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International Office
Table of contents

Welcome to Deggendorf
International Office Staff
Orientation Week



Arrival in Deggendorf
Things to do before travelling to Germany
Residence Permit: Non-EU students
Resident Registration
Health Insurance
Bank Account



Living in Deggendorf
Student Residences
Private Accommodation
Recreational Activities and Sport in Deggendorf
Sport Facilities



The Deggendorf Instititue of Technology

Map of the University
International Office
Career Service
Language Centre
Library, IT-Support, ITC2
Online services of DIT
Programme Advisors and Programme Assistants



Bavaria and the Bavarian Language for Beginners
Important Semester Dates


Welcome to Deggendorf
Dear Students,
We welcome you most warmly here in Deggendorf. We are glad to see that you have
decided to spend your semester abroad in Germany in our nice city with its scenic
You wont regret your choice in coming here!
This brochure should help you to get the information you need about living and studying in Deggendorf. Here you will find out, for example, where to buy food, how to
register with the County Registration Office and where you can go in your free time
or what I-learn is. If there are still any questions, feel free to get in contact with us.
Send us an e-mail or come to our Office in B 210. We will always try to help you and
give you advice.

Find us on Facebook!
International Office DIT

D e g g e n d o r f I n s t i t u t e o f Te c h n o l o g y

w w w. t h - d e g . d e / i o

International Office
I.2 International Office Staff
Dr. Elise von Randow - Director, Institute for International and Academic Affairs
ERASMUS - University Coordination
Cooperations with Partner Universities
International Marketing
Room: B 217
+49 (0)991 3615-202

Antonia Gruber - Coordinator Scholarships and ERASMUS+ finances

ERASMUS lecturers and staff mobility
Room: B 210
+49 (0)991 3615-219

Ana Stahl - B.A. Tourism Management

Lisa Werner - Director of International Office
(Maternity leave until September 2015)
Student Counseling and Coordination of Studies Abroad and ERASMUS
Event Coordination and Intercultural Trainings
Advice and support international students
Room: B 210
+49 (0)991 3615-242

Consultation of Studies Abroad

Summer Schools
Event Organisation
ERASMUS+ internship
Room: B 210
+49 (0)991 3615-219

Anita Hbsch - Coordinator exchange students and statistics

Processing for International students
Accomodation Service

Iris Reul - Assistant to the Director of the Institute for International and Academic


Room: B 214
+49 (0)991 3615-488

Foreign Student Counseling

Room: B 210
+49 (0)991 3615-209

Sabrina Hartmann - B.A. International Cultural and Business Studies

Consultation of Studies Abroad
Advice and support international students
Event Organisation
Ciencia sem Fronteiras
Room: B 210
+49 (0)991 3615-242

D e g g e n d o r f I n s t i t u t e o f Te c h n o l o g y

w w w. t h - d e g . d e / i o

International Office
I.3 Orientation Week

II.1 Arrival in Deggendorf

The Orientation Week always starts one week before the semester begins. It is organized by the International Office. During the Orientation Week you receive help with
bureaucratic and administrative matters, such as registration and visa procedures,
opening a bank account, etc.. DIT students will accompany you and introduce you to
both the city and to the DIT.
The student club AKI organizes the social programme during the Orientation Week with
a Bavarian evening, parties and short excursions in the area.
Your participation in the Orientation Week is compulsory.

Wherever you come from, all directions lead to Deggendorf; this is a fact!
Here are the most common requested transfer routes:

In case, however, you are not able to participate in the Orientation Week,
you will find all of the necessary information in this handbook.

3. Purchase a Bayern-Ticket at the train station! The ticket is convenient and costs
23,- for one person. The Bayern-Ticket can be used for up to 5 persons. For every additional guest the price increases by 4,-. (For 5 persons the price is 40,-).

1. After your arrival at Munich Airport (MUC), exit the airport and wait for the
arrival of bus #635 to Freising, it arrives approximately every 20 minutes. You
must purchase a ticket from the driver.
2. Once you have boarded the correct bus, remain on it until Freising train station
(this is the last stop for bus #635). The train station in Freising is located very
close to the bus stop, approximately 30 metres. Then...

