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The Peak Oil Catalog

Welcome to another edition of the art catalog. In the first edition we focused on “Art
as an Investment.” This time we are going to focus on something a bit more broad — Peak Oil. This
issue is a catalog with a message. Very little of the art in this catalog is from the secondary market.
Most pieces here were created specifically for the catalog. Artists from were asked to
create something with a message. We, and the artists involved in this project, believe that Peak Oil is a
potentially important issue in the world today. We simply want to bring attention to it. Many of the
artists are from the U.S., but this is an international project with artists from six continents. One artist from
Africa said the following:

“Pardon my forwardness, but I think I am qualified to create a piece of art

with real feeling as we are living ‘it’ right now. We have constant power
cuts and two hours of water a day. Our basic commodities are short. Fuel
is very scarce and not readily available. I’m running my computer system
on a generator this minute with rare and very expensive fuel.”

What is Peak Oil? In the 1950s a man named M. King Hubbert was working for Shell Oil in Houston, TX.
He presented a theory in 1956 to the American Petroleum Institute suggesting that United States
petroleum production would peak in the next 20 years. He was exactly right, and in 1973, partially
because of our oil production peak, the United States experienced a dire energy crisis.

Using Hubbert’s prediction techniques, one finds

that in the very near future the world supply of oil
will also be declining, despite increasing demand.

There are currently 98 oil producing countries in the

world, of which 64 are thought to have passed
their production peak, and of those, 60 are already
in terminal production decline. The image to the
left illustrates the United States falling into
production decline in the 1970s. Over 60 countries
are now facing the exact same production decline.

Peak Oil is the date when the peak of the world’s

conventional petroleum production rate is
reached. Some think we’re beginning to go
through it right now. When Peak Oil occurs,
demand will be higher than supply.

For you economists out there, many believe that the laws of elasticity act a bit more strictly in the the
oil market because nearly every other market depends upon oil. Demand can’t decrease until other
options are available. For demand to decrease as price increases, we would need other energy and
transportation options. Nuclear power plants take over 20 years to build, and currently our
transportation infrastructure is built almost entirely upon oil. There are no competing options that
could support between six to eight billion people. Everything you own depends upon oil.

Some predict that Peak Oil will result in mass-starvation, the twisting of governments of countries that
have large oil reserves, wars between first-world countries seeking oil, global depression, mass-
immigration, and the collapse of global civilization. They argue that these results can only be
mitigated through conservation and through energy alternatives.
Peak Oilers’ arguments are compelling. Take any one item you
have right now, your shoes for example. Petroleum is pulled from
the earth, moved and processed. Polymers that make up the
individual parts of your shoes are created and shipped overseas.
They are made into the basic materials that will make up your
shoes, and are moved again, probably to east Asia, to be made
into your shoes. They are then shipped back around the world
and eventually end up on your feet. Right now, in the United
States, only 2% of all shoes are created in the U.S. The remaining
90-some-odd percent are moved around the globe thousands of
miles before you purchase them. It takes a tremendous amount
of cheap energy to move products thousands of miles.
Everything you own is awash in oil.

A similar energy trail could be followed for every product we consume, especially our food. In the
United States, and much of North and South America, it takes between five and ten calories to move
every one calorie of food to peoples’ tables. Most of that energy is gotten from oil. This does not
include the other oil-based products integrated into our food: fertilizers, pesticides, combines, tractors,
plastics, and the like.

It is common knowledge that if gasoline prices raise to $5.00 per gallon, our economy would struggle.
When you consider that most countries have the same energy, product, and food infrastructures as the
U.S., a significant increase in the price of oil would influence the prices of everything throughout the
Americas, including food. On July 18, all of the major news outlets reported a 2% to 8% leap in food
prices in the United States, siting gas prices as a major cause.

People in the U.S. talk a lot about illegal immigrants. Well, what happens
when we have 150 million immigrants trying to get into the United States
because there is no affordable food in their own countries? These are
questions that our own intelligence agencies have asked. Our
government’s reaction seems to have been the building of ‘Immigrant
Detention Centers’ to handle a huge influx of illegal immigrants.

To me, the good news is that none of the bad things that could happen
need to happen. Innovation is required, however. We should begin to
create a new energy infrastructure, then maybe we can avoid all of the
potential economic problems that could arise. I, along with the artists
represented in this catalog, encourage you to think of ways to help us
avoid potential catastrophe. Conserve. Support products that are local
and don’t require gallon upon gallon of oil to be moved to your area. I’ll
even go so far as to suggest what our politicians will not: do not buy an
cover art SUV until you can own one that is all electric. The technology is here. It is
Come and Join the Light not as expensive as you might think. If it is too expensive for you, write a
Art by Luis Perez letter to an automaker and wait until the cost is affordable.

I hope you enjoy the art that our artists have

created. Some of these pieces can be found
on our website, but much Have a nice day,
of it was created solely for this catalog. If
you have any questions about the art, don’t Jeremy Mooer
hesitate in contacting us at 720.249.2853 or Owner – 720.249.2853
...One more thing.
This is an art catalog. However, do not confuse the message with the
intent to capitalize. Yes, we want to make money, but more important to
us (or to me at least) is your lifestyle. Some of the issues on the previous
two pages are very important. In fact, there are many issues that are
important to our planet’s health. Almost all of these issues stem from over-
population. If I had to choose between my making money and your
making a lifestyle change, I would choose the latter. From CO2
emmissions to net energy consumption, every little choice does help. I like
this planet. Let’s make sure we’re around to enjoy it in 100 years.

Our Catalog is sent quarterly.

If you’d like to receive future catalogs

or call 720.249.2853. Yes, I want to
make money, but more
i m p o r t a n t

to me is your lifestyle.

Would you like to sell

your art in future catalogs?
Our next catalog will include about 150 pages, 50 of
which are available to others who have art to sell. If you
are a dealer, gallery owner, print publisher, or have a
collection of art that might interest people who will be
receiving the November / December catalog, don’t
hesitate in emailing me at

Interested in buying?
There is limited availability to almost every piece in
the catalog. If you’re interested you can either:
1) Call 1 720.249.2853
2) Email

Peak Oil Pages: 1 - 49

Nor mal Catalog Pages: 50 - 71
We support...
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Watch for the XR-3 Hybrid which is to be released in September of 2007.

125 mpg on diesel power alone, 225 mpg on combined diesel and electric power.
All with the performance of a conventional automobile and for less than $20K.
Visit for more information.

And, one of the inspirations

for this catalog:

Thom Hartmann

Among all the bad consequences of the oil
situation, one of the things that shocks me
the most is the gradual loss of indigenous
cultures. They come in contact with our so-
called modern world, brought usually by the
same oil companies that drill on what was
once native territories. Seeing an image of
an Indian with a cellphone is like a
confirmation that things can never go back
to be the way they were. Progress is the
beginning of the end for a natural world that
vanishes as a consequence of the oil
machinery, socially and politically speaking.
This picture was inspired by all that.

