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Encounters - (; 1';/1011
by (;nh .')(/11(' /' (':;,

nIlI.11 fa a

,11(' rrd dra.~oll. For,cl/(lll - Il!i ll Ii,.. fig!1/ or/h'I',

Special Report --------------------------------------- - 9 CA)Il\'cmion tJpd;u(' -

(;EN (,'O N ~' SOIlIIl Gaml" Fa; r (1m/ T itr Eml)rro r's n i 1",1/(/(, ),_

FCalufCS-- - - - - - -- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 6

The Knight.Error - A ('{Il"tOOIl. by NOll ,";I"fI:',

Oi SIX'] C.onfllsion - If )' FrIll/it M t'lI /:n . ..1 1/('11 Il rmmuu"k, M ikr C(lH, M ark

Ik rr.~.

J (lm l".~ li' aI'd. M rrlf' Ua.H1l1i ....' ('II, (Inri Dm'f' Cook.



Basicall y SjX'ilkin ~ - i\fnoUnf ball{r.,", by JOII P ickt'II .\.

Kll i~ht Hawks: A New Dimension - rI STAN f1U)N Tlf.R ST ~ (;"mr f f'alllrt' ,
by lJoug Nitr.\'.
l"tapping Fro m Square One - 1'(1 /'/ 11/ of (/ Ih rrr-/M f t .lnil'.I', b), Fran k flknl :('/',
Notes for tht, Dungeon MaSH'!, - .l.irlling Ihr M itirl/, by E. GM)' (; ),gax.
Ro les - rI Tal' SECUET<i (;a11l 1' "'-I'(I/lIl'r. b)1M nit' n (l.mll/.u('I L

Deparlm ents

About the cover

(-0\'('1" adorni ng I>OL "HEDRO NT~
Ncwszim' Issue #12 was c!"c<lwd uy;mi st
LaIT )' Ehnon', As cnvi sioned by Cali
Sa ne/wI.. iI dcpios Ih(' fi ghter, Grifwn,
ilnd his pegasus, O rrex. di.scov('I'in,t: the
fed dmgon they han. I;('('n paid 10
d('Stroy. Stt E'I ("01l11In.f o n page 8.
-n il'

P()L nIEnRO~ I \I


. . Jrom the puhlisllt'L

4 .. .from tht' editor.
5 Leltcrs
7 T wo C:t'nt s - A 11(,11' rrguiar POI. },f-IElJUONTII Nru's:/llr r ohmm I"OIIlrtilllllg
U IJ(; ~I "" Nr/lI'urk mrmbrn' opit/io/l.~ (1/1(/ .1' I/K~I.llio,,~.
White' RlIl>l>it s
" Tournamcn t Sco rin g System - Pari 11/ of a Iltrrl'-parl snlf'S,
TOl/m aml'll1 SI!'!Il'illring. b)1 K im 1-.'(1.1'1 /0/1(/
23 GE NCO N XVI Game Fair Minia ture 0 lxon lI(, ta ils,
25 T reilsurt Chest - M01r g,iJI i,,.m.1 from np(;, /TII JI Q.

POLY H EDRON'" N("wu in(' (I h(' officia l

n('wsl['III'1' o f T SR's ROLE PLA YING
GAME ASSOC IATlO NI~ Nt' IWork) is pub
lisl1l'u bi , mouthly by T SR Hobbits, Inc.
T Ill' mailin(.: <Jddro:ss is pan 509. Lake Gm('va, W I 53147. T t'i('pholTt' numtlt.'r (414)


Volume 3, Number 3
Issue #12
Kimi>{'1' E;ls (la n d
J'ublish cr:
Ma ry Kirch off
Cover Artis t:
Larry Elmore
Con tribut ing Artists:
Larry Elmore, pag<.' 8
Jeff Easky. pages 13, 16' 17

POL Y)-I E)) RON Newszirl(, w(']conws un sol

icited submi ssio ns of wrlHt' lI m,'terial ;rnd
anwOIk . H ow"\'o:r, 110 l't 'l)()u s ib ilit y for such
subm ission s r.m lx, ass umt'tl by Ihe pub,
lish.'" in an)' ('\'('Il l. No submissions will Ix
r{,W nl l-d un lt-s5 accomIJa ni(-d b )' a srlfadur{'ss{'(i sWl11lx-d ('n\'('lop(' of sufficit'lII

POLYHt:I)RO N Ncwni lle is rn ai l.-d fu,,' 10

all R PC A'" M,mbt-rs. i\kmlx'lShi p I.m 's: I
p'al"'S IO, 2 ),r,u s"SI 8, 5 )'(',us"'S40. All p rin's
au' su bjt'f't 10 chang(' wilholl! nUl in'.
eh,mgts of ;lddl't'sS for Iht' ddivl'ry of slI b

scriplio n s must lx' Il'ct'iI't'(I ;1( least 30 d;1)'S

prior \0 lh t' t'ffr,t i\,t, dar ., o f the chauf:t in
ord('I' 10 iIISlII{' 1II1in lt'n'upu'd (k li,cry.

All malt'rial publi5hl'tl in POL YH E))RON

Nt'wszim' tlt.'c omt's till' t'"dusi\'{' pmpt'rl)' of
l i lt' publisht'l U1'OIl publicat ion , u ll kss SIX"
rial wl' illur ;l1'I',1I1!{[,IlWlH S 10 lire comnll')' an'
m,ltk prior 10 publi Gui o ll .


WORLD, ;Irrd TOP SECRET art' H'f:islt'n-d
Ira(km'l ri.;s OW lwd by T SR 1l o bbies, In c
" TM " dt'si~ l latl's o tht' r 11'<Jd\'lnarh OWllt'd
b y T SR H obbit'S, In c. ROLE PI.A YI NG
CON ,Ill ' St'rl'i('t' marks oW lwd b y T SR
H obbks, Ilrc. C' 1983. TSR Ilo bbit's. Inc All
Righl s Rt'sl]'\eu.

ISSI I " I:!

.from the Qublisher

Change. change, cha nge! It seems thaI therc 's a lot of it ha ppening a ro und u s these days. The wcmhcr is chang in g for the
better. W,mn nights a nd sunny days replace the pas t wi Ille r's
g loom ami cold. t\ cha nge of pace for some of m as vaell io n
time a rrives a nd we ca n take it easy. Of rourse, it's 1.1 101 morc
hectic for ot hers w ho spend a good dc;,l of lime at <:OIl "CIllions, but they change from con to ca n.
You '\,(' m ost like ly no ticN thaI there have bccn a n um ber
of cha nges in lite last fc\\, POLYHEDRON!'" Ncwszin<'s. The
biggest cha nge is most e" idem in thi s issue. Mal)' will address
that subjc<"1 in her colu mn, but I'd like to talk 10 you fo r a
min ute on the su btler cha nges ,h,1I have taken place a t
RrGNN HQ, cha nges thai arc ('ilh('r lx-hind the scenes or arc
so slow in evolvi ng that yOll ma y be m issing them, especia ll y
if you' re new 10 the Association.
Lei's beg in wi lh the ICl'm "official, "a word that 's used profusely by TSR and RI~G A HQ. The reason is to protcctt he
consumer from others who use term s you have collle to kno w
a nd respect (like ADVANCE D DUNGEONS & DRAGONS
Fantasy Game) when the products, services, or advi cl' they
offer a fe no t sanctioned by TS R Hobbies, Inc. We know tha t
it Cd n be confusing to ou r loya l fa ns when they see o llr game
titles uSN! in strangc ways on non-TS R products. That is
why we often say that such-a nd-such is official; for exam ple,
tl w RPGA Network is the officia l O&J): Club. T hi s mea ns
that we ilrc the Net work of members a nd clu bs sa ncti oned
and rec:ogni1.ed b}' T5R H obbies Inc, RPGA HQ a lso has
official d ubs. to uma ments, etc. so yo u may know who and
what wt.' rccogni /c as bei ng "safe" games a nd gamel'S, people
ami e"tn ts tha t arc g('an:d toward yo ur tyJX' of fun . All of
these official recogn itio ns arc ad,iC(oriented for those who
arc irller('Sl{'d in our opi n ions.
The second type of offirial status cOllles into foc us ,,'hen
we deal with the g'd mes them selves, 1><1r1icularly the AD&DnI
a nd D&: D!l game systems. The reason this was originated
mally moons a go was 10 clari fy the confusion bro ught a bout
by so nw n )' "va riat ion s" o n the games which appea red in
print. Lald y, though. there has been a furt her defini ng of
official st<ltus - that of the official writings by Ga ry Gy~'<lX
in DRAGON N Mag.uine " 'hich arc ... wel l. son of official
directions we arc going in , but not til(' fin a l &il )' o n the subject. RCc<luse of th is fun her hazing of 'offic ialdom. " a nd
becau!;e: of thc im mense ;UllOunt of o utput in DRAGON
Magazim', "'e han' stcned o urse lves aWlI Yfrom pmei y officitll
status in the la st fcw issues toa n "cxpel'! " approach . The
qucstions. art icles, etc. appearing in I' OLY HEDRO NI~
i'l"cw5zitl(' arc writtcn b y ('xl)l.:ns in tht' field and are tht.'H' for
your gllidance. When Cary addrcsses a n ~' thin g on tht' AD&D
o r D&: O galllt' Sys tl'tnS. thaI. of COllfse:, is stil l officitll. IlUI on
tht who ll' . w(,'I'e widened Ollr f()('us to ,,1 101,' for morc disc-us
~ion (or argllllwll t ) O il 'lI hj('( ' I ~.
\\' hal mher (' ha n gl' ~ h:t\l' ('ollle ;t 1)011 i? For 'l1lotllt'r. ti lt'\{
ha\'{' IWt'1l ~tn l ct llral dl:trlgt\ \\'irhi n RI'(;:\ I-IQ. \\' t\'C

rebuilt RPG I\ H Q JX'rsonncl SIIucture. Now. if you ha "c a

quest ion or co mpla int aboUI OUf mercha ndi se you can
address your Ictlcrs to Judie Simpson.whos doing a ba ng- up
job as o ur new Products JX'fson .
Ano ther change is the relocation of POLYHEDRON
Nel\'szi ne and its ed ito r to the Publishing division of T SR.
Yo u wi ll probably notice \'ery little change in the newszine
itsclf (except for continuous impro\'ement ), but this wi ll free
Ma ry to al so work for DRAGON!\! Magazine. T his means
Ihat al most evel'),thing R PGA I-IQ prints - POLYHEDRON
NewSli ne, RPGA Modules, Directory, elc. - a rc all done o utside RPGA I-IQ. but by professional s who will provide us
wi th a better product for ou r members. In stelld o f a sma ll
machine cranki ng o ut a lillie here and a little there, we wil l
be a large hub for a n ('ve il la rger wheel, pro\' iding us with
mo re tha n ,,:e cou ld c\'er hope to do o ursel"es.
We're changing o ur focus on co\'el1l1ons, 100. It has takell
a lmost a year to slI'eam line RI'GA HQ toa poi nt where we
ca n look in o ther d irections tmd still continue to produce on
schedule. Now we are cast ing a n eye to the future to determine how we G ill get out there a nd meet more o f yo u . The
official RPGA Clubs wi ll help us concen trate o n those event s
we GIIlIlOI personal ly attend. but ca n be repJ'escnted by OUf
members. Mo re on th is in upco ming issues.
The grea teSt cha nge, ho\\'el'('l', has come a bo Lit in our
membership. As this is being written (in April) we havc
a lmost tri pled o ur mem bership from the )'('ar before_ Our
members who wri te to us now ha ve a positi l'e, o p timistic,
and sa tisfied view of the RPGA Network. O ur p roducts ha\'('
increased. We' ve learned from our mistakes a nd usually do
not repeat them a seco nd time. All of this goes a lo ng way
towards hush ing the " pooh-poohers" and wh iners who sa id
it couldn 't bcdone - tha t RPGCfS cou ld n' t be org-dni/ed and
wou ldn' t join a professional g<lm ing network. Oh , evcry once
in aw hile somoone st ill moa ns in the ba ckg rou nd that the
RPGA Network is nothing mo rc tha n a fmnt for TSR - tha t
wc don 't rea ll y ca re about tilt gamel's. (I'm always a mazed
that these doom-sayers ne,'er mentio n other specia lized
groups like the Tral lellers A id .~o('iet'Y, Bart, or magazi nes
cqua ll y spec ia lized like A utodue! Qlltllterly.) nut they a lwa ys
will moa n and groa n, somewhat like a turned " undead " who.
see ing their futil e efforts at di sturbing something hea lth y a nd
gmwi ng, ca ll Ollt their fru stration as they fa de away from
view . { ~

.from the editor

HQ. Outside. beyond the 511O\\I-<:0\-Croo,

Midwestern streets, garners were ant icipating the arri va l of their next (unfilled, action-packed Ncwszinc hot off
the press.
Siuing beh ind his large oak desk,
(actually, it 's a small formica one). the
puulishcr met widl the edi to r of the
Newszin e.
"Deadline's com ing up. Uh , how 's
this issue coming a long?" he asked, trying to sound no nchalant. H e didn't.
Sti flin g a g rin , she cleared her throat
before speaking. 'Vh, just fi ne." Sh e
\riC<! to sound no ncha la lll . She didn 't.
"A lrig ht, what is it?"
" \Vell, it's jusllhat I'd like 10 change
a fc...., things."
" Fine. Like what? " he asked. ra isi ng
one eyebrow. Aher hearing '"I'd like to
c1m nge a few thin gs" a few times,
they'd developed a playfu l ro utine. He
rubbed h is hands g leefull y, a nd threw
h is legs o n the desk in anticipation of
the game.
"Not much rea lly. I'd like to change
the look of all of our features and regu
lars, the contents page, o ur logo type
style for the word " Polyhedron," and
the type style we use throughout the
whole magazine. Maybe add a few new
columns. You know, just little things."

" Lillie things? What's kft?? You're

talkin g major o verhaul!"
"YOU mig ht ca ll it Iha t - sounds
much worse. I'd prefer {O call them
m inor changes."
"These " minor changes" - are you
going to be able to fini sh them all by
# 12?"
" Well, because there arc so many
minor cha nges to make, I wa nt to make
them a ll at once. If we do them slowly,
no aile will ever know where to fi nd
a nyth ing."
Rubbing her chin, she continued.
"Let's see - there arc 21 hours in a
day , 365 days in a year, 10 years in a
decade, 60 seconds in a minute - yeah ,
probably," The publisher glared at her.
" Aw, don't worry. It'll be no prob
lem," she assured him, looking forward
to the next round.
"Good!" he respo nded, visi bly
bri ghtened.
"You mean you're not going to
argue with me?" she as ked, her face
dropping with disappointment.
" Nope," he shrugged. " I have a few
mino r changes I wanl to ma ke too."
"Oh yeah? Like what?" she asked,
eyeing him suspicio usly. Th is was
mo re like it l
" We should foll ow through o n tht'
decisio n to go to a n expert approach
that we've started in the last few issues.
Also, let's come up with a column that

When I was a kid, I was fascinated by

the way magazines and newspapers
always had stories thai ended just
where they were supposed 10, so that
every page was filled. How do they do
that? I asked myself. Then I grew up,
and I found out.
T here arc twO th ings that magazine
editors do 10 ma ke articles a nd stories
fit JUSt righ t. One of them is cal led
"cutti ng." TIle other o ne is what I'm
doing right now - 's tretching."
Allow me to ela borate. (I have to
elaborate - that's wha t strctching is all
about.) As I writc this, on ly hours
remain before th is issue gets a o ne way
ti cket to the prin ter, and Mar), has

come to me with a problem. Her plans

for thi s page didn 't work out, and con
sequently she was left with a three inch
strip or em barrassi ng white space a lo ng
the botto m.
Unfo rtunately, her problem is a lso
my pro blem. Because of a slight reshuf
flin g around here of what peop lc do
and where they sit. Mary is now a
mem ber of the Dragon Publishing
sta ff. For the benefit of those of you
who havc been o n another plane of
ex istence COl the last three years, I'm
the editor in ch ief o f the elll ire 3\,'e
some Dragon Publ ish ing operat ion.
Which means, like I said before, that
her problems art' my problems.

The selling: a dusty, paint -peeling o ld

ho tel, one-time headqu3ners for a
major game company -

now RPGAIIo!

is strictl y mem bers' opinions, ideas a nd

tips. POLYHEDRO NTII Newszine
sho uldn 't become a ga ming aid m aga
zi nc, but we can increase the number of
regular columns like Utlder Conslme
l ion. See if you can inspire more of the
designers 10 write an icles too. Perhaps
we ca n run o ne issue a )'ear tha t con
tains strictl y gaming a ids - whadaya
say we with #13, the e EN CON<!IGame
Fair issue."
" Huh? You mean you're not going
to argue?"
"Nope. I agree."
"You're not p laying by the ru lesl" he
spat in mock anger.
" Neither d id you," she smi led,
turned o n her heel, and strode o ut of
the room .
"Touche'," he mumbled.

Kim and I have a unique and enjoyable
system for developing POLYHEDRON
Newszinc. I make suggestions; he
makes suggestions. He says "well,
maybe"; I say, " well. maybe." We tOSS
ideas around. He says " it ca n't be
done": I say " it can't be done." Then it
gets done. Doing the impossible is a
game wc both enjoy immenscly ..~~

" What a m I to do?" she wailed.

"Leave it to me," I said. ' 'I'll writc
something that will fililh e space."
" But wha t will it be about?" She was
calmer now, but a lillie apprehensive.
" I won 't do a nyth ing you won' t
like," I assured her. " It mig ht be a
good idea to just tt'll people, straight
Out, how this problem happened and
wha t we did about it."
" But that will be boring ," she sa id.
"Take it o r leave it," I said.
We ll, she took il. And that 's a ll you
need to kilO\\, abou t stretch ing. Which
\\'o rks OUt very well , hcca u S(' I j usl ran
out of space. - K im M oharl

Isst I :I I ':!

