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Project No.

DU 1222
Lotus Towers- Business Bay, Dubai

Main Works Contract

Architectural, Structural & Civil Works

SECTION 08 71 10


1. 11


2. 7

General Instructions
Work Included
Related Work Specified Elsewhere
Quality Assurance
Packing and Marking
Delivery and Storage
Supplier's Qualifications and Responsibilities
Keying and Key Control
Special Requirements

Acceptable Products, Manufacturers and Suppliers

Designs, Materials and Finishes
Fixing Devices
Fire Resisting and Emergency Exit Doors
Locks and Latches
Lever Handles, Roses and Backplates
Pull Handles
Automatic Door Closing Devices
Door Stops
Cabinet Hardware
Signs and Nameplates
Technical Support
Manufacturers' Warrantees
Operation, Maintenance, etc.
Work Incidental to lronmongery



Mounting Positions
Adjusting, Cleaning and Protection
Door Position Switches
Completion and Continued Maintenance

Khatib & Alami (CEC)

Section 08 71 10
Door Hardware
08 71 10- 1

Project No. DU 1222

Lotus Towers- Business Bay, Dubai

Main Works Contract

Architectural, Structural & Civil Works

SECTION 08 71 10




General Instructions


All of the Contract Documents, including General and Supplementary Conditions and
Division 01 General Requirements apply to the work of this section.


Work Included


Provide all labor, materials, equipment, and services necessary to perform the work of this
section as shown on the Drawings and/or herein specified. This work includes, but is not
necessarily limited to, the following:
1. Furnish and deliver to the project site materials required for a complete installation of
Door Hardware as shown on the Drawings and as herein specified.
2. Furnish all required templates and schedules.


Related Work Specified Elsewhere


Carefully examine all of the Contract documents for requirements which affect the work of
this section.


Other specifications sections which directly relate to the work of this section include, but
are not limited to, the following:

Section 06 40 23
Section 08 11 13
Section 08 14 00
Section 08 44 13
Division 26


Quality Assurance


Hardware shall be entirely free from imperfection in manufacture and finish.


It is the responsibility of the Hardware Supplier to follow the manufacturer's catalogue

requirements for the proper size and weight of hardware in each case. All door sizes are
to be noted on the door schedule and all hardware shall be in strict accordance with
requirements of height, width, and thickness.




Schedules: Within 21 days after the award of the Contract, six (6) copies of a complete
Hardware Schedule, in vertical format, shall be furnished through the General Contractor
for approval by the Engineer. The Schedule shall list the Specification Hardware Set
number next to the Schedule Heading Number and shall include a numerical Door Index
listing the Schedule Heading Number and a condensed list of products, manufacturers and

Interior Architectural Wood Work.

Hollow Metal Doors and Frames
Wood Doors.
Glazed Aluminium Curtain Wall.
ELECTRICAL: Wiring for electrically-operated hardware.

Khatib & Alami (CEC)

Section 08 71 10
Door Hardware
08 71 10-2

Project No. DU1222

Lotus Towers- Business Bay, Dubai

Main Works Contract

Architectural, Structural & Civil Works


Templates: All required templates shall be furnished in accordance with the schedule.
Furnish templates to the door and frame manufacturer sufficiently in advance so as not to
delay progress of the work. However, no templates shall be issued or materials ordered
until the schedule has been approved.


Samples: Submit samples as requested by the Engineer of any materials specified herein.
Samples shall be clearly marked with the manufacturer's name and number and with the
schedule number. Samples shall be returned to the supplier after being reviewed.


Product Data: Include with the Door Hardware Submittal for approval a complete set of
catalogue cuts covering the products specified herein.


Packing and Marking


All hardware shall be delivered to the site in packages which are legibly marked with labels
indicating the manufacturers' numbers, types and sizes, and with the Hardware Schedule
reference number.


Each hardware item shall be wrapped together with all screws, bolts, and fastenings
necessary for its proper installation.


Contractor to provide clear, durable door and frame tags during construction for ease of


Delivery and Storage


The Contractor shall receive, check against invoices, and store all hardware at the job.


