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Rikhel Trivedi

Screen Test with Notes

For my AS Level Film Studies project portfolio, following a texture analysis of the two chosen horror
movies: The Women in Black (2012 UK) and Mama (2013 US) in which I have analysed and described
how the themes fear and isolation have been represented through the macro techniques. Using the
themes fear that was found in the two films, I have decided that I am going to extend my portfolio
by planning a creative artefact of a script, which I have created. The creative artefact will be related
to the central ideas that have been analysed in the two films.
I intend to create a 9 key frames, which will, include the most important scenes and will be
annotated and explained. My 9 key frames idea will be similar to the idea where the protagonist are
helpless and uncomfortable used in The Women in Black, where the main character Arthur Kipps is
walking down a corridor and where the protagonist is being followed. A similar idea will be used in
my scene which I will be using, where one of the protagonist Teresa, who is a smart young girl who
always faces her problems but cannot this time. The protagonist in my production is similar from
both films as Arthur Kipps in The Women in Black is seen always brave and in Mama, Annabel is seen
brave although we see her frightened at times. However in my 9 key frames we will be seeing the
protagonist face feelings such as her being frightened and is not comfortable talking to her best
friend about it.
After thinking of this idea, had created a script for my short two-minute film sequence and had
found two female teenagers and a male teenager who can act out a grown male. I had to decide
wisely as the acting in my production will be the key to convey the audience on how feeling
uncomfortable and frightened when alone and surrounded by people.
The main specific things, which I am expecting from the individuals, is how they can cope with acting
under pressure such as the crew, will be watching. I will also be expecting from the female
individuals is to deliver good voice projection as there is quite a few dialogues which the two girls
say when walking home together. From the male individuals I am expecting them to be well fit to
act, they should also have a tall figure so it can match with my narrative.
Brief outline of Teresa:
Teresa is a bright young teenage girl. She is currently in year 12 and is aiming to get into law. Her
best friend is Shrina; they have been friends for nearly 4 years straight. Teresa is well known around
the school by teachers and students as she has earned many rewards from the school from sports to
reading clubs. Teresa must be in smart dressed clothing as the character is educating at sixth from
but cannot be dressed looking uneducated. The actress that I am looking for, should be able to
portray intelligence. They should also be able to show facial expressions such as being frightened
and should be able to show the audience how she is feeling uncomfortable. Mise en scene in my
creative artefact is highly important for the individuals to show.
Brief outline of Shrina:
Shrina is a smart teenage girl who is also in year 12, she still does not know what she wants to do in
life but her ambitions are to work hard. She does not like to stay out late as she prefers to be an
inside person. Shrina’s friendship with Teresa is remarkable as both go help each other no matter
the scenario. Shrina is always in a rush and likes to stay on top her work. Commonly known round
the school as well. Shrina should be played by a female who is confident and who is talkative, as they
have to speak at a snappy at some point of the production.

Rikhel Trivedi
The following extract is from my script and has been chosen for the auditions of the character. This is
the scene where Teresa picks ups a phone call and hears her biggest nightmare.
---------------TERESA walk through the entrance to the pathway and stops again as
she hears her phone ringing again, she takes her phone out and
(Whispering sound)
Teresa, I can see youuuu

Who are you! LEAVE ME ALONE!

Actress 1
Name: Gurpreet Deol
Age: 17
Height: 5’6
Features: Black hair, brown eyes.
Screen test notes on Teresa – Actress 1: Gurpreet Deol
After observing actress 1’s performance, I was able to identify how the
actress had delivered its dialogue and the use of facial expressions and
body language in its performance. After viewing the performance I had thought about it and it was
not what I was expecting and looking for which suits the character. I had asked her to perform twice
as I wanted to see how the actress looked from all sorts of different angles in the room such as
viewing the performance from a high angle and a camera angle. The actress did deliver the dialogue
accurately without any mistakes and her voice projections was clear and was what I was looking for.
Sadly from a camera angle and high angle the actress did not use any hand gestures and her facial
expressions were not good to what I was expecting as it is a scene where facial expressions are
important. When Teresa responds to the call, the candidate had delivered the dialogue correctly
without stuttering which was good but her facial expressions stopped me thinking to see her
carrying out the role to be a female protagonist in the production. To continue, her facial
expressions and body language had stop me from preceding the thought of having her being a
protagonist in my production. She did show confidence in the performance but she did not
happened to have a specialty that will affect the target audience when being captured on camera.

