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Zombie name

Chapter 1: Rise And Sine

Wake up, Danny wake up, my mother ordered. Come on Danny, we need to leave.
Where are we going? I asked. Where is dad?
He is still with his friends, she said with hesitation. We need to go to the store. Now!
Do I have to come with you?
Yes, now get your stuff ready, we are leaving to go home again right after we are done at the store.
It was around 8 as I was getting my stuff, I heard a scream from outside. Then it stopped. I was
just going to see what it was when my mum came running in whispering, Danny, whatever you do be
quiet and dont open any windows. At that point I knew something was wrong.
When I got into the car I heard another scream which sounded like the scream that I had heard
in my room, but this time it was louder, like it was in pain. I slowly climbed into the car and started to
wait for my mum which was opening the car gate so that we could get out, she climbed in and I told
her she forgot to lock up but she just ignored me.
By the time we got to the store my mum was talking to herself, it was about 9. I could only hear a
few things she said because she was almost whispering. Before I knew it we had arrived and she
asked me to stay in the car for a bit, but she left the keys and warned me that if she wasnt back in half
an hour I should drive some place safe that I know the way to.
My mum was starting to take a bit time, so I started the engine. But then a figure appeared out from
the store door followed by another. It was my mum with a man; he was wearing a blue hooded t-shirt,
red shorts and a pair of black flip-flops. As they got closer another figure appeared. It was cover in
blood. As he saw my mum and the man it started to run like it was sleep walking, with its arms out
and no facial expressions. My mum quickly turned around and right after that so did the man, the man
pulled out something out his bag and stabbed it into the things head, the things arms dropped like it
just died and that split second one of those things jumped onto the side of the car, scratching at the
window. Then it stopped. It then turned to mum and started to sprint, then my mum shouted, OVER
THERE!, and pointed to the thing then instantly the man turned around and kicked the thing down,
my mum and the man ran to me in the car and got in as I getting into the back seat. They both took a
quite big breath Those were zombies ...uhh, said the man in the front passenger seat.
Well Danny, I am John, pleased to meat you, I saw your mum in the security camera and got to her as
fast as I could, she was looking for supplies.
Stop John, hes too young, my mother said trying to protect me from the truth.
Relax he's like what 14, 15? John asked looking over to me with a smile and a blink

15 I replied.
Look Jill, we are here now and if he doesnt know about them, how will he know what to do when he
comes face to face with one
Alright but we will tell him when we get to the... looking over to me in the back seat when john cut
her off
JILL WATCH OUT! John shouted.
A zombie appeared out of one where and my mum turned in to the side of the road onto the sign post.
As people say , when you think youre about to die you see all your life in a split second, I saw only
the best time of my life and that was with my friends playing football and scoring the last goal for us
to win the match in the last second. All that I could remember was the loud ringing noise in my ears.
I probably must have been knocked out for a while because the time on the radio was 10:30 and I was
laying in the car half in half out of the window. All I could hear was a light moan not so far by. I knew
it must have been a zombie because mum and john were still in the car looking half dead, I started
kicking at john to wake up, and after about 2 kicks he woke up with a jolt asked me what happened
and I told him we must have crashed, I asked him if mum was ok and he started nudging her and then
she was up. John told us to grab a weapon each, aim for the head and hope for the best. We all slowly
exited the front right hand seat starting with John for a look out as the rest of us exit. My mum got out
and quickly helped me out. Do we all have some sort of weapon? asked John with a whisper. My
mum reached into the car and got a small piece of car scrap with a very sharp looking edge. I dont,
I announced in a whisper.
Its alright I have a knife back here, if I can find it john said searching in his bag pack. Here is this
good for you?
Yes, thanks I said with a smile on my face.
Then we heard a shout. There was a little pizza restaurant not so far away were there was a chef
covered in blood which was standing out on his white uniform. He was on his balcony and was
holding a light. Theres an entrance in the back shouted the chef. We slowly, while crouching,
walked to the back entrance we there was a zombie. John ran to it and cut off it head but just before
that let out a loud scream and on the other side of the building a few more zombies screamed like they
were talking. We then ran to the bottom of the stairs were we opened the door and ran in john was still
at the top of the stairs trying to pull the knife out of the zombies severed body. You dont have
enough time quickly come! my mum called but just as she said that zombies from each direction
jumped onto him ripping off limb by limb. I ran up to help him but my mum pulled me back and
closed the door behind me there was another man in the room and he ran to us and pushed a shelf in
front of the door. As we walked upstairs the chef told us to get some rest while we can so he had taken
us up stair to a bed room where I lay on my bed trying to forget what happened that day.
The next day I woke up at 11, it was not very bright in the room because all the windows have
been barricaded. I walked down stair hoping everything was okay and nobody was hurt. But as it
turns out not everyone was. What has happened? everyone looked like something has happened. A
boy while crying said a man in pyjamas, He was just a boy. The chef came up to me and told me
the bad news. A boy was bitten in the leg a few days ago, and halfway through the night he turned,
lucky we locked him in the upstairs bathroom or we would all be dead chef looked in a pretty bad