4. In the train station look at the display panels for current train information such
as departure times and platforms. You must take the train to Passau.
5. At this point you should be in the wagon to Passau. Your stop is Plattling (approx.
1 hour from Freising and 1.25 hours from Munich train station). At Plattling, you
transfer to Bayrische Waldbahn, a green train which usually departs from platform
5 or 8. It takes you directly to Deggendorf (only 2 stops, roughly 10 minutes).







Further information about the Bayern-Ticket

D e g g e n d o r f I n s t i t u t e o f Te c h n o l o g y

w w w. t h - d e g . d e / i o

International Office
II.2 Things to do before travelling to Germany

This is your plan of action:

II.3 Residence Permit: for students who are not

coming from an EU member country
Students who are not coming from a EU member country need to apply for a residency
permit (Aufenthaltsgenehmigung). To obtain it you must go to the local Immigration
Office (Auslnderamt). It is situated in the District headquarters (Landratsamt) in

You are required to bring along the following documents:

Passport or ID card
3 passport-sized photographs
Proof of health insurance
Enrolment certificate (Immatrikulationsbescheinigung)
Proof of financial support or enough funds

You must have about 660,- per month available for living costs
You should be able to show the Immigration Office that you or your parents have
585 * 5 = 2925,- in your bank account.
Dont worry if you are unable to show the Immigration Office that you have
enough money every month from your parents; there wont be any problems!
Registration will cost about 100,-.
Landratsamt Deggendorf
Auslnderamt or Foreigner`s Office
Herrenstrae 18
94469 Deggendorf
Telephone +49 (0)991 3100-227
Fax +49 (0)991 3100-41-228
The application for your residence permit will be organized during the Orientation Week.

D e g g e n d o r f I n s t i t u t e o f Te c h n o l o g y

w w w. t h - d e g . d e / i o

International Office
II.4 Resident Registration: for all students

II.5 Health Insurance

Germany has compulsory registration for everybody who lives here. If you stay longer
than three months, registration should be done within the first two weeks after moving
to Germany.
Registration will be organized during the Orientation Week.

Under German law, everyone studying at a state-recognised college or university is

required to take out personal health insurance. Therefore you will need to submit an
insurance certificate when you enroll at college or university. If you do not have private
insurance that fulfils the requirements mentioned below, it is recommended that you
get a German health insurance card.

The Registration Office is located in Deggendorf City Hall (Rathaus).

Please bring with you:

Rathaus Deggendorf
Franz-Josef-Strauss-Strae 3
94469 Deggendorf
Telephone +49 (0)991-2960-333

Enrolment certificate (Immatrikulationsbescheinigung)

Student ID Card
German bank account number

For students who are citizens in the European Union:

To register, you will need the following:
Your passport
Your lease or written confirmation from your landlord
You only need to fill in the so-called Meldebesttigung. That takes no more than 15

If you are from an EU-country and are already covered by public health insu
rance in your home country, you are entitled to use public medical care in
Germany. Your health insurance will cover all occurring costs for medical
If you come from an EU country and are privately insured, you
need a certificate from your health insurance company showing that
your health insurance fulfils the requirements from 7 Abs. 2 of the
These requirements are:
The insurance has to cover costs for medical care for all possible treatments
(dentist, hospital, rehabilitation treatment), medicine, drugs, bandages, other
medical aid, pregnancy and birth.
It is required that your insurance agrees to the fact that there is no limitation on
occurring costs.
Of course, initially, you have to cover the occurring costs yourself. Due to the fact that
these costs can increase very fast, we would like to recommend that you arrange for
a contract with a German health insurance company. This would cost you around 79
euros per month. In this way, occurring costs are fully paid by the German health insurance company.


D e g g e n d o r f I n s t i t u t e o f Te c h n o l o g y

w w w. t h - d e g . d e / i o


International Office
If you are not a citizen of the European Union:
You need to take out health insurance in Germany. The monthly cost is around 70.
If you have health insurance in your home country, you have to bring a
certificate from your company, which shows that your health insurance will fulfill
the requirements stated in 7 Abs.2 of the Freizgigkeitsverordnung/EG.

