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Introductory training

d i f f e r e n t i a t e……….

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Anyone feel like this now ?


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What is your opinion ?


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¸£§Æ ¯ûÇ À¼ò¨¾ ¸¡Ïõ §À¡Ð ¯í¸ÙìÌ ±ýÉ §¾¡ýÚ¸¢ÈÐ? F1/5S F1 Solutions 4 .

¸£§Æ ¯ûÇ À¼ò¨¾ ¸¡Ïõ §À¡Ð ¯í¸ÙìÌ ±ýÉ §¾¡ýÚ¸¢ÈÐ?


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¸£§Æ ¯ûÇ À¼ò¨¾ ¸¡Ïõ §À¡Ð ¯í¸ÙìÌ ±ýÉ §¾¡ýÚ¸¢ÈÐ?


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¸£§Æ ¯ûÇ À¼ò¨¾ ¸¡Ïõ §À¡Ð ¯í¸ÙìÌ ±ýÉ §¾¡ýÚ¸¢ÈÐ?


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¸£§Æ ¯ûÇ À¼ò¨¾ ¸¡Ïõ §À¡Ð ¯í¸ÙìÌ ±ýÉ §¾¡ýÚ¸¢ÈÐ? F1/5S F1 Solutions 8 .

What is your opinion ? F1/5S F1 Solutions 9 .

What is your opinion ? F1/5S F1 Solutions 10 .

What is your opinion ? F1/5S F1 Solutions 11 .

What is your opinion ? F1/5S F1 Solutions 12 .

What is your opinion ? Not pleasant Uneasy Irritating Disturbing Unsafe F1/5S F1 Solutions 13 .

Searching………… F1/5S F1 Solutions 14 .

Look at my Master piece ? Warehouse !?#@&* $%! 5S is not to produce aesthetic effects to impress others F1/5S F1 Solutions 15 .What is 5S? Boss.

It has no expired date and no side effects A company is just like human body.5S . easy to take and can cure most problems effectively. It has to be maintained to its best condition! F1/5S F1 Solutions 16 .An effective cure to problems A medicine.

5S – Surface out the problems 5S more than anticipated F1/5S F1 Solutions 17 .

Apply Control Techniques to Eliminate Erosion of Improvements. material & inventory placement and position.5S in Engineering To eliminate the wastes that result from “uncontrolled” processes. F1/5S F1 Solutions 18 . Standardize Improvements for Maintenance of Critical Process parameters. To gain control on equipment.

Productivity Productivity = Output ----------Input Productivity can be improved in two ways For the given output Increase output F1/5S reduce input for the given input F1 Solutions 19 .

Why productivity ? To achieve the maximum output from the given input in order to increase the profitability and to reduce the manufacturing cost Why low productivity ? Target Gap Wastes Actual F1/5S F1 Solutions 20 .

Every thing Takes time Costs Money F1/5S F1 Solutions 21 .

Value add work vs Non-value add work All work is either Value Add Transforms material or information to meet the true desires of an external customer Non-Value Add Any activity that does not change the state of product / information to meet the customer requirement Control Information Administration Other F1/5S F1 Solutions 22 .

Which of these activities add value? Looking for parts Searching for info Building products Filling out forms Inspecting Entering data Testing Answering customer questions Rework Stocking shelves Delivering services Training Packaging Selling Shipping F1/5S F1 Solutions 23 .

Low Hanging fruit Where do you think you will find the “low hanging fruit” when you begin your improvement efforts? By increasing the 5% of value- add activities? By reducing the 95% of nonvalue-add activities F1/5S F1 Solutions 24 .

and must be reduced or eliminated F1/5S F1 Solutions 25 .Fundamental principle of process improvement Anything that does not add value is waste.

Value-added activities transform the product into something the customer wants.WASTE : In lean manufacturing waste is anything that adds to the time and cost of making a product but does not add value to the product from the customer’s point of view. Stock yard Buffer Buffer Raw material F1/5S Buffer Buffer Time Non value added Buffer Buffer Finished goods value added F1 Solutions 26 . Block Delivery Panel line Cutting & marking Blast & Prime Block Assy Block painting errection outfitting Figure shows a simplified version of the steps required to make a steel subassembly.. In manufacturing this is generally a physical transformation of the Block product to make it to conform to customer expectations.