Delivery of hardware to the job shall be made in accordance with the Contractor's


The Contractor shall provide adequate locked storage space with shelving, and shall be
responsible for all items of hardware after receipt from the supplier. He shall replace all
lost or damaged hardware at his own expense.


Suppliers Qualifications and Responsibilities


In order to qualify for work under this Section, hardware supplier must employ on a full
time basis a regular member of the Society of Architectural Hardware Consultants or
equal, to prepare detailed schedules, check shop drawings and supervise installation.


Hardware Supplier shall be responsible for the accuracy of the quantities, sizes, finish and
proper hardware to be furnished, whether specifically listed or not, and shall be
responsible for determining all details, such as hand of doors, bevel of locks, etc.


Hardware Supplier shall furnish all Door Hardware required for the building and not
furnished under another Section. Hardware not specifically listed for a particular opening
shall be furnished under this Section and shall be same as hardware for similar openings
elsewhere in the building.


Keying and Key Control


Great Grandmaster Key, Master Key, and Construction Master Key all locks and cylinders
to a new High Security 7 Pin Interchangeable Core system as directed by Engineer and/or

Khatib & Alami (CEC)

Section 08 71 10
Door Hardware
08 71 10- 3

Project No. DU1222

Lotus Towers- Business Bay, Dubai

Main Works Contract

Architectural, Structural & Civil Works


Cores shall have Concealed Core Marking.


After receipt of an approved Hardware Schedule, and prior to ordered any locking devices,
hardware supplier shall arrange through the General Contractor for a meeting with the
Engineer and/or Employer to discuss keying for this job. A Keying Layout Schedule shall
be submitted for review within ten days after such meeting.


Furnish the following quantities of keys:



Great Grandmasterkeys each Set

Grandmasterkeys each Set
Masterkeys each Set
Change Keys each locking device
Construction Masterkeys
Control Keys


Furnish cylinders as required for all locking devices on this job.


Furnish one Key Cabinet, including envelopes, labels, tags with self-locking clips, receipt
forms, three-way index, temporary markers, permanent markers, and standard metal
hinged- panel type cabinet for wall mounting. All index cards shall be properly filled in and
all keys shall be tagged and affixed to hooks. File Cabinet shall have a capacity of 150 per
cent more than the number of cylinders furnished under this Contract.


Special Requirements


Hardware Supplier shall determine conditions and materials of all doors and frames for
proper application of hardware.


The Hardware Schedule shall list the actual product series numbers. Supplier is required
to follow manufacturer's catalogue requirements for the actual size of door closers,
brackets, and door holders. All door sizes are to be noted on the Door Schedule and all
hardware shall be in strict accordance with requirements of height, width and thickness.


Tools for Maintenance: All special tools packed with hardware items shall be saved and
turned over to the Owner upon completion of the Work.


All lever or knob trim for door locks to hazardous areas such as Mechanical Rooms,
Electrical Rooms, etc., shall have a tactile surface to comply with requirements of the
Authority Having Jurisdiction.


Lock fronts, flush bolt faces, and strikes shall be beveled in accordance with
manufacturer's standards.


Handing of doors shall be verified by this Supplier.


All electrified hardware items are to be interfaced with the Fire Alarm System.


Refer to Hollow Metal, Wood and Aluminum Door Sections regarding adequate blocking
and reinforcing for surface-applied hardware. The use of thru-bolts is prohibited.


Hardware not specifically listed for a particular opening shall be the same as hardware
scheduled for similar openings.

1.1 0.10

All Door Contacts to be furnished and installed by Security Contractor. Coordinate with
Door Frame Manufacturers for proper factory prepping .

Khatib & Alami (CEC)

Section 08 71 10
Door Hardware
08 71 10-4

Project No. DU1222

Lotus Towers- Business Bay, Dubai

Main Works Contract

Architectural, Structural & Civil Works




Attention is directed to prov1s1ons of Sections of Division 01: GENERAL, regarding

warranties for work under this Contract.