III. Living in Deggendorf

III.1 Student Residences





These requirements are:

Do you want to see pictures of

the student residences and their

The insurance has to cover costs for medical care for all possible treatments
(dentist, hospital, rehabilitation treatment), medicine, drugs, bandages, other
medical aid, pregnancy and birth.
It is required that your insurance agrees to the fact that there is no limitation on
the occurring costs.




You have the possibility of joining a German health insurance company during your
stay in Deggendorf. During the Orientation Week students of the DIT will accompany you and help you sign up for insurance.

2014 Bayerische Vermessungsverwaltung

II.6 Bank Account


Dormitory Name Manager





(June 2014)


Deggendorfer Studentenviertel Mr. Christian Aumeier

Weg 10
94469 Deggendorf



0049 (0)991



Studentenhaus Finkenhof Detterstrae/

Frauenstrae Ms. Christa Pschl

Detterstrae 21
94469 Deggendorf



0049 (0)991
9912 127

231 - 285,-


Studentenpark 1/2
Deggendorf Dobak IMMOPartner

Haupt-Bro im
Edlmairstrae 9
94469 Deggendorf


0049 (0)991
250 335 0

300 - 540,-


Studentendomizil im
City-Center A+R Planungs- und

stlicher Stadtgraben 30
94469 Deggendorf

you have to
fill in a form

0049 (0)991
344 7560

265 - 405,-


Deggendorfer StudentenZentrum Ms. Stockinger/Ms.


94469 Deggendorf



0049 (0)991
344 78 990

240 -285,-

Official payments are made through bank transfers, e.g. rent to your landlord
> Therefore it is useful to open a bank account
It will usually take about 30 minutes to open an account. Please bring the
following items:
Passport or ID-card including visa
Proof of enrolment at DIT (if you do not have it yet, you can submit it later)
It is important to mention that you are a student because opening an account and bank
transactions are free of charge for students. If you do not let the bank know about your
student status, there will be a fee.
The bank will automatically give you an info card with your account number, bank
code, phone number and contact person. You also get a cash card, which you can use
in Germany and abroad.
The opening of your bank account will be organized during the Orientation


D e g g e n d o r f I n s t i t u t e o f Te c h n o l o g y

Accommodations-Coordinator: Anita Hbsch

w w w. t h - d e g . d e / i o


International Office

Dormitory Name Manager





(June 2014)


D3-Wohnen Wagner Wohnbau

Mettener Strae 7
94469 Deggendorf


0049 (0)991

275 - 305,-


Gterstrae Ms. Maria Berndl

Hofmann &
Gterstrae 10
94469 Deggendorf



0049 (0)991
383 1750

325 - 345,-

All prices are indicated by the dormitory management.

III.2 Private Accommodation

To find a private accommodation please check these websites for private accommodations:
Blackboard at DIT in the Mensa-Building (Building F)
Please pay attention to the following points which are important for you:
Deposit - you are always asked to pay a deposit sum between 300,- and 600, Private accommodations are available in different parts of the city
You have to remain there for the whole period of your stay once you have
accepted it
The International Office will try to ensure that all rooms are up to good standards
of comfort and cleanliness
Telephone and Internet-access are not always available
Rental prices range from 230,- to 350,- plus utility costs of 35,- to 80,per month
You need to cook for yourself
There is no air-conditioning in Bavaria (We LIKE warm weather!)


D e g g e n d o r f I n s t i t u t e o f Te c h n o l o g y

III.3 Recreational Activities and Sport in Deggendorf

Deggendorf provides a variety of fun activities: the golf course
at the highest elevation in southern Bavaria, hiking and walking
trails, bike trails, horseback riding, tennis, downhill skiing as well
as cross country skiing.
Leisure seekers can enjoy Deggendorf to the fullest. The city is not
only known for its scenic beauty.
Deggendorf with its well-known and
impressive monuments and numerous sights also offers a diverse culture
that will surprise the visitor. You can reach Munich in one and a half
hours, yet enjoy the lower cost of living available outside of the Bavarian capital.
The Czech Republic and Prague are nearby as well as Austria, with its
thriving cultural centres like Salzburg, Linz and Vienna.
Deggendorf itself has many scenic spots, which you can explore
around its central historic square with a daily farmers market. There are various beauitiful cafs and restaurants as well as bars, discos and two cinemas one of them shows artistic films and entchants with its retro furnishing.
With only around 35,000 inhabitants, the city is well-structured and
everything is within comfortable reach. And if you are willing to sample
lovable Danube city is the perfect choice.

