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strategy and mental endurance. Huddled around a single contestants from 2. competitors race against the clock in a battle of logic. video.podbean. design test beds. They are given an example of test data. icpcnews.534 universities in 101 countries competed in regional competitions at over 459 sites and live scoreboard go to ICPCNews. . Morocco) – Hosted by Mohamed V University (UM5). Mundiapolis University (MU). For full coverage of the World Finals including social media. For more information on previous contests. Marrakech. with a grueling five-hour deadline. Contest Growth ACM. and build software systems that solve the problems under the intense scrutiny of expert judges. Others require a knowledge and understanding of advanced algorithms. but they do not have access to the judges’ test data and acceptance criteria. deduce the requirements. for the world’s brightest problem-solvers. Al Akhawayn University (AUY). You don’t want to waste your customer’s time when you are dealing with the supreme court of computing. Growth continues. some of the problems require precision only. To learn more about the ICPC. Visit the ICPC podcast series at battleofthebrains. This past year or acmicpc. The students are given a problem statement – not a requirements document. and last year’s final standings and problem sets. participation has increased more than 1500%.baylor. Each incorrect solution submitted is assessed a time penalty. These teams represent the best of the great universities on six continents . and The Moroccan Association for Computing Machinery (MACM). Still others are simply too hard to solve – except. of course. Battle of the Brains The contest pits teams of three university students against eight or more complex.Page 2 • World Finals (16-21 May 2015. prizes and bragging rights. Teammates collaborate to rank the difficulty of the problems.the cream of the crop. Judging is relentlessly strict. real-world problems. please see icpc. The team that solves the most problems in the fewest attempts in the least cumulative time is declared the winner. please visit http://icpc. one hundred and twenty-eight (128) world finalist teams will compete for awards. For a well-versed computer science for insights from past contestants and current IBM executives. Since the beginning of IBM’s sponsorship in 1997. live coverage. IBM. photos. UPE. and Baylor University are thrilled that the contest continues to attract the best and brightest students from around the world.

The World Finals is hosted by Mohamed V University.000 38160 35.000 32043 29479 30.000 7086 5904 6480 5. Al Akhawayn University. Marrakech.000 ACM-ICPC Student Participation 40. 16-21 May 2015.000 21327 20. Petersburg National Research University ITMO (Russia) University of Warsaw (Poland) Moscow Institute of Physics & Technology (Russia) Shanghai Jiao Tong University (China) Zhejiang University (China) University of Michigan at Ann Arbor (USA) Tsinghua University (China) St. Morocco hosted the very first regional contest in North Africa and the Middle East in 1997.000 18297 16818 15. Petersburg National Research University ITMO (Russia) Shanghai Jiao Tong University (China) The University of Tokyo (Japan) National Taiwan University (Taiwan) St. and The Moroccan ACM. Recent medal winners in order of finish are: • 2014 Gold: • 2013 Gold: • 2012 Gold: • 2011 Gold: • 2010 Gold: St.Page 3 45.000 25016 25. Petersburg State University (Russia) Shanghai Jiao Tong University (China) Moscow State University (Russia) National Taiwan University (Taiwan) Taras Shevchenko Kiev National University (Ukraine) .000 23811 21957 2520 3114 8619 4368 0 World Finals 2015 hosted in Morocco – the final round following the 2014 Regionals One hundred and twenty-eight teams from regional contests servicing universities worldwide will advance to the World Finals to be held at the Palmeraie Resort. Mundiapolis University. Petersburg State University (Russia) Moscow State University (Russia) Peking University (China) National Taiwan University (Taiwan) St.000 12327 9450 10. Morocco.