Over production 2. Under utilized People F1/5S F1 Solutions 27 .Types of wastes There are eight types of wastes 1. Defect production 5. Process related 6. Inventory 3. Operation related 7. Conveyance 4. Idle time waste 8.

1. when it is unnecessary and in an unnecessary amount F1/5S F1 Solutions 28 . Over production waste Making what is unnecessary.

OVER PRODUCTION Large batches and Inventory Planning full utilization of machines and Labors Producing more goods than market demand Goal “Produce as needed when needed” F1/5S F1 Solutions 29 .

bad.2.. parts. bad… F1/5S F1 Solutions 30 .) is retained for an length of time. This includes finished goods as well as in process materials Inventory is terrible Inventory is a liability We want zero inventory Inventory is to be minimized Reduce inventory Inventory is bad. Inventory waste It is when anything (materials.

WIP & Finished goods Additional space requirements Dis-order F1/5S F1 Solutions 31 .INVENTORY High stocks of raw materials.

F1/5S F1 Solutions 33 .

Cost of Inventory Cost to borrow money Insurance Space Loss due to damage and obsolescence Cost to count it (over and over) Cost to move it (over and over) F1/5S F1 Solutions 34 .

transferring. piling up and moving unnecessary items F1/5S F1 Solutions 36 .3. Conveyance waste Created by conveying. picking up / setting down.

and everything has its place” F1/5S F1 Solutions 37 .TRANSPORTATION Unnecessary movement Extra handling Moving Inventory Goal “There is a place for everything.

customer complaints and repairs Defects Secondary defects Primary defects • Processing omissions • Adjustment errors • Processing errors • Miss operation • Missing parts • Work piece setting wrong • Wrong items • Wrong work piece • Incorrect equipment setup • Other errors F1/5S F1 Solutions 38 . processes.4. Defect production waste Waste related to costs for inspection of defects in materials.

the First Time” F1/5S F1 Solutions 39 .DEFECTS Large delays for trouble shooting Costly network Dissatisfied downstream customers Goal “Doing it Right.

Processing related waste Unnecessary processes.5. operations traditionally accepted as necessary and process errors F1/5S F1 Solutions 40 .

Poor machine maintenance
Unnecessary processing steps

Longer lead times

Goal is to “Reduce over-processing by doing things right the first


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6. Operation related waste
Unnecessary movement, movement that does not add value, movement
that is too slow or too fast


F1 Solutions


Incorrect Layouts of office, Factory etc.,
Lack of proximity of machines

Off-line resources

Goal is “Reduce motion through proper planning, executing, and
maintaining your process”


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inspection as well as the idle time attendant to monitoring and operation procedures Why doesn’t it start? F1/5S SSrinivasu F1 Solutions 44 . operations. conveyance. Idle time waste Waste of which the causes originate in waiting from materials.7.

WAITING TIME (DELAYS) Watching machines work Long set-up and lead times Goal is to “ Be accountable for information needed and information delivery” F1/5S F1 Solutions 45 .

unnecessary assignment Lack of goal alignment Lost creative insights • • Goal is to “Communicate expectation. provide mentoring .8. and empowerment” F1/5S F1 Solutions 46 . Under utilized Manpower waste Underutilized People – Lack of focus or systemic wastes • Lack of ownership of tasks. support.

Our Goal when dealing with “WASTE“ Goal = Get ever closer to zero Zero defects Zero inventory Zero scrap Zero handling Zero rework Zero paperwork Zero receiving rejections Zero mistakes Zero downtime Zero absenteeism Zero waste F1/5S F1 Solutions 47 .

F1/5S F1 Solutions 48 .

Sort F1/5S Store Shine F1 Solutions Standardise Sustain 49 .

SORT F1/5S F1 Solutions 50 .

SEIRI Sort out – Required item & waste item F1/5S F1 Solutions 51 .