w w w. t h - d e g . d e / i o


International Office
IV. The Deggendorf Institute of Technology
IV.1 Map of the University

III.4 Sport Facilities

The DIT offers a broad variety of sports to all students.
For example:
- Basketball
- Football
- Skiing weekends
- Badminton
- Handball
- Climbing
- Swimming

These sports are provided by the DIT. The instructors are students and the courses are offered for free. You just need to bring appropriate clothing and shoes,
e.g. in the winter, football practice takes place in an indoor gymnasium, so you
need shoes for indoor sports and not regular street shoes.
If you want to do competitive sports, feel free to join a sports club in Deggendorf.

Index of DIT Buildings

A - Faculty Business Administration & Business Informatics (Computer Science)

B - Administration/Main Auditorium, International Office, Career Service,
Language Centre
C - Faculty Mechanical Engineering & Mechatronics, Copyshop
D - Faculty Civil & Construction Engineering
E - Faculty Electrical Engineering & Media Technology
+ Faculty Applied Natural Sciences & Industrial Engineering
F - Cafeteria
G - Library, Rechenzentrum (Comupter Centre), IT-Support
H - Mechanical Engineering, Faculty Applied Natural Sciences & Industrial Engineering
I - Lecture halls
K - Business Informatics
M - Media Technology
ITC2 - Innovations- und Technologiecampus Deggendorf
Lecture rooms, University Administration
Room Code:
B-> Building
0-> Level in the building
04-> Room number
The sport programme changes every semester.
For further information, please go to the DIT

Important places for YOU on DIT campus

International Office Ms. Iris Reul, B210
Career Service Mrs. Martina Heim, B219
Language Centre Mrs. Tanja Mertadana, B209
Library & Computer Centre/ IT-Support, G205


D e g g e n d o r f I n s t i t u t e o f Te c h n o l o g y

w w w. t h - d e g . d e / i o


International Office
IV.2 International Office

IV.3 Career Service

The International Office is the central facility for all international students at the DIT. It
supports you in all matters before and after your arrival as well as during your stay in
Deggendorf. It helps you with questions concerning your studies and gives you information regarding accommodation, financing, visas as well as further counselling and
other services.

The Career Centre helps you to find your place

in the job market. The Career Service is a
mediator between job market and university.
Therefore, it collaborates with various companies, the university, graduates and students.
The Career Service can help you to improve
your competitiveness on the job market with
seminars and a set of lectures and presentations from various companies.

Furthermore, the International Office organizes various events such as the Orientation
Week, Erzhlcaf, meetings with exchange students and the International Week. The
International Week takes place in May and is a special event both for you and for regular DIT students. The varied program includes a movie night, informative presentations
about our partner universities or about studying in different cultural areas, international dancing and game events and Taste the world, where international students
prepare typical food and drinks from their home countries.
In addition, the International Office coordinates the Host Family Programme. Its idea
is, that you, as international students, are in contact with residents from Deggendorf
or its surroundings, who can show you arround and introduce you to the culture. Hosts
can be single persons, families and sometimes regular students, too. You can arrange
several meetings, cook together, go on an excursion or just meet in a caf.

For a roundup of useful information for your semester abroad

at the DIT, please check: -> Welcome Centre

Further information can be found on: https://

IV.4 Language Centre

The Language Centre offers languages courses
at several different levels. Mrs. Tanja Mertadana coordinates the language courses and helps
you to find the right course for you.
Furthermore, the Language Center gives you
the opportunity to find a tandem partner. The
idea of the tandem programme is that two or
even more students from different countries
teach each other their native language.

Join us on Facebook:
International Office DIT

IV.5 Library, IT-Support, ITC2

The library is located in building G. There you
can use the group and single rooms, as well
as writing desks for studying at the library.
There are also a few computers available for
student use, as well. On the second floor of
the building there is a big computer centre
(Room G205). During the semester IT Support
is open from 1pm till 2pm with students who
you can ask for help with any computer problem. This service is free.
During the examination period when the library fills up, there are additional study rooms
in ITC2 at your disposal. You can get the respective keys for study rooms at the library or
in ITC2.