Natural Selection
11.5” x 16.25”

Luis Peres
All works created with Watercolor,
Acrylic and Clored Pencil.

Come and Join the Light

11.5” x 16.25”

For purchasing information or questions, call 720.249.2853 or email

A Dark Bright Future
11.5” x 16.25”

This one [A Dark Bright Future] represents the

invasion and changing of the natural and
traditional world by the arrival of the oil
industries. This image appeared from
nowhere in my mind while looking at a
desert photograph. Thinking about the oil
that should be under the sand, I got this
image of a giant oil tanker appearing from
under the sand, creating "waves" like a
whale on the ocean. I changed the natural
desert into a giant oil field catching by
surprise even the desert local tribes, who are
destined to have the same fate as the
Amazonian indigenous tribes by the arrival
of the oil companies in their environment.

“...they try to scare us

‘Come and Join the Light’ is based on an interview I saw with speak that is almost
on television with one of those oil-proponent corporate
executives. His sound-bites sounded more like an appeal
biblical and ‘end of the
to a religious cult than a rational justification for the world as we know it’.”
continuing existence of oil dependency. To this person,
oil was something sacred that has saved humankind from the sins of the alternative energies. These
alternative energies areviewed by these money-making corporations as a very bad thing. So they try to
scare us with speak that is almost biblical and “end of the world as we know it.”

So this was the image that came to my mind with both of the main characters in the foreground
depicting the west and the middle east side of the same coin trying to enslave public opinion using
almost religious tones to prevent any changes from oil to an alternative energy system.
Evguenia Men

Water Restriction
76cm x 60cm

‘Skyleaking City’ and ‘Water Restriction’ are Skyleaking City

depictions of draught and unseasonal floods in Australia. 60cm x 90cm

Francis DiClemente
Food Coloring #1
Gelatin Silver Print
5” x 7”

Food Coloring #2
Gelatin Silver Print
Toledo Tower 5” x 7”
Gelatin Silver Print (B&W) $60
8” x 10”
Enrico Thomas

The Siege
Marker on Paper
16.5” x 20”

“My illustration is essentially about extraterrestrial beings taking action because of their higher
awareness of the environmental toll that oil consumption and greed have taken over our planet.”

greed have
taken over our planet.

Harry T. Burleigh
original oils

Imponderable Crude Relinquishing

Dimensions: 24" x 36"
Price: $5,000.00

‘Imponderable Crude
Relinquishing’ is an
a b s t r a c t
representation of the
metamorphosis from

oil to green sources of
alternative energy.

Interplanetary Carpediem
Dimensions: 24" x 36"
Price: $7,000.00

Ignis Fatuus Luminary

Dimensions: 24" x 36"
Price: $5,000.00
Abhilasha Singh

‘The Wind’ is my thoughtful suggestion to
those who want to save the planet and
would like to try alternate forms of energy.
‘My Green World’ is inspired by people
who are going green and have changed
their lifestyles to save the environment.

‘Relaxing Environment’ shows the mood
of the artist enjoying a peaceful and
healthy environment.

The Wind
29” x 22”

My Green World
29” x 22”



Relaxing Environment
29” x 22”
Adino Lera

Each ceramic piece is hand sculpted and hand painted.
I design the patterns then sculpt each one into either a
tile set or into a more three dimensional piece.

All three pieces depict rare or endangered species. Due to oil exploitation, the ‘Scarlet
Macaw’ is currently at risk in the Maya Biosphere Reserve of Guatemala. The ‘Keel-Billed
Toucan’ is an endangered species. The few Toucans living in the rain forests are at risk. The
‘Long Nose Butterfly Fish’ lives among the tropical reefs that are rapidly dying throughout
the world.

Long-Nose Butterfly Fish

12” x 10” x 3”

Scarlet Macaw
16” x 36” x 3/8”

Keel-Billed Toucan
16” x 38” x 3/8”
Akhilendu Bhowmik

“ My painting represents the push

and pull created by man.
Which is the evil force,
m a n or o i l?

Oil on Canvas
36” x 32”

Aradhna Tandon

T his piece shows the

of all beings.

Chaos and Extremity 1

10” x 15”
Mixed Media
Joy Roy Choudhury & Samij Datta

‘A work of art has
many faces. It
elevates us to a
higher realm that
opens up a condition
to think and rethink;
for assessment of our
work and for future
progress so that we
can learn to deploy
“improved means to
an unimproved end’

Higher rationality &

intuition are faculties
that are deeply
interconnected with
man’s relationship
with nature (like
Thoreau’s Where I
lived, and What I
Oil on Canvas

35” x 48” lived for) and not on
$3500 exploitation of it.

Aquatint hand-pulled print
(single edition)
8” x 10”

Save your
environment Rebirth
Aquatint with collograph
(single edition)
by planting 15” x 19”

I conveyed a message to the whole world: Save your environment by planting trees and don’t
destroy our beautiful planet. If we don’t stop destroying nature then we can only show the beauty
of earth to our next generation through pictures. This is the right time for the beauty of our planet to
be Born and Reborn.
The Human Virus Every Last Drop
16” x 12” 16” x 12”
Acrylic on canvas pad
$200 Anthony Shenton Acrylic on canvas pad

“ In the first piece ‘The Eye of David’ is crying for what we are doing to the planet. ‘The Witch of
Endor (Mother Earth’) was based upon a tree. She is angry and she breaks through the earth.


The Eye of David The Witch of Endor

Fiber Glass Bronze
Molded: Bronze Available 45” tall
$13,500 $6,000
Bogdan Tzigan

Oil-Stained Angel #2
Oil-Stained Angel #1 Pastel and Acrylic Silver
Pastel and Acrylic Silver 11.5” x 15.75”

11.5” x 15.75” $575

The stains are a metaphor for our 200-year

addiction to oil and our blind-eye to our
continued addiction, partly destroying our
ecosystem. The financial disaster comes from
our greed and so does the environmental one.
The angel is a metaphor, for the angels
represent the way our spirit, spirits and saints
decompose in front our greed. Our modern
society became addicted to oil. This unwise use
of oil has practically destroyed our planet. Our
planet is the one that inspired faith in the past,
starting from the stone-age. Our faith vanished
with the luxury of modern society. The Oil
stained angel series presents our faith struggling
with decomposing wings rotted from addiction-
Oil-Stained Angel: Oil Venus
induced oil stains. The series is mostly a warning Pastel and Acrylic Silver
to keep our spirit clean no matter what the 11.5” x 15.75”
future may bring in the next 30-50 years. Maybe $575
spirituality will be our way out of the crisis.
Monoprint Etching
13" x 9"
Matted to 20" x 16"

With ‘Look’ I wanted to say that

we evolve for convenience without
completely understanding
the consequences. ‘U$A’ is
s a y i n g
s a y i n g
that no cost
‘Progress’ shows is too great
technological for power.
progression and
environmental digression. U$A
7" x 16" Matted to 13" x 23"


Kristin Foley
Series of 3 Matted to 12" x 15"
Regina Cafiero

Oil on Canvas
60cm x 90cm Galaxy 1
$1,650 Oil on Canvas
90cm x 60cm

‘Destruction’ was created
from Regina's feelings toward
the earth and how it can be
destroyed by oil. The colours
represent on the darkness of
the land and human-kind.