Create spacious feeling at work place. miss-handling. Prevent mistakes: miss-usage. Seiri .Purpose of having SEIRI Create valuable and safe working space. Prevent dead lock of fund and capital.The approach to raise work efficiency F1/5S F1 Solutions 52 . Prevent material deformation. misstransport etc.

Action for SEIRI • Sort out and take out unnecessary items and discard them Remember : Bogi F1/5S F1 Solutions 53 .

F1/5S 1 Sort out Wanted items and Unwanted items. safe and proper storage conditions for wanted items.Action guideline for SEIRI . F1 Solutions 54 .Steps Seiri is to perform clearing up (sort) activities with group participation. 2 Dispose off (send for treatment) the unwanted items 3 Provide streamlined.

F1/5S F1 Solutions 55 .Other Section______ .Return 3. .Unnecessary 2.Store seperately 5. Action Total : 5.Conponent part 4.Defective 3. _______ Group 1.Move to red tag storage 4.Other Completed Tag atttached date Date Action taken date Reference no.Machine / Equipment 6.Mould / Jigs 7.Left over material 6.Tools/Fittings 8.Unknown 7.Model RED TAG Classification 1.RED Tag . Reason 1.Finished product 5.Non Urgent Section reponsible _____ Dept. Rawmaterial 2.Eliminate 2.Work-in-progress 3. Others Name of the item: Order number Quantity/ Value _____ items . Value / item______ .

RED Tag F1/5S F1 Solutions 56 .

Action guideline to follow SEIRI Separate the wanted & unwanted Junk & waste Repairable No use Wanted Repair & use Discard F1/5S To the next S F1 Solutions 57 .

Consequences of not following SEIRI Keeping unnecessary things needs more space It becomes difficult to say which is needed and not Cleaning activity added on the unnecessary parts Some time it needs maintenance and it adds cost Creates safety issues in some cases F1/5S F1 Solutions 58 .

R R Z P E F1/5S A O R R Z N G A M Z E B E T P F1 Solutions N 59 .

F1/5S F1 Solutions 60 .SEITON Arrange in proper order for easy use.

Compress stock quantity. Create systematic. direct visual effect layout (visual management) at work place.The approach to systematic arrangement F1/5S F1 Solutions 61 . Create and claim back valuable work space. Seiton .Purpose of having SEITON Eliminate unproductive “search time”.

SEITON F1/5S F1 Solutions 62 .

Action for SEITON • Arrange necessary items in proper order so that they can be easily picked up for use Remember – Books arrangement in Library F1/5S F1 Solutions 63 .

Action guideline for SEITON F1/5S 1 Keep the things in order 2 Every thing in its place 3 The things to be easily reachable F1 Solutions 64 .

SEITON – It is simple to remember F1/5S F1 Solutions 65 .

SEITON – It is simple to remember F1/5S F1 Solutions 66 .

SEITON F1/5S F1 Solutions 67 .

Some 5S Examples Before 5S F1/5S After 5S . organized and drawers labeled (less time and frustration hunting) F1 Solutions 68 .Cleaned.

Set in Order . Set in Order See the difference? F1/5S 1.All unneeded tools.A place for everything and everything is in its place F1 Solutions 69 .Sort. Sort . parts and supplies are removed from the area 2.5S Examples .

Life Without 5S F1/5S F1 Solutions 70 . Bad and the Ugly First the Bad and the Ugly .The Good.

The Good F1/5S F1 Solutions 71 .

More time spent for locating misplaced things Defective & good items / similar looking items get mixed up Prone to Loss of production Excess inventory Pressure for more space Items are lost F1/5S F1 Solutions 72 .Consequences of not following SEITON Things are seldom available when needed.

CLEANING F1/5S F1 Solutions 73 .

SEISO Clean your workplace completely F1/5S F1 Solutions 74 .

secure quality. Study cleaning method improve cleaning efficiency eliminate the needs of cleaning.The approach to enhance work quality F1/5S F1 Solutions 75 . prevent dust accumulation. Expose existing & potential problems. Seiton . Make a clean & pleasant work place. Prevent accident. Promote preventive maintenance.Purpose of having SEISO Remove untidiness.

Cleaning means Checking Eliminating the causes of defects Maintaining optimum conditions Attention to details to achieve the best conditions F1/5S F1 Solutions 76 .

