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Preliminary Findings re a Hungarian School

(Ages 7-14)

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The smaller children are circulated to; the

older ones circulate to specialized classrooms
on occasion.
Lunch is at 12 and lasts two hours potentially
School day is 8 to 4.
Games and activities in the afternoon

Gifted are a special sub-group: work under

guidance of Tutor on extra-curricular aspects
of school work
The address of the school is 98 Moricz
Zsigmond Street Mateszalka and materials
can be sent in advance
There are at least eight projectors in the
school, typically alongside to interactive
whiteboards but also standalone
A special English room with appropriate
lighting conditions might be arrangable
The school has a library to which children
may repair.
The school uses both white and black boards
and has whiteboards alongside the interactive
There is web connectivity in the school and at
least two computer rooms, at least one of
which is available for non-Computer Science.
There is a good sense of sharing and reallocating rooms: no empires.

Printouts may be made at school no

seeming constraints - but as I work in the
small hours I will get a printer on arrival.
There is an art room.
There is only one piano but it is in a
classroom which I may teach in (if it is
I did not enquire if the piano was in good tune
and order; fingers crossed.
General impression: immense efficiency
taken as completely normal. Just do it,
Surprising lack of emotion my guess is that
Hungarian emotions are subterranean!
There is a farm where I could ride a horse and
a wonderful swimming pool in the town
I will swim often, but as I am scared of
heights I will pass on the horse. I might lead
one, if someone else is riding.
The school is really near the centre where
there is a train station (Budapest 4-5 hours
away; second city Debrecen, about 2-3 hours

away). There are about 5 top-flight schools

within a stones throw of each other all in the
centre. Town population the same as Bolnisi
Google street view shows a surprisingly
English looking suburban set up: impeccably
swept streets, coloured bins, high end cars in
drives; and a lack of character that might
well have an interesting character.
I remember finding Bolnisis corpuses
decayed-looking and unwelcoming at first
arrival: but how wrong I was; how nice they
are inside, especially when redecorated and
improved! Tbilisis are usually worse
The East of Europe is just the West, inside out
(Georgia) and back to front (Hungary). In
three months I can tell you how wrong I have