Wha t can you do with a membership
card, except look a l il? I would a lso like
10 know wh ere I can get a booklet with
pic::lurcs of D&Dil game miniatures.
Slc\-e H arris. Ontario, Canada

Tht' purpose of the RI~GA'II Network

membership ca rd is 10 provide pr(X)f
Ihtll rou !;Ife ;1I1 RPGA Ne two r k
j\..!crn ber. When yo u purchase RPC A
Network ITIeTc handiSt, al RPCA Ne twork .m ended conventio ns. for

in sl:mcc. your membersh ip ca rd is Ill('

on l y ph ysical proof that you h <ll'(' o f
you r memhl'I'ship. We do no t u sua ll y
II-r~' aro und files cOlllai n ing th e 7.000
nallles of all of the RPGA Netwo rk

Further, T SR is working all producing ilsown linl' of mi nalu rcs. Photos
ofTSR m in iatu re fig ures w ill hopefully be ,,,,ai lable la ter th is year.
- Mary

n ocs Ihl' RPGA Network orru group

membershi ps?"
L. Bruce Gray, Harrisonburg, VA
RPGA HQ does no t currentl y offer
group memberships. bu t a prolx>s,1 1 for
{'stllbli sh ing tlwlll is in the works. Look
for elctails 011 g ro up memlxrships in a
fUIut'e issue of I'OLYHEDRON1W
News1.ine, - Mary
GODS'M Cycloped ia has 128 pages, and
does n o t include the Clhulhu a nd Mel
n ibonean MydlOS. I found this out
when read ing credits thankiug Chao
si um Inc. for pemlission to usc the
m aleria l found in those m ythos. I co mpared nOll's willI m y fr iend , and found
o ut h e had them , but nOI I! I'l ease lell
me what to do - should I send in fhe
book or wha t?
Brian Lee, Lower Wa terford. VT
Wlt('n the DEITI ES &: DE 1\<JI G O D$
Cyclopc<ha first (<l m e out, these m ythos
\'Tn' included, H O\\'(TCI'. \\'l1t'll it cam('
time for a lau ')' printi llg we had to look
to thl' fu tll)'(', T hough Wl' had legal
pcnnission 10 IIS(' Ihese lill'lIl l y worlds
a nd ro nceplS. wc dl'{'i dl~II O chop Ihelll

1'( H \ IH.lIR("

in consideralio n o f polent ial legal difficu lt il's in the futu re, They wcre om il
tcd fro m latcr copies, a nd ;IS a matter of
facI , c\'enlUall y bex;a mc the su LJject o f
games. Evcry once in awhile yOli ca n
fi nd an old cop y in a hobby sh op, No
other lTI)'[ hos \\'el'e substituted. and
no w printing costs prohibill'edesig ning Ihe ('ntire book,
If you arc interested in mo re m yt hos,
DRACON nI Ma gal,ine often conta ins
articks o n varia nts (gasp ), and JUSt
recently included Gary Gygax 's
Demigod s. - Kim
I have a comment that has been on m y
mind since I gOI my (jrst issue of
POLYHEDRON Newszine. Why docs
il say "DRAGON Magazine" on Ihe
membership application fonn if I get
Anodler thing - I think Iha' I sorta
made a big mistake. I\'e been sending
allihe letlers I h ave wrillen 10 "Let
lers," 1'0 8 509, Lake Geneva, WI
53 147, nollO "Edilor, POLYH EDRON
Newsl,ine," c/o R PGA Nel\vork HQ.
Docs it rea lly m a iler? If Ihe o ther lellers
have gOllen lost. here's whal's in them.
Wh), don't yo u use the back of issues
for mini-ad"entures? One more Ihing:
arc there a n y GEN CON@GameCon
\'ellI iolls in Georgia?
Darn Riegel, Aflallla , Georg ia
Yes, Day n . il d Ot's mailer ho,,' it's
addrcsst:'d . Th ings haw changed in
recelll m o nths.
If you have a qut's tion on T SR Role
Playing Game ru lcs send them to:
1'('1111 ), I'elliconi
T SR H ohhies. Inc.

pon 756
Like Ge llevil, WI 53 147
Ph-ast' indud(' " Fo r Dispel O :m fu
sion " ill til(' lext o f yo m qut'siion if
yo u wi sh 10 h;nT it con sidered fo r
JlubliGl lio n ,
If yOll have;t qUl'stion or <:om ment
concern in g POi .YHEDRO N N('\\'S/j ll{'
itst'lf, address it 10:

)'OLYHED RO N'II Ncwszin e Ed itor

Dragon I'ublishing
POB 110
Like Gent'va, WI 53H7
If you have a ny OilIer question can
ceming Ihe RPGA Nelwork, HQ, o r
the services being offcred to YO li (con vcntio ns, I'O LYH[DRO N Ncwszine
del ivery. m erchandise. etc.) w rite:

pon 509
L ike Gme\,<l, WI 531 '17
And, fin a lly, if you wish 10 write
Gary Gyga x himself. add ress it 10:
E, Gary GYI/:ax
TSR l'lobbies, Inc.

1'0 8 7%
Lake Gen('va, WI 531<17

Please remember IIIa l d u e to time

and work load , Gary ca n 't a lways
answer each and eVl'ry leiter sen l 10
him, A lso. if yo u hal'(' a g'ames ru\('.~
q ueslion, p lease send il ia the address
listed abovc for thai subject.
TIl(' DRAGON Ma/.,..u .i ne st.'Clion o n
the m cmuershi p appl ical ion rekrs to
the option of ordering a o n c year subsniplion to DRAGON Mag-,uine wi th
the inilia l R I'GA Mem lx'rship fo r on ly
$30. Relllcmlx'r, th is is o nly for Ihose
1\'110 a re joi n ing the RPGA Nell,'o rk
fo r the firs t lime. All RI'CA Nelwork
f\'iem l)('1'S ,!lHOm alio llll' receive Ihe
POLYH EDRO N NewSli n e.
T hc " mini adventu re" idea was
imrod uced it few iss ues ago, It 's called
Plldrl COll s/nle/ion a nd offers I'ario us
d ifferen l g('llrrnl S('ttings for pla y. No
modult, or detailed scena rio wi ll I)l'
offered dut' 10 lack of space,
There arc no GEN CONIS' Gamc
Fests o n the Easl C.oast lhis year,
though Il't' \\'ill be <I I Ell S! C,.on in Ne\,'
Jersey [his ./ unc. - Kim
Has T SR c"er con sidered gra nting oni
da l s ta tus 10 mo ns ters created byo ut.
side game en dmsiaSIS?"
Richard Lewis. Durh am NH

Creating monsters designed specifica ll )' for your own campaigns ca n add
new dimensions to your \\'orld, '-Iow ('\'cr . TSR rarely grants offi cial status to
mon Sters created by outside garners due
to ,h(' sheer volume of monsters contriuUled. Each monster would have to
be reviewcd and balanced. elC, If every
D&D!l gamer (that's 0\'('1''' mi llion
people) Hied to contributc ('\,('n one
monst('r, can you imagi ne the di Hicultics involved? - Mary
After reading o\'er the prizes for Ihe
RPGA Network Membersh ip Dri,'e. my
eyes nearly popped oul of Iheir sockets
when I saw Ihe firsl, sc<ond and Ihird
place prizes: a seat al Ihe Greyhawk
game. If I only could win a scal al ii, il
would be a dream come true. HUI alas, I
Jack the power to win. So I'm asking
you as a RPGA Charter Member in
good standing if I could purchase a
lickel lo the Greyhawk game.
Steve Berman, Cherry Hill, NJ
What do )'OU mean, Stc\'e, " lack the
power "? The on l y req uireme nt for
winni ng is that you must recruit the
most new mem bers for the RPCA Net
work, That is si mplicity itsc lf! Show
thcm your POLYHEDRON Newsl.ine,
the merchandise available to our
members, and the Directory tha t all
current members received in late winlet', Cherry Hill. lew jerS<"y was Ihe

If you're OUI of stock on any of


Newszine open 10 hearing abou l "arialions and additions to Ihe game? Some
or the things I ha,'e learned arc differenl bUI very interesting, and could be
useful 10 others,"
Daniel Koger, San Antonio, TX
RPCA'w HQ is always in terested ill
infonnation which will aid or inform
our members; the RPC A Nt'lwork is a
communications nelwork . As a matter
of fact. in this issue of POLYIIEDRON Newszine we\'e begun a ne,,'
regular column cdlled, T wo Crn/J
which contains both mcm bership and
gaming opinions, suggestions ,lIld tips,
RPC A HQ does not promote variants,
but if you have suggestio ns which you
think mi ght help or interest o thers,
please send them in, - Mar},

POLYHEDRON Newszine Issues #1-9,

please send reprints of Ihe Spelling net:
and D isp~ 1 CO"/IHion columns.
Ted Curl'lo. Cache Bay,
Ontario. Canada
We're afra id we ca n'l do thai , Tro.
That 's why we tell our members 10
order back issues if they' re e\'('11
remotely in tcrested, bccause when the
issues rtm out, they run out! It is finan cially imJXIssible to reprim past
POLYHEDRON Newuine issues. In
about a year wc' lI have a " BeSI of
POLYHEDRON Newszine," bUlnot
now. - Kim

How come POLYHEDRON'" Newszinc is only 32 pages and costs $2.00,

while DRAGONlJI Magazi ne is 80-100
pages and costs only S3.00?
Erik Luther, Basking Ridge, NJ
First. members receivc the Newszine as
1);1r! of their membersh ip packllge and
do not pay $2.00 per issue. $2.00 is the
price non memuers pay at convClllions
- lllld they may onl y bu y them a t conventi ons. Second, POLYI-IEDRON
News1.ine has no advcrt isemen ts
those 32 pages are packed full of
infol1llation, - Mary .~\

location or CEN CON East I Game

Com'('ntion II couple of years ago. That
area is swarming with garners,
The best ,,'ay to gel new members is
to start an offici(ll RPCA Club, JXlssibly with the affi li ation of a local hobby
or gaming store, O therwise, I'm ,& aid
I can't help you gel inlo Cary's game at
GEN CON XVI Game Fest. It is a
se lect. small group consisting of RPCA
winners, (It has occurcd to me how
much money I could make " bootlegging" tickets, but with all the gamer
connections Car), has, he'd ha \'e the
better Rangers and TOP SECRET
game players aftcr me !) -Kim
Th e ILfembnshi/J J)riJ,c C0111cs( cnds
Ma y 3h/, / 983. (Ed.)



-rH ~ (AlRON6vowEL SDm5


. I ...... ' I "I ~

T wo Cf'lIls




POL l'H ElJU Ol\fl'A

N('w.~:i1)(' rf'g!llar cohmlll . I I cOlllains

U PG A T!I Nr/work IIIrmbu opilliollJ

and SIIKr;t'.f l iolfS /Hld should 110/ /u'
I(lkrn (IS officia l HPG A I-IQ or TSU
.'l"an!t'dor l yi ll f' .

A panl' is exploring an "a ba ndoned"

funh o uS(' and comes upon a fli g ht of

stairs. When IQuched, the lOp SICP sets

o rr a trap which c ll apul u the fronl

ra nk into Ih(' room a nd sea ls il a nd the

fro lll rank off fro m Ihe r('SI of th(' parW
The h apless advent urers recove r 10
find themselves in the company of t wO

Type II demons \\'ho <Irc le\'i!a ting juS!

abo\,(' the floor. When Ih<,), mov(' to

melee, the planks of the floor begi n to

Imch violenil }', making hitting al most
im possi b le for the pari }'.

T he demons miglu then telepo rt the

charaClcrs to the nea rby I-Ia ll o f Ho n o r.
or whal have you . Hut what of the rest
of the pa n y when they brea k through
to a n em pty, ex itless roo m?"
Richard Lew is, Durham N l-I
C.ollluine a tra p \I'itb IJlindheims o n
o ne side illl cl Eye Killers on the Dlher.
TIlt' Blind lH'illlS a llow th(' char.Jct('rs to
pass. When the characters come upo n
Ihe Eye Killers. the BlindlH'illlS w ill
sp ring a tra p. using thei r light source
fo r the Eye Ki llers to pic k up ami [(X'us
rnlck on the p[ay(rs. Th is can be par
ticula rl y nasty if the , ha n lclel's d on 't
hal'r a darkness slx'll.
Bill Hoyer. Lake Gemva. WI
I f(n'llll y \)ough l a ll o f yo ur back
issues a nd loved them, hUI I no tice that
you o nce had a figure GtS(' \\'h ich I\'as
1l\'a il<lhk fo r $9.00. Please gCI mort'!
L;IITY Ries, UllIl Cttoll , 1\"10
lI ow abolll il. fi.e.II Yt' eol/relors' /)0 ),0 11
IIIill l; WI" .~IIollhi Jlock ilrm.1 for Illost'

11' 110 coll('(1 figlll'f.l"! (Ed.)

J han' bet'll \Isi ng a ITr~ sim ple ytt

dft'{"(i,'(' prondll!( ror dt'tenHin ing


mo rta llfata l h it s. The m ethot! is based

o n th(' ass umptio n Ihll t a na tura l " 20"
is the " perfecl" sni ke, i.e. a lwa ys h ilS.
Using th is as a basis, we then diHerell '
tiatc bel ween their lel'els (a hig h lew l
fighter o uviously has the adva ntage
over a low 1e\'eI fighter). Each ,om bat ant roll s Icl20. If lhe a ttacker rolls
equa l to or below h is level, and the
defende r ro lls aoove h is level, Ihe
defende r h as suHered II fa ta l wound. If
the a llackel m a kes his ro ll (equa l to o r
less th<lll h is lel'e1 o n Id20), bu t the '
defend er also rolls equal to or below
h is own IeI'd, the defender takes double
da m age. If the attacker ro lls a bo vc h is
level (on h is second 1'0 11 ). he has scored
a no nlla l hit.
Th is method docs nOt take imo
account variables such as stre ng th
bon u s. de xterit y or ,m y o f p roba bly
hund reds o f o tht'r modi ficrs. 110 1' docs it
diffel'entiale bctween Fighters, MagicUsers. etc. We u se it to add a litt le morc
of the dem elll of cha nce to our com bats
w ilho m sao-ifking p laya bility. sincc it
onl y lakes Ihre(' rolls Wi lh no calculalion s to perform or charts to co n sult .
Tal m adge Skinner. RockJcdg:e. FL

As for the Airy lI' atn questio n , the

water is mixcd up wi th ai r , no t flrc,
a nd so lhe spe ll should work . I fed that
such d eta iled expla nation s are a m u st
when dea ling with those of LI S who a re
in control of the game aro u nd the
world .
Ro by Ward, Kno xville, TN
I have seen ma n y campa igns in
w hich a lmo st every itcm, fro m lantern
to sword , is magica l. In m y cam paign ,
m ag ic is r.ue; magic ,,"capon s are th e
ra rcst of all. J us ua ll y u se expcndable
magic wea po n s like magic arrows.
Most magic in my campaig n is "hd p
ful m agic" - th ings tha t do some
thing, like suppl y wa ter or food.
bright ly light hallways, o r h elp detect
st.eret d oors. A ll of these are very useful ,
but they do n 't supp ly " Mag num
Force." For exam p le. m y h ig hest Ie\'el
cha racter, a now retired 15th lel'c1 Fi g ht er. has a fl ame to ngue sword a nd +2
chain mai l. p lus a f{'w less powerful
itellls, sllch as a d('(;3 ll1er o f e nd less
wa ter. This p rovi des for a much m ore
cha lleng ing a nd ba la nced ca m paign .
A. J. H oge, Marietta , G A

I II ff'SPOll.W 10 a qlw.I"lion pO.l"f'd it!

PO L ),H E l)f~ON iUO, " Wi ll wal('f'
afJt'('1mg .~p('lI.\ (('.g. LoII'cr Water)
(lfJ('('/ waIf'/" ill o lher 111(1 11 liqllid form
- tik I" fog, or ief'. (I lII('mbn 11,,"01(' 11i('
A q ues tion pop s in to m y headwhat ai)Qut wllter w h ich has h ad a n
A ir)' !l'alfr Slx\J th rown on it? According 10 the SIX' I!. it is no lo nger in the
no n n;tl liq uiu form. If the a nswe r /()
the question had explai ned the u;lsic
assu mpt ion of Ihe four ('lcmenI S (earth .
ai r. fift', water), exp la ined hall' fi re a nd
lI'al('r arc o pposing eicmellls. thell
('xplaim'tl hall' th(' sIx' II \\' ill work with
o nl y c('rt<li n ;lmounts of fi re (h(,:l t) in
thl' W;lIt'r (in' nOt Ix'i ng enough a nd
fog 100 m uch ) Ihen Ih{'l"(" I\'ou ld h t'
1('\1"("1' problems.

In a n",e .. to the q ues tion of " ho t

sho t"' playe rs, I haw a few suggestio n s.
"' !-IOI shots" m u st have b ecome tha t
way somehow, w hich means tila t per
h;tps the IJI\1 has bt'cn over-generous, a
m ajor plOblem . T h in k hard before )"01.1
sayar prom ise someth ing you mig h t
If the playt'r/ s ha s a major weapon,
blast it wi th a rod of c:m cdlation, o r
cr(';tle a sc('nario ;trolllld the weapon :
p u t h im/ her up against Ihe guys wh o
madc it a nd want it back.
If your p l:I)'t"r is a Mag ic- User (here's
a u,,(]c S('CI"l't ), put him/ her up ag-d illSt
an ellchan ted heing II'it h a sma ll piece
of "b lack crystal" ' arou nd its IIcck look at its qualities before YOtllaugh .
J o h n C'() lI1 b('c, 0 \1"(,11 Sound.
O nta rio, C.anada


AJ)\' A~CEn Dl ' :\iGEO~S 8:

J)RA(;O~S "



b y Gali Sanchez

The Selling
G ri fton ~wa llows hard. He has been
pa trolling this an'a for [ \\'0 IH't'k s . a mi
noth ing has ('n'r happt'llt'd - umi !
today. T h(' m on Oton y of fo u l"II'{'1l days
of Unt'I'f'lUfu l patrols now wo rk aga inst
him . T ht' dl'il~On a p peared so suddenl y
tha i il faugill Gri ft on by surp rise,
G rift o n \\'a tdH's [he dragon hdo\\' i l S
it d is<lPIX'iU'S iruo lht' th ick douds.
ntlching on ly g limpses of [he !"('plik i lS
it tali ll' drifts from cloud 10dOlid .
Although tilt' d ouds block h is "it,\\" he
rt'a li/('S thai lllt'st, samt' doud s kt,l' p h is
mOll lll ami h imst'lf from d t'ltx'iion.