Rikhel Trivedi
Actress 2
Name: Amrita Farook
Age: 17
Height: 5’3
Features: Light brown skin, Black hair
Screen test notes on Teresa – Actress 2 – Amrita Farook
After watching the first performance I had decided to not to come up with my
answer straight away. As the actress preformed she had immediately shown that she was
enthusiastic about preforming for the role. During the performance she had carried out to say her
dialogue from the script without stuttering. She had also delivered good facial expressions when she
heard voices from the phone call even though there was no phone call she had improvised that
there was an actual phone call and that she had heard creepy voices on the other side of the line.
She had delivered her lines with confidence and passion and this is when I had noticed that I should
consider her on taking the role of the protagonist. Her body language, which she had used, looked
excellent from a camera angle. As the performance continued I had noticed she had shown good
facial expressions and body language which caught my attention. However the physical aspects of
her figure such as her height had made me think a lot as her height may not be suitable but I had
decided that I am going to choose her as had met all my other requirements just not the height
which I was expecting the protagonist to have but she had delivered all the needs correctly. Overall
she was the closest out all the other performances to be fit for the role on which I was searching for,
she had also met all my requirements, which I was searching for in a performance.

Actress 3
Name: Rhea Bakshi
Age: 17
Height: 5’7
Features: Dark brown skin, Black hair, Brown eyes
Screen test notes on Shrina – Actress 3 – Rhea Bakshi
The beginning of this performance the actress had first looked shy and seemed intimidated by the
camera. I had gave all candidates to perform the scene where Teresa gets a phone call as for Shrina
all she needs to do is say goodbye so if the candidate can perform Teresa’s scene accurately then she
would be able to perform Shrina’s scene. But when she had started to preform she had somehow
jumped in to character and started the performance, which was impressive and had showed how
she can get into character easily, which will be good for the role. As playing as Teresa she had used
hand gestures to show which direction her house is in as the soliloquy had ended there but in the
real production she will have smaller actions to do and only a sentence to say. The actress had
successfully grabbed attention and at the same time portraying on what could happen next by
making the story sound all safe, when Shrina brags to Teresa on how long it took to get home.
Although the actress had not delivered the characters dialogue correctly due to stuttering towards
the end of the performance. She may not have delivered the lines correctly but I still think she is
suitable to play the character Shrina in the production as the actress knows how to use hand
gestures and body language to send messages to the audience.

Rikhel Trivedi
The following extract is from my script and has been chosen for the auditions of The Ripper. This is
where The Ripper is about to attack Teresa and end the scene.
--------------Whilst starring at the mask she hears a whisper noise
(Whispering sound)
Teresa, Teresa, Teresa
TERESA stand frozen, mouth open, tears streaming down her face. THE
RIPPER leans forward and whispers something in her ear; TERESA
closes her eyes, when she opens it the mask figure is gone.

Actor 1
Name: Nadeem Rahman
Age: 16
Height: 5’9
Features: built figure, black hair
Screen test notes on The Ripper – Actor 1 – Nadeem Rahman
This character didn’t really need many requirements they just needed to be tall and have a strong
figure. This candidate had volunteered immediately as soon as I had started to search for actors and
actresses. As the performance began I could straight away tell that he had a good understanding of
the genre and about the narrative. The candidate had not delivered his lines correctly and he had
delivered it in a way where the audience will not clearly identify the genre as he whispered with a
high pitch voice. Even though he had not delivered his lines correctly but the candidate had showed
good body language by having his back straight throughout the performance, he had also breathed
in to make his chest look bigger as his character is meant to show that the character is muscular. I
didn’t really take too much note on his facial expressions, as the character in the production will be
wearing a mask so it was something I didn’t take too much note off. This candidate had impressed
me although he did not deliver his lines accurately, which was a major problem as I was expecting
the candidate to change their tone to make the character seem creepy and weird. Although he did
show good body language however unfortunately he was only available for a short amount of time
due to his own schoolwork, this had put me in a position where every time I had to film I would be in
a rush, as I would know that the actor would have to go. Therefore I did not choose this candidate to
play the character, as he would put me in rush and the lines he had delivered were not at a standard
that I was looking for in a performance.

Rikhel Trivedi

Actor 2
Name: Tanvir Rahman
Age: 17
Height: 5”4
Features: Muscular figure, brown skin
Screen test notes on The Ripper – Actor 2 – Tanvir Rahman
This candidate was different from all the performances I had seen. This candidate started to perform
the script, the candidate had seemed that he was not prepared, as before the performance started
he had looked at the time suggesting that he may have thought he would make it. As he carried on
to perform the script the candidate had got into character and had drawn me in his performance,
which wanted me to see more of his performance. The candidate had performed the scene where
the antagonist leans forward and whispers to the protagonist; he had performed this scene even
correctly even though there was no other character in the performance. The candidate had
successfully delivered his script portraying fear though his vocals. He had the ability to whisper the
protagonist name grabbed my attention and is most likely to grab the audience attention when
completed which is what I am looking for in this role. His body language had matched the characters
role which is one of the reasons on why I had chosen this candidate to play this role as well as he
had a tall figure which fits in the centre of the frame accurately which will help me to illustrate
isolation to the audience.