mobile. visit to increasing the participation of ACM members in Morocco across all dimensions of ACM. was founded in Rabat in 1957 and inaugurated two years later by the late King Mohammed V. comprises a cross section of the computer science and information technology community committed to increasing the visibility and relevance of ACM in Morocco. visit www. About IBM IBM is a globally integrated technology and consulting company. and promotes equity and social responsibility. For more information. social business and security. big data and About Mohammed V University Mohammed V University (UM5). focusing on growth initiatives such as cloud computing. visit Fes. and students to inspire dialogue. For more information.mundiapolis. uniting computing educators. With operations in more than 170 countries. IMADE as a law school specialized in corporate and business law. engineers.Page 4 About ACM ACM. For more information. governments and non-profits. visit www. to expanding ACM chapters. For more information. IBM’s Commitment IBM’s sponsorship commitment to the ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest is part of a companywide effort to advance the next generation of technology leaders and problem solvers who have combined skills of computing science and business management. Kenitra. visit www. see www. professionals. in their respective areas: Polyfinance in financial engineering and business administration. UM5 takes special pride in being the alma mater of His Majesty King Mohammed VI and other members of the Royal Family. and professional networking. liberal-arts curriculum based on the American style. IBM attracts and retains some of the world's most talented people to help solve problems and provide an edge for businesses. For more information. the oldest modern university in Morocco. and recognition of technical excellence. For more which eventually became independent universities in 1975. UM5 is a public university that provides high quality education to over 20 000 students annually. The University enhances Morocco and engages the world through leading-edge educational and research programs.000 members. English-language. The company develops and sells software and systems hardware and a broad range of infrastructure. with more than the Association for Computing Machinery. upholds the highest academic and ethical standards. three major higher education institutions that played a pioneering role. not-for-profit. ambassadors.um5s. It also has the distinction of being the mother of Moroccan universities. The MACM is focused on a wide range of ACM activities. visit www. career development. ACM supports the professional growth of its members by providing opportunities for lifelong learning. About The Moroccan ACM The Moroccan Association for Computing Machinery. . and Tetouan. coeducational Moroccan university committed to educating future citizen-leaders of Morocco and the world through a globally For more information. Over the years UM5 established branches in other cities such as Casablanca. MACM. About Mundiapolis University Mundiapolis University was founded by a group of business and industrial firms bringing together.aui. to enhancing access to the ACM Digital Library and publications for ACM members in Morocco. Tangiers. from creating channels to bring more high-quality ACM activities to since 1996. academics. share resources and address the field’s challenges. and EMIAE in computer and electrical engineering (EMIAE). Its alumni include leading government officials.acm. is the world’s largest educational and scientific computing society. About Al Akhawayn University Established in 1995. Innovation is at the core of IBM's strategy. promotion of the highest standards. researchers. Al Akhawayn University in Ifrane (AUI) is an independent. lawyers and executives. ACM strengthens the computing profession’s collective voice through strong including continuing and executive education. into the first private university campus in Morocco.

its chapters. Dr. Baylor is the oldest institution of higher learning in the State of Texas. William B. . where it has been managed under the direction of Executive Director and Poucher with global enterprise technology development headed by Dr. Upsilon Pi Epsilon’s Commitment The Upsilon Pi Epsilon International Computer Science Honor Society recognizes the best students of computer science and engineering in the world. Deputy Executive Director. The UPE boasts the longest continuous relationship to the ICPC. Jeff Donahoo.baylor.acm. The ICPC contributes to Baylor’s global mission to encourage the next generation to develop and apply their problem-solving talents to the challenges that face the world today and the world to come. the UPE has provided support and scholarships to the World Finals teams. For more information about other UPE You may find more about Baylor at www. Chartered by the Republic of Texas.Page 5 Baylor University’s Commitment Baylor University has been the home of the ICPC since the late 1980s. Since its earliest participation. and its membership click on: upe. dating back to 1970 with the first event held at Texas A&M by members of the Alpha Chapter of the UPE.