The Characlus
G riho n Du nsawa )'
Ran-: 1-lu ll1an, 7t h l('\'d Figh ter
f\ C: 2 (CJlain & Sh ield )
hp: 31
s: 18/ 27 (+ I 10 hi l, +3 thn g. -adj .)
I: J.1
W: 12
D: 16 (+ 1 n-action al lad,i ng, -2dd,
adj, )
(;l'iflOli nll l'i('s a tllrO\\'ilig daggt'l'
t 2 I:l n('(', l ie has hl't'll pa id (0
dt'stroy ForslJlh n , tli e red dragon,
ami a

Ra(T: Pegaslis
AC: 6
M \' : 21"
H il dke; ,I
Number of At tac ks: 3
Damage: 1-8 / 1-8/ 1-3
j'vl<lg ic R('sistltlln '; SlamlanJ
Alignment : Law ful
O I'l'('X is Grifton's 1I10U I1 \. A ,~ wi llI
a ny IX 'g;ISUS, O IT\'X is finn'l)' loyal a nd
wi ll fo llow his nW Sl{'r's I'\'('I' Y
('orn rnaild,

Forsza hn
Rac(': You ng adul t IHJ dmgon
M\' : 9" 2'\"
AC: -I
Hi! dicT: 9
hp; 36
N umlx'r of Allacks: 3

Damag(': 18 18 / 3-30
Special Allack; B I'(',~ lh ,,'('a \XlI1
Mag ic ResiSla l1('t"; SI<lmJard
In l('[ 1ig:t'I1("(': x('('plion:.1
Alig l1 ml'n l : ChaOtic \,\,i l
S i/,(,: L (10' long )
Fors/.a lm has j ust mon-u to II ~(' aim
flom thl' Sh i{'ld I~ m d s . I il' has dt 's[my{'d fa r m s ;m d other dwt'l li n!-;s
" 'i tlt in a bO mill' 1 ~ ld illS 10 ('st<lh l is h his
t't'ig n . TI U' dragol1 has no m agic s pd l ,~.

DM 's Seclion
Griflo n 's chain's are sla ndard call fl ici o r no eTlgagt'mt'n L If h (' a ll;l('ks,
lilt' +2 to h it a nd da ma ge w i tl be a big
help, alo ng wi th Iht' +3 ad j uslnlt'nt to
da mag:e a nd t llO hi l dul' 10 G rift o n 's
streng-Ill. The bi gg-eS( bo nu s is the dOIlble damage lha t r('s ult s ho m cha rgi ng
w ith Ill(' la n('(', Ikginn ing w id l th l'
da mage ;Idj ustm t' nt , 111(' norm a l da m
age wou ld lx' 2-12, p lus 2 poillis for Ill('
lIlilgir lann ', plus 3 po in ts dm' 10
slH'ngl h , If tlus is doub k d ht'C'ilUSl' of
Ihl' cha rge, II w da magl' \x'('omn 717
doublN.l , or 14-3'1 pal m s o f da m agl',
Of wurSt', Grifton mUSI first h it til('
dmgon , H is bl'st chan n ' is lh rough
surprist,; if ht' a p p roadws from :~ bo\'(',
h iddm in Ih.. d ouds, he ('".-I n 10\\,('(' the
reptik's a rmor das~ by ;1. If the p l<l)'('1'
SI<Ut's i lll('1lI to hid .. in Ihe d ouds, Grif
Ion ,,"i lilla n' on ly a 100;;, dl;l nC{' of
ht'i ng di _'Konu'ti ixofort' a u ;u 'king: il
not, roll s l i~ mlard surpriS(' It'anion,
Wi l h tilt' auv,tll tage of surp ri s{', Grifto n 's p layer m'eus 10 roll a n 8 or twtt t'r
o n a d20 in o rd er 10 strike the dra/-:o n ,
WithOlH surpri se, a 12 or h ig- hlT is
required for a sucn'ss[ul hi ..
All o f Ihe ru les [m lIlTial ('o m hat
from lhl' [)f',I C; apply. TherdOH', if
Ol'l'ex susta in s 12 pai nl s of d, unag(', Ill'
will h(' forn'f.! 10 tht' g-rDund, 15 1Xlin ts
of danlOlgl' will kill till' JX'gaslI s,
If Forslalm SUSlilillS mo rt' than 18
paims o f damage, lit' w il l lx' fornd to
la nd, If Ihe dragon lakes mol'(' Ihall 27
poimsof damage, he \\'il1 fil ll ami tiit,
upon lmpan willl the groun d , Gri fton
('".-In nOI inniC'! enoug h d;l m ag(' 10 kill
lhl' d ragon on 1I11' fi rst ;lIIack.
If Grifton's initial ilt'ria l ;Huu'k is nOI
s uccessfu l, ForSI-,l h n wi ll liSt' h is hr{';u h
weapo n o n Grifton ami O n ('x. If thl'
dr<lgon slisiai n s any dam<l ,~t';11 ,~ll , Ill'
wi ll seek tht' sa f{'IY of the wound and
maintain a dd ell sin' poslun', Fo rswlm
w ill nOl liSt' his brea th wl'apon wh ik
/-:rol llllll'f.! IInkss 1Ill' fig h H'r dir('n ly
1llt' I (TS

hi Jll,:~\

1''''1 I II I :!


Ma rch, 1983 ... The T h underbird
Resort Hotel , J acksonvi lle, Flo rida ...
Around 500 garners fl ock to 'GEN
CON South Coune Fair to play, ref,
and buy adventure games. Am idst the
din of delighted screams as R I)Gcrs
made their saving throws a nd war
ga rners rolled o\'er their adversaries, the
first o ffi cia l RPGA1YTournamcIll o f
1983 was h eld.
T he tournament , called " ,Vi tch
slo ne" and erc,lIed by Carl Smith, T SR
ga me desig ner a nd former o rh'<lnizcr of

GEN CON South Ga me Fa ir, was a n

instan t success. It provides the intrepid
ad\'('lllurers with lhe cha llenge of SlOpp ing r,tidi ng h ill gi,Hlt s from d ecima t-

ing fro ntier lowns, btll the only way to

do Ihal is to neutral ize their leader - a
hill wi tch.
O\'era ll. the two-rou n d ('vent ra n
smoothl y a nd efficientl y. T he new
Rl'GA Toumamelll Scoring System
surprised some pla yers, bUE most weH'
happy to havc the opportunity to provide input on the judgcs. Fo r the first
ti nH', R PGA HQ has systcmized, accurate result sheets for eW'r yone who
played , thus assuring all R PGA Nel\\'ork participa nts a score fOI" em eri ng.
Adv.ulcemCIll was "scram bled " a nd no
tc;nJl scores wcrc given . The ind ividual
winners were:

James W. Wesl III
lSI Runner Up:
Breit A. Waters
2nd Runner lip:
I.ynn R. Svcdin
3rd Runner Up:
Kim H lnnphreys
41h KUHner Up:
Mark C. McCreary

1.050 pts.
800 p iS.

.S50 pi S.
300 pi S.


pi S.

There were many c,.ccllent judges

who helped RPGA HQ at Ihe ron V('nlion, and \\'c thank them a ll. O f
note is "Sol1ny" Scott who hcl l>N.lus
I"Im the cvent, a nd Larry Gofon h and
Ta lmadge Skinner \\"ho wen' Ihe judges
receivi ng Ihl' highes t scores from Ihe

POl \ 1If1IRO'

p la yers. And, of course, our dCCIX'st

Ihanks 10 Carl Smith fo r a ttending
GEN CON Sout h Game Fai r as the
RPGA Network represen ta live.

Mea nwhile, things were hopping in
Indiana at the Emperor's B irthda~'
Com'eIHio n . We decided to run 'Witchstone" there too. j o n Pickens, a n
RPGAer a nd mem ber of TS R 's Acqui sitio ns de partment , ],lced to the convention and ra n an abbre\'ialt.-d fo rm of
the tou rnamcnt.
T he to urna mcnt adva nced as tea ms.
O nth(.' first place tca lll was RPGAer
Robert Mason. Another mem ber, Patricia I-Ial l. ,,.,as on the seco nd p lace team .
(A notc for clarity - " Witchstonc" was
confined to RPGA Members o nly a t
GEN CON Sou th Game Fair bu t open
to thc publica! the Emperor's Birthday'elliion due to the size of the later
convclllion .)
By the lime you arc holding this in
YOll!" sweaty little, dice-encrusted palms
we wil l have ;llsa attended CW I 0 :)11 in
Chic lgo, a nd arc packing for last Con
in New J ersey o n .flint' 2'1-26.
We arc a lready p lan ning ma ny festi vities for GEN CONI!! XV I Game Con\'('1111011. includi ng eight RPGA Nctwork Tournamen ts, suppon ing the
AD&DEI Open T ou rnament. a nd II
number of smaller ('v('nts hosted by our
members. We'll a lso hal'e our R PGA
Network booth ther(' (in Ill(' E,.hibi lor's
Arell in lhe Ph ysica l Educa ti o n Bui lding this year), a nd our ann ual Members
Meeting on Saturday nigh t (w ith goodies and celcbrities).
In the fUlUre, convcnt ions allendt.'{1
by RPGA HQ wi ll be listed f,lI" in
advance in POLYH EDRON'" News1.ille. Harold j ohnson. RPGAel" and
Hcad Honcho of Reseal"ch and De\'e!opmcnt for TSR 1lobbies, had a hri llia nt suggestion jusll he other day. He
proposed Ihal whocl'cr designed a
10Urnal1l(.'1lI for liS attcnd the convell tion and cooni inal(' lhe C\t'lli si nc(' he!
sht" \\'ou ld prcsumably know tIlt' seena -

rio backward a nd fOl"ward. This wou ld

a lso mea n, hat the public (a nd our
members in part icu la r) co uld meet
more of OLll" game design s taff and ask
questions concern ing Ih(' particular
toum amenl being run , as well as gen
era l gamc design . T his system was
t('s ted a t GEN CO N South and worked
\' tT)' well , SO look (or our creative fo lks
"on the mad" in the fUl ure. :~1I


T he DAWN PAT ROL Gamc mi ni convent io n will be he ld j u ly 9th a nd
10th, 1983 at the Unh'ersit)' of Wisconsin - Whitewater C'd mpus in
Whitwa ter, \Visconsi n . Detai ls can
be o btained by writi ng: Mi ke Carr,
127 1- D Wisconsin Street , Lake
Gcneva , \"\1 1 53 117. A random team
tournament , a n official RPGA'M
Network game, and numerous
informa l games arc p lanned .


A com bined listi ng of DAW N

PAT ROL game p layers is being:
comp ik d by designer Mike Carr
acmrdi ng to geograph ic location (by
firSl1.ip cotlc dig it ). Th is list ing wil l
be pu blished la tel" this yea r, and wi ll
be ava illlhie fo r a nom ina l cha rgc 10
cover postage and handling. All y
IlA\\IN " ATROL game playcrs who
wou ld like to be included in this lisl
should simply drop a line to: Mike
Ca rr, clo TSR Ho bbies, Inc., PO R
756, Lake Geneva. WI 53147. The
o bject is 10 bring as ma ny players as
possible into contact wi lh each
o ther, so if you p lay reg ularl ), o r
wou ld lik(' 10. please r('spond!


Fant..y Role Playing Gama

DQ: U a lance onl y does 1-6 points, the

same as a hand axe, for example, why
usc a lance?
DA: Fo r one th i ng , you can uS{' it fro m
ho rscb,lCk, and can Lise the horse's
h igher mowmcill n u l' if you necd to
get away from n asty com ba t develop
ments. Rut vou' re right. it doesn 't s{'cm
reasonable. I'll be wo rking on the revision by the time you read this, and I'll
list lance as doing ldlO, the most ally
wcap:>n ca n inflict.
DQ: I read the descri ption of Dragon
Tunic, and I Ion it! But shou ldn', it
gel a "Specia l Abi lities Bonus" to
Experience Poims? And how many XP
should that actually be?
DA : Base value for a 2 1 HD creat ure is
2500 XP , plus 250 per HD above 2 1
therefore. wilh 301-10, that's 2500+
2250=4750 XP, However, we forgot
to count the breath weapon and inCll'dibly \'icious hitI'; these shou ld both be
coun ted as "Specia l Ahiliti es," for a
"douhk SIal''' notation (change your
hook). Th is gives a 4000 XI' bonus, for
a grand IOtal of 8750 XI' . T e ll you r
players I said "Good luck . "
DQ: If the strength adjustment applies
to opening doors, doesn't it make it
harder to succel?
OA: If the bonus (+ 1 10 +3) is added to
till' rol l, yes, but this is obviously inwl"reCl . It should be added to the cha nces
(normal ly 1-2 on I(6). In the revised
O &D~ Basic Set, doors open on a resuit
of 5-6, and the sm:ngth adjustment is
addlx110 the roll norma lly,
DQ: When I usc the Paired Combat
option (using dexterity scores to modify
initiative), the monsters lose most of
the time, Is this right?
~r\: If chis optiona l sys\('m is used in
nw\(-e, clie Oi',1 should aujust the man,~t{TS' lol ls as wl"11 a s I hl" ellar<l("1tTs'. 1TV'
mon'nWIlI ratt's itS a ).;"uiddille; you
could it\\'<lrU a +1 bon us if tilt, rate is
120- ].19 fect P{T lurn , +2 if 150- 179',


alld +3 if 180' o r mOlt'. Several mo nsters might gain bonuses ,d len fl rin).;",
for example, but no t when agrou nd.
DQ: We always get into fights when it's
time to di vide treasure, An y
DA: Decide on the method before leaving on the adventure, One fa ir method
is to classify magic:d treasure as
"perma nent" ' (like'1 S\\'O I"<l) o r " temporary" (p ot io n, wa nd, etc.). Di\ide the
magic however you wish, but when
dividing norma l lreasure, those with
permanelll items get no sha re; those
with tempor<\ry magic items g:et,\<:
share; those with no magic get full
shares. T his must be modified if there
are o nl y 2 or 3 p layers. but it genera ll y
works pretty \\'ell,
DQ: When a Delecl MagI C o r Delerl
E1'i/ is cast, the creatures a nd items
affl..'Cted g low, How much glow is this?
DA: Very little, o nl y en ough to (litera ll y) high light the item or creature.
The g low is much less than tha t g iven
off by a torc h or Light spel l. Many
OM 's use a soft hlue g low for magic,
pink ish fo r evil: .his keeps the con fusio n 10 a minimum.
DQ: or the two-handl..'tI weapons. why
sh ould a character use a bailie axe
when a two-handed sword does more
DA : Encumbra nce: the battle a xe is
on ly 50 en . while the sword is 150 en , If
you're using Ihe Varia ble Wcapon
Damage. you should also he usi ng
EnClnnbra nce,
DQ: I wanted to gh'e my 2 players a n
NI'C fig hter for a lillie hel p, but the
Retainer Reactions (Ilage 82 1) kept
coming til) low, and no NPC accepted
the characters' offers, \\'e spent over
two hours trying to find someone, with
no success, What shou ld I ha\'e done?
DA : Ignore the Retainer Reanioils
chart ! It is pro\'ided as a guideli ne (as
are all the "mit's' ill the n &D Basic
Set ). If you want to gin" the pall y an
NI'C, go ahead. Don 't let Ihe ga m('
\)ecome so dependent o n die rolls lhat
you ca nl do \\'hal YOll \\,.1111.


Fllntuy Adwenlore
ADQ: My Magic-User cast a Dish/Iegralr at a 175' long Giant Slug and torc
a piece out of the side o r it. rlow much
damage should ha,'c been done?
ADA: The slug should have disappeared if it failed the saving th rowl
The spell description only limits the
volume o f no n -li vi ng m atter, and other
wise applies LO one creature . The
slug's savi ng th row is, of course, that of
6th \el'CI figh ter (havin g 12 hit dice, but
treated as half tha t due to its lack of
intel ligence), a nd if fai led, I~OOF!
ADQ: Can henchmen and hirelings
advance in level whi le employed by a
player character?
ADA : Yes, if they've gOt the money and
the time, A henel'olent employer
should a lia\\' the N r C to take a leave of
absence fo r trai ning, wit h the condition
that they retum a fterwards for con tinued employmen t. Exceptionall y
generous player characters may wish to
p ay fo r part or all of lh e Irain ing, wi th
a resultant increase in loyalty
ADQ: How do you figure surp rise
between a ranger (surprises 50%) and an
ellin (surprised on ly 1I6)?
ADA: Carefully. If the surpri se rol l
(ld6) for norma l C1einures encou ntered
is 1-3, a rauger surpri ses lhem. ('.ampared to norma l ( 1-2), that means til{'
ranger has a + I OOn us. H O\\'('\'{.... the
eHin has a + 1 uonus, too, from the
ot ht'r end ( I instead of 1-2), so the twO
effects cancel ou t; a l~t n ger surprises an
elt in at 110rma l chances (1-2 o n Id6).
while olher charaders only su rprise the
monster a ll a r('sull of I .
Similar Situalions with o ther ereatun's arc hand led in the same way, can ,'eui ng eH'rythillg 10 modifications of
lhe rol l. Note thal a crealUre may be
lisled as "l1e,er sUlpnsed," hu t no thing
en'!' "al ways surprises,
ADQ: Migh t a druid be able to usc a
ShOft or broad sword instead of a scim
itar? Each has roughly the same
amount o f metal.

