
2. +ou are e!pected to represent our Football Family in a positive manner at school
and in the community. We work every day to create a $rst class program that the
students, faculty, and community can be proud of. Any deviation from a high
standard of e!cellence will be dealt with severely.
3. +ou are e!pected to graduate- It is your responsibility to stay on course and to
re.uest assistance /tutors, additional instruction0 when necessary.
Our Pursuits of Perfection
Purpose and Goals
1urpose comprises those aspects of life that de$ne who we are as individuals and the kind of
people we want to become. 2oals are what we want to accomplish as opposed to who we
1. 1ersonal 4 Family
2. 'piritual 4 )oral
3. &aring 4 2iving
We start with 1urpose because we know that our spiritual beliefs and ethical values, and our
commitment to personal integrity, family, and community, will become the foundation for all
of our goals and everything else we do in life. 5y starting with 1urpose, we establish the
importance of becoming whole people, not 6ust good football players.
1. 'trength 4 Fitness
2. Football Family
3. Academics 4 &areer
We know that football is our family8s favorite sub6ect. 9hat8s why we8re here together, and
that8s our common bond. We have e!ceptionally high goals in mind for the family, and those
come $rst in our team goals. 9he needs of the team always come $rst, but that shouldn8t
negatively a%ect an individual8s dreams concerning what he wants to become. We8re going
to give our players a plan that we believe will help us achieve our team goals and at the
same time allow them to achieve their individual goals. It8s our 6ob as coaches to show our
team what they have to do to grow and develop so they can reach those football goals.
9he word :&oach; comes from the word stagecoach, which was the ma6or mode of
transportation used by people before the automobile. Whether it was drawn by a horse or
steam engine, the stagecoach took people from one place to another. 9he coach in athletics
does the same thing<he or she is able to take people from where they are to where they
want to be. 9his is the essence of what a coach truly is.
9he coaches are here to help the family pursue perfection on and o% the football $eld. 9hey
will work with you and coach you for the ne!t step towards perfection. We will be positive,
but we will confront you also and demand that you do things correctly. +ou must take
personal responsibility to do things correctly and be accountable for your actions.
If we strive for perfection in everything we can control, we will greatly reduce the possibility
of negative outcomes due to those things that are out of our control. 9his will ensure the
greatest probability of success.
+ou must reali#e that in this life we will never be perfect at anything we do. 9here is always,
and will always be room to improve. 9his should not demorali#e us or keep us from pursuing
perfection, however, for it is in this continual pursuit of perfection that we will become the
standard bearer in all endeavors we choose to undertake.