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Horrendous- very unpleasant or bad

Sunk in- If an unpleasant situation sinks in, you gradually start to understand it
Set off- To make something noticable by providing contrast
Get the hang of- To learn something new by experiencing
wreak havoccheekyFringecohortsmalaiseRackedCultIntricateinexplicableIntegrityGrislyenignmaticObdurateStridentmetamorphosesmugunsavouramiableobsequiouswangledemagogueConvictionAdmonitionspreeStrenuousemasculateencapsulategrabberscourclutterfrugalityPoint-blanksynergyoutlandishpalatablediscursivebreatheenigmaticrudimentarypanachestratifyfrivolousProvidencefloridassuagecontriveretributionvindictive-

defileavailhencedecrepitdemeanourjauntyknfringementchagrincurtsysordidabhor- to hate a way of thinking because you think it's not moral
acrimony- full of anger, arguments and bad feeling
adept- having natural ability
allegory- a work in which characters represent particular ideas or qualities
allude to- to mention someone or something without talking about them directly
allure- the quality of being attractive, interesting or exciting
allusion-something that is said or written that is intended to make you think of a thing/person
altercation- a loud argument or disagreement
ancillary- providing support/help
apropos- suitable in a particular situation, used to intro something which is related to st said before
astute- clever and quick to see how to take advantage of a situation
Audacity- boldness
avaricious- an extremely strong want to get or keep money; greed
beckon- verb- to move your hand,head to tell sb to come nearer, likely to happen,attract
bedaub- to cover something sticky/unpleasant
befit- to be suitable or right for
bleak- (no hope)
bloat- to swell up, or to make someone or something swollen
bravado- a show of bravery, in a situation where unneccessary , to make people admire you
brush aside- refuse to consider something/someone seriously
bungle- to do something wrong , in a careless or stupid way
cacophony- an unpleasant mixture of loud sounds; e.g. animal sounds
callous- cruel
callow- adj- a person who behaves in a way that shows inexperience, lack of knowlege,confidence
calumny- a statement about someone which is not true and is intended to damage the reputation
carnal- relating to the physical feelings and wants of the body; sexual
cast aspersions- to criticize someone or something
cavalier- thoughtless and not considering other people's feeling or safety
chipwhen chips are down- difficult situation which makes you understand true value of people
have had your chips- to have lost your position
cite- mention/praise
confide- to tell something secret or personal to someone who you trust not to tell anyone that
conniving- knowingly allowing it to continue
conspicuous- very noticeable or attracting attention, often in a way that is not wanted
convene- to arrange for a meeting
debilitate- to make someone physically weak
debunk- to show that something is of less value than it has been made to appear
demagogue- a leader who wins support by exciting people's emotions rather than by good ideas
Derelict- left alone //vocab

despondent- unhappy with no hope or enthusiasm because you feel you're in a difficult situation
desultory- without a clear plan or purpose and showing little interest
deterred-to prevent or discourage from acting, as by means of fear or doubt
devious- describes people or plans and methods that are dishonest, often in a complicated way, but
often also clever and successful
devout- believing strongly in a religion
discern - to judge things and people well
disparate- different in every way
dispel- to remove fears, doubts and false ideas, by proving them wrong
dissident- a critic(mainly political)
dissolution- process of ending a legal agreement
ebb- if a feeling ebbs, it becomes less strong or disappears
eccentric- strange or unusual
make free from confusion or ambiguity; make clear; "Could you clarify these
remarks?"; "Clear up the question of who is at fault"
emaciated- very thin and weak, due to illness/extreme hunger
emphatic- done or said strongly without any doubt
equivocal- uncertain
eschew- to avoid something intentionally or to give something up
evangelical- having strong beliefs and often trying to persuade other people to have same beliefs
exasperated- annoyed
exemplify,examplary- to be a typical example of something, very good to be copied
exhume- to remove a dead body from the ground after it's been buried
exude,exult- express feeling, express feeling over someone's defeat
felony- serious crime
fink- someone who tells soemone's secret, an unpleasant person
fritter away- to waste money, time or opportunity
garrison- similar to barracks
gawky- tall and awkward
Glean(v)- To gather info slowly
gloat- to feel/express pleasure about your success or someone else's failure
grotesque- strange and unpleasant, in a silly or frightening way
grouchy- easily annoyed and complaining
guile,guileless- clever but dishonest, honest not able to deceive
gullible- easily decieved or tricked and too willing to believe anything
helm- the wheel which controls the direction of the ship; at the helm, took the helm
heresy- having an opinion which is opposite to that of a populor opinion
hiatus- a break from normal activities
hitherto- until now or a particular time
hyperbole- speech or writing that makes someone or something sound bigger than they are
idiosyncrasy- strange habits
impertinent- rude/not respectful
impetus- something which makes the activity more energetic
imposture- an act of pretending to be someone else
incorrigible person- behaviour is bad and impossible to change or improve
indoctrinate- to often repeat an idea to persuade them to accept
inept- not skilled
intact- completely available/undamaged
juxtapose- to put things which are not similar next to each other
laggard- someone or something that is slow
legion- very large in number