Is"t -r tt l2

ADA: No. T he source of th is prohi

bi lion has nothing 10 do wi th spellcast
ing or amou nt s of metal. It relates to a
belief, attribUied to AD&D'W druids,
Ihal weapons w ith su a ighl blades (\s.
curved ) arc not ethica lly permi tted.
Druid dagge rs will a lso be of Ihe c urn'd
\'a riely (n o l a n uncommon type).
AOQ: Will II spell effect (such as /)i.I'pFI
Ma gic) affect things kept inside a Rag
or Holding 0 1' Iortable H o le?
ADA: No. The space "i n side" eilhel' of
these magic ilem s. and all things ill
such spaces, arc aClua ll y 0 11 another
plane (ethereal? astral? OM 's decisio n ),
ami far out of range of the effect.
(Interesting adventu re m atcrial -\,'hilc
pla ne u<l\cling, you cOllle across a ll
Ihisj unk ).
ADQ: How long does it take a druid to
ADA: According to the d escription of
this 9th le\'('1 spell . I segment. The
druidica l \'e rsion is id entiOll to the
spell, except that a ni)' cenai n form s
can be ass umed; al l other d etai ls
(except componem s. as it's not a spe ll
but an abilit y) are the same.
ADQ: H ow would a creature's magic
resistance arreet area-errect spells or
m agical walls (s tone, icc, etc.)?
ADA: A~aill~ t ar('a ('Hens (sud; as Fil('l.mll ). the MR is dlt'Ckt'd al that poi nt
when the crcature migh t be affecled . If
the MR dcstroys S UCh ' 1 sp ell effec l, il
cancels it only around the cl'eatu n... s
bod )" nO t prolt'(:t illg others nearby. If
the crea ture approaches a m agical wa ll ,
MR is checkl'd w hcII the creaturc
touches the wa ll. If successful. Ihc \\ '<1 11
di saPIX'ars. If not. thc creaturc may
touch it ('\'ery round, causing an MR
check cI'ery round unti l the crcallll'C
gi\'es lip or the wall goes down. If the
creature touc hes (hits) a c ha racter upon
whom spell effects exist '.~. a mage
\dth /)t'It'cl lm 'i,~lblr, Pol )'mo rplt. Pro/r('/ ioIJ jmm Evil. and /)('/('('1 iIIa gic
runn ing). cach SIX'11 e ffoct m ust be
dll'c ked st:pamtcl y to sec w ha t (Tumbles
a nd what !"(mai ns.
AOQ: A dwarf character in my ca m
paign found a Wish. and said " I wish
for the ability to. pro.gress beyo.nd the
nonnal limits o.f abi lit y." H e
doesn't want to. " rna,,; out" as a 9th
le\'c1 righter. What sho.uld I do.?
ADA: Tum the ('ha raCl t'l" human. IXr
manen tly. Fo r g uidelines. u se." Ihe c ur
re nt illiell iW'nn' and \\,i sd o.m !>Cores.
but !"e-roll if you \\',Ult 10 )..;' in him a
ri ~h[t'r hotly. or poss ihl ~ ;q)ply tht
~uid{'lillt's fu r ('H.o iling ;tIl N PC (Dun ~l'OIl Mastl'fS Gllidl' pg . )00 ).

"0) \ 111 DR{ f\

ADQ: Can a damaged Carpet or FI)'ing

be repaired by a iIIerlding spell or a
Limilt'd lI'isM
ADA : Not bl' a Mrlldillg spell. and
o nly by a Lim ilt'd l"i~/1 spell if the IH'I
permits il. You might take it to the
elementa l plane o f air a nd have a
djinni work o n il ; the Dungeon Mastel"S
Guide mentions weaving techniques
"genera ll y known on ly in the Easl,"
but that applies more to our world
DRAGONS!' gam e campaign . This
cou ld be a reason for greal adl'cntlll"e work on your OM !
ADQ: We encountered a human who
killed a ll the characters by breathing
fire on them. The OM said it was a
Polymo rpllrd red dragon (one of its 4th
level spells). Is this allowed?
AOA :Your OM ca n do w ha tel'cr he o r
she wan lS, so it 's allowed - but it's no t
by th(' rules, a nd it doesn t .seem fa ir.
game ru les wou ld a llow a PolymOl'pll('(1 dragon [0 move as a human.
usc human-sized things. and so fOl'th.
out \0 u sc its brea th wea pon. it wo uld
have 10 resume its dragon form .
ADQ: Ca n a 10w-le\"CI character (5th or
less) usc a relic or artifact, if round?
ADA : Yts. There arc no lcvcllimits on
[Ill' usc of the a rtifacts in thc DMG .
I-IOWCl'l'J'. the side effect s migh t destroy
a low-level cha ..acter quickl y. In addi tion, a high level character or N P C wi ll
probably show up soon, seeking the
artifact. if word of its discovery or use
gets out.
AOQ: 1 a Magic-User wants to usc the
reverse o.f a Sl)cll, mu~t the reversc be in
the spell book as II SCI)3ra le entry?
ADA: No. If th e o rigin a l " forward "
form is in the spell book, it may he studied "re\'crS('tl ." If studied in normal
form , howc\'er. it may not be rC\'('rsed
in Ihe {"<lsling .
ADQ: Why isn't there any weather in
the AO&DIW game system? My Druid
never uses Ihe powerrul Call L i.r!,h/ning
unless the OM feels like having a
s torm !
ADA: My oid friend (and R)~GA
J\.1emb(. .. ) Da\'e Axlt'r asked the s:.UIlt'
question . a nd did som el h ing about it.
Look in DRAGONI. l\b g-.u.i ne 1168 .
ADQ: In the Magic-User's spell /Jllm ing H allds. is Ihe range three "ga me
inches," o.r 30'?
ADA : No. The fan of fl ames ('xU'ntls
thn'(' fttt from tht ('a~te r 's fing('rtips.
Though [he spc'lI descri ption allows no
savi n~ Ihrow. fire rl'si sta n(e (or
immunity) still ;Ippl ies.

Wild We" Adwenture Gam,

BHQ: What should be w ritten down on

the Chancter Record Sheet under " "
Roll ," "Rating," " Modifier?"
BI-IA : For p layer characters, Ihe
number to record under "% ROLL" is
the modified resu lt. which is the actual
percelllage dice result plus the In itial
Mod ifi cati on (if an y), found o n page 5.
" Rating" is n o t I'ital to game
play. i.lul ca n be added for acsthetic Ha\ 'OJ', and is Ihe I'erba l descrip tion of the
mtins:. such as " Fast, " "Strong,"
"Coward ly," ete.
Tht " Modirier" is fo und to Ihe
right of ("dch Dcscriptioil on page 5,
under the headi ng "Ai.lility Score." '
TIlUS, if a player rolled 50 for Speed. he
or she wou ld add [ilc modification of 15
a nti ,enter 65 under % Roll; the Rat in g
would be "Vt'T)' Fas t." and Ihe 1\'lodifier
wou ld be + 12,

D)Q: What were the fa d etermining which planes werc included in the
DPA: First of a ll . Ihe ga me covers the
last two years of the wilr, so on ly ai rcmft common in thai period wcrc con sidered . Second . pusher type pla nes
were exclud{'(] bccauS(' their m aneu ver
abilit y and perform a nce wcre so m ark
ed ly in feria .. to the o thcr (tra ctor type)
aircraft. Thi rd, the ty)X'S that did no t
com m on ly engage in air-to-a il' battlcs
(nig ht and gia nt bomhers) were left
out . since thi s is primarily a g:ulle of
fighter com bat. Fourth . the rando m aircraft charts were based o n cach t}'lX"s
hadng appro ximatel y 50 or m ore air
n:lft in frolll line sen'ice in a g iv(,1l
m onth. Lastl y. there me phys ica l con
str;a i n[s on h o.w man y aircrart tYIX's
could be listl'd on tht sJX'Cific<ltio n
card s a nd on the ('ouTlIers she(,t. Stil l,
tht' re ~U"(' 59 tYlx's included in the ga me
(30 Gelman! Aust ro- I-lllIlgaria n and 29
A ll i('(II YPCs).

DIQ: Ca n a pilot attempt to dear two

jammed guns a t thc same time?
J)P r\: Yes. if [Iwy a I"(' in a [will moun t.
I...(\\"is a nd Vickers g uns in (ombi nation lire not con sidered as twill 1ll0l1lH'I.


plain Ihat their characters get killed 0((

almost before they ha\'e rolled them up!
Whal can I do 10 help them last longer?
~ / AdYflnlure aame
G \\' A: If your ch:u a('ters a re con s tantly
GRQ: How do I handle Ihe enormous
d y in ~, they're probably n~t beinK n'l")'
s ums of money Ihat the criminals in
careful. The gaml' ,,'as d l'S I ~ IH'd to tl'st
my game are making? The,' ha\'c so
the in ll'll igencl' and ro k -playi ng skil l
much Ihal they seem able to buy a nyo f ('I't'ryont' who trit,s tllt' ir hand .
Ihing or anyone!
It is also possibk Iha l yo u art' th ro w
G BA : It is cenainl y possi ble for !Ti m iin!; a bit tOO much at Ihe m ('on sidt'r ing
Ila l p layers to hl'{'on1C milli o na ires. Bu t tlleir Iwgi nning status, Yo ur radia tion
t' W Il a m illi o na ire has som e headac hes:
a reas shou ld no t a ll bt, 16, 17. a nd IS's.
I. L i\"ing l'xpt'll ses soar. T o ma inta in
)' 0 111' po ison atta ('1,:s sho uld nOt a ll b('
h ims('\f in stylc, a n y se lf respect ing
at in tellsi ty 18. If yOllr n o n-pla y{'!" char
high 1('\'(' 1 crimina l has to g in' lOIS of
arlt'rs ;In' tlsin K !ast'n a nd gn' lladt's,
p ani l's a t h is mansion . The man sion
ma ke SUI"(' to Sl<1I"I yOllr playet's off with
ilsdf ll'q u irt,S a full staff of sen "ant s. ;1
tht, S<1 1ll(' ty pt' of tquipmt'lli. or <'\ 1 least
SC I o f full timc g ua rds . cars, (' IC. EnCt'rtnakt, Sill"{' thai they ge[ it o n tllt' ir first
win ing a dds [ 0 this tab .
h'\,' adn'll/ un's. G iw ti wm s u b tle warn 2. If a n imina l is making mill ions.
ings o f da ng, r, .w d ir tht), art' slill
there han' to h(' dozen s o f 01 her (Timi
j umping in w ht'll' Orkns ft'lll' to tread .
na ls \\' ho \\'ou ld like 10 be m a king
they dt'Sl't'n' tlwir hard fo(le.
,h ose milli ons. Br in g in th e N PC I"i\', d
GWQ : Will a l\latk V Blasle!" put a
ga n gslt-rs. Ha\'{' th em h it th t' hn '\,'er i('s, hole in an ylhing?
\\Tt'ck lh (' speakl'as ies, bl'ill li p the
G\\'t\: TI lt' rll l"s S<ly " prol"idt'll tilt"
llumbl1's rUI1[ w rs, ,' [ C ,
ta rget is killt'd, d CK'~ notlli1 1'l' a fo n T
3, Rememher tha t 30% o f all N PC's a rt'
sh ield , or is ina ni malt'... T h is means
tota1lv h on es !. li llie la l" ('nfo l"(,("I"s in
that it wi ll do d amage to an ything, bul
VOUl" ~amp<.. i~ n can ' t cope w it h !Ill'
wi ll p u l a hok on ly if th(' I hi n ~ dies
~Timil1<lls, g in' them SOI11(, prokssiona l witll tht' strik" or till' fOR t' fid d goc:s
N Pe assisllll1('(', pn.:fer.lill y from th t,
OUI \,'ilh thl' strike. Things likl' wa ll s
1'l"Ohihiti OIl Hurea u a nd the Intl'rnal
and di n Illt 'lTly Illk(' thl' dalllage hu l
Rew'nue Ser vice,
~ h o\\' 110 t!"aCt',
4. lk certain th a t yo u r ni m inab are
I!!!!!""I"_ A~ Science Flcllon Role
p ay ing off h ea vil y 10 th e lo(." al polit i
Playing Game .
c ians. C;.trdu ll y wa tc h Ihl'ir pa yroll
be slII"e that their hund n 'ds o f Illt'n a t'e
making a good e n ough lil'in g 10 ~tay
lo ya \. A few should be di slo y;d a n y\\'<ty, SFQ: Wh y nn' t (make m)' own races
just 10 makt, th e ga m e mon ' interf's tin g, who have mad e contact with those
listed in the rulebooks?
SFA: Tht'l"e is nothi ng g iH'1l in till'
rli les that SOI )' S yOll {'a nnot (Tea te n l'W
t'atTS. By all nW,llllo, if yOll \\':1111 10
k'-~ hnUo. y Game
ere;tlt' someth in g for yo ur campaig n
GWQ: Why does a laser gun need so
that is n ot in till' ruil's, do, T ake a liu k
much to hit Armor Class I a nd 2 and so
lilll(' a nd do it ri gh t - look a t til(' ran 's
much It!ss for all of the rcst?
a lr('ady in tht' l\l k S li n d creatl' al l
C\\'A: WI ll'11 the Al lacke r's \\'ea pon
('q llally \),lla nceo IIt'W racl',
C l a s~ ]\1;lIri" was d{'s ig llt1.1. \\'ea po n
SFQ: Can I mount a m achine gun on a
C lass 13 \" , IS desigm'd 10 h,mdk ,, 11
\'chide Iikc a n explorer? The rules sa,'
I"st'r lyPt' \,'e'qxHls. I (Ji m \\';m l)
that \'chidc-mounted weapons are not
de('idl'd that Ihe w"illx>1l would hu m a
co \'ered in the rul ebook ,
ho le th ro ugh ski n or a shil'ld, hut II"h('11
SFA : T h(' 110 t(' a bo u t I"t"h i('k -molllltt'd
it hit I1wl<ll ot' fll r~ or whall'\TL it
lI"Ca po n s "l"w a ll y r("fels 10 fix('d a nd
wOllld nldt or hu rn tllolol' ,Illd han a
heavy '1'(':qlOIi S lHOlII1U 't! 0 11 \'('hic'I('s,
g re:tH'\ (hamT of tloi ll.L: dam ;l.L: t '.
such a~ turrt'ls. b;d l' 1l101l 11t("(\ m ;u'h illl'
GWQ: The GAMMA WO Rl .D " game
g-un~ a nd la l>l.'l~, ami missik bUIll hers.
sys tem is so d eadl y. m y Illa yers COlnIf tilt' H'kl"l'l ' :tllow' 11. tlw chala(WI~

r ) ,/ d. i f01f"r / 1f.J.i!J---"

1920'. Rot.

5 1.#"Ir""


ma)" mo u nt a 1ll,l("h i!\(' g un or similar

\\' t'apo ll on a simpk ring o r post
Illo u nt. T ht' CO,~ t o f tht' m o ullI a mi th('
mod i fi( 'ati O Il .~ to tl1l' \"thid(' \\'ill bt' l.'jO
Cr. A h O\'('IT)"d t' and a g lijl'1 r, n11l0 t bl'
mOll lltt1.i " 'itll weapon s.
"Iounting w('apo n ti CK'S 110 t cha ngc
;tIl y of Iht' mCKlifi t'rs giH'n in the " dl i
d l' Com ha t section . The advalllag(' o f
th t' mo ulH in g is tha t it a llows ('h aracIl'rs to lI S~: til(' Iwavier 1,'t'apollS o n Ihl'
equi p m ent lis t ",h ile in a mod ng I'th icit-. 1-low{'\Tt". tiwl"c is one major
(\r;lw hack Iht' refercl' sh o uld a lwa ys
["{'m('mlx'r - ;ll1yon(' d rh'in g thro ugh II
c i\'iliu1.\ area w il h a ma chim' g un sil ting on their I'oof is almost (Trwillly
goi l1g to be alTt's\(,( \ ~




bplonage Role
Playtng Game

TSQ: What is Ihe diffe.cncc belwcen

fortune and Fame I~oinls?
TSA : Tht, definition s o f FOl'[ lIl1e and
Fame Poi nts a n ' as ro llows:
Fornllw Po int A racto r of how
lucky an agent is. WI Wll a n ,Igent is
~t' n (, I";t '(l t ll{' Admin is tl, ltor Sl1.n tly
rolls a IO-s idcd tl ie, ' I'he resl lll is tIle
Ill1mber of Fo rt un(' I' o i n ts ehe agellt
will hal'(' in hiS/ her (;treer. Fort lllle
Poi nt s, o n ("t spt'llt. can 11,'\'( ' 1" he ITgai n(1.1 or H' pland. TIll' agt'llI d ()I:sn 't
know hO\,' many F O ll1111<' Po int s Ill' she
has. TIll' ag(, nt o n ly knows how man y
1I,I\'c been SIX'llI , An agl' m ca n spend
one 1-'0 11 11 11(, Poi nt to n 'd lllT a Lllai
wOllnd IIt'/ slll' h as l't'tT i \'ed to t h~ ' point
\\"h ('1'l' llll' a gent still has 0 111' 1.i((' L..('I'\'I
poi nt l'el1laini ng. In ha n d- Io ha nd
( omb,H, an a Al' nt n Ul spend 0 111' For
tull(' Point to I ('m .. in Oll l' poil1l " how
It n I'OIlSliOllsn t'ss.
Fa ille I>o int . A factor of bow S \lcn~ s
ful ,Ill agent is. OIl!" Fa mt' I'o im is
l('n 'i" l'd for t',lch k l'('1 the agent has
o bta int'd. 1'.:... ("\1 agt'nt know lo how man y
Fa ille Po ints ,liT ava ila h le to hi m her.
An agt'lll c;.Ul spt'm l 0 111.' Faille Po ill! tl)
rl'tl lIc(' 1I fa w l \\'oll l1d hl' s ht, h,l~
rt'cl'in'd 10 the poi11l ,,'h elt' the agelll
st ill has o m l.ift- l.e\"('1 p o iol !"t'ma in in g. In Iw nd-to-ha nd Com hat. an agellt
('a ll sJ)I:lld 0111 FOltl lnt' P oi nt 10 remai ll
Ollt" Ix>im a hon' 1 H1('o n ~,c i Oll sn('los . .I, ~

ISSI I ,; 12



by Jon Pickens
This mo nth we a rc going to jump ahead
a bit. Instead of dea ling wi th low level
adn~ llIu res, I am goi ng (0 d iscuss how
10 handle massil'e military acti on s

Once a character carves O UI a holding

in a wilderness a rea (or is gra nttd a fid
by a powerful local lord). he may h ave
10 ddcnd ill Invasio ns by roving bands
of mo nsters or" call [0 arms by the
[jegt' lord may be the basis o f fUlure advCllIu res.

Wh,lI tvrf the reason, a OM c.1n find

himself wi lh a bigger job o f coordinat ing the action than he is prepared for!
The D &D~ game system is not leaHy
set up to dea l willi mas!'ot'd arm ies -Ihe
('mphasis is always 0 11 the individual
adventurer. NCI'crtheless, if you wam
massive battles, you ca n do it w ilh less
work than rolling ou t each attack!
The hobby of wargaming dea ls wi th
massed batt les. T he doS('st miniatun'
ru les to the D&D game system is the
SWO RD & SI)ELLS bookltt by TSR .
These ruies arc a bit complex, but if
)'ou want to actua ll y play massed hatties, they afC the best ful es curf(ntl y
If you go this route, you may find
"Setti n g up a Wargames Campaign,"
by Tony Bath usdul. Thi s is pu blislwd
by Ihe Warg-.I1ll('s Research Group of
England. If you can ', find it in loca l
ho bby Stores, lry the large ho bby im porters who adveniS{' in DRAGONIII
Onl' \\'ord of warnin g, though. You
wi ll be faci ng a kw problem s if you try
wargami ng - trOOps alC costi y, you
wi ll nl'l'd a fair Ilumber, and It'fI"a in
must be made at" boug hl (a nd stored!).
Learning the lUll'S (w hich an' complex ), ;u1d !1l<lkillJ.; up a set of call1p,a igtl ru lt's (whi<."h you will ha\'(' to do
frolll scratch ) will bl: a slx 'cial ('halleng('. With tilt'st', ('slxTia ll )" il is l'asy
10 g('t cilU).:"ht lip in mak ing ('o mpli -

1'01 \ IIFDRO'\

ca ted systems - kecp it sim ple!