Manufacturers shall provide their warranties for work under this Section. However, such
warranties shall be in addition to, and not in lieu of, all other liabilities which the
manufacturers and Contractor may have by law or by other provisions of the Contract




British or other approved standards set minimum requirements. If this specification

requires higher standards, the more stringent requirement will apply. Use of manufacturer
references will not limit the contractor's duty to comply with the specification or the current
editions of:
BSEN ISO 14610
BSEN 12540

Fire tests on building materials and structures

Hot dip galvanized coatings
Wood screws
Electroplated coatings of nickel and chromium
Electroplated coatings of nickel and chromium
Steel plate, sheet and strip. General Specifications

BSEN 12329 &

BS EN 12330

Electroplated coatings of cadmium and zinc

BSEN 1172, }
BS EN 1652,
BS EN 1653 &
BS EN 1634

Copper and copper alloys

BSEN 12166
BSEN 13724
BSEN 1906
BSEN 12209

Copper & copper alloys wire.

Letter plates
Thief resistant locks
Builder's hardware - Lock and latch furniture
Fire safety signs notices and graphic symbols
Precautions against fire.
Fire detection and alarm system for building
Locks and latches for doors in building

6100: Sub sec.


Jointing products, builder's hardware & accessories.

BSEN 1435
BSEN 1125:1997
BSEN 1154: 1997

Powder organic coatings for application and stoving to

aluminium alloy.
Guide for security of building against crime
Panic exit devices operated by a horizontal bar
Controlled door closing devices

Khatib & Alami (CEC)

Section 08 71 10
Door Hardware
08 71 10- 5

Project No. DU 1222

Lotus Towers- Business Bay, Dubai

Main Works Contract

Arch itectural, Structural & Civil Works




Acceptable Products, Manufacturers and Suppliers


Refer to Annexure - II: List of Approved Products, Manufacturers, Suppliers, Fabricators

and Sub-contractors (Architectural and Civil Works).


Designs, Materials and Finishes


Regardless of other provisions, materials shall meet fire safety requirements and not be
subject to bimetallic corrosion with background materials or other ironmongery.


Every finished surface of one material, whether extruded, rolled, cast or stamped, shall
match exactly in colour and texture indicated on drawings and/or as directed by the
Engineer and all items on any one visible door face shall be finished to an identical


Un less otherwise stated, minimum standards shall be:

Aluminium: HE9-TF alloy, hand polished and anodized to 15 microns thickness.

Stainless Steel: Grade 316 (chromium-nickle-molybdenum group) satin finished or

polished to a mirror like reflectance as required. Other grades or thin stainless steel
cladding on other metal bases are unacceptable.

Coloured Finishes: Electrostatically applied, oven cured powder coated to BS 6496: 1991,
on Grade HE9-TF alumin ium alloy, anodized before coating, applied in a BS 5750 quality
assured accredited factory and tested for light fastness, detergent resistance, impact and
abrasion resistance (conical mandrel to ASTM D 522 and falling ball to BS 3900: Part E7:
1992), adhesion (1 mm crosscut to BS 3900: Part E7: 1992)) and scratch resistance (2000
g load to BS 3900: Part E2: 1992).

Brass: CZ 121/2874 alloy, hand finished satin or mirror polished as required and protected
by a transparent electrostatically applied, oven cured powder coating as specified for
coloured finishes.

Bronze: CZ 121/2874 alloy, hand finished, bronze plated, acid relieved and protected by a
transparent electrostatically applied, oven cured powder coating as specified for coloured


Fixing Devices


Fixing devices shall be suitable, matching, metric and rust-proofed to suit the location and
background, of allen key, or equivalent positive locating drive types.


Pull handle fixings shall be passivated steel bolt through type, with cups, unless otherwise
specifically required.


Fire Resisting and Emergency Exit Doors.