VNU [URL] Team name: Java# University of Science and Technology of China [URL] Team name: FuQiang University of Tsukuba [URL] Team name: nekonyaso Zhejiang SCI-TECH University [URL] Team name: shenshanlaoyao Beihang University [URL] Team name: TheWaySoFar Beijing Jiaotong University [URL] Team name: Hyacinth Fudan University [URL] Team name: KuroRekishi Hangzhou Dianzi University [URL] Team name: HDU-D-Ark Indian Institute of Technology . Kollam [URL] Team name: Complexity_Simplified Beijing Institute of Technology [URL] Team name: BIT illusion Beijing Normal University [URL] Team name: deadline Fuzhou University [URL] Team name: Monologue Huazhong University of Science & Technology [URL] Team name: Skyline Indian Institute of Technology .Kharagpur [URL] Team name: BitBees Indian Institute of Technology .Page 6 2015 World Finalists – 128 teams Africa and the Middle East Al Akhawayn University [URL] Team name: Ifrane Cairo University .Roorkee [URL] Team name: 3Spades Jahangirnagar University [URL] Team name: JU_Assassins KAIST [URL] Team name: OriGoGi Kyoto University [URL] Team name: Colorful Jumbo Chicken National Taiwan University [URL] Team name: | 0| 1 National University of Singapore [URL] Team name: ThanQ+ Seoul National University [URL] Team name: cpp Shahjalal University of Science and Technology [URL] Team name: SUST_DownToTheWire Shanghai University [URL] Team name: Final Battle South China Agricultural University [URL] Team name: aabbxx The University of Tokyo [URL] Team name: !#$%&()*+-./:. Ain Shams University [URL] Team name: Tau German University in Cairo [URL] Team name: Bool Shift! Tishreen University [URL] Team name: MC^2 Arab Academy for Science and Technology (Alexandria) [URL] Team name: _CPC For Dummies! ENSA Marrakech. Faculty of Engineering.Faculty of Computers and Information [URL] Team name: Amateur Pros Faculty of Computer and Information Sciences.Madras [URL] Team name: shockers International Institute of Information Technology Hyderabad [URL] Team name: Believe Jilin University [URL] Team name: Major Battle Korea University [URL] Team name: Team X Nanyang Technological University [URL] Team name: AAA National University of Defense Technology [URL Team name: ALPC_NeverFarewell Peking University [URL] Team name: Valkyrie Shahid Beheshti University [URL] Team name: Dark Side of Trianguli Shanghai Jiao Tong University [URL] Team name: Dracarys Sharif University of Technology [URL] Team name: Saboon South China University of Technology [URL] Team name: SCUT_Low_Profile Tsinghua University [URL] Team name: ThinkingBear University of Engineering and Technology .Delhi [URL] Team name: angle Indian Institute of Technology . Ain Shams University [URL] Team name: FortyTwo The American University in Cairo [URL] Team name: The A-Team University of Cape Town [URL] Team name: I Can't Pronounce Catachthonic Asia Amrita School of Engineering. UCA [URL] Team name: while(true).<=>?@[\]^_`{|}~ University of Electronic Science and Technology of China [URL] Team name: UESTC MonaLisa University of Indonesia [URL] Team name: BerinGAS University of Tehran [URL] Team name: Odd Factory Yazd University of Iran [URL] Team name: Baadgir Zhejiang University [URL] Team name: Perditio .Bombay [URL] Team name: codetemplars Indian Institute of Technology .