Remcmber that the p lay's the thing a nd you ca nno t have fun if you spend
a ll of yo ur gam ing time debuggi ng
com plex ga me s)'stelll s.
Scaling down
The OIher trick to massed battles is
scaling down the numbers a nd si mplify ing: Iht, p aperwork as much as possi b lc. For cxample, gi\'e a ll troops in o ne
unittht' sa me AC, weapons, a nd hit
poi nts, Ro ll hits for many mcn at the
same time, Fo r (')(amplc, in an a rmy
where o ne figure equal s ten 111<.'11 , roll
o nce for the group - if the roll hilS,
they all hit - if it m isses, they all mi ss.
In a large b.1.ule, the luck shou ld equal
o ut.
Dicing systems
No fi gures arc u s('d - a die roll
dtocidcs the ball Ie. Makt, adjustment s
fo r positio ns, qua lity of leadersh ip, and
:m y o ther fa clOrs that apply. Olher roll s
ca n d ecl<k till' <:3sualt ies su ffered DY
specific units and Ihl' fate of pl:l)'(T
char.JC!('rs in \'oh'ed. It is important 10
work o ut the basic <It-ta ils o f tht' ~ys t l'm
bdon ' using it - l 's))('cia lly ,Il(' amount
of the adjust rllt'l\ts. (A (k\'t'loPllWtll is
10 n'q u it"l' SI'vcral di(' rolls 10 d t1'i(\t, a
bau lt" <llIow ing ust'of rt'infotTCIlll'llt s
ami w e-ti nd decisiOll s to lIffe("! t ht'
l"eSul L)

Role playing
The hallIe serves as a backdrop for an
adwntlll"e. The focus of the action is
the activit ies of the player characters the course o f the bail ie w ill parallel
their success o r fai lure, For exa m ple.
take thc case of a level 9 c haracler besieged in h is castle by a n o rcish arm y.
SCl'Twrio #1: The o rcs lay siege in
overwhelming numbers. A selected
band of advcllturers m ust sl ip through
their lines a nd gel ht'!p with in a time
limit or the castle fa lls.
Scellario #2: T he characters wa ke up
aile n ight. T he orcs a re o\'er the wa ll !
The charaCters foni fy themselves in a
slUrdy building, If Ihey survive a
Ilumber o f assaults, the castle stands
a nd they are rescued ,
Scenario 113: Tht, orcs h ave highpowered help. Tht' characters h av(' to
lauT\<:h a commando raid and takl' ou l
the ir OppOSiH' numbers before a cru shing assau lt can be o rg;mizcd.
Scenario #4: The characters a n ' the
loca l champion s. A d('al is s truc k : tri<ll
by combat. If the characters Will , Ihe
orcs are demora lized a nd lean', If tilt'y
los(', the orcs lake OWl".
T he p ri ncip le can <lI sa be appl i('{l lo
field battks - charact(,rs must take (or
ho ld) a \'ital br idge or pass, deli n 'r a
critical o rd('r, b lum a crucia l a tt ac k.
:tnd so 011. This is the ('"sit'st way 10
h;lIIdk illassed battks. Ci ao. ,\'1


Knight Hawks: A New Dimension

by Doug N iles
T he courageous force had been
trimmed lO a few va lian t cha racters:
H u mans, Dra lasites, Vrusks, Yazirians,
mcm uers of a ll of the fou r ra ces. T hese
wa rrio rs somehow kept their b..1 l1cred
sh ips operationa l, fl ying [1"0, three, o r
even more missio ns every day.
Aga inst them was poised the mig ht
of a Salhar AHack Fleet. The ni mble
scou t sh ips all3cked the sin ister ball ic
cruisers a nd destroyers of the worm-like
aliens, infl icting heavy losses a nd buying p recious lime for the he lpless eil'il ia ns on Fortress Kdi ki l. Although the
great space station itsclf had absorbed
cQunlicss onslaugh ts, morale was slill
h igh.
n U L how much lo nger CQu id they
ho ld OUl?

The rd east' of ST AR FRONTIERS
Science Fiction Ro le I'layinA
~ me in trod uced p layers to a dea n,
('xcitin g game tha t allowed characters
to adveTH ure in a fUlur istic society
known as Ihe "Frontier." Altho ugh the
game h as met with consider'lble success, a recu rring q ues ti o n has come up:
" Where are the spacesh ip rules?"
T SR could have includl..'d an ab breviated set of spacesh ip ru les in the
STAR FRO NTI E RS game package,
but it was fe lt that such SC'dJlty (J'ea tment wou ld raiS(' more qut'stio ns than
it " 'auld answer. For thi s rcaso n, tlw
spaceshi p and space stalion ru les h ave
been p repared as the first supplcmelH
to ST AR FRONTIE RS Game: Knig ht
Haw ks, d ue for release in thl' surmll<..r
o f 1983_
Kn igh t Hawks is a "a lut'- packed sct
that includes a boardgame o f ship-tosh ip 51)'1ce combat, p laya bk wit h no
knowledge o f the STAR FRONTIERS
g"d llle system. T he sp;lu'Ship SCt will be
most usdul, however. as a supplement
allowin g characters to expand their
STA R FRO NTI E RS cam pn ign s in lo
till' \'a SI reaches of space_

Your $12 in vestment in Knig h t

H a vAs will net ),o u:
A 16 page boardg-dllle ruJe book , contain ing a basic and adva nced boardgame, each with S('\'eral scen arios.
A 64 page book o f ru les for sh ip
desig n, construct io n, and use, incl udin g ma ny suggeslio ns fo r the referee.
A 16 p age adven ture modu le,
design ed to aid the referee in worki ng
spaceships in to his cam paign.
A 22" x 35" fu ll color mapshcel. A
grid is p rinted 0 11 Olle side for sh ip
com b.-.t _a nd o n the ot her a space station and sh ip d ec k p lans for role p laymg encounters.
Colo r COunters repre~nting the
scores o f ship lYI)('s used for the boardgamt', as well ns markers 10 nid in p laying Ihe ga me.
. 2 IO-sidtxl dice
For('most in Ih is (,xciting package is
the board b--a me o f spacesh ip combat. A
fas t a nd clean SYSIl:'m is expla ined ill
th e basic ru les, a llowin g p layers to
begi n a g"dme with in a few minutes of
opening the box. Advanced rules a llow
more detai l('d ba ttles to be fought ,
addi ng types of ship da mage a nd repai r
as we ll as new we<l l>ons a nd defenses.
T he design em p hasis on the boardgame was to allo w players to make
d ecisio ns thai wi ll effcct th e o u tcome of
the battle. mther than sim p ly part ici
pate in a dice-ro lling exercise_ $everal
scen arios, set du ri ng a war between the
Sat har a nd the peoples of the Frontier,
a re incl uded for each ga me.
Knight Hawks will be enjoyed most
fully . however, as an addi tion 10 Ihe
S'!'AR-FRONI'] ERS Ro le Playi ng game
sys lem . Ntw charaCler sk ills rela ting 10
sp acesh ips will a llow PC's 10 desig n.
pi lot, navigate, rep,a ir. and figh t wi th a
widl.' variet)' of sleek sta r \,ess('[ s.
T h is is not JUSt a ",argame. howe\-('r.
A d etai kd system o n the econo m ics of
the Fron tier is included, plus d('S("rip'
tions of items Iwccssary for a cha racter
10 begin a pa ss~.'lI gtT or fre ight haul ing
line, a m illill1-1 olx'ratioll, ort,('n a n
agrieultma l Slat ion in orbil aro und
SOI11(, t(rHo te (jil l post pla net.

Sp.;lCl.'Ships .. r(' a fooll l)(lint o f Fronlin society, and Knig h t H awks includes
in fo rmation o n h ow sh ips a re uscc:l a nd
how the cultures o f the game worlds
have developed arou nd their sh ips.
Many types o f o ptio na l spaccsh ip
equipmen t are listed. so players may
exercise much freedom in d esigning
their ships.
An exten sive referee's SCClion PI'Ovides backgrou nd for ma n y confl iCls economic, politica l, lega l, m Uit.lty, and
others - which can be u sed [0 sp ice u p
the lives o f the )'C's. Mo re light is shed
on the history o f the Fro n tier and the
depredatio ns o f the Sallmr_
Space stations arc not negleCted.
Thes(' vas l structures, w hee ling mnj('sd ca ll y above the Fro ntier worlds, con tain a ll o f the necessities o f life fo r th e
four raccs. In fact. thel'(' is !lever a n y
nced for a true "spac('r" 10 set foo t on a
pla n('t, Ma ps o f some space stat io n
dock areas are included to a id in resolviTl~ the ma ny encounters that ar(' likely
to ta ke place on stations.
A set o f ru les for p lay ing ou t a massi \"e Sa lhar assault on th e Fro nt ier is
a lso in clud ed in Ihe gam e. Ideal ly. th is
co nfl ict (T he Second Sa thar War, or
SWII ) ca n be worked illlo a campaign
so thai p layers wi ll have the o p po rt u n ity 10 use their characters mea ningfu lly,
yCt stil l fed that they art' part icipa ting
in a confl ict with ga laxy-wide
impl icat ion s.
The Warriors of W hitt' Light module
included wi th tht' Kn ig h t H awks 1;,llne
int roduces Iht' rt'l l'r('( to I'Dit' p l;lyi ng
situa tions using spaceshi ps. )'C's ,Irc
given th(' cha nce to joi n Ihe space milit ia o f the p lanet C larion (Co IJywog).
They will be plan-d u nd ('r thl" ro mmand of eX I~'ri en ced offin'rs at first,
bu t wi ll be a llowed to uSt' sp,lCesh ip
sk il ls and demonstI<lIt' Iheir abi li ti t's in
a n umbt'r of S(-('narios, pilli ng them
against a vari('t)" of antago nists.
\V het her the theme wi 111)( mil it ary,
('("onomie, exploration, c ri nl(", law
t'tlf OIIInll'nt. or a n y thill ~ ('hI . thl' td(TIT \\"i ll h;I\I' I h(' ruk.~ Ill' IH"l'ds 10 S(' I
UP ;I hd il'l'ah k S( il'IICt' F in ion so( iet\, ,'~1



by Frank Menlzer
Rooms may ha\'c an y shape. The easieSI 10 ma p arc squares and recta ngles;
the hardest arc complex, irregular
shapes. Beginn ing Du ngeon Masters
sho u ld use easy shalX'S u lll il lhc players
arc read y for mo rc difficu lt ma terial.
$c"er.!1 basic I('no s ca n be used:
Sqll(lr~: four sides, a ll ('qual in length
and illlcrscCli ng a t rig ht a ng les.
DiamolUl: as a square , UlII not at rig ht

Ru tMlg le (rrctrlll,f4l1 /ar):

fOllr sides,

with opJXlsite sides of equalkng lh . A

squa re is a spec ia l rec ta ngle wi lh a ll
sidl'S equal.
Cireil' (ci rcular) or Round ( roliT/ded):

on ly o ne side. a con tinuous surface

wit h no corners (except for exi ts). A
ccnter point may be found from which
all wall surfaces tIrc a n equal d istance.
" Rad ius' is this di stance, a nd should
be g ivcn , or in stead, a " Diarnet(' r" (the
d ista nce fro m one side of the room to
the o ther, or tw ice the Radius).
O l'tli (ofloid): an elonga ted cird e, as if
its sides were pu shcd in , forci ng the
end s o u tward frolll the cell tel'. Alway s
described with twO dimensions: d istance OCt ween tlll' ends fa rt hest apart,
and distance between the sid rs closest
T lwst' basic shapes form most of the
rooms encountlrt'(l in d ungt'ons. They
may oc combin ed in differen t ways for
more variety. For exa m ple, a "5' square
n k-he in the middle of the west wal l"
would bt, a 5' x 5' area COIll]l'CtL'<i to the
mai n room at the place ind icated,
added OntO thL' I'oom area (,md, of
cOUJ'St', witho ut an y doo r).
\Vhen drscri b ing conidors in tCl"sect
ing 1'00m s. the OM may d escrihe the
IX'sitio n of the corrido rs \~' ith respect to
the room or it s wa lls. For exa mple,
"conidor o(X' ns in to the middle of (he
cast \\';d l of a 30' square em pt y room,
wi th ot her corridors leading fro m the
midd le of the no nh and SQuth wa ll s."
[f ig. 'WJ

1'01 \ HU)KO'

The descriptio n o f a dungeol1 ' ~

roo ms a nd corrido rs is very im porta nt
to playcrs. Accurate descriptions lead to
better visua lizatio n, as the p layers ca n
accma tel y imagine what thei r cha racters al'e doing, a nd where they arc.
Howel'er, with fa ult y descri p tions, a
character may find hi mself unexpect
edly in a co m er or a mbushed from
beh ind, all beca use of a misundersta nding of the situati on , It is unfa ir to
peua Jize characters in dangerous situa
tions \\'hen they would be able to "sec"
what's really goi ng o n, hut their play
ers cannOt because of incorrect
in forma ti on.
Thoug h the detai ls of th is system are
numerous, they a rc easi ly grdsl>Cd with
a b it of practice. If you u ndersllmd the
system, try the fo llow ing " fina l exa m,"
a description of a comp lex dungeon
area (temlX'ra ri ly free of monsters).
Sta ndard corridor is 10' x 10' , made
of stone. Standard room height is 15'.
Sta ndard Dool' is 5' wide, 10' ta ll ,
wooden wi th meta l hands for structural
strengt h. Standa rd Door has a metal
ha nd le " lon g, kC)'ho le benea th it, a nd
mew l hinges, shea t\lt'd.
Chal'acters' starl ing poin t is out side.
by a corridor leading no rth into a
h ill side.
Corridor proc('('(is 70' nonh and
open s into a large irrt'g ula r room . Wa ll
gocs 10' west, then 5' gap, Ih('11 a nother
5' of wall, then a 10' ga p to a no rt h
south wall.
That wa ll goes north 10'.10' ga p,
then imrned iatel y glX's I d iagona l no r
theast; then 10' cast. 10' nonh . thell
gaps 10'. a conidor head ing wesl.
North \\'all gocs 20' cast from tha t cor
rido r, 10' towards you, then d iago na ls
Tha t'S o ne wa ll of a diagona l corridor. Dlll' d iag-onal wide. both wa ll s
{'\'el1. From that corridor. wal l goes 10'
eas t and turns SQUl h, going 30' ; there's
a nomlal door 5' sou th of Ihal corner.
To your immed ia te right. \\'a ll glX's
10', then thcr(,'s a 10' gap to where you
left off.

GOt that ? Good. You step into the

room and look around, You sec tha t
the ga p o n the west wa ll is a corridor
that gocs 10', then widens 10 20' o\'er
30', goes a not her 10' a nd tces with a
20'. T he 5' gap to the sou th is a corri
dorIO' long tha t dead ends. BUI the
ga p west o f that is a 10' wide corridor,
wh ich goes 10' , then sidcroad west 10',
then sideroad east 10' , a rter which the
corridor cont inues 10' a nd then tu rns
Going 10 the no rth end of the room,
)'o t! sec that the west corridor gOts 20'
a nd tees. T he northeast corr idor goes 3~
diagonals a nd tees with a no lher, ii
d iagonal wide.
T hat gap origina ll}' to }'our righ t is a
corridor that goes 5' soll th , lhen a door
o n the east wal l. As you head fu rther
sOlllh, you see tha t the corridor goes 35'
p ast the door a nd then turns easl.
}' Oll shollid htll'(' a mal} that looks fik~
fig, 4/ , If 'lOt, ),ou took a w rOll g till'll
Tha i's it for Mapping from Square
One. / hOIU' Ollr t/J ret'. ptlrl !ierie.~ Il(u

IU' lprd, stIllY/}m )'0111'

(Ed.) I '


mtl PPillg

sk ills.