The Galaxy pieces represent

the universe. The colour black
characterizes the planet. We
have to take care of our
planet and take advantage
of the other energy sources
that are on Earth.

Galaxy 2
Oil on Canvas
90cm x 90cm
Boyko Asparuhov “Icarus is inspired by the Greek mythology. For
me, civilization has grown spirally with
different problems occurring in different eras.
The inspiration for ‘New World’ is the story of
Noah’s Arc. Noah saves the world in his arc.
This piece symbolizes the necessity to save
nature around us all. All of the best human
qualities are required for the world to remain

New World
Oil on Canvas Icarus
96” x 78” Oil on Canvas
$14,000 72” x 72”

Windows of Opportunity
Print with outdoor weatherproof inks on pvc canvas
Bret Polok
250cm x 250cm (can be reduced)
Business as Usual
Print with outdoor weatherproof inks on pvc canvas
350cm x 250cm (can be reduced)
Vladimír Brunton

Silver Gelatin on Canvas
23.5” x 29.5”

Both pieces are created through experimentation with a classic photography technique. As for the

message, one deals with air pollution, the other deals with water pollution. In ‘Pollution’ you can see
dirty water falling down into the clear water.

The Hole in the Darkness

Silver Gelatin on Canvas
23.5” x 29.5”
Kurchi Dasgupta

A mother and child wait in an endless queue for a can of
fuel, set against a dying sun that silhouettes a decrepit oil rig.
The duo, entwining the past and the future, the root and the
seed, stand waiting – forlorn -- on an expanse of rugged
earth broken only by the dark endless queue of fuel cans.

Composite echoes of a pristine pre-industrial past and

jagged edges of helpless, failing economies waft towards us
from the rugged soil, whose immediacy is reminiscent of Millet
or Van Gogh.
The world has gone
into forced regression.
Redemption, promised by the blue dome of a translucent sky,
Endless Queue in a Post-Peak Oil World is but a fleeting promise -- the shimmering depths bear the
Gouache on paper imprint of Hubbert's Peak Oil graph like a watermark -- or a
41” x 28”

$975 long-lost prophecy, ignored. It explodes, like the planet's
imminent oil crisis ...

Ecologically Harmful Angel
22.5” x 30”
Oil on Cardboard

Oil on Canvas Board
22” x 16”

Chanchal Ganguly
Chanchal Ganguly has created a series of pieces
centered around a theme of evolution, creationism and a
spiritual conversation about the two intertwined. Contact
us for more pieces we have available.

For purchasing information or questions, call 720.249.2853 or email

Tracy Schaal
“This graphic and daring piece has a simple
mesage: If enough money is thrown in one
direction, anything can be accomplished--
especially if that destination is a poor country.
Money talks, hence the dollar bill with the
adjacent conversation cloud. The repeated,
'Oil doesn't kill people, people kill people'
mantra is comparable to the 'Guns don't kill
people, people kill people' slogan that has
been used as an easy excuse to keep firearms
uncontrolled--just like the oil industry. The end
quote symbolizes how executives prioritize
these injustices and detour themselves towards
insignificant matters as an act of denial. A
powerful, bold piece that shouts to be seen.

Money Talks
24" X24"

Corporate greed is the passionate message portrayed in this vibrant,

satiric piece. Infinite flames behind shadowy figures portray the harm
concealed in corporate agendas that erode the environment and/or
generate profit at the risk of stripping the local people of their
resources--igniting poverty to a higher level than they were before.
Halos are tossed like horse shoes towards an employee on the far right
in hopes of hitting one of the head hard enough to take the action
and courage to whistle blow injustices. Employees around the
boardroom table remain faceless to underline the fact that so many
are easy to lay the blame elsewhere when required. A fitting and
appropriate piece that deserves to be addressed and displayed

The Firm

Honest Business

A compelling and bold response to the ambiguous approach in

business and government in today's society. The horns and halos
reflect the double standards flourishing in the implementation of
international policies. The emerging white swirls and stars generating
from the computer cogs equate the sanitized versions of annual
reports, press releases and endless PR streams uploaded to the public
everyday. Faces are silhouettes to parallel the anonymity of crimes.
An imperative and creative piece that merits justification in display.”
Cherie Dirksen

“ ”
This piece depicts the earth’s natural
cycles carrying on as usual. As you can
see, the materialistic part, the car, has
become obsolete while life has grown up
around it.

Derelict Dawn
Chalk Pastel on Pastel Paper

Chiru Chakravarty

Great Grabbers
Acrylic on Canvas

Under the Warm Blanket

Acrylic on Paper

“Our unwise use of fossil fuel has put

us in an entrapped situation, covered
and war med by a blanket of gas.”
Daniela Danova
The last dream of the Earth
Oil on Canvas
81cm x 51cm

“ I had a dream of our dying Earth

as a suffering woman laying down.

When We Have No Oil
Oil on Canvas
60cm x 60cm

Often I see an unpolluted land, without gas,
with natural beauty, and I hear wonderful

music. This, from a land without oil.

Another Reality
70cm x 60cm

“ These shapes and imagery represent a

long day spent breathing CO2 on the

city streets, and running after my lost life.
Benedict Olorunnisomo

Hatching Tired Eyes

Pastel Pastel
100cm x 65cm 59cm x 50cm
$2,250 $1,650

“A stage always comes when man, personally “We are worried because many are very
or generally, must face the pain and storms of much affected. For now all we hear and see
change resulting in ‘Hatching.’ There are leaves a sea of ‘Tired Eyes’. Let parties
alternatives even to oil.” concerned be more sensitive.”

There are

even to oil.

“When all seems cloudy and the storms

hit loudly leaving one battered to the
wings we must look up for inspiration. It
is ‘A Time To Bask’. Even in this ‘Oil Peak’
crises we must look above.”

A Time to Bask
65cm x 50cm

Beate Epp
‘End of Time’ is one of my all time favorites and I wasn't able
to part with it for the longest time. It is an expression of the
earth's situation. The burned tree symbolizes the earth,
burned out and used to the last extent; falling down is the
last green leaf (color not that easy to see on the image); the
former white wing of the freedom dove is tinted black with
sticky black oil; the three crosses are symbolizing the lack of
faith in the humans, as they are not strong enough to hold
the earth stable; and the blood-red sun underlines this whole
apocalyptic scene. Out of the black burned tree you can see
a human face looking out (left); this symbolizes the humans
caught in their own actions with no where to go. They don't

know how to free themselves and change what they
started. I wanted to show the desperate situation the earth
and the humans are in. This is a very emotional picture but I
wasn't depressed painting it. I am just a messenger.