Action for SEISO • Clean your workplace / surroundings thoroughly so that there is no dust on the floors / machines & equipment F1/5S F1 Solutions 77 .

cleaning method & responsibility 2 Real cleaning is something that comes from the heart 3 Make cleaning everyday a habit Place F1/5S Item When F1 Solutions How Who 78 .Action guide Guidelines for SEISO 1 Establish what to clean .

Consequences of not following SEISO Dust / dirt will affect the machine performance Cleaning reveals hidden problems which may get overlooked otherwise Dust & dirt will affect performance & aesthetic quality Unpleasant work place will result. F1/5S F1 Solutions 79 .

STANDARDISATION F1/5S F1 Solutions 80 .

SEIKETSU Maintain a high standard of house keeping and workplace F1/5S F1 Solutions 81 .

Bring up product superiority (indirectly).Purpose of having SEIKETSU Set up clean and comfortable work place. Seiton .The approach to safety & work enthusiasm F1/5S F1 Solutions 82 . Improve. maintain and aim for higher level of achievement. Establish higher level of company image.

Action for SEIKETSU • Establish procedures & standards to maintain 5S and perform regular patrol to all areas & continually audit the 5S progress F1/5S F1 Solutions 83 .

Action guidelines for SEIKETSU Make standards for clean work place Convert standards to VCS Facilitate identification of deviations for immediate corrective actions F1/5S F1 Solutions 84 .

Checklist for 5S – Office / Shop floor F1/5S F1 Solutions 85 .

Consequences of not following SEIKETSU More chance for going back to old condition “Things get measured. will improve” F1/5S F1 Solutions 86 .

TRAINING & DISCIPLINE F1/5S F1 Solutions 87 .

SHITSUKE Train people & follow good house keeping disciplines F1/5S F1 Solutions 88 .

To maintain a group of well disciplined work force. Abiding to standards and ruling to secure a clean. safe. The approach to discipline group works & continual improvement. happy and efficient work place by everyone for everyone (total work force). healthy. F1/5S F1 Solutions 89 .Purpose of having SHITSUKE To cultivate good habits and sustain the 5S culture.

training and sharing of working results. encourage and continue 5S activities and sustaining it with timely motivation. F1/5S F1 Solutions 90 .Action for SHITSUKE • Cultivate spirits of self discipline and self awareness to maintain.

SHITSUKE .Discipline F1/5S F1 Solutions 91 .

F1/5S F1 Solutions 92 .

Action guideline for SHITSUKE Train people to follow good house keeping disciplines automatically Follow discipline in maintaining 5S and make it a habit F1/5S F1 Solutions 93 .

5S concept SEITON 1 SEIRI SEIKETSU 2 SHITSUKE 4 5 SEISO 3 F1/5S F1 Solutions 94 .Summary .

The implementation of 5S Step 1 Start with the Leadership Team Step 2 Build the Infrastructure Step 3 Launch Communications Step 4 Train Teams in 5S Techniques Step 5 Begin 5S Pilots Step 6 Establish Best Practices Step 7 Develop a Full Roll-Out Plan Step 8 Continually Evaluate & Adjust F1/5S F1 Solutions 95 .

Reduces lead times Reduces waste in materials. space and time Reduces inventory and storage costs Reduces changeover time .5S – Visible benefits Improves on-time delivery Improves quality / reduced defects Increases productivity . Reduces equipment downtime Improves safety F1/5S F1 Solutions 96 .

F1/5S F1 Solutions 97 .

Action on Ground Daily monitor and improve the score Put 5S Score yourself or do it by cross audits Spend daily first 10 minutes for machine cleaning Every Saturday spend 1 hour for Seiri & Seiton ( 2s Activities ) Monthly once conduct red tag campaign to remove unwanted / scrap materials F1/5S F1 Solutions 98 .

Action on Ground Can we find areas of improvement in your Work place ? F1/5S F1 Solutions 99 .

You have to decide F1/5S F1 Solutions 100 .

. F1/5S F1 Solutions 101 .cell : 9976774372. 9344689828 Thank you d i f f e r e n t i a t e……….