Setting the Milieu
by E. Cary Cygax
Whecher you are a maker of many
worlds o r a Ix-ginner at !he craft, the
problem o f Ihe corn:'cl m ilieu for your
ADVANCED D&:D campaign has

undoubiooly plagued you. T he details

o f the campai gn milieu a rc so cx(('nsivc
as to make an exhaustive treatment of
them impossible here. for a complete
book the size of Dungeon Masters
Guide would be needed to do the subject justice. A brief sun'cy is both usc
ful and illlcrcsling. however, as it

allows the neophyte to benefic from the

basics while the master can con ln' SI
a nd compare.
Ra ther th a n working h a phatardly
from a dungeon 10 a worl d i ll evcrwidening concentric circles (a nd I have
done this in the early days), the DM
should broadl y o uLiine his o r her uni verse, sketch Ollt the world upon which
initia l actio n will occur, genera lly
detai l a continent, develo p a sect io n o f
that continent (perha ps four or five
states), prepare a full history of the centml area in which the adventurers will
find themselves, and then begin recording the minutiae of the ca mpa ign.
Highly deta iled work must be done for
the major urba n a nd rura l settings o f
Ihe heart of actio n.
The concent ric circles of deta il
shou ld become mo re a nd more intense
as the celller is approached. The C{'llIer
is, of course, the community or com munities which will be used as in itia l
bases, and the dungeons and sim ilar
scllings where adventures in quest of
treasure and mo nster slayi ng will
This method is wha t I think of as the
" bullseye" development . It permits
interesting a nd well -organized play in
Ihe celll ral area. When pa rtic ipants
begin 10 turn their attention outw....d,
and this is sure to happen. the bullseye
can easily bl' en larged to encompass the
nex t ring.
O bviously, the alllount of m ateria l
uccessa ry to vividly construct till' aelja -

cent circ11' is far greater th a n was necessary 10 beg in the cam pa ig n. I-Iowe\'cr,
if the broad detai ls of the milieu were
carefull), sct fOrlh, the amount of effort
will not be proport ionate to the aClLlal
area considered. ThC' " la ws" - geography, clima te. culturc, socia l orga ni zatio n, po litics, and theological structure - will have been esta blishC'd.
Addit io n of some detail wi ll suffice for
general adwnturing, and if players
wish to ha\'e their characters explore
certain areas, you can C'asil), ha nd le this
o n a secti onby-sectiotl basis using
imaginati on and ra ndom wrra in in
whatever mcasures you fin d most J.h. Iata blC'. CommunitiC's, strong holds, a nd
special adventure areas - dungeons,
ruins. etc. - are the most troublesome.
T he G rcyhawk game campa ig n SCtting was designed with o nl y broad
details in order to fa cilita te the bullseye
method of milieu design and devC'l o pmen!. It does no t provide much for
detailing re latively sma ll a reas of the
campaign. In th is rcgard, collections of
rC'.l(ly-made fortresses, CdstlC'S, vi lla!,<cs,
a nd cities are most useful. (l a m still
trying to get TSR to prod uce some
supcrior material in this regard. )
Likew ise. certain mod ules arc most
benefi cial whell the campaig n expands.
T he cellter arC'a which yOll. thC' OM ,
devised, dC\'eloped, a nd personified
expa nds to less familiar territory. What
better way to emphasize th(' "str,mgeness" of the new a reas tha n the creati ve
effort s of others, (or they a rc bound 10
have differelll ide-ds and modes of
expressio n. By use of such mt't hods,
and p lenty of C'x tra work as the spirit
moves you, your elllirc m il ieu wi ll
gradually takC' shape, but the shapi ng
will be cont rolled and undC'r you r
g uidallc{',
Becaus(' dea ling with speci fi cs and
details is nOI possible, let's move
instcad 10 thC' major decision areas you
wil l ha\'c 10 consider in the overa ll
dC\'eiopmelll of your cam paign m ilieu.
Then' are S{'\'era l key areas which. if
GHdu lly thought ou t beronballd. will
enable th e DM (0 have both a n {'xci ting

campaig n and olle which will be as

directed ratilC'r than as the players
decide, knowing ly o r un knowi ngly,
through the cou rse of charaaer
In general, thC're are two possi ble
ro ulcs to fo llow. The firs t is that of the
TSR material wh ich is vcry extensive
but incomplete, and un li kely ever to be
cOlllplete. The other is to devise your
own mo rc lim ited. but complete, systelll .
What sort of multiversc is the campaig n to be set in ? Thnt given in the
AD&:DIW galllc system is infinite. This
means a n endless num ber of possibilities. but it requires an unending
a mOunt of effort as Nell. If the m ultivcrse is assumed to be that of the AD&::D
galliC, and the Grcyhawk selling is
used, then thc genenll sClI ing is a lready
cOln pleted.
O n the o ther hand, su ppose an
isla nd Illulti\'erse is decided upon. In
th is place there are a lim ited nu m llcr of
p lanes and o nly a couple o f alternate
world lX)ssi bil itics. Wi th limited infJu{,lIet'S o n the bull seye lIt'ea, .herc is ccrtain ly less 10 consider ill developing thc
initia l selling (or p lay.

Either way. there will be many hours

of preparation needed before moving to
the cen1ral focus. The main factors arc:
Cli matc
Cu ltura l H istory
Demographics (especia ll y humanoids
and demi-hunlalls)
Social Organization
Politica l Divi sions
Econom ics

The humans a re organized into dans

(there arc ni nc in a ll), with the cl a n
Icaders being the greatest nobles. All
lesser nobles hold thcir status from the
clan leaders. TIl(' clan leaders are the
electors of the king, and serve a lso as
the ro)'a l council . However, thc king
Ileed Il0 t be chosen from their number.
for any hee man is eligible to e\C\'ate to
the thrOlle. In fact, the crown is usua ll )'
bestowed upon a chief. a kn ight, or
some cspecia lly dari ng hero.

ics. drawing evcr-sma ller rings to centcr

in o n the bull seye area. No major
inronsi stcncies wi ll occur whcn this
mcthod is used. Info rma tio n will be
drawn from known data lind del'eloped
as needed. T he whole will be homogellt'Ou s and co nSi StelH . Sl'S t of a ll. the
work ,\"ill be qUilt' easy. as thl" " bitt's"
wi ll lx-taken as Il('cessa ry a nd in logi cal order.
Sec-duse the area is limited in scope
and the background broad ly sketched
out. the initiation of action in lhe
ca mpaign will be easy to commence.
All p laycr characters will come from


Wi th these areas covered ill outlinc

fonn. specific informa tio n can be
detailed as net:ded. Such speci fi cs will ,
of course, be necessary for the bullseye
arca .
For the sa ke of example, let us
assume that the campaign is to be centered around a small principality set in
a mountain valley. Thc wcather is
temperate in the valley. bU I the peaks
which rillg the place are h igh and cold.
This makes in vasion diffic u lt - and
travcl lO the world beyond unl ikely 011
a gennal scale.
The hardy mounta in fo lk who dwell
in this 1)(.'lIy kingdom mig rated to the
site hundreds of years ago. Si nce then
thei r culture has bccn a ltered a nd augmented by interaction wi th the mountain dwarves a nd gnomes who a lso
dwell in the area. The rela t ions be
tween demi-hullJ,l ns a nd humans have
not always been smooth, but the overridi ng faclOr of largc a nd numerous
groups of marauding humanoids and
giants in the rC'gion ha\'{' a lways given
com mon C<IlISt' to the three races. and
ena bled them to associilll' amI

POl \ I If URO'

T he kingdoTll supportS its popu lace

by agriculture, animal husbandry, and
trade. Certa in clans fis h, others hunt.
a nd some trap. Thcse undertakings.
a lo ng with various cra fts. gi\'c the
humans goods with which to trade
wi th the dem i- humans who mine prec ious metals and gCTllS, along wi th
more prosaic Sluff such as tin and iron
from the Tllountai ns. Neither humans
nor dcmi humans are fabulously
wea lthy. but poverty is virt u.. ll y
unkno wn sOlve ill the g reat (elltral ci ty
wherc the malcolltcnts a nd mastericss
mCIl gat her.
From this gellcra l surwy. more
detailed materia l is casily dcwloped.
T he major town will be 011 whatever
trade routes exists, and also nca r to a
major route from the sheltcred \'alley to
the outside world . In order 10 e!lcourage i.1(\veIHUI"ing ill dungeon scttings,
some not-too-distant regioll m ust have
a liI.' or mOl"(' ruins. There arc a lso ma ny
huma no id ami giam strongho lds in
which to adwlllul"e.
The- point is, the camp<1 ign is dew loped from broad specifics to highly
dt'tailt'd gl'ncra lities to dl'wi led sperif -

the bullseye a rea, and so they will have

the same informational background , jf
different views of it. In the example. no
elves, ha lflings, or half-orcs could be
considered as possible races for pla)'Cr
characters. Similarl y, no druid characters would be possible. a nd monk characters would also be excluded from
ini tial play.
T hese lim itlltions would m ake DM
work fa r easier, and the event ual
ex pansion of the campaign to include
such races and profess ion s wou ld give
fresh enjoyment. Naturall )'. the states
and regions which surround the bullseye a rea will have differing histo ry and
ma ny new poss ibili ties. T he variables
wi ll sudden ly incrcase greatl y, a nd a
whole new serics of vistas will open to
the part icipants. T he player characters
knowledgeable in their ow n "world"
will suddenl y find a who le lIew " uni
verse" 10 explorc.
I'erhaps sollle of my fellow RI'GA'M
N{'twork Members wi ll have their ow n
illfonnation to impart o n this su bj ect. I
am surt' that the Powers That Be in our
organization will be- pleas('d to hear
fmu t you if )'ou G irl' to shm'e it with us!



by Merle Rasmussen
" Th e Administrator" outlines arid d~
scribes uarious types of TO P SECRET
game roles 10 incorporate j"lo yOElr
TOP SECUET espionage game.
Underlying an agcnl's Bureau, Level,
I~o lit ica l . and Econom ic alignment
may be the agem 's true purpose, the
reasons for h is or her action s. [ vcry
agent n eed n 't be the type who loya lly
collects and tra nsmit s in telligence to
his or her supe riors. Role playing clin
be accentuated by g iving the characlt'r
an inner life o r a secret pas!. Reason s
for particular aelions are wid ely varied
bu t seem 10 foll ow p articular styles o f
The Enemy Agenl
An agent who is lora llO the opposi.
lion while pretending loyalty 10 those
Ihal em ploy him/ her is an enemy
agent. For exam ple. agent Z is working
for the KGB bu t is employed by the
CIA. T he AI ca n be aware of the enem y
agent's purposes a nd ca n use the enem y
agellt agaillst the other player charac
ters. The enemy agent can know the
la}'o uts of enemy headquarters to br
invaded by the team a nd purposdy
misdirect them . The enemy agent can
a ltempt to sabolllge tcam equipmellt o r
secretl y assassi na te tcam mcmbers. T he
enemy agellt looks for any action
which would weakell the team, pro tect
h is o r her agency, a nd that doesn't jeo
pard ize his/ her cover. D i ~overed
enemy agents lire genera lly given the
cho ice of becomi ng dou ble agents o r
being prosecuted. Agent provoc;lI curs
are enem y agents.

The Double Agen t

An agent who is loya l to those who
currentl y emplo)' him/ her ",hill' pre
tending loya lt y to the OPlXlsilio ll is a
dou ble agent. For example. enemy


agent Z worked for the KG n, is loya l 10

the CIA, and pl'etends loya llY 10 the
KGB. The dou ble agent works agaiust
h is/ her first em p loyer w hile appea r
ing to work for them . He/ she passes o n
misin formation to his/ her first
employer. A dou ble agent tries to rclay
informatio n a bout his/her first
employer to his/ her current emp loyer.
A d o uble agcm d i ~overed by h is/ her
first employer will be given the cho ice
of becom ing a triple agent o r being
prosecu ted.

The Triple Agen t

An ageTll who is loyal to the o pposi
tion while pretend ing loya lt y [0 those
that current ly employ him/ her while
pretend ing loya lty to the opposi tion is
a triple agelll. For example, agent Z, a
double agent is loyal to the KG B.
Agent Z pretends loyalty to the CIA,
who employs him / her.
The trip le agent is in a pn.'Car ious
position. If the agent 's employer d is
covers the true situat io n, it is likely that
the agcm will be prosecu ted.
The Deep Penetration Agent
An enemy agelll who has worked for a
long li me to p roduce a bel ieva ble cover
is a deep pe netra tion agent. T he agent
is supposed to adva nce to a Ix>silion of
a uthori ty so Ihal he/ she will be trusted
wilh confidentia l information of va lue
10 the agency he/she is loya l to. The
deep pe nctnllioll agen t C".m be wi thin
any government agenq or p ri va tc
industry. Ma ny such agents arC'
respected mem iJcrs of their com mun ity
in order to further support thdr cover.

T he Mole
A deep 1>Cllet ra tion agent wit h ill
another inte lligence agenq is a mole.
The Blunt Instrument
In an age of econo mic cutbacks a nd
world recessions, certain espionag('

activities may be curta iled o r a bolished

by burC<l LlO'atic po liticia ns. Ois
gnllu lcd field o pera tors a nd admin ismllors may retain certain agent s as
trou bks hooters or blunt illstruments in
a n unrestrained capaci ty. For example,
agcnts p reviously issued a licen se to
ki ll in the line of duty may have "offi
cia ll y" lost such license. H owever, in
the eyes of their im media te su periors
the license has been retai ned.
The Expendab le Agent
Th is isn 't the type of agen t one
wou ld choose to p lay. hence it is not a
voluntary ro le. The ('xpendable agent is
sacrificed by h is/ her agency (o r vario us
reasons. Sometimes th(' agent 's cover
has been blown a nd the agency doesn 't
wam to bcassociatcd with him/ her.
Other times the agent is di scarded if the
agency thinks he/she is working for Ihe
OPlx>sili on. The agenl may have been
framOO . Rarely, Ihe no nesst'IHial ligen!
is mere ly a decoy set up by hislher own
agenq to distrdQ the OPIx>si tion or to
cause a d iwrsion wh ile action is taking
place elsew here. The ex pe nda ble agent
is usua ll y o n the run h o m eilher the
enemy o r his/ her own agency . Expen
dable ,Igellls who survive u sua lly
become indepcndellls and rt'sent their
migi nal agcnC)'.

The Independent
A selfemployed professio nal agent
who works (or the highes t bidder is an
indepcndellt . Extrenwly me rccnary, the
imlep.ndem usuall y works fo r money
on ly, prefers verhal conll'aCiS. a nd
doesn' t like being sold OUI. At 011('
timc, a n agent that quit a servicc was
considered a defector. T oday , "go ing
privatc" a nd becom ing a corporate
"spoo k" is an o ption fo r agt' llIs who
lesig n o r arc "let go" by the ir agenC)' .
Espionage is nOi as fina ncia lly securc
as it o ncc was. Pri \'atl' ind ividua ls a nd
corpora tiollS find it increas ing ly ncces
sary to hire persons wi th cspionag(' and
coullter-espionagerela ted job skills.

, ...... , I


Missing and Presumed Gaming
Thc following members han' nor
filed a Change of Address with RPGN"
I-IQ. If yo u know rhe whereabo u ts o f
a n y of Ihes(' IXHon s. plC',lSt' ask them 10
inform LIS of their 11t'\, address
Stld('ll , N Y
C incinnati,O I-l
Dandlinger. H . Spring LIke Pk .. MN
Ware, T ilt!
Excelsior. MN
F;tlmouth . MA
Gilchrisl. Kenn y E.
J oh nso n , William R.
Felt , O K
Raini(r. OR
Baxter. Gary
Graham. Doug
DUl'lIngo. CO
Farnum , Keir
D;mlmJ"Y. CT
F I O\q~'r, Bill
1'.11. St('rlillg. KY
Lowery. Richard
Las " eg;ls. NV
Hall , Roben A.
Auburn. AL
Ha\Tdllek. Michael
D'I\'cnport , I'\
PrClIsscn, Bill
Phoenix. AZ
Stewart , Dan
('.nleman. Adam
Plattc\'ilk. WI
Cib, Dona ld
Salem, VA
!\1l' I'C('(1. CA
Crtll, Kalfroo
Sheridan , Ross
Olympia, WI
Birming ham , r.,I I
Tomlinson. John

Tocci . Timothy
Brown , Roger

ClemelUs, 1\.'lark A.
Dutton , Craig
Jamison , Paul
Marqu('tI{" MI
Rarnell , OOl'sol I.
Parri s Island , SC
Toma Sl.ewski. Rand y
Chicago, IL
Negreu e, David R.
Santa /\na . CA
Metl.g('l", Ferdina nd J.
Walker, Bill
GO\'CI"rlors Is., NY
McCullough , Lane
Pasad ena, CA
Chicago, JL
\Vilsorl , FI-,mklin
Wilson. Guol
Chicago, IL
Thorn . Chris
Ontario, Ca nada
Rune Scry answers
Bold hero come and da nce wi lh Ill<'

The swift


dance or


Tread the nwasUI"es of the ste ps

That elves h<l"(' dallced before.

The fo llowi n g arc officilll RPGAIM

Network Clubs.
College fomling
Errol Fa rstad
4'105 NE 38t h
Portland, OR 972 11
New Fellowships
Mood Mountain Advcnturers Guild
clo 1\.1, Kerscl l
59 Shan 51.
Walerloo, 01llario
Canada N2L-1X9
The Dragonridct"s
clo R. L. So lo
5710A Dutch Mi li Ci .
l-Iano\'('1" Pk. IL 60103
Dragon slaye rs
c/ o J. Leit('l"
6 Woodhaven Dr.
New Ci t ~" N Y 109&6

A l/illllO' of /II('
C" iff in .'ill iflll

New G uilds
The Allia nce of the Gri ffin
c/ o Gelll' Elsner
Roc k Island. IL 6 1201

ROLES, con't
T he Stringer
A pan, timl' indeJlI: ndl'll! agl'll! \\" ho
vo lun taril y hires himself or hersdf OUI
for set rcwards is a sn inger. r\ slringt)"
is seldom uS('" fo r a n )' th jn ~ moH.
imponant than S('ITing a s a dt.'C oy or a
cut-out to ('onfust' the o pposition .
T he Sleeper
'I'he slrqx'r is a potential agent rcady
fo r immcdi,Hl' 1Il>C' but cOITt"llIl y inactilt'. Rt'("cntl y n'("I" uitl'd ,lgelll s in pla(T
and !ttind ag:(" n ts an' cotl sideH'd o n
n ."M "I"\"l. Reti n 'll agen t>; l"t"s tOlcd to acti n'
dlt ty TlWY bl' rt'~t l1tflll of till'ir nt'\\" ~ta'

1'01.\ 11l:J)RO,,\

tus. Rl'cl'll( recruits are often eager to

stT\'C 10 tilt' l}('St of the ir abili ties.
The Security Risk
A st.'Curit y l isk I S an age nt w ho
knOl\'S roo much , and ca n 't be a llOIl" (1 1
to resig n or r(,tirc k'st 11('/ sh(' tell
agl'ncy st'cn ts to til(" com lX'"t ition . Also,
ht" ma y someday choose to talk and
p1"O\"ide infol"luation about Iht, comlx'titlOB IO h is/ her agency, tllus hc can' t
bc c)iminatld . Thc agCllt has the dub
ious honor of being tOO da ngerous to
let go ;m d too \'a luabll' to el iminate,
The ~l'(' urity ri sk is watchet] closely hy

members of hi s/ her ow n age ncy. The

com lxtition I.'ould like to capture the
informativc agelll, btl! realizl' their
operat ion s could al so bl' jeopard iz('(\ by
such a know lctlgt.'"ab\l' indi vidual.
The False Flag Rttruit
An a gclU who beJit' ves htls he is
working for o ne age ncy or cOlJllIry
when he/ she is actua lly 1I"0rk ing for
another is a fal se fla g recruit. A fal se
flag relTllit II"ho find s ou t hc/ she has
been trickt'd is u sua ll y I"{'St'lu ful , a nd
may want revenge. TIl{' fal se flag
recruit is an in volulltar y encm y agt'llt. ~.~


Tournament Scoring System

Part III

Tournament Structuring
by Kim Easll and
In POLYH EDRONIII Ncwszi ne Issues
and " II , \,'C di scu ssed the m ethods
for determin ing the \\'inners wit h in a
tou rnament a nd the way in which the
RPGAlll Network wi ll a wa rd poin ts fo r
IIwse winners. We a lso defined the

three diffcl'c m Iypes of tournaments or

C\'cnts that RJ'G A HQ recog n izes. Tn
this an idc, the lasl o n iournamcnt
ddinitions and how to u tilize ,h('m , we
will look a l lhe va ri o lls SiI"UClur('S of

loumamcnlS a nd determine which one

m ay be right fo r )'ou . By Slnl c lU H 'S we
mean the number of players on a [e:un ,
how ma n y tca ms in a round, how
ma n y rounds 10 a lo urnamelU , how
Ica m s a rc sdccl(xl. CIC.
Before you lJcgin 10 th ink abou t the

pammeters of your tournamem . consider the pracliGtiitics: ho w much room

do you have, how many judges arc
a vai lable, ho w m a n y playe rs arc yo u
expecting 0 1' li m it ing your tou l'lla mem
ca pacity 10, ('Ie, Yo u can beg illlO form
a to urna melll o nce you have these COIlcrete dcfin it io n s in hand. Fo r inSlll1lce,
a to urnam ent with o u t much room a nd
with few judges is goin g to necessita te
larger teams li nd fewer rounds. O n Ihe
o ther ha nd, a college-spon sored evenl
w ith plent y of room s a nd judges C"<l n
hand le six-ma n teams a nd Ihrl'(' ro unds
bCC".mse it \\'on ' t mon o polize th(' Il'st of
the conv(nti on . Le t's look al you r
o pli ons.
The IX'S I loca tio n for a tou rnallwnt is
a schoo l tha I is easily accessible. Classrooms p ro vide Ihe quict. isolau'(l
at mosphere in wh ich tcams a nd j udges
hmction at 0plim u m cffkiener. H owever, con vent ion d irec tors do n 'l lI h \'ays
ha\'{' Ihis o p ti on . Thcre is no role Iha t
says a to urn:ww l1I held in a (;!felt riastylc St'u ing C1Ul'1 be fu n . T h is St'll ing(TcaiCS lin ('nl irdy di ffercnt a tmo sp hcl"('
- morc like a Ma rdi G ras - b i ll I\ith
a lill Ie SLlpt"l"\'isioll (10 kee p the 1I0iS('
leH'1 belo\\" deafen ingdt'('ihles), il's jUSI
as enjo ya bil' for the participa nt s.