2.4. 1

The UK Guild of Architectural lronmoger's Code of Practice sets minimum requirements

but if a higher standard is requ ired by this specification, by statute or by the Civil Defense
Authorities, the higher standard shall apply.


lronmongery to fire rated door assemblies shall be of types and materials which will not
compromise the specified rating. Fire and smoke control doors, escape route doors and
final exits shall have closers as described hereafter.

Khatib & Alam i (CEC)

Section 08 71 10
Door Hardware
08 71 10-6

Project No. DU 1222

Lotus Towers- Business Bay, Dubai

Main Works Contract

Architectural, Structural & Civil Works


Emergency exit devices shall be mortice types of BSEN 1125: 1997 with stainless steel
crossbars, unless otherwise required. Visible latches or vertical bolts are aesthetically


"FIRE EXIT" and "PUSH BAR TO OPEN" signs to BS 5499 and other signs required by
the Civil Defense Authorities will be provided, unless otherwise specified.


Where latches or night latches are used, with a lever(s). on escape route doors, provide at
no extra cost specially moulded polycarbonate, non-toxic, non-radioactive, visually
unobtrusive, luminous rose surrounds and/or insert escutcheons, able to store natural or
artificial light and, when lights are doused or fail, of emitting a bright luminosity for up to
eight hours, to indicate the position of the lever. Such indicators shall be to DIN 67510
with a measured value FL.2.1-280 green and 2.10 mcd/m2 (minimum luminous density) at
one hour after excitation.




Hinges shall be suitable types matching other items in the door, independently tested and
certified as suitable for the door weight, size and usage intended. Hinges to fire rated
doors and doors with closers shall be ball bearing type, to minimize closing friction and
prevent wear, independently tested and certified as not compromising the specified rating
and shall not contain low melting point materials, like aluminium or plastics.


If the aluminium or brass hinges are required they shall have double stainless steel
washers, lugged to minimize wear.


Stainless steel butts shall be of ball bearing type. Stainless steel plain, washers or rising
butts are unacceptable, due to high friction wear.


Rising butts are acceptable only on WC/shower cubicle doors. Spring hinges are
unacceptable unless specifically required.


Locks and Latches


Lock suites for use on fire rated door assemblies shall be independently tested and
certified as not compromising the fire rating and shall not contain plastics, zinc or other
low melting point components.


Mortice locks and latches shall be heavy duty type to performance requirements of
BS EN 12209 Category 8 and in addition, shall have:-

25 mm double throw deadbolts incorporating anti-sawing hardened steel rollers.

Special springing against progressive lever droop (levers with sprung roses are
unacceptable due to potential for damage and corrosion) for lever handles.

Soft springing with two way action and 70 mm minimum backset for knobs.

Facility for full reversal of hand, without opening the case.

19 mm throw stainless steel three part, low friction, guided latchbolts.

Suitable forends, strike plates and rebate components for rebated meeting styles, of noncorroding materials to match handles (including coloured finishes).

Khatib & Alami (CEC)

Section 08 71 10
Door Hardware
08 71 10-7

Project No. DU1222

Lotus Towers- Business Bay, Dubai

Main Works Contract

Architectural, Structural & Civil Works

Six pin cylinders with practically infinite differs, incorporating rotating pins and side locking
bars, finished to match handles and trim (includes coloured finishes), easily removable
with the door open, without dismantling trim but not removable if closed for high security
areas only.

Three keys per lock.

The actual number of grand master, master and sub-master keys required shall be as
directed by the Engineer at the time of placing orders.


Unless otherwise stated, locks shall be master keyed to a system of Grand master, Master
and Sub-master suites, without compromise to security standards.


A proprietary, lockable key filling/security cabinet with space for one key for each lock,
including locks for fittings, fixtures, etc. plus 20% spare capacity and four plastic key tags
with card inserts and five ..key-out tags .. for each space shall be provided.


Lever Handles, Roses and Backplates


Lever handles should be of rounded section stainless steel minimum 19 mm dia. unless
otherwise stated.


The levers shall be supplied complete with corrosion proof hardened steel spindle suitable
for door thicknesses between 35mm and 54mm.