End of Time
Watercolor on Paper
32.5” x 25”

Grieve for the Earth

Acrylic on Board
24” x 34”

'Grieve for the Earth' is a painting created out of the

moment with lots of emotions and 'gut' feeling, right
out of the belly. It symbolizes what one feels if a
loved one dies . . . this heartbreaking feeling one has
is as if something inside is tearing apart, like torn into
two pieces, giving way to a stream of blood running

through and out of the body, or in this case -- the
Earth. The Earth is dying and crying for help, grieving
as 'she' sees what has been done to her.

For purchasing information or questions, call 720.249.2853 or email

Fabian Mowszowicz

Global Warming IV Global Warming V

Acrylic on Canvas Acrylic on Canvas
35” x 28” 36” x 28”
$3000 $3000

Oil development has devastated the environment because of the way we live.
Global climate is changing, and it will be a dramatic event for the human family. It
means that rise in average surface temperature will happen as I show in my paintings.

Donald J. Davenport
As we look towards As we look towards the sky we are blind to the toxins in the air and in the
the sky we are same sense this creation,created with the same toxins, is destroying our
very environment. We do not see the petroleum toxins in the sky nor can
blind to the toxins... we see the petroleum products in the painting. The sky represents
deception, beautiful yet polluted and unsafe both in context and in reality. The shapes are symbolic
of wealth and were created with variegated gold
metal to symbolize the leading force and power
behind the destruction.

Origin of Art
40” x 60”
Acrylic, gold leaf, acrylic sheeting
Gjorgi Jakimovski

End of the Road


They Work Day and Night


Road without Traffic


Space Oil Platform


In the Middle of Nowhere

Henriette Dingemans
and Sjoerd Bras

Digital Photography and and Oil
55” x 42.5”

Hansjorg Stubler

driftwood / salvaged wood

24” x 11” x 6”

Manta Ray
driftwood, fishbones, tahitian black pearls
52” x 62” x 14”

saw, installation cupper, tahitian black pearl, fishbones

25” x 76” x 8”
Hugo Pérez

Poisoned Bird
12.5” x 7”

Smudged Land
12.5” x 7”

In Guatemala our case is similar to that of Ecuador. Transnational oil companies

bribe government authorities to drill anywhere they wish, even in the tropical
rain forests. These images are inspired from the current Guatemalan oil situation.

Fish a la Texaco
15” x 7”
Dr. Sanjay Sharma Irma
Occidental Bath
20” x 12”

Global Warming
Acrylic on Canvas ‘Occidental Bath’ represents,
$13,000 in a metaphorical way, the
two elements where the
This ‘green piece’ is a commentary on global warming. American people are taking
Equality is the mother of peace. Save our planet! baths, one for health (water)

and the other oil (money).

Antonio Ehrenzweig
O il FIsh speaks of the evocation of
the life in the water. It confronts the life
and the death of our fish diluted in
oil, and the death of aquatic species.

Oil Fish
Relief on Travertine with acid stains
15.75" x 15.75”

For purchasing information or questions, call 720.249.2853 or email

Fateme Gosheh
Fateme Gosheh was born in Iran 1961. She fled the
theocratic regime in Iran to Sweden in 1986. Often
times, her paintings relate to stoning and hanging
of people in her country. She focuses on the most
extreme infringements of human rights perpetrated
on women in Islam. Her work shows nightmares. For
her it is not sex, but gender politics that is the
material of conflict. In a complex sense, the way
female historians focus on gender theory and social
psychology critically illuminates crimes of violence
against women on this earth. This is true in the
discussions of Islamic countries in the Western world,
including Europe. Her pictures are serious, not silly.

Let’s Talk About Oil

Oil on Canvas
37” x 39”

Cry Iraq, Cry!

Oil on Canvas
23.5” x 31”

Christmas Card from Iraq

Oil on Canvas
37” x 39”
Irlim Berman

End of Civilization shows us that even

in the worst of times, art, music and
architecture (all of which can be
seen in here) will always be with us.

End of Civilization
Mahagony Woodcarving
59” x 39” x 6”

Indian Ink, spray paint, acrylic on canvas
2” x 4”

Jack Yagah

Give a nation’s women their

rights, and the country
seems to almost instantly
make decisions!
better decisions

For every problem that people foresee, from water shortages to global warming, from peak oil to mass
starvation, the root seems to be over-population. An interesting and common thread between all
nations that have a low population-growth is womens’ rights. Give a nation’s women their rights, and
the country seems to almost instantly make better decisions. I challenge all: Emancipate women? Keep
them home for yourself? Breed? Live sustainably? To Die or not to Die?
Jean Paul LeBlanc

Global Warming
Jeremiah Carber
Giclee Black Oil Whirlpool
18” x 14” Oil on Canvas
$750 24” x 24”
This computer art painting represents a big
question: Are we going to totally melt down Black oil got loose from a rummy ship
eventually? and found its way spiralling down a
whirlpool. This painting catches the
light as it swirls around and around
the painting in a whirlpool motion.

Michael Kearsey
Ever aware of man’s greed and
The Old Way misuse of the planet’s resources, I
Oil on Canvas never lose faith in man’s ability to
60cm x 90cm
learn and seek what he needs,
based on knowledge. ‘The New
Dawn’ represents the next
generation. We ran ahead,
taking, believing that tomorrow
would always come. Our planet’s
children already know what they
have to do to make tomorrow
happen. I don’t doubt them. Do

‘The Old Way’ is merely an

illustration of a simpler way of life
The New Dawn based on what we need rather
Oil on Canvas
60cm x 90cm than what the marketing gurus
$1,200 tell us we ‘must have’.

We are trained in
the ways of cool
‘the cool’ through the

b o m b a r d i n g media

Lauren Bumgardner
"And So We Melt"
Oil and spray paint on canvas
20" x 16"

If popular culture is cancer,
then beauty is the thorn in
American culture's tumor.
Our saccharine aesthetics
have grown to a new level in
the past decade which is both
endearing and repulsive at the
same time. We are trained in
‘the ways of cool’ through the
bombarding media, whether
it is television, magazines or the ever-present billboards that surround us. I'm not suggesting that it has
slyly infiltrated my work, but more that I completely embraced it and base each piece upon it.

Combining excessive patterning, graffiti-esque layering, and a palette of cake frosting colors, I create
paintings that are equally as random as the commercials we see on TV. There is a sense of slow
disintegration, extreme contortion, and uncompromising fashion in my work. Each painting is the love-
child of illustration and poetry, abandoned to the dogs of random thought. The subjects appear
confused by the boundary between cute and creepy, or appealing and unpleasant. These figures are
the forever shifting mutants of a pop culture society.

‘And So We Melt’ is about the destruction of the environment due to greed and eager consumerism.
The natural or organic elements in the background are beginning melt away due to the ‘smog’ and

infection of industrialization weighing down on them. Logo-esq shapes, (in this case a thought bubble,
much like Walmart, or McDonalds) are unnaturally forcing their way into the space.
Price of Progress
Acrylic on Canvas
36” x 30”

Mahesh Anjarlekar

Every crest rises after a trough …
Every wave falls only to rise again…
Every cadence lands in lighter note…
Every soul starts from cradle, crawls to child hood, erects into youth, shoulders
responsibilities, bends with load and stoops back to earth and falls to dust. Just as one
casts off soiled clothes and enters into a fresh pair of clothes at the end of the day...
so does the soul cast off this body to incarnate into a new state…
but here is the catch to land in a better state or incarnation the soul is goaded by the
Karma accrued in the previous form.