Later that day at around 1 people were doing checkups to see who was bitten and lucky enough
no one was, but some people were not that healthy, one person had a bad chest infection and another
had diarea. The man who lived up here must have been pretty rich because we found guns and a few
valuable items like watches and an X-box with a few car racing and football games, so most that night
we tried to make as much as we could with a tournament of football. But the night got pretty late so
we called it a night. While I was in bed my mum was trying to sleep but couldnt and so I asked her a
question which made her cry. I asked what really happened to dad. But all she told me was that it was
late and that we need as much sleep as we can get.
The next day was basically a sleep day were no one got out of bed. But later that day our luck
was beginning to change, at around 4 in the afternoon we heard some shooting outside so we all got
onto the balcony and saw around 5 people fighting all the zombies the one man had a shotgun with a
white tank top and jeans, the next man had a machete and a clever and was dressed in full army
uniform from head to toe, and the last man was wearing just a blue t-shirt and red shorts, but I could
not tell if it was the blood making his shorts red, he was holding two pistols but he was mostly staying
back of the 5. The two girls were almost back to back with a matching uniform, they were wearing a
green jacket and jeans they both had a semi-automatic gun and were tanned orange.
As they came closer the man at the back with the pistols spotted us, he shouted to the rest and pointed
to us but out of nowhere came a zombie behind him and just ripped of his right arm. He screamed in
agony and the rest turned around and ran to him. The zombie was slowly eating at his foot when one o
the girls shot the zombie and it went flying back. They took the man by the arms and legs while he
was screaming Kill me! Shoot me in the head with a bullet! the pain must have been unbearable but
then one of them fulfilled his wish and the man with the shot gun shot him right in the face, the people
started walking towards us and lucky for them we threw down a ladder for them to get up. They
started with the girl and ending with the man with the shotgun. The dead man was also brought up
here and the emptied his bag pack onto the floor after pulling up the ladder. In the bag there were
many cans of food, but no one cared because the rest of the 4 were like zombie killing machines. We
all walked inside and some of the survivors in my room were asking the zombie killing 4 questions
like, were did you guy meet? and were did you get the weapons? but instead of answering them,
the 3 zombie killers just told us there names there was Amelia, Monika and Steve. We asked them
how they are so brave, and they said that they were immune to the virus because of their blood type,
they told us anyone with blood type AB was immune to the virus, and just as they said that, and man
appeared. He said his name was Johnny. I had not seen him here before, he was wearing a blue scrub.
He must have been a doctor because he had told us that he had some blood testing stuff. He said that
the army was responsible for the outbreak of zombies and the doctors were trying to get an antidote
for the virus, but the army must have made a mistake and let one of the zombies out of their cells and
it must have spread like that. After a few more questions the man had taken the blood type of
everyone and had checked for blood type AB. He left the room for around 30 minutes and came back
in. Theres good news and bad news, he announced. Which would you like first?
The bad news, the people agreed.
The bad news is that 3 of the people have the virus, and it will spread in about 1 week, if they are
lucky. The doctor sadly warned them. Jerry, Samantha, Max, I am sorry for us to be safe ... uhh we
need you to leave, but I know a place not far from here, its just up the river, about half a kilometre.
There was a silence in the room, the one you act as if someone just died. The 3 with the virus left the
room slowly with their head down, like they just let down the rest of the people. Wait you 3, we will
let you sleep in the toilet today, we will put beds in there if you want, said the chef trying to cheer

them up, but its no use when you know you are going to die. So your saying that we let them sleep
in here and put our own live in danger?
Thats exactly what I am saying, these people have a week to live and you want them kicked out?
How much of a fucking pussy are you?
But what...
No buts, you should be lucky I dont kick your ass out, right at this very moment, now tell us the
good news before I have a good reason to kill you.
Huuhh well it seems that one person has AB blood as well, this theory of AB blood is true, I did
some testing with the blood from the one of the 4 AB blooded people and mixed it with the blood of
the 3 people with the virus. In only 2 seconds straight all the blood that had been with the virus had
turned back to its normal state. It seem that the AB blood fight of the virus, Danny lucky for you, you
have AB blood.
As for most people it came to a shock for me because this will make people think I can help them and
thats the last thing I want. But this might give me a chance to show where I excel. When I was young
I was always a strong boy, always going to fitting schools where I could, but fighting an undead freak
was not on the list of things I did. Then everyone looked at me like I was the only hope of the group
and I didnt know what to do. My mum looked at me and she must have lost a lot of stress because it
was the first time I saw her smile in a while. Thats good, we have someone to help outside us when
Amelia, Monika and Steve leave
Hes just a kid, we need someone a lot more stronger to help us, a man in a black suit then said what
everyone was thinking
Who said he would go to do anything to help us? my mum said trying to protect me.
Well he is the only one who can help, another man said. I started to get the impression that not
everyone liked me which made me feel a bit useless.
Let Danny choose then, my mum then replied.
Why would someone volunteer for something like... said the in the suit said before I cut him off.
Okay.....Okay I will help you, I said. My mum looked at me Danny, are you sure you have a choice
in this you know?
No you dont Danny the man I the suit came up again.
Yes I do, and I am only doing it for all you lot. I said walking up to him and pushing him back up to
the wall. I picked up a knife and forced it into his just enough to make a small cut. And I should not
be doing it to help you, should I? I said over his screaming.
No, no you should not, the man painfully said. I could hear slow footstep and as I turned around I
saw people going up stairs except for my mum, the man and me. I lowered the knife and walked to
bed with them. As I walked by the toilets I could hear crying and I remembered that those people were
the ones that were going to die. I realised that living here at this time was not going to be easy and I
am not talking about the zombies.

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