Check w ith loca l sch ools, libraries.
and hobby sh o ps for vol un tcers; postnotices and " wa nt ads" \\"cll in
adva nce. Meet w ith prospective judges
10 establi sh their com pelcnce lind you r
con fi dence in them . Oncc yOll find reliablc judges, keep in contact with them
so thc)' will ftel a pa rt of Ihe tou rnam ent lo ng befo rt' the aClUal cvcnL
Tourna ment
In form ation o n how to wrile you r
own to urnameni s wi ll be publ ished in
future issues o f POLYH EDR O N
Newsl inc, Fo r those of you I\'IW ha\'e
as ked RPGA HQ to sen d yo u free to u rn amenl S, II isn 't a l\\":l\'s possible,
T o u rna nlcll ts a nd !}lod ules lake a long
lime to create, and up lInti l no\\', T SR
has u sua lly developed thei r tournament
material illio m oou k's. H owel'er, we're
working o n being able to p rovide Oll r
RPG A C lubs with one ill the fUiure.
We' ll keep yOLi posted.
In an}' C<lS{', you should provid e a different scena rio for each rou nd, bUllhe
scenarios sho u ld a ll be inlercOllnC'ClCd
10 lell a complelc story. Pla n a ll hav ing
your round s 34 ho urs lo ng incl uding
the lime Ihe teams take to gel
acquai n ted wi lh their c ha l' lC\ers. It 's
beM if th e' judges arc fa m iliar with the
scena rios in advance, bUi yo u m ay wish
to I('m per Ih is I\'ilh GlU tiOIl if you'l"e
concerncd about inform a l ion leaks 10
players. I)roceed on Ihi s point in Ihe
way th ai su its you best.
A to urnament is t'o n st ru("[('d of
numerous ro unds. A ro und is tilt'
a fOll'JllCll tiOlled 3-'1 ho ur scgmCIlI in
which a sp('Cific scen;u'io is prescnted to
each party s('parately by Ihei r 01\ ' 11
judge. T Il(' part y is lIsua ll y lo ki Oil th('
outSl'l what Iheil " m issio n " or goa ls
are, ,lIld then left 10 thc ir own devin '!>.
Tilt, pla y('I"S arc usuall y givcn ua lann;d
cilll l<lcter sh(,(,ts fillcd OUI in ac!vall('e.
The Illlln hcr of rounds dq:x.'lIds on hoI\'
l11a n y t{'allls you wa nt to r u n. how
man y days yo u han' fO l the ('\'('11 1. ele.

Each tOurna melll has ils o \\' n person,! lit )". Fo r exam pIc, theA D&DS
Open T ou rnament has Ol'er 1.000 participa lUs \\' ith many d ifferelll fi rst
round scenarios (e<lcll scenario has to
be d ifferent from Ihc pe r ioo befo re so
p layers don 'l give hinlS 10 friends p lay,
ing in la ter rounds). Th e winning
tea ms adl'a nce into m u liiple set'ond
ro u nd sc(.'n arios. The fina l thi rd round
consists of the win ning teams from the
second ro und. T he best p layer o n the
w inn ing team of Ihe third round is
a wa rded the title o f Mas tcr Adl'enturer
o f the ent ire tournament. The structure
r('scmbles an upside-do wn p yramid.
The O pe n usua ll y has tcams o f lell
hcca llS(' o f dIe h uge a m Ount o f players
On the ot her ha nd , some of the
sm a ller RPGA Network tournam cnts
have 48 m ember team s by nocessit y of
Ih(" syst('m (TOP SEC RET game sce'
narios arc u suall y dcsig n ('d fo r fewer
players, as a re some o the r ga mes), o r
ava il;,bility o f space a nd pcrsonnel.
There are o ft en on ly twO d iffere nt firs t
rou nds and then <I fi nal rou nd in these
tourna ment s.
T eam SelcCiion
T here arc two bask phi losophies for
form ing tea ms: p laye rs' c hoicc a nd
scra m bled . I)layers' ch oice is JUSt tha t
- their choice! YOLI a n nou nce tha t the
p la y("t"s have so Illa n y minutcs to form
l11('i1' own tea ms, th('11 ta ke thcm as
Ihey're nea led. The " fa ult '" Ihat is con sta ntl y assigned this SySll'!l1 sIems from
Ih(' belief thai a grou p of lx:oPk- w ho
a re a lread y fam ilia r I\'ilh ;tCling as a
te<l m have a n adl'a ntagl' o\'('r a lca lll
Ihat has j usl l11el. I dOIl ' 1 ilg!'ce wit h
thi s. From p as t cxperien ce I finu lhat
the bt'nefit s of a "\"l' !" ' Icam arc outw("ig-hl"d hy ttw it" rigid ilY a nd IM k o f
fresh in put. In fXlst l'Vt'I1\ S J" \'t' becn
t"om pktd y ba ffled by a ('o nn' pt Ihat
was mO~ 1 fami liar to a It'l!IllI1l'l!e.
If th is Iypt' of selt'('tion ]x,thtTS r ou ,
th{"n you m a y 0))1 for 111(' scram bled
nWlhod . Yo u si m ply t ala' 1I,!llles ;II
t,lIlllolll and C"\"C< tl t" tca m s. Perha ps 1hi s

h;IS Iht, addt'd bc:nd it of forc'ibl y mak ing Ix'ople " roll' play" by nOI allo\\'ill!-:
an y prio r int(,raction with fami liar
11lt'II1I)('l's, but it Ill;! )' also forc(' you 10
play \\'ilh IX'oplc' yo u may not wa nt 10
due 10 age, pasll'x lX'rieIlCt'S, ele.
There is a Ihird way 10 orga ni ze' a n
l'n'lll \\' h ich is pa rticu larl y d fttli l'(' for
sma lle!' lou rna men ts. Hal't' th(' players
pick th l'il' initial Il'ams, Ih('11 s(Tamble
thelll in sucH'('(ling ro unds. J>laYI'rs
may slip into tht' mood of Ih(' 101lma
l11elll \\'ith chosen com rades, Ihen play
Ihl' lal er rou nds I"il l! m'\\' p layers run ni ng H O\,' fami liar ('ha ract('rs, For
many pJa )'t'rs. il is the besl of hOlh
It is {'asier 10 {\(ocide h OI" leams pro1/:1'l'SS o nCt you eSlabl ish a nWl ho:110
fonn them , If yOll advance a scrambled
t{'am as a It.'am. il ddeats Iht' purpose of
ha\'ing 1IS("<.i Ihal system to begin wi th.
S(Tamblin!-: from btgi nn ing 10 {'nd is a
good syst('m for sn Mller lo urnam('nls
(malin of fa n ,tha l's how RPGA I-IQ
ra n a ll of ils 10u m :un nllS lasl year), hili
I"d adl'isl" aga inst il for brg'l'r om's
h('('IHI!'I.' Iht, scori ng p roc('S;. for ,'adl
p layer instt'ad o f each lealll (.111 b{' time
proh ibiri l'C'. Renlt'mhl'1" rit al ('ach ri nll'
yOIl u S/.' ;,cTa mblilig as a choice of p roAI"l'ssio li you should h ; I\'(' a judgt' ('omplel(' a SCOI'l' shl'l'l for {';t, h player in
i'ach round .
T Ill' man ' commo n adl'am'emell l
nwthod i.. t{',nll prog rl'ssiu lI : rill'
('l ll il'(' 1{,llllI riS('S or falls as a Il'hok ,
Aga in , Iht, opponen ls of Ihis mel hod
daim that a si ng-k "1)<ld applc'" n Ul
win tht' II' hole '" bu nch" fo r the {'Ill i r{'
(0 1111)(,ti li01l. O f coursc:'. Ih is rd n al so he
sa id fo r lilt' ."iCra mbkd lelll1l . T he lealll
('ffort in rill' t'mire Il'am ad \'ancement
nU"lho:lnu lsl also h(' n 'Ill(mhert'd. 011{'
of lilt' n', cson .~ pl'opk pla y RPC 's is dw
" learn spi rit " - Ihi ~ is most nOI1ct',l b\e
\\'111.' 11 IIlt'y :11 1 atll'allc{' log('l her.
Fin,dly, of COIII"1oI,:, is Ih t, pn'\"iollsly
tnt,tHioned mix of ("hoSl'Il leam s. ilwll
sCTamh l"d ;Id\"a n("{'Illt'nl. If tht, pl;IY('i"s
do n 'l lakt, " 'inn ing 100 sc:'riously. thi s is
,1("1 uall y I ht' most (,Iljoya hk mel hod
IH.'Cai lst" nt'l" d inu'llsiolls art' (,OIISI;llIll y
hdllg- ,Idd(d 10 Ill(' (har,lIwrs arolll ul
AIII',IYs rahu\;lh' Ihe scorn for c,;tch
ron lid ami ,1l1ll0111lt'(' tllOs(' <lth;t llci ng
0 1 \\'inn illA as ~oon as JJO"i hk . II is 1101
fair 10 k('t,p pl'lyt'I .. h;m g-i ng o n ill
n q x't"tati oll .

If ,my items. gifl (t'nifi u l's. 01 11'0,
phil'S ;0"1' to be awarded , you sho uld
mak, SUIT that :
I ) They're annO\l 1l(TJ ill atkallrl'. Thi s
will (h'a\\, more play(, rs a lld add ;1 brgt'l"
g:oallo the COI1lIX'lilion ,
2) They're :tl'ai la\)l(' for p r{'St'll lat iOIl al

the col1l'('ntion . Wa iti ng for a prize

lakes some of Ih(' fUll a way from
3) Th('y'r(' prt'StlllC'd at a ceremonies 01
speci fic awards pl"l'sental ion . ' f his
should a lso he ,lIInoull,('(1 in a(h'an n'.
The ,\D& [),i) Op('n TOltl'llam('lll has a
tradiona l awards C(,)"(,lllo n y on Sundar
w hITe III{" winlltTs a nd rllllm'rS-lIp an'
annOlillCro, It 's !"l'all }' fun a nd usua lly
packed wi lh bot h piay('rs ilnd o hs(.TI't'r.'i.
For ma n y. the r('('ogll ilion o f l'xcel lena'
in Ih{' p resc nce o f thei r pecrs is rC'l\'iIl"d
(' nough ,

4) All cOl1lribulo rs 10 the ,Iwanls i,e,

hobby .~ I or('s. game com panics, (' IC.,
should be fu ll y rcrogn iz('(1 a l lil(' p res('ntat ion of the awards, Publicit y is
actuall y II'h a l Ihe conlributors a re paying for. a nd they' l\ continue 10 suPPOrt
you on ly if you rttogniz(' IIll'ir <"ffort s,
Thl' last po il1l is mOSI important.
Yo u mig-hi h t, surpri5('d ,II Ih(' Jlumbt'I'
o f m('mbl'rs (am \ non -Illt'mbn s) \\'110
writ(, or (all 'Isking lIS for pril.cs, g ifl
('erti finttl'<;, amlth(' like, i\'lost of I h('
li m(' w(' dOll 't ('I'('n kno\\' if Ih('n' IS a
COI1I'('lIlion \Jeing- llcld . 1'1'(' altended
pasl conn'nlions wlwr{' Il ly eompil lly
had ('olllriblllt't\ hl"lI"il )' 10 lilt' a\\'a rds
and I'('CTil'cd n e' l')' II IX't'P o f IW'ognilion. T ht, IX'o pk di!'('("ti ng Ihest' ('011 \'l'llIio ns lX'han'd as thollgh tlwr had
PlIldl,ISC:d Iht' prizes. N ('('(I1 C'!'os 10 s,ar,
\\'c htt'a nlt' a hil hesilant a bou l "g-il'(,,n "ars" a fter thill.
b 'el1 now, RI'GN" I-IQ doc.'slI t support ,I large al1lo unl o f co rH"enlioll s.
;1Ilt! tlw ones W(' do an' u suall y (stab
lisllt'd c'Oll l'('l1lio ll S \\'l1 i, h hal'(' ru n ror
,I Illllllbl"r of years. On \' of Iht' reasons
\l'e slill"l('d Iht' R I'(;A C lubs was so tiwi
I\"(' know if pt'o p k ru nll in!-: a particu!;u'
conn'lI lion lI'('rc "Ollt' of li S'" or j usl
MlIllt'OIl{, fi sh in' fo r ftt't'bits.
Re tai l ~IOrc'S an' tilt' sanlt'. Tlwy haw
to prott'ct I helll.o;{ln's agai n .., 1 gett in g
riplx 'd o ff. I\'hi('h (',UI s('~ till'1ll 10 be a
h it It,t'ry ahout {Olllri ilut ions, Rt'''li l
slOrn an' much mart' \\'ill ing- 10 inl'l'S1
ill tll(' lu tlln' of YOtl r gl'Ol lp ii llwy ,Ir('
Illelllii'llll'd at til(' (Olll"t'n tion. 1('('0).;nilt't\ fo t Ilwil ,'onlrilmrioth, 01 lllt'll liollet! in ,I Ill'W" jJ<llx'r ~ t or~' on Ihe

to urnanwlll. T ht' ht'sl f"td hack fo r a ny

stOll' o r ('Olllp,Uly (or galllt'!'s' assocblion . for th,ll matter) i ~ din'('[ 1"l's IXJ n .~t
thl'OllAh kilns and phone (';llIs thanking Ilwlll for Ihei r Ilt'lp, 'I'll u ... ir you
an' {'I'c'r ill a sit u<lri o n II' h {'("(' SOll]{,OIl{'
offl'l"S priR's for a com lx'li ti o n thai you
pla y in or art' ( '1'1'11 inte1"('sl<'d in , ('011 '
tact them e\'en if you don 'l win! AI
It'aslth{'y 'H' g iving YOIl a dtatKl.' 10
\\'ill, a nd by doi ng so, s llpponi n~ yOIll
That's il for Iht, 10llrnall1('nt Sll"ll('lun. Adm iu('dly il 's il skelelon il nd
Ihert' art' many. rllilily lo p i,s Ihat could
stil l hc con'red cOllc('l'tli ng RPG t'\TII IS,
)-Iow('\'er, 11IOSt o f IhoSt, an' Ix'rsonal
p rcf(')"t'nces \"\lich )"011 call ea sily solnonce YOll hal'(' d(,('i(\ed a ll tltl' Ihlsics
CO\'('I'('d in o ur S('ri('S o f a rtid t,s 0 11
10tll'lI'Ullt'nI S. YOIl no\\' hal'(' sug-gesli o ns o n how 10 SI'I up ,Ill el'elll. hoI\' 10
seoft' il. hoI\' 10 ad\'anc(' p layns, anti
II'h al w(' ark!' hy I"a y of recognized
RPCA Network ('\'('nI S and tolrl'lla lllt' nl
SCOI1S. W (' hOIX' thi s inspi res you o r
yo ur gam ing- g roup 10 pla n your 011'11
tnin i-con vnu ion and loum;\l!lt'nt. If
yo u 're running yom own !Inofficial
IOUrnanll'llI , c'o 1H'('mion , r IC .. fed fn'('
to adapt an y of our sugg-es li ons, form s,
etc, ror yo u r Oll'n nl'eds. I'al"l of thl' flln
o f Aamin K is sh aring your idl~ I S ilnd
eX IX'ri ('nct's lI' il h othtTS ,-t hi ~ is o n e of
the hest ilnd IllOSI enjoy,c hl t, lI'ays you
Ill go abou t Iha t. ~'1

Spells resembling psIonIc

powers, a sneak preview to an

article appearing in DRAGQN!" Magazine Issue #77, by Kim Mohan,

Role playIng your DeItIes,

by Roger Moore.

EnvIronmental effects on

characters, by James M. Ward.

New abilitIes to add to

your BOOT HILl game

characters, by Steve Winter.


ence chart, for landings,

takeoffs and ground attack and

ground fire, by Mike carr,

The HIve Master's

Revenge, a crimeflghters scena'

rio suitable for the GANGBUSTERS'~
game, by Harold Johnson.