Energy in its current form of Oil is fueling the fire of human desire now… if mankind acts
wisely, planning, creating alternatives, that will accrue good Karma. This burning of the
'midnight oil' would last until the day break (an eye opening to complete oil exhaustion).
Identifying alternative modes of energy and switching over to them when we can still
afford to, can avert a greater crisis that is impending.

What if there was no death of oil and we progressed? Time will tell. Time has come to
save the progress from death. The painting depicts human forms in different postures and
sizes indicating the growth. But, ultimately the growth turned into death.
Icarus of the third Millennium
Oil and Pastel on Panel

This work was inspired by the words of the great scientist

Carl Sagan "In the end, and mainly, though, it is about
the unexpected opening of a path that can, we hope,
lead to a far safer world" and touches some of the urgent
problems of today like Peak Oil and Global Warming.
Does civilization advance technically and economically
at such pace that our reservoirs and natural resources
cannot keep up with the acceleration? We must find
balance! Otherwise what we will bestow upon our
children and grandchildren will be darkened cities,
powerless industries and an overall gloomy future.

Oil and Pastel on Panel

As a visual artist, when confronted with the bleak

scenario of post Peak Oil, I respond with images.
Images like sparrows. These intriguing creatures
carefully determine the number of offspring they
produce each year. They seem to be aware,
intuitively maybe, the importance of the delicate
balance of nature.
Lyuba Zahova
Lyuba Zahova is a painter who is “concentrated on a painterly
technique and the physicality of paint.” She utilizes her skill to create
modern compositions. Lyuba Zahova started her career as an art
instructor and director of a fine art gallery in Shabla, Bulgaria. She
has been exhibiting her art since 1980.

Oil on canvas
100x70 cm

Fire Bird I
Oil on canvas
120x70 cm

Art for me, is an expression of feelings, a fight for a

better world and an overcoming of impossibilities. It is
a protest against negativism and a search for beauty
and perfection, lifting up to the truth of God in order
to achieve understanding and harmony between
Art for me, is an expression
‘Crucifix’ represents of feelings, a fight for a better
the nature of suffering
due to the irrational world and overcoming the
use of the Earth's i m p o s s i b i l i t i e s .
recourses. The painting
represents the Crucifix of Mother Earth and the
suffering of the Living. ‘Fire Bird I’ represents the new
life after destruction. The Fire bird is beautiful and
powerful. But when it burns to ashes new resurrections
are born. ‘Eruption’ represents the power of Nature to
create and destroy, a firestorm emerging from the
bowels of the Earth. This piece was based upon the
music of Vangelis.

Oil on canvas
80x100 cm

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Free Energy ARE YET TO

Mixed Media
30cm x 45cm BE INVENTED!


End of Day 54 End of Day 60

Ink and Acrylic on Board Ink and Acrylic on Board
49cm x 73cm 49cm x 73cm
$750 $750

“ ‘End of Day 54’ is about rapid industrialisation and destruction of

nature in my neighbourhood (Singur) to make way for a new car factory.

‘End of Day 60’ depicts a road accident not far from the same factory.
Romualdo T. de Jesus
I based my title on the saying,
blood is thicker than water water.
I used an image of a heart for the
globe and put a gasoline hose
on the heart. The droplet shows
that there is little oil left. The images of
fire and people indicate chaos.

Oil is Thicker than Blood

8.25” x 11.5”
Digital Collage

Michael James Toomy

To Stand in Front of the Judges, The Ghosts of 10,000 Sins

Acrylic on Canvas
24” x 48”

My piece represents the effects upon humanity which one individual can have over a
lifetime of small decisions in the pursuit of material wealth and never-ending consumption.
Ivy Klingbeil

‘TThe American Way of Life is
not Negotiable’ is from a
speech by former President
George H.W. Bush. It is now
an expression associated
with the exploitation of
natural resources, along with
American over-consumption

and exceptionalism as well as
other negative aspects of
the American culture.

The American Way of Life is not Negotiable

20” x 20”

‘IImminent Truth’ makes reference to

two of the most significant political
leaders in the history of human kind:
Hitler (1933-1945) well known for the
Otto Schade Lopez
vast harm caused by his government Imminent Truth
when he tried to conquer the world Oil on Canvas
trough war, and George Bush (2001- ) 55” x 47”
who has ...the impotence,
made his disequilibrium and
suffering of those
and others
participate who have been
in a war carried away by
whose only others' decisions.
objective is to get control over the last
oil reserves of our planet. The bar-
code at the top and bottom of the
painting allude to consumerism, our
day’s madness; changing colors from
black (oil) to red (blood). The three
characters behind the numbers
(governing dates) represent the
impotence, disequilibrium and
suffering of those who have been
carried away by others' decisions.
Finally, the man below Bush and Hitler
is a spectator who questions what is

The information I’ve recently learned about Peak Oil has changed the

direction of my work. Quite simply, I want people to ask questions.
Each piece is a watercolor and is 20cm x 27.5cm.


Ask How Ask Why If Not Now

$275 $275 $275

Pamela Holl Hunt

This ‘Match Strike’ series by Pamela Holl Hunt is inspired by peak oil theory. If, with our oil dependence,
which is by no means an accident, we were to see a wild hike in oil prices or worse yet, an oil shortage
without enough facilities for alternate energies, a fragile and highly dependent civilization would be

Oil has been a mainstay for the "Suppressors" and a poor energy source. It is It is a thorn
a thorn in the side of our planet. With it's subsequent carbon pollutants and in the side of
unnecessary (but lucrative to the few) wars, it could lead to our culture's
near demise. our planet.
We all know not to have all our eggs in one basket, so why have we got the chicken in this one too? As

for a description of the paintings, just look and you will find all that I have said and more is in them.
Each piece is 24” x 30” and is Oil on Canvas.
Black Stripe Kazaam Molten
$2,200 $2,200 $2,200

For purchasing information or questions, call 720.249.2853 or email

[ Linda J. Peters ]
Even Dinosaurs Didn't Ruin The Earth
Oil on Clay

16” x 20”

Only mankind has the ability to ruin and destroy

the earth. I recently watched a documentary
about Peak Oil. At first the truthfulness of the
documentary was disturbing and unsettling.
Although the documenty is true, it gave the message that mankind has no hope for the future unless
"we do something" leaving out what God will do about the problems facing mankind. In the painting, I
was inspired to place a dinosaur silhouetted in the dark smoke clouds of the oil wells burning in Iraq
with an Iraqi tank protecting their evil plan to cause destruction to the earth without remorse. The
dinosaur symbolizes several things: the fossil fuel now causing nations to war against each other with
greed being the motivational factor; mankind faces extinction like the dinosaur if it weren't for the fact
that we can trust the promises of Divine Intervention in the near future.

