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Wali Car Palace

Case on an Entrepreneurship Venture:

Mohd. Waliullah Al-Mamuns

Prepared for:
Dr. A. K. M. Saiful Majid
Course Instructor

Prepared by:
Jonayed Nasir Anik
Roll: ZR-102

Institute of Business Administration, Dhaka

September 15, 2014

Dr. A K M Saiful Majid

Institute of Business Administration, University of Dhaka

Subject: Entrepreneurship case submission

I am pleased to submit my entrepreneurship case on Mr. Mohammad Waliullah Al-Mamuns
venture Wali Car Palace. I tried my level best to cover the entire entrepreneurial journey of
Mr. Waliullah and focus on the key aspects of his venture from the very beginning till now.

I appreciate the opportunity you provided me with and look for further scopes and
responsibilities to be assigned.

Sincerely yours,


Jonayed Nasir Anik

ZR-102, Section: B
BBA 19th Batch
Institute of Business Administration, University of Dhaka

Mr. Mohammad Waliullah Al-Mamun is the entrepreneur I chose to do a case study on and his
business venture Wali Car Palace. He is one of the most successful entrepreneurs of the
country and is still thriving to achieve more. He is the owner and founder of Wali Car Palace.
His dream, devotion, dedication, hard work, creativity and effective decisions in the right time
and in the right place are the main key factors that triggered his success.
Mr. Waliullah established Wali Car Palace in 1999 as a trading business in auto trading industry,
which imports and resells different types of reconditioned Japanese vehicles. Almost all the
vehicles imported by the proprietorship are of Toyota brand (2011: 95%). Mr. Waliullah always
dreamt of a career that is challenging and gives a scope to prove oneself. He has considerable
experience in automobiles business starting with Nahiyan Trade & Co. in 2001 which is also a
trading and body repairing facility of vehicles.
From such humble beginnings, he has created quite a venture. All of this was possible due to his
great passion and ambition.

Broad Objective:
To learn how Mr.Mohd.Waliullahs entrepreneurship venture turned out to be a great success.
Specific Objectives:

To know when this entrepreneurship venture started

To know how the venture started
To know the pathway to success

The data needed to prepare this report is collected both from primary and secondary sources.
Primary data is the information that was collect first-hand and secondary data is the
information collected by others and used by us.
Primary data collection:
For primary data, structured and unstructured interviews were held with
Mr.Mohd.Waliullah. This was done in order to gather information about the entrepreneurhis life and how he strove to gain this achievement.
Secondary Data Collection:
Secondary data was collected from the internet through already existing reports and
researches. Although not much research has been done on him but some information can be
gathered from there.

This report solely consists of data regarding Mr.Mohd.Waliullah and his venture.

This report will try to give an insight on how an entrepreneur becomes successful. Since
automobile business is one of the very rapidly developing sectors, any information about the
entrepreneurs or their ventures will be very helpful.

Due to the political turbulence and unexpected strikes nationally, It was difficult to reach
Mr.Mohd.Waliullah in person and thus interviews were done over telephone.

The present Wali Car Palace wasnt something Mr. Waliullah had planned to do in the first
place. His family was in steel mill business for a long time. Back in 1995, right after graduation
he entered the family business. Wali Car Palace was just a nameless side project of the family
back then. Mr. Waliullah grew interest in automobile import business. He initially started by
bringing 2 cars.
But he incurred heavy loss, got demoralized and stopped. He went back to concentrating in the
steel business. After 6 months, he again decided to take a shot in the car import idea. This time
he brought 4 cars, 2 of which got sold. Again he stopped for a while and restarted after 6
months. This cycle kept on going but never turned into a major priority, until 1999.
During this period, a management issue came up in the steel mill and the business came to a
halt. Mr. Waliullah now wanted to solely concentrate in the automobile business. Thus, Wali
Car Palace was introduced.

Wali Car Palace started its journey in 1999 officially. The market opportunities and hurdles that
Mr. Waliullah faced while initiating his venture back then are discussed below:

Boom in personal automobile demand

Low price for automobile


No financial support

No govt. policies

Mr. Waliullah didnt go for any sort of marketing or promotional activities for his venture. Back
in 95 when he used to bring in small amount of cars let people know that he was into
automobile import business. People used to approach him to buy cars, which created goodwill
for his venture. So basically word-of mouth was the only promotional tool for his business.

Wali Car Palace basically provides vehicles for personal and commercial use such as
private cars, microbuses etc.

Its main customers are anyone with a need of using vehicle. Right now, it deals with a
lot of corporate clients such as Meghna group, Rahimafroz and various RMG companies.

The other automobile providers are its main competitors.

Wali Car Palace is totally an import based venture. It imports various transportations of
internationally recognized brands both new and reconditioned.
Its showroom has a total employee of 18 people.
It is associated with Bangladesh Automobiles Distributors Association (BADA).

Mr. Waliullah had a vision of providing automobiles to customers according to their choice and
affordability when he started his venture. After 14 years, he is now a successful entrepreneur in
Bangladesh automobiles distributors industry. He is a renowned and honest businessman in his
field. He takes good care of his customers before and after the sales. Wali Car Palace is not only
a showroom but also a customization and after-sales service garage which deals every
customer equally.
Mr. Waliullah dreams on doing what he does best by winning the hearts of people by providing
the best quality products possible in the future days. Mr. Waliullah also urges the government
to take necessary steps on improving automobiles industry of Bangladesh by taking all the
necessary and required steps possible.