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Substitute Resolution

Introduced By:
Councilman Larry Deutsch

Court of Common Council
City of Hartford, July 13, 2015

WHEREAS, laws of the City of Hartford through Charter or Ordinance require that Directors of
Departments and certain other appointed positions be residents of the City, or be terminated from such
position if necessary, and
WHEREAS, the mayor is obligated to faithfully execute the law pursuant to Section 2-370(c) of the
Municipal Code to terminate any temporary positions at the end of six (6) months or submit said
appointments to Council for approval, and
WHEREAS, pursuant to Chapters VIII, section 5(e)(3)(iii) and IV, section 2(d) of the charter Acting
Directors may serve in office no longer than Six (6) months before the Mayor submits to Court of
Common Council for approval a nominee for Director of any Department, and that no person may hold
such a position for more than six (6) months without being submitted to Council for approval, and
WHEREAS, laws of the State of Connecticut may require a Mayor to comply with City law through
Mandamus or other legal action, now therefore be it
RESOLVED, that the Mayor has been in violation of these City laws and is hereby commanded to obey
and follow them through notifications and terminations within two (2) months of passage by this Court
of Common Council if necessary to comply with law; and be it further
RESOLVED, that the Court of Common Council hereby censures the Mayor of Hartford Pedro E. Segarra
for his failure to faithfully execute and uphold the laws of the City of Hartford.