D e g g e n d o r f I n s t i t u t e o f Te c h n o l o g y

w w w. t h - d e g . d e / i o


International Office
IV.6 Online services of DIT
Every DIT student has his/her own e-mail account
where you will receive information about lectures,
events, internship opportunities, etc.. Please check
the Flyer First steps in the IT (see link below) for
your login data, as well as useful instruction and
information concerning the online services of DIT.
Moreover the flyer describes how to get your Certificate of Enrolment in the HIS-portal where you can
also register for exams at DIT. The registering period for exams is usually announced via e-mail and
lasts one or two weeks. During this period there
is a special service web page at the HIS-portal for
your online exam applications. The registration
steps will be explained in the e-mail sent out to all
students, but it is different for exchange students.
Therefore please wait for the instructions from the
International Office.

Faculty of Civil and Construction Engineering

Civil and Construction Engineering (BIW): Prof. Dr.-Ing. Kai Haase
Resources and Environmental Management (RUM): Prof. Dr.-Ing. Bernhard Bsl
Programme Assistant: Dipl.-Ing Christin Brunken
Faculty of Business Administration & Business Informatics
Business Administration: Prof. Dr. Henning Schulze
International Management: Prof. Dr. Jack Bauersachs
Tourism Management: Prof. Dr. Suzanne Lachmann
Business Informatics: Prof. Dr. Georg Herde
Business Informatics (career integrated): Prof. Dr. Dr. Heribert Popp


for Applied Economics: Theresa Kappl

Business Administration: Stefanie Hofer
International Management: Anita Walz
Tourism Management: Christine Resch
Business Informatics: Carina Peschl -> Studierende -> Rechenzentrum/ IT-Support -> Dienste

Here you have an overview of the online services available at DIT and their links (the
English version of the web page does not show all links). One of the services is the
FileBrowser, which you may need to get lecture notes and old exams. Another online
service called iLearn is used by many professors to organize their lectures or projects.
They can upload scripts, videos, links and other data files into i-Learning, and you can
discuss different issues in a forum or upload your project. The iLearn instruction guide
will help you in getting started.

Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Media Technology

To get your lecture timetable, go to -> Current Students ->

A-Z -> Lecture plans -> choose your faculty, study course and semester. In order to
check your exam dates, go to Exam dates rather than Lecture plans.

Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Mechatronics

Applied Informatics/Infotronics: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Gerald Kupris

Electrical Engineering: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Nikolaus Muller
Media Technology: Prof. Joerg Maxzin
Programme Assistant: Florian Degenhart

Mechanical Engineering: Prof. Dr. -Ing. Karl Hain

Mechatronics: Prof. Dr. -Ing. Helmut Hansmaier
Production Technology: Prof. Dr. -Ing. Josef Stettmer
Master Mechatronics: Prof. Dr. -Ing. Christoph Rappl

To check or write e-mails login at
Access to iLearn is set up by the Faculties:
iLearn instruction guide:

All information about you and IT can be found here

- First steps in the IT:


IV.7 Programme Advisors and Programme Assistants:

D e g g e n d o r f I n s t i t u t e o f Te c h n o l o g y

Faculty of Applied Natural Sciences and Industrial Engineering

Physical Engineering: Prof. Dr. Thomas Stirner
Industrial Engineering: Prof. Dr. Jutta Stirner
Programme Assistant: Anita Miethaner

E-Mail contact to DIT staff and employees:

w w w. t h - d e g . d e / i o


International Office
AKI Club International e.V.
Technische Hochschule Deggendorf
Edlmairstr. 6 und 8
94469 Deggendorf

Here is an Image Video of AKI

Have a look!

Find AKI on Facebook:

AKI club international e.V.

The AKI Club organizes trips, events and parties. In AKI there are students from a
variety of programmes and countries and from all over the world to help new students
arriving at DIT to enjoy their stay in Deggendorf.


D e g g e n d o r f I n s t i t u t e o f Te c h n o l o g y

V.2 Bavaria and the Bavarian Language for Beginners

When you hear the name Bavaria, the first thing you often think of is most certainly
the Oktoberfest and beer. Well these are both things that Bavarians do very well. In
medieval times the country was very poor. Music and dances developed in the small villages. Families sat and sang songs together during the long evenings. That is why there
are often very unique village traditions that have lived on until today, like Wolfsaustreiben in Rinchnach, for example.