Roses and backplates with ball bearing shall be of a 2 mm material with polished edges
and the former should be capable of being fixed rigidly to the associated lock case by the
use of metal thread screws provided , or fixed to the door with screws.


Lever handles should have a return section at free end to within 5 mm of the door face.


Pull Handles


Pull handles should be of an approved stainless steel section and shall be located directly
opposite each other where handles are required each side of a door.


They shall be provided with bolt through fixings employing countersunk bolts with cup
washers and locking patches.


Where appropriate, levers and pulls shall be of a type that allows forearm operations in
addition to being suitable for hand operation. Pull handles, with a free end should have a
return at the free end to within 5mm of the door face.


Automatic Door Closing Devices


Automatic Door closers generally shall be fully adjustable, hydraulic check types,
incorporating the following features:

Closing speed fully adjustable between two and thirty seconds (if delayed closing is
specified the door, when opened to 90 degree or beyond, shall stand motionless for a
period adjustable up to 60 second, before starting to close).

Snap action closing to overcome latch resistance with a switch to negate such action for
doors without latches.

Opening and closing from any angle upto 175 degrees, with check adjustable to operate
from any angle between 135 degrees and closed.

Khatib & Alami (CEC)

Section 08 71 10
Door Hardware
08 71 10- 8

Project No. DU1222

Lotus Towers- Business Bay, Dubai

Main Works Contract

Architectural, Structural & Civil Works

Hydraulic reverse check or backcheck action, fully adjustable for angle of operation unless
otherwise specifically stated.

Five years warrantee for use in local ambient conditions, including positions of extreme
exposure and, for back check closers, even if stops are not specified.

No visible manufacturer's markings, except those of BS EN 1154:1997.

Hold open the door at any pre-selected angel between 85 to 110 where specified.

Produced in factories with a BS quality assurance kite-mark.


Automatic overhead closers shall be to BS EN 1154:1997. Standard units shall have

power adjustable between sizes 2 and 6 of BS EN 1154: 1997 (other sizes when
necessary). They shall have plain, rectilinear, solid extruded bodies (not loose covers)
finished identically to other items on the door, suitable rust-proofed arms, fully concealed
fixings and adjustment controls and only one fixing position, established by template, to
minimize potential for incorrect fitting.


Floor mounted automatic closers shall be of the type suitable for single or double action,
wood or metal doors by use of compatible fittings, with concealed fixing cover plates
matching other ironmongery on the door and specially reinforced galvanized main boxes
allowing mechanical adjustment vertically, longitudinally and transversely after installation.


Automatic closers to fire/smoke control doors, escape route doors and external doors
shall conform to and have passed the rated fire door test reference FR 1202 to BS 476:
Part 22: 1987. On operation of the fire alarm signal in an emergency the closers shall be
released to the Fail Safe (closed position) through an electromagnetic mechanism
incorporated within the closers.


Automatic closers to fire/smoke control doors, escape route doors, external doors and
doors opening through more than 90 degrees shall be to BS EN 1154: 1997 Class C and
shall be certified by the US Underwriter's laboratory or other approved independent body
as not compromising the fire rating of the door assembly.


If both leaves of a pair of doors have closers and one must close first, due to rebated
styles, etc. provide suitable selectors, which will not obstruct other ironmongery.




Flush bolts having a 25mm throw shall be provided at top and bottom on non active
leaves of pairs of doors. The flush bolts shall have a 225 mm long body with a dove tail
return to resist damage to the door.


Bolts located inside plant rooms, cupboards, etc. shall be of a lever action pattern and
bolts on doors within escape corridors shall have slide knob operation.


Suitable bolt sockets or keeps shall be provided and shall be the easy clean "boat" type
generally but of a spring loaded dirt excluding type at external or dirty locations.


Door Stops


Suitable stops of types with robust holders and replaceable rubber inserts, matching other
ironmongery on the door shall be provided. Door stops are unnecessary if doors have
stand-open or backcheck closers, unless opening against a wall.