“A generation is going, and a generation is coming; but the earth is standing even to time indefinate.”
Ecclesiates 1:4

We each need to show our respect for the earth, our neighbors and God demonstrating that we desire
to live on the earth.

Nik Prashnov
My two paintings were created
with the purpose of drawing
attention to the environment
and to encourage people to
protect the ecosystem and

Draught and Starvation

Acrylic on Canvas
50cm x 60cm
Carrying Buckets
Acrylic on Canvas
40cm x 60cm
A Nude Future
Oil on Canvas
30” x 40”

“ The oil peak will send massive
shockwaves through the world’s
economies and will trigger an
instant and sharp crisis in the third
world, causing even more wars,

famine and death.

The Revenge of Mother Nature

Oil on Canvas
30” x 40”

An Era of Weapons
Oil on Canvas
40” x 30”

Mother nature has spread a fragrance of peace and she is capable of keeping a balance everywhere.
Mankind has disturbed her for his own selfish needs. Because of this she is forced to show her aggressive
and furious side. It can be said that man has taken her eyes away. Her blindness results in the
destruction of her own planet. The dark eyes of the lady in my painting symbolizes the same. The bird
inside the bottle depicts the world’s desire for fresh air, life and freedom.
Amelita Serrano
We watch and do nothing as if we
have no hands. Not only have we
no hands concerning Peak Oil, but
it seems as though we have no
hands when it comes to a lot of
other useless battles, from which
we acquire nothing but the loss of
h u m a n i t y
for the sake of power..

Who, Why How?

Oil on Canvas
16” x 32”

Hunter Jay
Acrylic on Canvas
18” x 24”
What will these coastal areas $600

look like in years to come?

Automobiles create nearly 1.5 billion
tons of CO2 annually. Carbon dioxide
and other air pollution is collecting in
the atmosphere like a thickening
blanket, trapping the sun's heat and
causing the planet to warm up.
Coastal communities around the
world will be increasingly stressed by
global warming in the coming decades and are vulnerable to
widespread flooding from storm surges. Warmer temperatures cause
water to expand, which inevitably leads to rising sea levels. My painting
‘Cerulean’ portrays the action of an ocean wave on the island of Saint
John. It is a beautiful moment frozen in time, but thought provoking on
another level: What will these coastal areas look like in years to come?
Amparo Dominguez

American Gas
Acrylic and Oil on Canvas
35” x 25”

Jesus Llopis &

Amparo Dominguiz

Our three pieces are an expression of the
potential peak oil crisis. ‘Electric Chess’ denotes
time. ‘American Gas’ denotes Earth, the care it
gives us, and the care we should give it. ‘Ford-T’
is the depiction of how our ‘forms’ change, yet
we all come from long long ago. This is the sign

of life. We must continue to improve.

Jesus Llopis Electric Chess

Acrylic on Canvas
57” x 57”

Acrylic Collage on Wood
19” x 28”

The “Hand” of politics and decision
making… make them with care…

Disease and hunger looms, our children

are crying, our parents are in despair…

Our towers stand alone, no link, no use,

they are ruins, cold and broken…

Our world grows weak, darkness is

advancing, our mother earth has

Peak Oil The “Hand” still outstretched – no more

Drawing on Paper
$300 This time no amount of funds…

It’s all gone, the life blood is gone,

It no longer runs…

Anan Tutra

Turn Off
7.75” x 11.75”
“ This is a painting that shows the
green earth that is slowly being run
down by red oil. The oil is painted in
red denoting danger. Here, the
dangerous issue of oil is enveloping
the whole world, destroying the
green earth on its way, and creating
ugly issues, denoted here by the
cactus replacing green earth.

Green Earth and Red Oil
Acrylic on Canvas
28” x 21”

Usha Shantharam Water Lillies or Oil?

Acrylic on Canvas
28” x 21”

All is not lost...

The water lilies are seen growing on water that has a thick
layer of oil slick on it. All is not lost though. The bright water
lilies, which have grown in spite of the oil, denote that all is
not lost, and that the issue of 'peak oil' can be resolved
even now.

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Vivian Towne
Old Windmill
Acrylic on Canvas
18 ½” x 22 ½”

The energy options available to us are as broad as our

imagination; Wind is still a viable source of energy in our
world. Even as “backup” a windmill can produce energy
when the wind speed is a low as 10mph. and can
produce as much as 8 to 10 thousand watts of electricity.

Chinese Alligator
Clay, Acrylic and Resin on Glass Table. There
is a glass cover that has been removed for
the purpose of this photograph.
29” x 25”
As the population of China explodes the need for
power far exceeds it's current capacity. The Yangtze
River hydroelectric project is the largest undertaking
of its kind and its mission is to provide electricity to
millions of people. At the same time flooding of the
area has depleted the wild population of the
Chinese Alligator (AKA Yangtze alligator) to around
200 world-wide. The captive population is successfully
reproducing and being reintroduced to the habitat.

Red Coral
Acrylic on Canvas, wooden frame with
sand, resin, seashell and titanium accents
33” x 33”

The red coral of our oceans has come under

constant attack for the past century. The coral
reefs have been destroyed by the rising ocean
temperatures that accompany global warming
and the pollutants introduced by oil spills. There
are fewer and fewer places in the world where
vibrant coral still exist.
Parched Earth Human Tragedy
Oil on Canvas Oil on Canvas
$950 $950

Our Future--A Disaster

Oil on Canvas

M. Pradip
Pradip has
In these three depicted the
pieces, the artist
vagaries of
is depicting the
grim reality by tampered
way of dwindling nature - a
water resources, grim future.
parched land,
sky hastened by the world of
pollution, denigration of
forest land and global warming.
Anthony Quinn
Anthony Quinn, known for his
outstanding acting career, was
a world renown artist. He was a
supporter of the arts wherever
he went, buying pieces of art
from the artisans in the small
towns around the world where
his movies were filmed.

Marble sculpture
45" tall 44" at the

by a member
of the A Glance in the Mirror
Cincinatti Serigraph
Bengals. 30" x 36"
This piece is from the rare 1988 edition of 100 and
is numbered 1 of 100, the first signed print from this
edition. We have others available.

Zorba – A self portrait.

51" x 43"

numbered 5 of 8
19” x 26”

The Green Table

40” x 26”
Edition of 300
Retail: $6,750
Sale Price: $5,000

LeRoy Neiman
Created in 1972, “Touchdown” depicts Alan
Ameche of the Baltimore Colts scoring the
winning touchdown in the 1958 NFL
Championship in overtime against the NY Giants.
According to the NFL Insider at, this was
the greatest game ever played, and the first
championship game to go into overtime.