T he GEN CON XVI Game Fair will ma ke its sixth
consecutive visit to the Universit y of Wisconsin Parkside Campus on August 18 - 21, 1983. The
GEN CO N Staff has a nnounced plans for a gen eral expansi on thi s year. The con vent io n wi ll
include a ll o f the basic fare - m iniatures. role
playing , and boardgamin g; the ex pansion will add
more non-gaming activi ties a nd entertai nment, a
bigger An Show and a da ily Fica Market.
A great part of the expansion plan has included
revised planning of the logistics o f the con ven tion,
mos t notibl y, a revised and expanded pre-

registrati on system. Even as you read this. the staff

is in the process of switching \0 a new sys tem for
in formation slOl'age, aCCCDullting , a nd preregistra tion, In the n ew system, a permanenl
account number, E,pr("H Number, wi ll be
assigned to all customers. T his num ber will
instantly connec t a n y GEN CON office record
wi th the particular customer. The Express Number
wi ll ena ble the GEN CON Staff to quickl y and
accurately process cOlTes~nd e nce of a ny type. The
new system will help to exped ite all corres~n
d ence and bookkeepin g, includin g pre-regislI'ation, and sh ou ld be fu ll y operational soon.
If you pre.registcred for any of las t year's GEN
CON Game Con \'entions, or have conespon ded
wi th or requested informa tio n from the GEN CON
Sta ff before March 1st , 1983, you haw already been
assigned an Express Number and shou ld receive a
card bearing your n u mber soon.

T he pre-reg istration broch ure for the G EN CON

XVI Game Conventio n is in the June Issue of
DRAGON1W Magazine.

Send q uest ion s o r requests for informa tio n abou t

G EN CON XV I Game Fair to:
GEN CON XVllnfollnation
I~OB 756
L<lke Gt"Ileva. WI :)31 '17



by Kim Eastland
This year, til(' G EN CON XVI Game Fesl will hos t the third
a un ual Minia ture Open . Th is ("'CIH , the largest o f ils kind a t
a game convent ion, orrers the novice, practiced. or experienced min i;Hurist a chance to ('Iller almost any Iype of
])'1 iTltcd figure or fi g ur{'s. Awards, lroph ics. a nd g iC! certifi -

cates w ill be awardt'ti by l'ario us companies to Ihe winners of

each category. Please rcad the fo llowing rules thai govern the
Miniature Open.
A) An y m in iat ure made by any m in iat ure ma nufa cture r m a)'

be used. T he com pe tition is completely open to Ihe Iype of

paillls. brushes, riC . tha t yOu usc.
R) All entries m!l.~t be: broug ht to the con ven tion . T here arc
"0 mailing fa cilities for entries th is year.
C) All entries. with Ihe exceptio n of Hi storica l Gaming
Uni ts. must be mo unted on a sta nd. plaque, etc. This is
requi red to prevent da m age and theft.

D) All entries must be accomp anied by a completcd ent ry

card . The p erson entering the piecc must sig n h is/ hcr name
and con vention 1.0. IllUllUer o n the back of the cdrd . No one
else may claim the en try. Cards w ill be ava ilable at the Mi n ialUre Open registration table.
E) All entri es mu st be in by 1:00 p.m. on the Sat u rday of the
cotlvelli ion .
F ) The signed rep rescnta ti"e mtul be in at tenda n ce at the
aWltrding of the priles to win. Th is will be rig ht ou tside of
the Miniatu re Opcn room at 4:00 p .m . o n the Sa turday o f the
co nvention .
G) All f'llIries must be recla imed b}' 110 latcr tha n 1:00 p.m .
011 the Sunday of the con \'("n(io n 0 1' they wi ll be d iscarded .
The sig ned re prcsclllali ve is the o nl y one w ho may c laim the
em!'}'. This mllsl be do ne by notifying the securit y attenda nt
first. Do not JUSt take the entry!
H) The decision of the judges is final. Poi nts wil l bCR \\'ardcd
for adherence to the category dl'SCrip tion . I"'l im ing aui lit}',
cread"i! y in p rese n tat ion o r m odific.Hion , etc..

HislOrical Units
Scale; An y under 40 mm .
Definition: An y recogni/.able mil itary un it from any h istori c;tI peria:!.
Notl': This is the o li/ycategory that d(){'s no t ha vc to be
moun ted.

Sca le: Any
Ddi n ition : An)' si n g l<' mon sterOt -d ioram a of m onsters. A
di ora m a w ill he j udged as a w ho le, not o n a n y selen figure.
Notl': Monst('r is ddined as all Y fa ntasy or science fic tion
cn':Hurc not basica lly humanoid . T herdorc dwa t\'cs. eI\'('s.
etc. arc 1101 CQllsi del'{'(l m o n sters.

"' Diorama, Fantasy

Seait-: Any under 40 mm .
Defin ition : An )' fantasy sc'u ing. Monstcrs an.' allm,'ed if the
di orama is no t exdusivd y m0l1SIers.

"' Diorama , G eneral

Scotk: Any
I)din ilioll : Any no n -fanta sy sell ing, indl,lIl in g h istoric.. !'
m odcm , sdetlCl' fin io n. l't('.
- NOll': lJ io l'llll1n i.~ ar/mni n.1 (1 .1('('lInrio 0/ (111.\' .\i:.l' i ll 11'111(,,/,
Ilir lIliniall/rr., (lrr pl(l('('(/ ,-i,g /ll ill Ilir p irlr. 11,\'IIal')' by rrlllol'i np; 1"(' bl/.I (' or <I'o rhillg illl1lo tl/(' glOIlIld .IUI/Il N. II is lIo t



g ro up


gam ing p ieu.~ plaud

O il


.fllr/aC(' /01' the limited

0/ ("om p~/ilioll.

pu rpose

Scale: Any under 40 mm .

Defin ition : An y non -mon ster fig u n ' o f a ny tnx. Al tho ug h
ex tra po int s m ay be gai nt.'(1 fo r a n o riginal typc of S( uing . il
is nOt necessar y,
NOll': All fi g urcs m ust be mo uJlll'd sing u larl y.
There wi ll De first, second , ,mt! (hiI'd place Jun ior
awa rds in the compet ition . It must /x' spc.'d ficd by the cnt ra nt
duri n!; rcg istl' llion th .. t hc/ she is 15 years o ld or youngcr and
lI'ish cs to com pe te only in (hr Junior class. En tries ma y be in
a ll Yo f the .. how dassls.

Best o( Show
Thi s troph~' is awarded to a si n ~It' cntry in rtTog nit ion of .lil
alOuml t'xn lltnc('. Th{' winller wi ll he st'iecled from n n y of
lht' aoo,'{' d ;ISSCS.
S{.. Ie: Any
Defi n ition : An y genre (le~ ir<'d
Not(,: T h is r.1I l'go ry Illa ), o n ly be cl1lt')"('(lby thoS(' \\'ho h a\'l'
hl'en olfiria ll\' fl'Co!;lli l.l'd as l\I.. stt' rs in past G EN CON~
Minialure Opt'IJ Comp<ti tio ns.


Are you a good Game Master? Really Good? Then RPGA"I HO wants to hear from you. We've expanded
our tournament system and will be needing sharp and experienced CM's for all of TSR's Role Playing

Name ___________________________________________________________________


City _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ State _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Zlp

Telephone Number (

_______________ Age _________________

I eM (pleaSe circle) :
D&D~ came





WORL ~ Game






How long have you been role playing? ____________________________________________

00 you run a campaign? Yes ____ No _

If yes. how many players? __________________

What Is the highest level attained by one player? ____________________________________

How long have you Judged?
DO you always GM, or do you switch off with others?
Have you ever run a Tournament session at a major convention? _______________________
What Is the worst problem you have encountered while running your campaign? _____________

How did you resolve It? ______________________________________________________

How do you handle troublesome players In your campaign? ____________________________

DO you plan on attending any major fixed regional conventions this year? __________________
If so, which ones? _________________________________________________________
If you are Interested. please detach or make a copy of this page and mall to: RPCAfll HO. Judges oept .
POB 509, Lake Cieneva. WI 53147.


Back by popular demand! THE dice. Kaplow dice from

West Germany, made exClusively for the casinos of Europe. This
new polyhedra set includes a 4, 6, B. 10, 12, and 2o-sided die. That's
right, one more die In the set for less than our original KaplOW
dice set offer. Your choice of colors: black, dark blue, red, or Ivory.
They come with the numbers already inked on.

price: $7.25 per set.

Cem Dice. Stili available from RPGAI~ HO. a-sided and 20-sided
gem dice In speCial RPGA Network colors: electric blue, and electric
Creen. Made of hIgh impact plastIc, these dice do not have ttle
numbers pre-Inked. Please specify the combinations you wish:

AI 2 a-sided (1 blue, 1 green)

81 2 20-slded (O-g, 1 blue, 1 green)
CI 2 2o-sided (1 -20, 1 blue, 1 green)

price: $1.50 per pair; 6 dice (as above) for $3.75.

rAlignment Generators

from RPGA HQ. A special set of

6-slded dice designed for use in determining the alignments of
random encounters, NPC's, etc. One die has laWful, Neutral, Chaotic Imprinted on It, and the other has GOOd, Neutral, Evil.

Price: $1.25 per pair.






ACCESSORIES _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __

More Blank Jigsaw puzzles.

Now "PGA"



types of puzzles: AI 5%" x S", 28 piece. medium thickness puZZle,

Blour new B%,' x 11", 63 piece. heavy thickness puZZle. Although

our popular smaller puzzle Is excellent for feeding maps, clues,

etc. to an adventuring party over a week or two, the new, larger
version Is extensive enough to provIde pieces of information for
an entire campaign - and durable enough to survive It! Finding
all of the pIeces can be the players' delight or dilemma.

Price: 5%" x 8" puzzle: SOc each. BW' x 11 " puzzle: goc each.


-- I

NeWI RPCA Network Fantasy Notepads.

Now you
can have stationery that matches your Imagination, and Identifies you as an offidal RPGA Network Member. These 5%" x 8W', 50
sheet tablets feature 10 different and alternating illustrations
of various classes and races from the ADVANCED DUNGEONS &
DRAGONS,j' Fantasy Game. On the bottom of each page Is the
official RPGA logo with the Inscription "RPGA Network Member."
Each page is printed with black ink on different and alternating
colored Sheets; each pad is backed with cardbOard.


price: $1.75 each .

. ...

Closeout Sale! Mlnl'Tote Bags. These zippered. sturdy

bags are being discontinued from the RPGA Network products
line, and are being offered to our members at a low, discount
price before being sold to the general public. Unlike many other
types of dice bags, these "zip wide" to offer easy access for dice,
penCilS, or m iniature boxes. Their large capaCity , leatherllke
appearance, sewn handles, and RPGA Network lOgo make them
perfect as gaming giftS.

Reduced Price:

$2.50 each.

Apparel items are not ret urnable.

Gaming caps. 100% pOlyester adjustable caps. One size fits aU. Please specify color and type. Colors
available are: dark blue, green, red, and yellow. Types are: AI Robot, BI Halfling Thief, CI Dwarf Hero.

price: $4.50

T-Shirts. 65% Polyester/ 35% Cotton white with dark blue neck and armbands. Available In adult small,
medlum, large and extra large. Please speCify size and type. Types are: AI Grell Attack, Bl Gamma ChiCken, C)
Dwarf Hero.




by Frank Mentzer
R-1: To The Aid of Falx.

A sliver dragon Is In danger

because of the theft of five sflverdragon contrOl potions. His laIr

is near the thief's complex. Can you SliP In and secure the potions
befOre the time limit runs out? 5 Characters, levels 5-9.

price: $3.50

R-2: The Investigation of Hydell. Happy Slaves? A

business that sells happy slaves?? You are requested to investigate the complex and shut It down If possible. 5 multi-class
characters, levels 5/5.

price: 54.50

R-3: The Egg of The Phoenix.

In the lonely town 01

Northending, the Council of Five has called upon the famous

Palad in Athelstan to come to theIr ald. The fabled artifact known

as The Egg of The Phoenix has been stolen. taken by evil creatures and hidden far away - on the Negative Material Plane
itself and guarded by a real Phoenix. 6 Characters, 5-9.

Price: 54.50

Back Issues of POLYHEDRON" Newszlne. We stili have some back issues 01 POL YHEDRON Newszine
available. Issues #6, #8, #9, and #10 are out of stock. Collector's note: we will not be reprinting old issues.

price: $1 .25 each.

R-4:DOC's Island, by Frank Mentzer. Your party
Is now In possession of the famed artifact. The Egg

of the Phoenix. Its delivery through dangerous

lands and treacherous waters has been entrusted

to your party. Your arrival at the mysterious Doc's

Island does not end your quest, however. Rather, It

Is the beginning of a new one set In the very bowels
of Doc's Island as your party searches for Its grea-

test treasure - a Holy Sword.

An Intriguing sequel to R- 3: The Egg of The Pho:nix,

this AD&DfII game mOdule Is for a party of 5 charac-

ters, levels 6-10. The module Includes maps, s pre

rolled characters, background on the lands you are
adventuring In, and detailed encounter Informat ion for the OM. 32 pages.

PriCe: $4.50

RPGA'" Module #1: Rahasla, by Tracy and

laura Hickman. The elvenmald Rahasla Is In dire
peril. An outsider, theevll human Rahlb, Is trying to
force her to come away with him against her will.
TO this end, he has taken over the Temple of The
Sacred Black Rock. He has placed the elves who tend
It under a terrible curse, and lured both Rahasla's
father and her betrothed into his hands. You are
her last hope. Can you brave the dangers of the
Temple, break the curse, and capture the Rahlb
before he brings ruin upon all?
This Is the first of a line of RPGA Network Modules
dealing with general adventures USing TSR game
systems. It Is a O&O!> Basfc Adventure for a balanced
party of 5-8 Characters, levels 1-3. The module
Includes background Information, maps of the
temple complex, pre-rolled Characters, and detailed
encounter Information for the OM. 16 pages.

price: $4.50

New! Library Slip-


Tired of stacking your modules, piling

your gaming magazines,

or losing your character

them protected In our

new RPGA Network Slip-

cases. These Slipcases are

not flimsy, thin cardboard, but 70pt. Chlp-

stOCk, and are double

cases for maximum protection. Measuring 11% "

high, 9" wide, and 3"

thiCk, they're perfect for
POL YHEORONr... Newszlnes,
DRAGONIII Magazlnes,and
TSR Game Modules. The

five AD&DTJI Game Manuals will all fit Inone sUpcase! Deep blue, w ith a
Silver RPGA Network
Emblem heat-stamped on
the facing edge, these
attractive library SliP-

cases look great, and can

add longer life to your
gaming materials.

Price: $7.50 each, 3 for

$21 .00, or 6 for $40.00.

THE ARTISTS OF TSR _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __

The RPGA Network's first Art portfolio
This prOduct was created for those of you who
have searched for hIgh quality, imagInative art
work at a reasonable price.
This fine portfolio features 12 black and white
pieces of art, printed separately, and protected
by a wraparound cover. It also contains background Information on the TSR Art Department
and Its artIsts. They are Ideal for displaying on
your walls, usIng In a campaign, and gift giving,
orSlmpty add them to your fantasy art collection.
The 12 pieces include: Amazon Archer, War COO,

Jl)rien-Eiven Huntress, Orc war Partv, Fire Orag:)ll

Hunt, vamplress' Tomb, Cu Chulainn, White Dragon
Death, The Tri-gon Rider of samaj, The Undead
Queen's vault, Starfarer's LaSt Battle, and Thor's Bat tle with JQrmungandr. Other artwork Includes
cover's Dragonhead and Inside caricatures of the
Art Staff.

price: $7.50

HOW TO ORDER _ _ _ _ _ _ __
use the enclosed order form to list the specific Item /s and price/s In the
spaces prOvided. When you have listed your entire order, add up the prices
plus postage to arrive at the total cost. The postage and fOreign rates are
listed above the order form. NO merchandise can be shipped on a COD basis.
payment must be made in one of the following ways.
credit cards. we accept only VISA or MASTERCARD. You may either use the
form and mall this in lin which case we also need your credit card type,
number, expiration date, and name of card holder. Phone number and area
code must also be included on credit card ordersl, OR use our toll free
number and place your order. The number IS, 1-800-558-5977 (outside Wisconsin onlyl. This number Is for product orders only!! Please have the
following Information ready,
Name and RPGA" Membership Number
City, state, and zip code
Phone number with area code
Credit card number and type of card
Expiration date
Name of cardholder IIf different from name of memberl
products you are ordering and total cost
Money Order or Certified Check. US Residents, please send a certified
check or money order fOr the total amount plus postage. FOreign residents
must add on other charges (see order forml, and all payments must be in US
funds. Please make all checks or money orders payable to, RPGA Network,
POB 509, lake Geneva, WI 53147. Please completely fill out the order form
legibly In ink.
Normally, all orders areshipped within 4-7 days upon receipt order, but this
may vary depending on the season. UPS is used whenever possible, so be
sure someone is home to Sign for the package. OtherWise, please request
that your package be sent by Parcel Post. APO, FPO and PO Box Numbers
are automatically shipped parcel Post. Remember, the postage charge
must be added to the total purchase amount. or your order will not be
sent to you.
If you are expecting to move while you are awaiting delivery, please
specify an alternative mailing address so that we can assure proper delivery to you. we will automatically baCk order any stock we can as we run
out. If and when the item is back In stock, it will automatically be mailed to
you. In either event, you will be notified and your money refunded if

POSTACERATES . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ....

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$10.01 to $20.00: add $2.50 fOr postage.
$20.01 to $30.00, add $3.00 fOr postage.
$30.01 to S40.00: add $3.50 for postage.
Over $40.00, postage Is free for US Residents.

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Foreign Residents add 20% of total order for postage and handling.
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fOr Surface Available Mall (SAM)
or here
and add 10% plus $1 .00 for Parcel Air lift (PAU.
Wisconsin Residents add 5% sates tax to all orders before figuring postage charge.
All payments must be In US funds.

Never send cash. Allow 3-4 weeks for delivery.

cut on dotted line






Sales Tax

Wisconsin Residents Add 5% Sales Tax



Phone number (
RPGAlllmembershlp number _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __

1 _ _ __

198] ------------

=scJ ------------

Credit card expiration date _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __
Signature Of cardholder _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __

Name _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ _ __

Address _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ ____
CIty _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __

State _ _ _ _ _ ZIp _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __

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