Khatib & Alami (CEC)

Section 08 71 10
Door Hardware
08 71 10-9

Project No. DU 1222

Lotus Towers- Business Bay, Dubai

Main Works Contract

Architectural, Structural & Civil Works


Where practical, wall bumpers with round roses and buffered coat hooks within
bathrooms and toilets shall be used. Elsewhere, floor stops 38 mm (minimum) high 47
mm diameter, with expansion shield fixings shall be used, unless these will cause safety
hazards to occupants, or if doors are undercut. Overhead limit stays shall be provided
where necessary. Roller bumpers shall be provided if doors open onto each other.


Cabinet Hardware


Suitable ironmongery to fittings, fixtures, etc. to suit the location, type and function and to
match door ironmongery shall be provided.


The Contractor shall purchase signs and nameplates as specified on the drawings from a
source approved by the Engineer.


Signs and nameplates shall comply with the appropriate British Standard as detailed


Signs and Nameplates


Signs and nameplates shall be in Arabic and English script (except for graphic only signs)
and the Arabic script shall be above the English script.


Signs and nameplates shall be mechanically fixed to the background material by such
means as approved by the Engineer. The use of adhesive shall not be permitted without
the written approval of the Engineer.


Technical Support


The supplier shall offer full technical support and he or his agent must have suitable
qualified resident staff, able to prepare/amend proper ironmongery schedules and advise
on technical matters, including master key systems and problems of specification,
installation and operation.


Manufacturers' Warrantees


Before supply commences, provide written warrantee, specific to ironmongery for the
project and unlimited by disclaimers of responsibility for ironmongery schedules,
undertaking to repair or replace, free of charge, items which are or become defective due
to faulty material or workmanship, or unsuitability for intended building use or prevailing
external or internal environmental conditions, subject only to fixing according to approved
ironmongery schedules and installation instructions provided.




Make submittals in three stages as follows:


Stage 1
Stage 1 - Submittals shall comprise:
Details of the supplier's qualifications and experience of local representative staff.
General catalogues, suitably marked to indicate each item of ironmongery proposed.
150 x 150 mm samples illustrating each finish proposed to be supplied for locks,
handles, closers, etc.

Khatib & Alami (CEC)

Section 08 71 10
Door Hardware

Project No. DU1222

Lotus Towers- Business Bay, Dubai

Main Works Contract

Architectural, Structural & Civil Works

Independent test certificates providing compliance with relevant British Standards,

Locks to BSEN 12209 Category B.
Panic exit devices to BS EN 1125
Closers to BS 6459 and, in particu lar to class C thereof.
Stainless steel to BS EN 10293:2005, BS EN 16029, BS EN 10048, BS EN 10051,
BS EN 10095, BS EN 10258 and BS EN 10259 Grade 316.
The Draft Warrantee per Specimen shown in Appendix-B. signed to indicate full
acceptance of the Conditions thereof.
Techn ical literature detailing local range(s) proposed, marked to indicate equivalent
types proposed and showing exact comparisons with functions of the locks specified.
Comparisons of ironmongery proposed with this specification, detailing each
deviation from the requirements hereof.
A representative sample board, showing items for typical doors, including a hinge, an
operation lock with handles and trim fitted, a pull handle and an overhead door

Stage 2
Upon Stage 1 approval; Stage 2 submission shall comprise:
A full ironmongery schedule, using the door-by-door set types principle, with each set
fully detailed and listing every door for which the set type is proposed.
Any further information required by the Engineer.


Stage 3
Upon Stage 2 approval; Stage 3 submission shall comprise:
Samples of items not submitted at stage 1 or 2.
The final signed manufacturers' warrantee.


Approved samples will be retained and compared with items subsequently installed.

2.16.5. 1

The granting of any stage approval will not ensure Approval at subsequent stages, nor will
approval limit the Contractor's responsibility to ensure that ironmongery complies with the
specification and is suitable for the required use. If items supplied are found not to
comply with this specification and if such deviation was not included in the list of
deviations in Stage 1 above, the supplier may be required to replace such items with
items complying with the specification, at his own expense.


