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For the nonadepts and uninitiated ones in the occult mysteries,

On of the Hardest topics to understand is how the God demiurgus is the creator, and
how he created Cosmos, Man and why He is called the God of Thoughtful Light.
Well, i will use one simple example, in the manner that it is taught in Secret
Brotherhoods and Esoteric Orders.
Let us imagine that I am God and it is my will to manifest a million dollars, by using
the veritable sacred magic.
The First step is to create an build the archetype of a potent tought, with all the details
about the money: size, texture, colour, simbols, numbers,..even smell and taste.
After this I start using the powers of each planetary ruler by uttering the sacred Seven
letter of creation, beginning by the letter Beth.
Beth is the first letter of the logos for material manifestation.
Corresponding to mercury, so the operation must begin on Wednesday, the first day of
Creation of the material world. Wedenessday is the first day creation in the primal
Craft, and explain the name Odin, who is Wotan, the Demiurgus of the Nordic
civilisations from our word Wednesday: Wotans Day derives.
After this on each consecutively days, a Planetary Power/intelligence with its
Archangels, Angels and summoned by a Sacred letter, until the Seventh.
Without any day of rest as put in the tale given in the Holy Bible of the profanes.
Each Letter of Creation must be repeated 10 times on each day, which will equal 70 and
the last day two more are added to equal 72, to form the sacred name of God.
This last day corresponds to Mars, Tuesday and explain whi the lower spirits devils
in the middle age grimoires were attributed to Mars, and the pentacles for them were
made on Tuesday under the influence of Mars.
After this is finished and all proper rituals done, I just need to wait for its Coming into
Being. And this is what i want to put clear that it does not matter how this happens, I
can receive a million Dollar Gift, Win the Lottery, Recieve an Inheritance, Some thieves
mix their stolen money with my baggage...or the Daemons may materialize the money
out of the thin air...this actually not inportant.
In this same manner God Demiurgus may have manifested Man, it does not matter if
he made it out of soil/clay, from trees, that He made Monkeys evolve into humans, that
he sent Alliens to mix their DNA with monkeys and breed Humans, or that Man evolved
from the Toad which is a theory spread among among secret groups...and so on.
The important thing is that we understand this process of tangible material manifestation
is irrelevant.
Our technology is making this easier with the bit coins, for example the million dollars
of the above metaphorical example may be transfered by mistake into my bank acount,
without ever manifesting as tangible paper currency.
This is a Token, i am giving to my friends who are interested in magic, in order to
understand how this type of magic works and its occult mechanisms.
--F. Necrosophiacos