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The 6th and the last State of the Nation Address (SONA) of the President Benigno

Aquino III was full of unexpected events. It was deliver in a purely Tagalog language by
which every Filipino can comprehend. Indeed it has a lot of surprises. It gives me a
clear vision on the progress of our economy in its entirety. As I have expected, past
administrations are always being criticized. A comparison to what was being done by his
administration. It has proven by significant facts and figures that indeed there is
corruption during Gloria Macapagal Arroyos administration. He highlighted that his
administration corrected the wrong doing of the past. In his program towards the right
path or Daang Matuwid a lot of irregularities has been corrected and put in place. In
fact, he mentioned in his speech all the leaders which were being terminated and being
jailed due to wrongful acts such as corruption. The three senators (Estrada, Revilla, &
Enrile) and even the Chief Justice Corona were convicted guilty. The administration of
Aquino as I can see, really leads us to the thing called Daang Matuwid and apart from
that, there is also changes as to our economys growth. In terms of infrastructure, all is
in fair play. Even if the president did not won in certain province, still they are able to
feel the projects of the administration. Furthermore, a lot of significant changes he has
made to our different departments. He assigned responsible person who is not corrupt
and most of all whose align with his objectives and goals for the reformation of the
government. It is well noted to hear that, these people are ever working since you can
visibly see them in the television, radio stations, newspapers etc. Just to mention; the
new Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno, whom appointed by the president to replace
the ousted CJ Corona. The latter was doing well with her work and independently
exercises her separate power to rule the highest court of the land. He also
acknowledged, the BIR commissioner Kim Genares, by which you can really see in her
that she is a working and had a fighting spirit woman. She has reformed well with the
BIR department, whom there were a lot of corruption. Since BIR is the top income
generating body of the government, corruptions has always been a partner in BIR. But
now, I could see the changes, a lot and big changes. In fact you can feel that taxes are
being remitted regularly. A lot of tax evaders are being run into by the BIR. Cases are
filed into the court for those millionaires who doesnt remit taxes appropriately. The
president also acknowledge the role of the Justice Secretary Laila De Lima whom he
trusted with the administration of Justice.
Throughout his speech, you can really feel the characteristic of a leader which was
raised well by his parents. He has good values as being a child of a prominent person in
our country. He never corrupts. He never forget his parents as his source of strength
and most of all the Filipinos who he called his BOSS. He has the sense of gratitude to
all the people behind his back before, during and after the trials of his administration.
Though, administration is not always that perfect. There are lot of constructive
criticisms and actions that are against the government which the president has to face.
Economic crisis, as they quoted, disaster preparedness, against K-12 program, etc. All
of these are present, but the good thing about the Aquino administration, is they are
capable of doing things to the right way and right path.
In his speech, a lot of changes and innovations as to the growth of our country
happened in his administration. I am delighted as i hear from him that our employment

rate has gone down to its lowest rate as compare to the past administration. Meaning to
say, there are lot of opportunities for every graduate to land a job after finishing school.
So, these will be sustained throughout next generation, then it would be a great help for
me as a student to be secured enough that I can have a job after graduation. You can
really see the improvement in our surroundings. As I observe a lot of roads being
modified. Roads are being cemented, right of way, proper drainage all of these resulted
to equal opportunities of every Filipinos.
Changes and innovations as to our transportation, may it be in air or land. You can feel
that its happening. Figures that are being presented were convincing enough that
indeed there is a change. There are lot of accomplishment of Aquinos administration for
the past 5 years. We gained back the trust of other countries in the world. We boast the
confidence that in his administration, together with our country we are all known to
stand and to push through. Despite of all those challenge, our country has able to let the
world know that we can develop more, and we make it to soar high. A lot of quotation
from other well-known critics inside and even outside countries that our country has
able to regained its fame in terms of economic growth.
All of these have something to do with the leader of the country. I can vouch for Mr.
President that he is really a working one. He walks with his talks. He has the strong
determination, perseverance, utmost dedication to his work and most of all his
unparalleled trust to all his people, the proper delegation to all competitive individuals
whom he can trust with in attaining the goal of his administration.
Personally, I want to congratulate the president for a well delivered speech, informative
facts and progress. Kudos to the president for a job well done. He has indeed proven
that he really follows the legacy of his parents. He never fails to please them and as a
Filipino citizen, I am proud to say that, I voted him and he never fails me. He indeed
exceeded upon my expectations.