Page 7 Europe Belarusian State Economic University [URL] Team name: 1C++ Belarus State University of Informatics and Radioelectronics [URL] Team name: Belarusian SUIR 2 ETH Zürich [URL] Team name: Sub-ETHa Friedrich-Alexander-University ErlangenNuremberg [URL] Team name: Old Fafhioned Typefetting Kazan (Volga Region) Federal University [URL] Team name: Kazan FU #1 Lviv National University [URL] Team name: LNU Penguins Moscow Institute of Physics & Technology [URL] Team name: The Moon National Research University Higher School of Economics [URL] Team name: #1 Nazarbayev University [URL] Team name: NU 1 Saint Petersburg Academic University – Nanotechnology Research and Education Centre RAS [URL] Team name: SPb AU 1: Nibbler St. Colombia [URL] Team name: Programators Mark II Universidade de São Paulo [URL] Team name: I am Root Universidade Federal de Campina Grande [URL] Team name: Manoel borboleta e miguxos Universidad Nacional de Colombia .Royal Institute of Technology [URL] Team name: Omogen Heap Moscow Aviation Institute [URL] Team name: MAI #9 Moscow State University [URL] Team name: Moscow SU Tapirs National University of Science and Technology "MISiS" [URL] Team name: MISiS-1 Odessa National Mechnikov University [URL] Team name: ONU 1 2/3 Saratov State University [URL] Team name: Saratov SU 2 St. Petersburg National Research University of IT. Mechanics and Optics [URL] Team name: SPb ITMO University 1 Taras Shevchenko Kiev National University [URL] Team name: Flawless University of Bucharest [URL] Team name: Unibuc Infoarena Coders University of Warsaw [URL] Team name: Warsaw Eagles 2015 University of Zagreb [URL] Team name: Zagreb Belarusian State University [URL] Team name: BelarusianSU Charles University in Prague [URL] Team name: MFF Free University of Tbilisi [URL] Team name: Tbilisi FreeUni Jagiellonian University in Krakow [URL] Team name: Jagiellonian KTH . Petersburg State University [URL] Team name: SPb SU is a ball Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya [URL] Team name: Enguany tampoc? University of Copenhagen [URL] Team name: Lambdabamserne University of Wroclaw [URL] Team name: UWr1 Latin America Escuela Superior De Computo Instituto Politecnico Nacional [URL] Team name: Escoolers Federal University of Minas Gerais [URL] Team name: Literally Tourists Universidad Autónoma de Aguascalientes [URL] Team name: Peludos Universidad de Buenos Aires .Bogotá [URL] Team name: UNRasTasTas Universidad Simón Bolívar [URL] Team name: Team Phoenix Facultad de Ciencias Exactas-Universidad Nacional de Rosario [URL] Team name: Caloventor en Dos ITESM Campus Monterrey [URL] Team name: Locos Universidad Católica San Pablo [URL] Team name: Codesumare Universidad de La Habana [URL] Team name: UH++ Universidad de Oriente .Sede Antonio Maceo [URL] Team name: Napster Universidade Estadual de Campinas [URL] Team name: Rua do sabão Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro [URL] Team name: Guns N' Codes Universidad Privada de Santa Cruz de la Sierra [URL] Team name: 2ez4MySWAG .FCEN [URL] Team name: Melarita Universidad de los Andes.

Madison [URL] Team name: Do you even PSPACE? South Pacific The Australian National University [URL] Team name: ANU-Red University of New South Wales [URL] Team name: YujOHappyBot The University of Western Australia [URL] Team name: mikelback .Page 8 North America Carleton College [URL] Team name: Turing Morocco Cornell University [URL] Team name: Cornell huehue Harvard University [URL] Team name: Harvard Massachusetts Institute of Technology [URL] Team name: MIT2 Northwestern University [URL] Team name: Mildcat Rice University [URL] Team name: Rice Gray University of Calgary [URL] Team name: U Calgary University of California Los Angeles [URL] Team name: UCLA Blue University of Chicago [URL] Team name: Conjurers of Cheap Tricks University of Maryland [URL] Team name: University of Maryland University of Minnesota .Twin Cities [URL] Team name: Benchwarmers University of Waterloo [URL] Team name: Waterloo Black Virginia Tech [URL] Team name: The Traveling Salesmen Carnegie Mellon University [URL] Team name: XP-Developer Georgia Institute of Technology [URL] Team name: Yellow Jackets Iowa State University [URL] Team name: Run Length Encoding Messiah College [URL] Team name: Falcons 1 Princeton University [URL] Team name: Schneidartha Stanford University [URL] Team name: Stanford White University of California at Berkeley [URL] Team name: Berkeley Blue University of Central Florida [URL] Team name: UCF Knights University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign [URL] Team name: Quadrature Rules University of Michigan at Ann Arbor [URL] Team name: Victors University of Southern California [URL] Team name: Trojans University of Wisconsin .