liaison- communication between/ intermediator

lofty- very high
Ludicrous(derision)- laughter provoking
malevolent- causing or wanting to cause harm or evil
masquerade- behaviour that is intended to prevent truth about something unpleasant
mirth- laughter, humour or happiness, (mirthless laugh)
misogyny- hatred of women
moot- to suggest something for a discussion(verb)/often discussed having no definite
answer(adj)/having no practical use or meaning
mope - to be unhappy and unwilling to think or act in a positive way, especially because of a
niche- an area or position which is perfectly suitable
nonchalant- appearing calm without anxiety
oblivious, oblivion- not conscious of something happening around you, completely forgotten state
oestensible- appearing or claiming to be some thing when it is really something else
onslaught- a very powerful attack
overwrought- in a state of being upset,nervous and worried
paradox - a situation which is difficult to understand because it contains two opposite facts
pedantic- giving too much attention to formal rules or small details
peremptory- sounding bossy
peruse- to read through something , in order to find the part you're interested in
petulant- easily annoyed and complaining in a rude way like a child
piquant- interesting and exciting because it's mysterious
pique- a feeling of anger, especially caused by damage to your feeling of being proud of yourself
plausible- likely to be true/someone who appears to be honest even if there are not
pre-emptive,pre-empt- something that is done before other people can act , especially to prevent
them from doing something else, to do or say something before someone so that you make their
words ineffective
prerogative- the right

privilege- advantage due to social status/authority/ opportunity

proponent- who speaks publicly in support of a belief
puerile- behaving in a silly way, not like an adult
pulchritude- beauty, especially a woman's beauty
quandary - confusion over decision
querulous- often complaining, especially in a weak voice
quibble - to argue about
quirky- unusual in an attractive and interesting way
rabble- noisy people/ people of low social position
refrain- to avoid doing or stop yourself from doing something, a repeated phrase
reprehensible- bad or unacceptable behaviour
revulsion- a strong, often sudden feeling that something is extremely unpleasant
rhetoric- speech or writing meant to influence people/ clever language which is not sincere
rile- to make angry
rustic- simple, rough in appearance, uncouth
rut- a mark made by wheel, stuck in a particular position..(I'm stuck in a rut)
sardonically- showing little respect in a humorous but unkind way, often because you think that
you're too important to consider or discuss it
saturnine- serious and unfriendly
serendipitously- accidentally; luckily
sinister- making you feel that something bad or evil might happen
skeptic- someone who doubts truth or idea

slander- a false spoken statement about someone which damages their reputation
slight- verb- to insult someone by not paying attention
Squishy- crushing something soft like banana
sundry- several different,various
superficial - never thinking about the things that are important
superficial/facile- only on surface/false appearance/not serious
surmise(v)- guess without any proofs
surreptitious- done secretly without anyone knowing
svelte- attractively thin, graceful and stylish
sycophant- showing ingenuine loyalty
tavern- a place where alcohol is sold and drunk
thwart- to stop something from happening or someone from doing
torpor- reduced activity
travails- the difficulties that are experienced as a part of a particular situation
truculent- someone who is unpleasant and likely to argue a lot
ubiquitous- seeeming to be in all places
Uncanny-strange or mysterious, especially in an unsettling way
undermine- make something/someone weaker
underway- to begin, already happening
unnerving- to make someone feel less confident and slightly frightened
unsolicited- not requested
usurp- to take control or power forcibly
vice- moral fault/weakness in someone's character
whim,- a sudden wish or idea, especially one that cannot be reasonably explained
wield- to hold a weapon in a attacking way
yin and yang- chinese philosophy;male and female
nonchalant- behaving in a calm manner, which shows you're not interested or do not care
immaculate- perfect,clean,without mistakes
retrograde- returning to older or worse conditions
trifle- a matter or object of little importance,slightly