Operation, Maintenance, etc.


On practical completion the Contractor shall delivery to the Engineer the following:

Any spares and parts required by the contract documents.

Two full sets of fixing and operating tools.
Bound operation manuals with, in clearly labeled sections:Copies of manufacturer's warrantees requ ired above.

Khatib & Alami (CEC)

Section 08 71 10
Door Hardware

Project No. DU1222

Lotus Towers- Business Bay, Dubai

Main Works Contract

Architectural, Structural & Civil Works

General maintenance and fixing instruction sheets.

Full performance I construction specification, operations, adjustments and
maintenance instructions for all locks, cylinders, handles, spindles, door closing
devices, panic exit devices, hinges, etc.
Final as-installed ironmongery and keying schedules.
Such other information as may be reasonably required .

Work Incidental to lronmongery


The Contractor shall execute such incidental work as:-

Coordination with other trades.

Factory mortising and reinforcing wood or metal doors.

Protecting from damage and deterioration during construction.

Removing fixed items before finished processes and refixing .

Checking, maintaining, adjusting, cleaning and lubricating.

Forming holes, mortises, chases and the like, reinforcing hollow constructions, making
good finishes and protective and decorative painting where required.

Providing wiring, accessories, etc. for electrical items.






Strictly comply with manufacturer's instructions and recommendations, except where more
restrictive requirements are specified in this section. Beginning work means installer
accepts substrates and conditions.


Mounting Positions


Heights given are center line heights from finished floor.


Comply with recommendations of Builders' Hardware Manufacturers Association (BHMA),

subject to approval, for heights of items not indicated; height is to center line unless
otherwise indicated.
1. Top Hinge: To jamb manufacturer's standard, but not greater than 254mm from head
of frame to center line of hinge.
2. Bottom Hinge: To jamb manufacturer's standard, but not greater than 318mm from
floor to center line of hinge.
3. Intermediate Hinge: Equally spaced between top and bottom hinges.
4. Locks/Latches, Panic Devices: 1016mm to center of lever/bar.


Set hardware plumb, level, and in exact alignment and location. Conceal and countersink
fasteners wherever possible.

Khatib & Alami (CEC)

Section 08 71 10
Door Hardware

Main Works Contract

Architectural, Structural & Civil Works

Project No. DU 1222

Lotus Towers- Business Bay, Dubai


Adjusting, Cleaning and Protection


Adjust hardware items to work smoothly, easily and correctly.


Clean exposed surfaces using non-abrasive materials and methods recommended by the
manufacturer of the hardware being cleaned . Remove and replace work which cannot be
successfully cleaned, as judged solely by the Engineer.


Provide temporary protection to ensure work being done without damage or deterioration
at time of final acceptance. Levers shall be kept covered with heavy cloth and other
hardware shall be protected against damage until Substantial Completion of the Project.
Remove protections and reclean as necessary immediately prior to final acceptance.


Door Position Switches


Door and Frame preparation for concealed Door Position Switch (to be provided and
installed by the Security Contractor under a separate contract). The door and frame shall
be prepared in the manufacturer's shop for this device as follows:


Door- For the switch magnet, drill a 25mm diameter, 42mm deep hole in the top of the
door, on the centerline of the of the thickness of the door, 150mm from the strike side of
the door (150mm from the centerline of the door for double doors).


Frame- For the switch, drill a 25mm diameter hole in the head of the frame to line up with
the magnet hole on the top of the door.


Backbox - For doors with grouted frames, provide a 35mm deep backbox in the frame
above the switch hole.


Completion and Continued Maintenance


Before completion of work of this Section, inspect work with Engineer and adjust and
correct work to leave operating parts in perfect operating condition, jointing to adjacent
material tight, surfaces without blemishes or stains, and defects or damaged work
replaced or corrected.




Refer to Appendix to this Section for Specimens of Draft Warrantees.

Khatib & Alami (CEC)

Section 08 71 10
Door Hardware
08 71 10- 13