In Deggendorf there are traditional music

events. Keep your eyes open!
You can get to know what the people are like
by listening to their music. These traditional
events are very interesting and a good place
to meet people, and not just other students.
Often you can even participate yourself by
singing or playing instruments. Some of the
old melodies will actually give you gooseflesh.
Information about such events can be found at the International Office or AKI. Also,
check the Facebook sites International Office DIT and AKI club international e.V.
as well as your emails.

w w w. t h - d e g . d e / i o


International Office



A very important word to know and an
important element of Bavarian mentality: Bavarians generally always try to
feel comfortable. To feel exactly what
this means try to participate in a Bavarian event. (Not Oktoberfest)


an sian Sempft

special mustard; it fits exactly to Lebakssemmi


delicious mushroom you can find in the

Bavarian forest (yellow boletus)


a special word for luck. You can say

it when someone has been lucky who
doesnt really deserve it; or in a situation which a person doesnt recognize
as being dangerous and afterwards
realizes that they had been really lucky


beautiful, mostly in context to people

Mannsbuid / Weibsbuid

When you see an attractive/non-attractive man/woman



something delicious to eat; a type of

meat loaf popular in Bavaria. If you
want to survive at DIT campus, you
need to know what how to say it properly

direct translation: Cross Peartree Elderberry Bush; non-abusive swearing

You know the moment when tweak
your finger in a door? That is what you
use this expression!


direct translation: sausage finger; use

it if someone wants to grab your
mobile phone, for example, and you
are not amused. Say: Dua deine Wiaschdlfinga weg!


an insult for a person who is not in a

good mood and is irritating everyone


Potato, direct translation: earth apple

(i.e. an apple grown in the earth/soil)


Horse apple (manure):

in it youll be lucky.


to kiss sb all over their face

Bassd scho!

It`s okay!



Fagids God!

Thanks! May God reward it

Geh ma!/ Back ma`s!

Let`s go!

Grias di!/ Habe dehre!/ Servus!


J/ Na

Yes/ No!



Oa Hoibe!

Half liter of beer, please!

A Ma!

A liter of beer, please! (Do you see? In

Bavarian, we dont have to say please; we just order what we want)

When you step


a useful tool to open a screw or a bottle

of beer, size 17


This is what Bavarians call Munich

Oans, zwoa, drei: gsuffa!


walking; if you need to go somewhere

on foot but actually you dont want to

direct translation: One, two, three:

And drunk!Cheers!

Pfiat di/ Servus!


D e g g e n d o r f I n s t i t u t e o f Te c h n o l o g y

w w w. t h - d e g . d e / i o


International Office

V.3 Important Semester Dates

Winter Semester
October 1st - March 14th

Summer Semester
March 15th - September 30th

-about 14 weeks of classes

(end of classes: end of January)

-about 15 weeks of classes

(end of classes: middle of July)

-about 3 examination weeks

(end of January until middle of February)

-about 3 examination weeks

(middle of July until end of July)

-Semester break: middle of February

until middle of March

-Semester break: beginning of August

until end of September

-Christmas break:
December 24th until January 6th

-Easter Holidays and Whitsun Holidays

vary each year
- Orientation Week:
March 9th until March 15th

- Orientation Week:
September 22nd until October 10th
1 January (New Year)
Holy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter Monday
1 May (Labor Day)
Whitmonday (usually end of May, begin of June)
3 October (National Day)
25 and 26 December (Christmas)

III.6 Emergency Numbers

+49 (0)991-380-0




Emergency: 110

Emergency: 110

Red cross: 19222

Police station
Deggendorf: +49

Fire service
Emergency: 112

D e g g e n d o r f I n s t i t u t e o f Te c h n o l o g y

w w w. t h - d e g . d e / i o


Contact and Advice:

Lisa Werner, Sabrina Hartmann and Iris Reul, B 210
International Office
Technische Hochschule Deggendorf
Edlmairstr. 6 und 8
94469 Deggendorf
Tel.: +49 (0)991 3615-242/ -209

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Edlmairstr. 6 und 8
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Simona Richter

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