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Project of creating an enterprise

Bakery Sweet house

Wondering how to start a bakery? Lets take you step-by-step from start
to success.

Reasons for Starting a Bakery

Fewer employees. Bakeries operate with little or no wait staff.

Faster turnover. Bakeries experience higher table turnover rates than other
restaurants. That means you can serve more customers with fewer square
feet of restaurant space - conscious startup.
Scale pricing. Successful bakeries offer a wide assortment for their
customers. But from an ingredients standpoint, it's easier for a bakery to buy
bulk (to purchase mass quantities of food products). As a result of scale
pricing, a startup bakery has a advantage costs over other restaurants in the
local market.
Bakery Food Handling Concerns
Food handling procedures are a critical concern for bakery-style.
Since food is exposed to the public, hygiene and sanitation need to
take center stage - sneeze guards, hand sanitation and other
practices are essential for maintaining a clean and safe bakery
As a bakery owner, it is important to stay current on sanitary
practices and food safety concerns.

Talk to the Community

If you are a startup bakery owner, you understand how important it is to

claim about your new business in the local community. Most bakeries are

local businesses that are marketed to a geographically concentrated

customer base. For this reason, it's a good idea to ask nearby customer
prospects if they would buy from a new bakery, if one were to open up in
the area.

Business Plans for Bakery

Who are my competitors in the area?

What is the need for a bakery in my area?
How will I secure customers?
How will my business be unique?

Concerning all the needed steps for a developing of business and taking into
account all the information above bakery Sweet warehouse was created
and all the information beyond can be used for future opening of an

Sweet warehouse
Logo: All your sweet ideas will come true

Main Competitors

The need of Bakery

Location of Bakery plays an important pole for profitability and a great

quantity of customers for a good functioning. Bakery is going to be situated
almost in the center of the city. It will bring a good revenue. Also in the center
of the city there are always a lot of people. Nowadays life is full of rush, it is
very quick and people are lack of time to have a normal home-made food.
Bakery will offer to the visitors a great variety of sweets, such as cakes,
donuts and muffins with a dilicious cup of coffee, tea or smoothie. Coffe at
the Bakery will cooperate with the company Jacobs (as this company belongs
to the leaders in the coffee producing industry). Also the cherry of the cake
will be a great variety of doughnuts and muffins. It is not so popular in our
location, so there is a chance to be unique by moving forward this kind of
All the cakes, muffins, donuts will be cooked with home-made technology,
and the desing of the Cafeteria is going to be relaxing, comfortable and cozy,
so our customers will feel themselves like at home.

Mini bakery have an individual approach to the customer and this is the
advantage. They are not able to produce tons per day, but it does not matter.
They know exactly what and how much they need to make every day, and
their products are always leave immediately. They are more flexible and can
move quickly to another type of product and offer it to the customer. Products
can be diverse and even exclusive and demand will remain stable. This
business can be a family, and for that he has all the bases. To start this
business you need a lot of initial investment that may not pay off in the short
term, however, is promising and beneficial.

How the customers will be secured

All the sanitary conditions would be kept
All the document will be placed on a surway of customers pr
according to their request

Legal form/registration/payment

As business always can be organized in two forms as legal entity and an

individual entrepreneur, given enterprise will be a business of individual

In order to open a bakery, at the very first step is to get all the
permits certificates for each type of product. This certificate gives the
entrepreneur the right to peaceful production. It is also important to have
the necessary permission from the sanitary-epidemiological service, as
well as environmental supervision services in the region.

To open a bakery a license is not needed, not required.

To become an individual entrepreneur it is needed to pay 1500 UAH.
Monthly tax 17%, as the profit exceeds minimal salary multiplied
by 10 (1200UAH*10times).


Qualified staf is required :1 cook, 1 helper of cook, 2 workers

Cook has to be with experience of 1,5-2 years in the sphere of bakery.
Helper of the cook should have 1 year of experience or less. Possible to
take student, who had experience for about 6 months and who will show
good results.
Workers can be without experience but with experience better.

Staf qualities

Polite, with good look

Liking for dealing with people

Cook should be fond of his/her work


Motivation - More profit means that salary raise up!

Expenditures paid once

Equipment: 35000 UAH

(Fridge, sink, oven, equipment for dough, weights, frying oven for
doughnuts, mixer, cofee machine, forms for muffins, other stuf)
Registration Tax 1500 UAH


Rent of 30 square meters: 3000 UAH + 1500 UAH

-100 UAH per 1 square meter
Ingredients: 400 UAH per day/ 12000 UAH per month
Cofee: 7 kg per month (*100 UAH) 700 UAH


Salary: 11000 UAH

-1 cook 3150 UAH;

-1 helper of cook 2700 UAH;

-2 workers (waitress/cashiers) 2150 UAH;
Services: 2000 UAH + 17% UAH (tax)
Equipment: tables, front windows 3000 UAH

Total expenditures paid once - 49000 UAH

Expenditures paid every month 25700 UAH + 17%


15.5 kg of production can be done in one day. It requires:

-10.5 kg of cakes (weight is approximately 2 kg)
-5 kg of muffins and doughnuts

It includes: 40 doughnuts, 20 muffins, 5 cakes and 10 units of cakes.


Cofee cups:
-25-35 cups of cofee per day for the price 18-25 UAH
-15 glasses of smoothie or shakes at the price 20 UAH

Profit (one day)

5 cakes * 65 UAH(per 1 kg) = 325 UAH
10 units of cake * 20 UAH(per 170 gr) = 200 UAH
20 units * 15 UAH(per 150 gr)= 300 UAH
40 units * 8 UAH(per 50 gr)= 320 UAH
25 cups * 25 UAH(per 1 cup)= 625 UAH
10 glasses * 20 UAH(per 1 glass)= 200 UAH

Profit (month)

Cakes: 6000 UAH

Muffins: 9000 UAH
Doughnuts: 9600 UAH
Cofee: 18750 UAH
Smoothie/Shakes: 6000 UAH
SUM = 49350 UAH

During the first month it is possible to earn approximately 50000
UAH. It will be enough to pay salary to workers and to make turnover
on 2/3.
During the second month bakery will have no net profit as the sum
of 10800 UAH will be paid for equipment.

During the third month the production will be the same but the net
profit will be 23650 UAH. But every month bakery pay 17% of tax
from the net profit. In this way it is possible to stay several months
more, but in order to have more profit the quantity of production can
be increased.