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A Written Report

Presented to the Faculty of the



In Partial Fulfilment of the Requirements for the Degree of


Submitted by:
Crystal Jane B. Quizon
February 23, 2015

Chapter I
Statement of Purpose
The objective of this unpaid internship is to enhance the students
preparation for a professional aviation career through the students
participation in the Flight
Operations Internship Program at Airlines. Interns will be exposed to all
segments of the Flight Operations department and will have a solid
understanding of Flight Operations upon successful completion of the

Chapter II
Scope of Internship
We, students work on challenging projects that include hands-on experience
in flight operations. The Intern Program provides students with hands-on
experience and professional growth in their field of study. Internships often
enhance the skills and theory that students learn in the classroom and may
qualify as course credit. The Delta Intern/Co-op program, consisting of
internships and co-operative education opportunities, was developed to
provide a benefit to both the Company and participating students. While
Delta receives assistance from talented students with projects and an
expanded candidate pool for future full-time hiring, participating students
receive real business experience and a valuable look at future careers. In
addition, students who have participated in a Co-op or Intern program also
increase their marketability for full-time positions upon graduation.

A Company Profile
Delta Air Lines

The impressive legacy of Delta Air Lines, a longstanding leader in air travel,
traces back to 1924, when Huff Daland Dusters was founded as the world's
first aerial crop dusting organization. In 1928, the company was purchased
and renamed Delta Air Service for the Mississippi Delta region it served. On
June 17, 1929, Delta inaugurated airline service with the first passenger
flights over a route stretching from Dallas, Texas to Jackson, Mississippi, via
Shreveport and Monroe, Louisiana. In 1941, the company moved its
headquarters from Monroe to Atlanta, Georgia.

Delta Air Lines was created as Huff Daland Dusters, Incorporated, an aerial
crop dusting operation, on May 30, 1924 in Macon, Georgia. Formed with a
Huff-Daland Duster, the first true crop duster, the plane was deployed to
combat the boll weevil in 1925. Delta Air Corporation owned the plane (now
in the Southern Museum of Flight). The company moved to Monroe, Louisiana
in 1925. Collett E. Woolman, one of the original directors, purchased the
company on September 13, 1928, and renamed it Delta Air Service. It began
carrying passengers on June 17, 1929. The single passenger sat in a chair
placed in the bin where the pesticide was usually kept.

Delta grew through the addition of routes and the acquisition of other
airlines. They replaced propeller planes with jets in the 1960s and entered
international competition to Europe in the 1970s and across the Pacific in the
1980s. The logo of Delta Air Lines, originally unveiled in 1959, is reminiscent
of the swept-wing design of the DC-8 airplanes. Often termed as the "widget"
logo, the current version consists of two 3D triangles


Delta Air Lines recognizes the critical role of small, minority, and womenowned businesses in the overall strength of the U.S. economy and ultimately
to Delta stakeholders. To maximize returns to Delta customers, shareholders,
employees, and the communities in which we operate, Delta seeks to utilize
the products and services of qualified small, minority, and women-owned

Vision and Mission

Delta Air Lines Mission Statement:
"WeDelta's employees, customers, and community partners together form
a force for positive local and global change, dedicated to bettering standards
of living and the environment where we and our customers live and work."

Delta Air Lines Vision Statement:

Edited on: 2011-05-11
Delta Cargo will be the preferred choice for our customers global shipping
needs. We invest in people and processes that ensure the reliable movement
of freight and information. Our customer commitment is to proactively
provide simple and creative solutions that drive our mutual profitability.


Speed, Comfort and Safety

1930s Speed, Comfort and Convenience


The Trans-Southern Route


The Airline of the South


None Faster. None Finer. To and Through the South.

1950s Hospitality and Service from the Heart

1950s One of Americas Pioneer-Scheduled Airlines


The Airline with the Big Jets


The Best Thing That Ever Happened to Air Travel


Delta Is Ready When You Are


Thats the Delta Spirit


The Airline Run by Professionals


Delta Is My Airline


Airlines Are the Same. Only People Make the Difference.


Delta Is Ready When You Are


Delta Gets You There


We Love to Fly and It Shows


Ready When You Are


Youll Love the Way We Fly


On Top of the World


Good Goes Around

Current Keep Climbing

Andrews Ave, Pasay, 1300 Metro Manila, Philippines
Ninoy Aquino International Airport Terminal 3

Accommodation and other services offered

Service Animals

We welcome trained service animals in the aircraft cabin. Trained service

animals are different from emotional support animals in that they have been
trained to perform a particular function or service to assist a passenger with
a disability in the management of their disability.

Under most circumstances, we do not require passengers using trained

service animals to provide additional documentation.

However, it is

expected that a service animal behave in public and follow the direction of
its owner.

In the rare event the animal doesnt behave, we may ask you

additional questions about the training of your animal.

Just as any other passenger with a disability, you are entitled to any
available seat in which you are qualified to use and your animal is expected
to be seated in the floor space below your seat. No animals are allowed to
occupy seats that are designed for passengers.

When booking your reservation, please ensure you have seat assignments
before you hang up the phone.

It is our responsibility to provide seating

accommodation for passengers with disabilities at the first point of contact.

If directed to get seats at the gate, please ask to be transferred to the CRO
Desk for further direction.

As a passenger with a disability, you are always entitled to preboarding if you

meet the check-in requirements and notify the gate agent of your intention
to preboard.

Please understand that with larger service animals or passengers with

multiple service animals, we may need to re-accommodate you if the animal
encroaches on other passengers or extends into aisles, which would be a
violation of FAA regulations.


Delta Airways offers one of the best in-flight entertainment options. With a
host of on-demand movies, TV and music that may be accessed on touchscreen digital entertainment systems located on your seat, you may truly
have a great flight experience.

Also, in-flight power adapters ensure that your gadgets are charged
throughout. You may access the Internet and stay connected with the Wi-Fi
facility. To avail of this facility, you simply need to buy a Delta Wi-Fi pass.

Other services include the SkyMiles frequent flyer program, a world-class

airline loyalty program; award-winning Business Elite service and more than
50 Delta Sky Clubs in airports across the world.

A Assertion of Internship Task

Admin Pm (Arrival Department)