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Psalm 91 Ministries Presents:

Divine InspirationsOpen the Heavens!
March 25, 2015

Dear Neighbors and Fellow Citizens,

Recently, I was given the pleasure of seeing a play that refreshed the vision of Psalm 91 Ministries,
since this ministry has endured many afflictions in this city. Nationwide, as well as in cyber ministry, I have
been allotted a privilege by God to present the Gospel. Psalm 91 Ministries addresses issues that have often sat
in places I believe the church does not have the liberty to be silent about in this nation, any longer.
Such issues are addressed frequently by this ministry and to be honest, are long overdue in their
significance to bring a positive change and refreshment to those who have been weary, in well doing. Most of
what this ministry is focused on, in this season of transition of a public address to the nation, is allowing the
gift of prayer to shift time to a significance that is encouraging others to Pray without ceasing, because
prayer is a public mandate and not just a quiet reply to evil. Yet, in my endeavors to keep the dream alive, I
have been greatly challenged. I was imprisoned 3 times and this most recent sentence was 1 year in YCP,
because I was forced to leave the Public Library, in which I was doing as I am right now; ministry through the
written Word, in a public facility. Lies were told and I spent a year in prison with a tin man of injustice I had to
release to Calvary, for cruelty that was done to me and my family; all because I said yes to ministry and did
not say yes to be a clone, but what God calls me to be. I was never given civil rights to oppose such evil, nor a
fair trial or suitable representation. Instead, I was hated by local churches, magistrate and those who dared to
say they upheld good and shunned evil in their daily pursuits to maintain decency and order in the community.
All of it taught me well, not to give up but to pursue God to know how to handle such cruelty, since it went as
far as it did that I would be forced under a mental health umbrella, to hide such evil that was done in the
community by those who were in authority, where justice was not the agenda, at all. A lack of integrity here
exposes the fact that there are others who will also come forth and testify of such cruelty that was dared to be
done in the name of the Law. Such a play that I saw recently, redirects me to press, and with expectancy since
others do also understand how truly insufficient the devils plans are to try to stop what is of God.
As Psalm 91 Ministries continues to write under the banner and ministry of Divine InspirationsOpen
the Heavens! there will no doubt be those who will know that this ministry will refresh the weary, and those
who have been oppressed because they desire to bring a positive change. The primary focus here is to direct
gifts to be used of God to rediscover identity and purpose to be Kingdom oriented. Anything else that is in
writing under the banner of this ministry is a lie. Those who would do such evil are being apprehended, at this
precise moment. I have been challenged in places that do not hide such insufficient means to stop the flow of
ministry, such as Martin Library, because Satanism will no longer hide in this city under the banner of Good.
The prophetic writing cant go back! will be published. Those who dared to pretend they did
not see or hear how far it went to silence evil, will not be given a slot to contaminate this city any longer, with
such racism and hypocrisy as what took place in this city unapologetically, with such a disregard for an AfroAmerican womans life and her family. In it, racism, occultism, Satanism and persecution was exposed in ways
York, Pa. will never be the same, because of it.
In closing, it is not the will of the Father that things would remain the same, where Gods people are and in
fact, it is impossible. Things will never be the same. Yet, it will be the kind of change that ignites youth
America and Gods people to know their God, and DO great exploits, because of it.

Sincerely in Christ,
Prophetess Dominique Wilson
Founder and Visionary of Psalm 91 Ministries and
Divine Inspirations..Open the Heavens!