This Rare Johnny Bench print can only be

found in the old Catalogue Raisonné.
Johnny Bench
Number 100 of 200
Island Hole at Sawgrass
17.5” x 22”

Big Time Golf Suite

LeRoy Neiman

LeRoy Neiman's ‘Big Time Golf Suite’ was

created to commemorate a few of the
most memorable holes in professional
16th at Augusta golf. Each of these four pieces only has
17.5” x 22” 1,000 in the edition. Created in 1992,
these pieces currently retail for over
$3,000 each. The set is selling for $12,000.
It is available here for $7,000, and each
piece is available separately for $2.000.

18th at Harbourtown Amphitheatre at Rivera

Serigraph Serigraph
17.5” x 22” 17.5” x 22”
Manuel Carbonell
Internationally renowned sculptor Manuel Carbonell is the creator,
namesake and the Grand Benefactor of South Florida's prestigious
Carbonell Awards. Best known in Florida, Carbonell attended the
Academia Bellas Artes de San Alejandro with other masters Wilfredo Lam
and Agustin Cardenas. He graduated in 1945 to become Professor of
Drawing and Sculpture. Carbonell's art works now adorn museums,
galleries, private collections and public projects throughout the world. His
"Bicentennial Eagle" is part of the Smithsonian Collection.

64" x 44" x 20"
$37,000 Dancers
28” x 43”
This piece is a part of
Carbonell's Dancers series,
pieces from which have
sold for over $60,000.

Girl on a Swing
Hammered Aluminum
57” x 20” x 14”
Purchased at Manuel Carbonell’s One
Man Show in New York City in 1968.

Ludwig Bemelmans
Ludwig Bemelmans (April 27, 1898 - October 1, 1962) was an
author and illustrator of more than 40 books for children and
adults. He was born in the Austrian Tyrol on April 27, 1898. His
father was a painter; his mother was the daughter of a
prosperous brewer.

At 16 Bemelmans moved to New York in 1914, carrying two pistols

with which to fend off hostile Indians. His career as a waiter was
disastrous. After losing a job because he arrived wearing one
yellow and one white shoe, Bemelmans enlisted in the Army. His
antics as a military man and his difficulties in adjusting to the
ways of his adopted country are the subject of his hilarious
memoir, My War with the United States.

He is best known for his books about food, dining, and his
Madeline series. Collectors have found the pre-auction estimates Madeline in London
of Bemelmans works sky-rocket recently. His works are Guache on Board
24” x 36”
held by some of the biggest art collectors in the world. $38,000
Phil Hale is best known in London, although sci-fi readers might recognize his
style from the Stephen King book he illustrated from the Dark Tower series

Phil Hale (which, if rumor holds true, will be at a theater near you in a year or two). The
pieces on this page are oil on canvas pieces. His works normally sell around
$35,000, although these are available in the $15,000 range.

...Stephen King illustrator...

Alexander Calder (1898 - 1976), internationally famous by his mid-30s,
is renowned for developing the modern art mobile. Calder
Pyramides III
44” x 30”

Tomasz Rut
Born in 1961, Rut considers himself a
Classical Realist painter. He depicts
his fascination for mythological figures
in his monumental oil paintings.

43” x 38”

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Donald Roller Wilson is an artist who uses
some strange items in his paintings, such
Donald Roller Wilson
as dogs and cats, chimpanzees, dill pickles, wooden matches, olives, asparagus stalks, and even
cigarettes. He was born in Houston, Texas and is based in Fayetteville, Arkansas.

He is also well known among celebrities such as Carrie Fisher

Fisher,, Jack Nicholson, Diane Sawyer
Harrison For d, Paul Simon, Dan A
Ford, ykr
Aykr oyd, Steve Martin, and Robin W
ykroyd, illiams
illiams. He was Frank
Zappa's visual coordinator during the 1980s and 1990s.

His many works hang in the Brooklyn Museum, Brooklyn, New York; Chicago Art Institute, Chicago, Illinois;
Whitney Museum, New York, New York; Bank of America, San Francisco, California; and Hirshhorn
Museum and Sculpture Garden, Smithsonian Institution, Washington, DC.

Cookie at age 7.... Cookie seeing the holy spirit....

Oil on Canvas Oil on Canvas
12” x 16” 8” x 10”
$30,000 $27,000

And One Was Very Hot,

And One Was Very Not
28” x 15”
Number 8 of 60
This is a door that is 4' by 7'.
The wood pieces are
mounted on a solid core
door. It can be used as a
door, a wall sculpture, or
as I have, as a table top.

This is an early Roller Wilson

work commissioned
through a Houston design
studio for the home of a
wealthy Houston man.

George Rodrigue
Known best for his Blue Dog series, George
Rodrigue's art is known through the United States.
He is a New Orleans treasure and philanthropist.
After Hurricaine Katrina, he reached out to his fellow
Louisianans by creating multiple sets of prints whose
proceeds went to the Red Cross and hurricane
relief. George Rodrigue and his wife, Wendy, have
created the House of Blues Foundation Room to
support arts and cultural programs for youth. Money
is raised through the sale of his paintings.

Blue Dog on the River

24” x 32”

Daisies for You

14” x 18”
edition of 120

Louisiana Oak
Oil on Canvas
14” x 18”
circa 1975

This gorgeous Rodrigue

original oil includes a
Louisiana Oak tree,
Spanish moss, and a
Cajun- style cabin, which,
to Rodrigue collectors,
looks like the house that
George Rodrigue’s father
built. These early Rodrigue
oils normally sell for $50,000.
This one is priced to sell.

For purchasing information or questions, call 720.249.2853 or email

Take me to Your Leader
Plant me a Moon AP
Serigraph The Moon Drops 16” x 11”
16” x 11.5” Serigraph $1,650
$1,200 35” x 23”

Eat, Drink and Forget the Blues

18” x 22”
Very Rare - current retail over $13,000

Happy Birthday Darling

21” x 21”
edition of 100

Midnight Cowboy
22” x 27”
Robert Hayes
Digital Art
16” x 20”

Peeking Lady
Digital Art
10” x 12”

William Lindsay

Brown, Gold, Copper Squiggle on Gold

12” x 12” x 1 ½”

Orange,Yellow, Metallic Green Squiggle

12” x 12” x 6”
(Acrylic and 3-D puffy fabric paint on
wood panel/children's blocks.)

For purchasing information or questions, call 720.249.2853 or email

Bill Mack, an American Relief Sculptor, is viewed by some to
have been unparalleled in one hundred years of figurative
sculpture. His romance-filled pieces are living, breathing works
that appear to emerge from the material.

For over 35 years, Bill Mack has created sculpture in the round
and in relief for government, corporate and private collections.
His art hangs in galleries in four continents and he has had
exhibits in Japan, England, France and Germany.

