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- Radhika Bagdai

As my strength is storytelling, I would like to share

my reflection in a story format. So get your
listening ears ready to listen to Radhika The
Once upon a time, there was a lot of talk about
PBL programme in our school. The teachers who
had already gained knowledge through PBL were
supposed to make their learning visible through
Table Talk. I was fortunate enough to be a part of
Table Talk as an audience. After attending the
Talk, I got inspired to enroll myself for the next
season. My purpose for enrolling was To be a
Facilitator who reaches out to students in a
better and creative way.
My journey as a Pblian began in next season with
lot of questions, fears and expectations. Initial two
to three sessions were puzzling and clueless for
me. I felt that I was not competent enough to
understand or learn this programme. My quandary
state of mind made me feel like a loser. But then

my CF helped me sort my confusions. I use to

bombard him with questions and he happily and
patiently answered. He made it a point to clarify all
my doubts and encouraged me to ask more
questions if I had doubts. This really boosted my
confidence. I started understanding the program
with a better eye. Then an assignment of QQC on
the book Ethics of Excellence changed my
perspective about many things. Firstly it made me
realize that its ok to make mistakes. Multiple
drafts of any work are not a sign of failure but its
a pathway to reach excellence. This learning I took
it in my playhouse class too. I was completely at
ease when my babies made mistakes. I gave them
productive feedback and helped them to get
better. Displaying their work on the walls
motivated them to give their best. Parents, peers
and teachers feedback helped my babies to get
better each day.
This book also helped me to think differently and
creatively. I planned my project of Parachute Play
with different purpose than usual. Purpose of
Parachute Play is to develop gross and fine motor
muscles of young babies. But along with these
purpose I added one new flavor of developing

vocabulary. Project was a hit with students and

teachers too. Timely reflection helped me to make
the plan better for the next day. Later when the
project was completed I realized that I had failed
to involve parents in it. In my PLP I had
mentioned that I will be involving parents as
partner in true sense. But I failed. So next year I
will make sure that I will involve parents in it by
sending simple BA. This will help me to know how
many words has become a part of active
vocabulary and it will also make parents aware
about their childs learning.
Another goal of my PLP was to get grip over time
management skills. Power of Protocol book
helped me in achieving it up to an extent. I
exercised many protocols in my professional and
personal life. I still need to practice it more to get
a grip over it.
Peer critique, WALO, Assessment and Rubrics,
Reflective writing sessions were helpful in making
me a better teacher. One eye opener session was
Reflecting v/s Reporting.
But as each story has a twist even my story has a
twist. My twist is my fear of making a Digital

Portfolio and Table Talk. I am very poor at

technology and I couldnt learn how to document
my work in a right way. But I have planned that
during vacation I will conquer my fear by learning
technology in right way. Another fear is quite big
as now the tables will be turned. Now I will be the
participant and others will be the spectators during
Table Talk.
I fear that will I be able to share my learning in a
right way. Will I be able to convey the essence of
this programme? I dont know how far I will be
able to showcase my learning in right way. But I
am sure that whatever will happen, it will be a
good learning experience. After being a part of PBL
I feel I have overcome my fear of facing failure.
Each failure will make me work hard and help me
to reach excellence. My learning from this
programme has made me a better facilitator and I
am able to reach my babies more than ever.
So the moral of the story is Dont fear
failure, Face it and conquer it.
Other moral is puchhta pandit thavai so
puccho (ASK) and ASK according to me is:

A-Always S-Seek K-Knowledge

Hope you had a good time listening to my story.