Agency: Volt Candidate Name: Shelley Kornfeld

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I am a focused and persistent Project Manager with over 20 years of experience managing complex processes and people in a variety of corporate settings. I am a well-rounded leader with an exemplary record of establishing, motivating and building collaborative working relations internally and externally. My interpersonal skills have enabled me to successfully manage diverse groups ranging from customers to engineers to executives. Key Talents & Foundation Culture Assessment: Please share why you think is a culture fit, based on the foundation guiding principles and core competencies?

Why are you interested in this role, or in the foundation? What about the position or the organization appeals to you?

As you know, families around the world are trapped in a cycle of disease and poverty that they are unable to escape. There are no easy or cheap solutions to these problems but they are soluble through the focused application of financial and political will. The Gates Foundation is uniquely positioned to help in the eradication of disease and the development of the economics of change. I have robust project management and people skills that can be applied to enhance the foundation’s work and contribute to the effort to make a lasting difference in the lives of our world’s most needy citizens. • We are always interested in how candidates connect with our mission. Is there an area of our grant making that you find particularly compelling, or a grant area you strongly connect with personally, or is this more of a broad general interest in our work?

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Societies that are hobbled by infectious diseases can have difficulty attaining peace and stability. Families whose children die in their arms are often unable to see a future in which they may have health and prosperity. I believe that the foundation’s long-term commitment to the development of vaccines and treatments for infectious diseases is the only path to finally end this chapter for humanity. This resonates with me because I look at my family, and the comfort and health with which we live, and want to be part of making this the norm for all families. • Ideal role – ultimately are you interested in full time (direct hire) opportunities in addition to contract, or really just focusing on contract work at this time?

I am interested in contributing in a full time capacity. Technical Assessment: Please describe your technical competencies based on the qualification in the position description. Please share your technical competencies and identify areas where you think there are potential gaps. I have many of the core competencies in the position description. I want to highlight that I believe that the key to my achievements in the past and the contribution I could make to your organization is my ability to work with and motivate people of all skill levels and perspectives; to manage complex processes; and to remain buoyant when faced with challenging situations. Specifically, I have experience with SharePoint and a number of project management methodologies. More generally, I have worked with teams that are geographically disparate and difficult to coordinate, and done so with winning results. What gaps I have I believe that I will fill quickly as I am a self-starter and have never encountered a situation where I was not able to educate myself to proficiency as rapidly as required Interview Availability Date/Time: Flexible Start Date Availability: As soon as needed

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