Dulakshi Nirosha Kaluarachchi

# 26C De Melwatta Road, Koswatta Road, Nawala.
Tel: 0775920510, 0812310433
E-mail: dulakshinirosha@gmail.com

"My vision is to transform my visionary thinking in to realistic workable actions for the betterment of

Career Objective:
“To be an effective professional to face the challenges ahead of me from the highly competitive and
dynamic environment”

Professional Qualifications:
Work Experience:
 Working at Mobitel Pvt(Ltd) as a trainee technical officer

Training Experience:
 Trained at Mobitel Pvt(Ltd) for three months.
 Trained at Sri Lanka Rupavahini Corporation for three months.

Academic Qualifications:
 Completed HNDE (Higher National Diploma in Engineering) in the field of Electronic and
Telecommunication Engineering of SLIATE (Sri Lanka Institute of Advanced Technological
Education) in 2014.
First Year course units – Common Program

 Engineering Mathematics
 English
 Information Technology
 Workshop Engineering

 Engineering Drawing & AutoCAD  Engineering Science  Electrical Principles  Introduction to Computer Systems  Microelectronic Systems  Telecommunication Principles  Electronic Circuits & Systems Second Year 1st Semester course units – Electronic Program  Essentials of Communication Skills  Engineering Mathematic with Mat LAB  Information Technology IIA  Electrical Machines A  Electrical Installation Practice  Electronic Circuit & Systems IIA  Computer Hardware  Telecommunication Network Second Year 2nd Semester course units – Electronic Program  Technical Communication Skills  Advanced Engineering Mathematics  Information Technology IIB  Electrical Machines B  Microelectronic Systems II  Electronic Circuit & Systems IIB  Power Electronics  Telecommunication Access Technologies Six Months Implant Training Third Year 1st Semester course units – Electronic Program  Essentials of Communication Skills  Information Technology III  Microelectronic Systems III  Circuit & Systems III  Industrial Electronics  Group Project Third Year 2nd Semester course units – Electronic Program  Robotics & Automation  Electrical Energy Management .

Kandy (Z. Kandy G.E. Sri Lanka.C.E A/L: Combined Mathematics Physics Chemistry English Common General Test C C S A 83 Primary Education December 2006 . Industrial Engineering Management  Broadcast Technologies  Broadband Communication  Individual Project  Completed Higher Diploma in Computer Science in 2011 with second class upper (Programming) from the International Institute of Information Technology.  Completed Embedded Control Systems Course at Arthur C Clark Institute.Score: 0.C. Katubedda.5427) G. O/L: Mathematics Science Sinhala Religion Social Studies History Drama and Theater Commerce History Health Science Computer Literacy  MS Office Ability to work with  Java Sript (Client Programming)  PHP + MySQL  HTML  CSS A A A A A A A A A A . Secondary Education August 2009 – Mahamaya Girls’ College.Swarnamali Girls’ College.

Kithamalewatta.N.2014 .Kaluarachchi Sri Lankan 04th October 1990 Female Single 907784487 V #23/A. 2nd and 3rd grades of Exercise Grading Test of School Gymnastic Society Sri Lanka Personal Information Name with initials Nationality Birth date Gender Marital Status NIC No Permanent Address : : : : : : : D.10.Extracurricular activities Completed ‘Our World’ International Marketing Task of Junior Achievement Passed 1st. Yoga Ganeshan Head of the Department Electrical Engineering Advanced Technological Institute Colombo 15 Tel: +94112529479 Mrs. Karamada. Gelioya Nonrelated referees Mr. Dulakshi Nirosha Kaluarachchi 14.Shanthi Sivaprasadan Branch Manager Peoples Bank Akurana Tel: +94718098329 I hereby certify that the information attached are true and correct to the best of my knowledge.