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Class 09cna07

Nguyen Hoang Ngan
Tran Kim Ngan
Nguyen Thi Thao Nguyen
Nguyen Thi Dam Sen


Nowadays, television has proved its position in

the daily life. TV, with its variety of functions, opens
a new era to humans civilization. However, the
negative effects of TV in our life, especially on
children, are unavoidable. The three most significant
ones isare about on childrens creative thinking, their
mission to study and their behaviors.
The most obvious danger of watching TV too
much is to harm childrens creative thinking. They
just sit in front of the TV all the day, and receive
passive information. As a result, television kills
childrens ability to form pictures in his mind. A case
in point is that a child cannot understand a simple
story without visual illustrations. In other words,
children become very receptive and unquestioning.






children will neglect their study. There are so many

interesting channels for children to watch, no matter
what the time is. Frankly speaking, kids can sink into
watching television. TV takes up too much childrens
time and makes them to withdraw from the real life.
Less time for study is certainly a result of such TV
watching. Besides, childrens learning quality is also
affected since they are very exhausted after long
hours of TVs watching.
Last but not least, childrens behavior can be
impacted due to some unhealthy and bad scenes on
the TV screen. While watching TV, children are often
exposed to the scenes of violence, murder and sex.
They have a tendency to regard them as a normal
matter in the daily life of course. As a consequence,
children may copy harmful acts that they see on
television and accept them as a natural part of life.
In conclusion, besides the benefits of television,
several negative influences on our young generation
are undeniable. Therefore, people should have the
suitable ways to prevent kids from bad TV programs
and control their habit of watching TV as well


In the age of technology, TV becomes an integral

part of human beings. However, TV has bad effects
on children's health as well as their behaviors if they
watch TV too much.

The most obvious consequence of TV is that it

influences children's health. First, children spend
many hours on watching TV, for example, more than
one hours a day without relaxing, so, their eyes will
be tired. If this lasts for a long time, their eyes
enable toare more likely to be short-sighted. Second,
children often eat fast food such as snack, popcorn,
or biscuit while they are watching TV. Moreover, the
physical activities are rarely performed by the








overweight when they watch TV too much.

What's more, children's behaviors are also
impacted by TV's programs. Some TV's programs
bring have unrealistic and unhealthy contents, so

children have tendency to easy haveget wrong

thoughts and actions. Besides, films violence also
impacts on children. They may mimic and apply such
actions to reality.

In brief, TV leads to some certain drawbacks for

both health and attitude of children. Therefore,
parents should limit children's time of watching TV.