Bill Mack

Esprit Adorned
Mixed Metals
36" x 48"

Reflection Together
Bonded Bronze Bonded Sand
36" x 49 1/4" x 11" 54" x 43"
$32,000 $15,000

Bonded Bronze
47" x 21"
Lenoree Walker

37” x 29”

Lenore Walker works primarily in acrylic, utilizing

her understanding of the medium, glazing
techniques and abstracting landscapes. This
"intense tranquility" as she describes it, comes from
knowledge of the physical properties of her media
and the "wonder of the random factor" in which
the layers interact with one another in sometimes
unpredictable ways. The product is a combination
of restraint and spontaneity which reveals the
artist's thoughts, feelings, & experiences as a visual Queen of the Cosmos
journal of creative spirit. Acrylic
28” x 20”

21” x 29”
$675 Perfect Lover
24” x 24”
esternn Art

Joe Beeler
Finishing Off the Day
39” x 27”
#150 of 250

Gordon Snidow
American Paint
#175 of 250
Buy all four pieces of
31” x 40” investment art for $4,000

Snidow (1936 -), Beeler (1931 - 2006), Wieghorst (1899 - 1988) and Bill Owen (1942 - ) are all prominent
and popular Western artists. Beeler formed the Cowboy Artists of America which is still active
today and includes in its membership Bill Owen and Gordon Snidow. This investment-art collection
has been reduced and can be purchased as a whole for $4,000.

Olaf Wieghorst
Missing in the Roundup
30” x 33”
#122 of 1000

Bill Owen
Spring Water
40” x 30”
#18 of 1000

For purchasing information or questions, call 720.249.2853 or email

Danielle Reubenstein
Danielle Reubenstein has been painting and creating art in all forms for
as long as 20 years. She initially began with acrylic on canvas then,
graduated to oils. Then in a moment of experimentation she discovered
Experiment in Heat
Mexted Crayon on Canvas
Danielle has recently found her passion in melted 16” x 20”
crayons on canvas. Different from other caustics, the
colors are bright and when she is working there is a distinct,
enjoyable smell of burnt crayons. Danielle is primarily intoxicated by the
delicate dance of her art; the heat used to melt the crayons onto a
flammable material such as canvas is often a tightrope
walk into fire. With her first work "Sun On The Water" she
created her first piece of visual and textile art.

"My paintings are my darlings; little pieces

that I've created only for myself and
my home. I'm am now discovering through
sale and commission the joy of sharing my
darlings with others who will care for them."

Spring Blossom
Melted Crayon on Canvas
40” x 30”

Wax Dali
Crayon on Canvas
12” x 24”

Light at the End

20” x 16”
Thomas McKnight
Thomas McKnight is best known for his living room scenes,
windows, landscapes and seascapes. His recognizable pop-
art style has been popular in the United States since the 1970s.
Since, he has been critically acclaimed throughout Asia and

In 1994 he was commissioned by the White House to paint

the first of three images for President Clinton's official
Christmas card. Today, McKnight's work is represented in the
permanent collection of New York 's Metropolitan Museum of
Art and in the Smithsonian Institute.
San Francisco Bay
31” x 27”

Alexandra Nechita

Can This Be Real?

18” x 28”

Restless Paris
18” x 24”
Peter Max
Peter Max is one of America's most
renown pop artists. His works
appear in the prominent collections
of many museums, including the
Museum of Modern Art in New York.
His style was much copied in the
late 60s and he has been a national
icon since. He still creates art and
heads major projects with other
well-known artists, musicians,
companies and collectors.

Better World III

Acrylic on Lithograph
18” x 24”

Blue Lady Planet

37” x 37”

I Love The World

30” x 40”
Liberty Head
Land of the Free, Home of the Brave
Acrylic on Lithograph
Acrylic on Lithograph
16” x 17”
24” x 18”
$9,000 REDUCED from $13,000. Retails for $14,000.

Lady on Red with Floading Vase

Serigraph Prince Caspian of Narnia
30” x 40” Midnight Profile Lithograph
$4,000 (retail is $8,000 - dealer price) Serigraph 11” x 14”
30” x 40” $2,500

For purchasing information or questions, call 720.249.2853 or email

Bruce Gray
Giant High Heel
60” x 70” x 26”

The Big Cheese #4 is fabricated by hand in welded

aluminum. It is not a casting. This sculpture was
featured in the book Sculpture Reference Illustrated
and also was on the HBO series Six Feet Under.

Fabricated by hand in steel and painted with

high quality automotive laquers. This stunning
giant high heel sculpture has been featured in
magazines, newspapers, and on TV around
the world.

16” x 48”

Big Cheese #4
43” x 25” x 29”

Janie Dunstan
Janie Dunstan is a young and upcoming artist
from Kansas. She graduated from Fort Hays State
University and works as a Graphic Designer and
freelance artist in and around Manhattan, Kansas.
Janie is continually experimenting and
implementing new ideas with various media,
though she prefers the use of acrylics. Janie's
creativity is inspired by her experiences in life and
her pieces are magnificent reflections of such. She
has immense support from her family and friends,
but also from a growing fan base as her works
continue to reach public markets.

16” x 48”
Romain de Tirtoff (pseudonym Erte, a French pronunciation of initials
R.T.) (November 23, 1892 - April 21, 1990) was a French artist and
designer. He is perhaps most famous for his elegant fashion designs
which capture the art deco period in which he worked. His delicate
figures and sophisticated, glamorous designs are instantly recognisable,
and his ideas and art influence fashion into the 21st century. His fashions
were featured in the Ziegfeld Follies and the Folies Bergere.

Serigraph Summer Breeze
20” x 23” Bronze
$2,250 8” x 23” x 8”

Princess Lointaine
22” x 30”
Frederique Krzis-Lorent
French artist Frederique Krzis-Lorent has been painting for 35 years. Originally immersed in the world of
fashion and design of France, her transition to a successful artist was an easy one. She has been a
successful artist for more than two decades. Her works that are internationally held focus upon women
and nature.

Oil on Canvas
70cm x 70cm

Oil on Canvas
60cm x 92cm
Oil on Canvas
54cm x 65cm

Naked Eye
Oil on Canvas
60cm x 73cm
BenTzion, it could be said, is the world's only Isreali, Indian, Jewish, Kabbalist, Christian artist
who resides in the United States. His early Enron shows threw him into the national scene with
his works in the hands of multi-millionaires around the world. His works are currently in major
art collections throughout the world. The pieces seen here were originally pastel and gold on
black museum board and are available as prints.

Adam and Eve

Available as print

This painting represents the unity and teamwork of man and

woman. The color turquoise blue represents the essential
sensuality of the pair, and the gold background represents all
reality. The calligraphy symbolizes "Ha'shem" as well as Loyalty,
Truth, and Love.

Breath of Life
Available as print

The complete series of 12 Prophesies was

reproduced in One Source, Sacred Journeys.

Rabbi's Tallit in Flight


The blue background symbolizes hope. The white symbolizes spirituality.

The tallis signifies spiritual cleansing. The quest to ascend, to be worthy.
To the upper left the tablets memorialize the Ten Commandments,
surrounded by a Dark Hole. The arch of shimmering gold is a symbol for
transformation: one becomes transformed by entering into the holy of
holies. Flanked by Mount Meron where the great Rabbi Shimon Bar
Yohai, the author of the Zohar is buried.

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