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How did you use media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation

Research and planning

Use of new media such as ‘SurveyMonkey’Before we produced our soap opera trailer we needed to see
what our audience like in a soap, how frequently they watch
soaps and why they watch them (if they do). We needed to ask
a range of different people within our target audience and
therefore decided it would be a good idea to contact them
through the use of an online survey. We decided to use survey
monkey as it was user friendly and could reach our audience via
different platforms e.g. email, Facebook and on the blog. Using
this technology allowed me to access a wide range of people to
gather information without actually having to personally carry
out surveys and interviews. This was really helpful as our replies
came back quickly and our audience could leave their
comments anonymously. Using SurveyMonkey developed my
skills as I had to learn how to imbed the document onto my
blog. As well as this, I learnt how to prepare g the survey
electronically e.g. the questions, and how they should be asked
in order for my audience to understand, without having to have
For both
my planning
and research tasks I have had to
the question
broken down.
use ‘Blogger’ to upload and share my work. Blogger is a
relatively new concept to me and therefore working on
this throughout the year has meant I’m always learning.
Using Blogger meant that I could show my knowledge,
understanding and progress of both the research and
planning aspects of my media product. I have been able
to use further media platforms such as: Slideshare, Prezi
and SlideBoom to submit my work in a more aesthetically
pleasing way. Additionally whilst working on Blogger I
have been able to upload my own videos through the use
of YouTube. Using Blogger has been really helpful as it
has meant I have developed my skills and knowledge of a
variety of media platforms. Additionally, it has meant that
I can easily review my previously published tasks, making
it easier for me when it came to actually producing my
and props.
Lastly, e.g.
the with
use of
as the internet
been extremely important when it comes to finding
information such as: definitions, market analysis and
YouTube videos. Using the internet enabled me to watch
and re-watch videos from previous episodes of soaps.
This was really useful as I could then comment in detail
able the conventions, facial expressions, locations,
costumes and props featured in already existing trailers.
Being able to search for information such as market
analysis statistics was additionally really helpful as it
enabled me to find already correlated data. Additionally
I was able to compare my findings which helped develop
my comparison skills and additionally greatened my
knowledge on my own target market. Additionally it
helped me develop skills in adapting a text to put it into
my own words, always making sure I referred back to

Dip to blackDuring the editing stages of our production I
used Premiere and we took it in turns to edit
different parts of the production. Premiere
enabled me to be able to add transitions such
as ‘dip to black’ to the production. The most
effective dip to black that I was able to include
was at the end of my trailer. The text dipped to
black, which enabled my trailer to end
dramatically and could additionally connote and
foreshadow a death within the narrative of the
production as the text just slips away. My skills
have developed in using Premiere as at first I
am never fully confident with this software. The
more I used it, the easier I found the editing
process which was great as I feel the editing is
now completed to the best of my ability. If I had
to use Premiere again, I feel as though I would
confidently be able to use this editing technique
in particular to emphasise different aspects of
the production e.g. happiness, sadness, loss
Use of colourand substance abuse.
Adjusting the colour grading of our production
additionally required the use of Premiere.
Having to edit the video in different ways meant
I became more and more familiar with the
concept of Premiere. As a group, we decided
that we needed to adjust the colours of the
originally filmed footage. When editing, we had
to make sure that we applied the same colour
to each piece of footage in order to maintain
continuity. I would say my skills have increased
dramatically from editing my soap opera trailer
and feel as though I could apply these editing
techniques to a range of other projects.
Editing the videos in this way has allowed me to
develop skills in creating verisimilitude. Altering
the colours was needed in order for my
production to look professional and for the
audience to think it is as realistic as possible. I
feel that by experimenting with this editing
feature, that I have developed skills and
in realising what
the audience will
an interview/focus
groupUse of equipmentFor evaluation question 3 we had to produce an
When it came to filming the actual project, we had
interview/focus group. In order to do this we had to
intended for the third member of our group to be
use a range of skills. For example we needed to
present; however as she was not, Melissa and I had
demonstrate skills using the camera, tripod, the
to take on the role as camera operator(s). I did not
recording of sound and our skills on Premiere. Using
know a great deal about operating the camera as
with own
us to produce a product with
this had not been my intended role; however I
For evaluation
I decided
produce a video
sound quality
and a1clear
developed these skills as we went along. We used
outlining theproducing
different aspects
of my production.
this evaluation
task in thisIway
both the camera shown on the left and a tripod.
to outline
the conventions,
it engaging
for my target
and was a
This technology was really good as it left us with
of my production.
I additionally
way of displaying
our audience’s
opinions on our
clear aesthetically pleasing footage and supported
a voice
over with
a transcript
the format in which Premiere is able to export in
what was being
Using the
my skills
as Iin
to further
(after misjudging this the first time).
I was
my voice
the camera
as displaying
My skills with the camera and tripod were rather
clearly which
will help
the audience
on Premiere
such as:
basic before filming this production, so therefore I
video tomy
a greater
This technology
it easy
own titles
and having
to manipulate
gained a great deal of knowledge when I had to do
for me of
then clip.
upload my voice recording as it was easy
it this time. I feel I have gained skills in operating
to connect to the school computer, where I then edited
the camera such as: controlling the white balance
it onto the Premiere document and video. Prior to this
and making sure the shots were framed properly so
recording I had only taken a voice recording once and
they were aesthetically pleasing for the audience.
therefore doing it a second time; I was more familiar
Additionally, I am now more confident in using the
with the equipment and found it easier to edit the
voiceover onto the video e.g. I was comfortable with