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Peace Corps Kyrgyz Republic
Program Manager – Health Education (HE)
Statement of Work
US Peace Corps is a program of the American government which places US citizens in Kyrgyz
Republic for 2 years to work as Volunteers (PCVs) in several different program areas. This position
is for the Program Manager of the Health Education Program. PCVs in this program work with
Health Promotion Units and Village Health Committees to encourage healthy practices. Each PCV
works with a local Counterpart (CP) for guidance and to ensure that local needs are met.
The HE Program Manager (HE PM) provides leadership, oversight and management of the Health
Education project. The HE PM serves as a member of the Programming and Training Unit (PTU)
staff, provides technical training at Peace Corps training events and provides the Peace Corps
Volunteer (PCV) community with relevant information related to the Health Education program. The
HE PM identifies sites and counterparts where PCVs can work.

Project development and management______________________________________

Maintain relationships and partnerships with national and local level partners, including
Ministries, National and local level government offices, NGOs, local partners and health related
projects of international organizations in the Kyrgyz Republic.
Maintain and modify the HE project plan in accordance with Kyrgyz Republic needs and Peace
Corps Headquarters’ guidance.
Supervise PCVs reporting against HE project goals and objectives and oversee their involvement
in sustainable community development projects.


Ensure Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the Ministry of Health (MoH) of the
Kyrgyz Republic and US Peace Corps is renewed and updated once in five years.
Develop and update Host Agency (HA) Agreements based on HE project plan goals and
objectives that outline roles and responsibilities of the HA Director, PCV, Counterpart (CP), and
the Peace Corps Country Director (CD) to ensure clarity and prevent potential
misunderstandings. Ensure the HA Agreements signed by the HA Director, CP, PCV and the PC
CD kept in Volunteer’s file.
Maintain documentation related to sites for PCV placement. Share updated information on site
placement with potential sites. Provide requirements for PCV recruitment to PC Headquarters.
Develop and revise program materials and resources as needed.


Participate in the annual budgeting and planning process in areas affecting the PTU and project.
Maintain documentation related to PCVs in the program and potential sites
Respond to PCV questions and communications in a timely fashion


Together with the Training staff, design and implement 2-3 month training for the newly arrived
Volunteers. Approximately 55 trainees arrive to country annually. In 2015, 14 of those will
serve in the HE program.

Additional trainings are provided to PCVs during their service. HE PM will provide guidance on
the technical training needs and design of sessions.
Review technical training feedbacks and address them in the next training event.

Site Identification and Development________________________________________

Identify and visit potential sites and conduct community meetings to discuss Peace Corps goals,
site and housing selection criteria, roles and responsibilities to identify appropriate PCV
placement sites.
Assess the needs and abilities of trainees and match to available sites

Volunteer Support_______________________________________________________
The Program Manager is the primary support and contact person for PCVs. The HE PM is responsible
for ensuring open communications between staff, PCVs, host country partners, in consultation with
their supervisor as needed.

Assist trainees in developing realistic expectations about their role and work in the Kyrgyz
Guide PCVs to focus on capacity building and skill transfer in their community development
Conduct site visits to new PCVs within the first three months at site and at minimum annually
thereafter during service. Conduct visits as needed when problems arise.
Assist PCVs and CPs to work through cross-cultural issues between them and to establish good
working relationships.

Safety and Security_______________________________________________________

Become familiar with and follow Safety and Security guidelines.

Additional Oversight_________________________________


Provide assistance and guidance to other programs and/or committees as requested

Professional Development

Participate in training activities provided to PC staff.
Consult with supervisor regarding program management and support of PCVs as needed.
Stay abreast of HE trends in the Kyrgyz Republic and with Peace Corps worldwide.
Provide guidance to the training staff.

Experience, Background and Skills


Minimum 2 years working in Public Health or Health related fields
Knowledge of the Kyrgyz public health system and familiarity with working with Health officials
Minimum 2 years training experience
Masters degree in health or health-related field
Experience working with volunteers or other international agencies preferred
Good written and spoken English required. Knowledge of both Russian and Kyrgyz languages
preferred, with either Russian or Kyrgyz required.
Ability to relate across cultures and to a variety of ages/backgrounds
Strong team-working abilities
Ability to articulate and implement plans

1. Represent and promote the Peace Corps’ mission and three goals.
2. Create a framework for a safe, meaningful and effective experience for Peace Corps
Volunteers/Trainees and staff.
3. Engage with all Peace Corps partners in a spirit of cooperation and learning.
4. Strengthen a culture of performance improvement by collecting, analyzing, and sharing
information for effective decision making.
5. Perform with diligence, strive for excellence, and maintain a healthy balance between
professional and personal life.
6. Adapt in a timely manner to meet changing needs and conditions.
7. Respect the diversity of beliefs, cultures and lifestyles of the Volunteers/Trainees, staff,
counterparts and communities we serve.
8. Collaborate with fellow staff and Volunteers/Trainees to create an atmosphere of inclusion,
mutual learning, open communication, accountability and trust.
9. Ensure that Peace Corps’ management of its human, material and financial resources is
efficient, cost-effective, and socially and environmentally sustainable.
10. Consistently follow and implement Peace Corps policies in both letter and spirit.