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The State of Christ - Enjoying The Fullness of The Stature

I have already written much that can easily be seen from reading my past writings
concerning this topic. So I want to in this writing, get more straight to the point and
not have to build you up to the point. This is for those that have arrived, will arrive
and those that are still coming to this State of Christ.
People will no doubt not receive this and will from their lack of understanding judge
this to their own demise. This is for those who have arrived at the "Fullness of The
Stature" of the "State of Christ".
No one else will understand this, but they will! How will they know if they have
arrived? This as well as the many other writings will "Witness" to them that this is it!
Plus they will believe what they will have read. Those who may perchance read and
do not believe, are either babes or they are not born again, or they are not ordained
to the utter glory in which we speak!
There are some that were ordained of old, back before the world began, back before
time began, in the great eternities, that were predestinated, and forordained to
"arrive", to "graduate", to "mature", into the fullness of the Godhead Bodily. Perfect
in Spirit, Soul, and Body. God in every way and in every sense of the word. Their
spirit is become one with His Spirit, Their Soul being redeemed and saved by His
Soul on the Cross, their bodies being His Very Flesh and Bone with Royal Blood
flowing through it, they are become "The Word Made Flesh". Christ prayed and said,
"Father make these one, as we are One". Oneness means you have become as He
is. Christ had become the God of Heaven as He was God made manifest in the
Flesh, So we say He arrived at the God or the Anointed Christ State of Being, where
He was fully God and Fully Man, and marrying the two together making One God. He
obtained unto the State of Being, which is Christ. He that has seen Me has seen the
Father, I and My Father are One.
There is a common deep mysterious thread running throughout the entire Holy Bible
that screams this from the rooftops, that it was and is God's intent to make a man
and then through the process of time and elements and divine revelation make that
man into God. "Come and let US go, and let US make Man into OUR Own Image"!
Let's make Him into God. So He will not lack anything. He will be fully God, He will
inhabit eternity, His Word will not return to Him void but will go forth and do that
which He has spoken.
"Let this Mind, be IN YOU, that was also, In Christ Jesus, who, being a man, thought
it not robbery to be equal to God". Paul the great Apostle commanded us to let that
Mind be in us! Paul commanded us to this way and mode of thinking. "Reckon
yourself to be dead indeed by the death of the body of the Lord Jesus Christ". This
means instead of you carrying your cross, He carried it for you, instead of you trying
to kill your outer man and fleshly desires, you come to the revelation by faith that
makes it so, that You are truly indeed already dead in every way possible by the

sacrifice of Christ Jesus on the Cross. Simply put, You are Dead, You died already!
Nothing else to do to kill it etc, it is dead as dead can be. Now Paul turns around and
commands us like this, "Now reckon yourselves alive from the dead as the body of
the Lord Jesus Christ arose from the dead". Now I am paraphrasing and you can look
these verses up. He is saying, you do not have to wait around to be resurrected
from the dead, you do not have to wait for one certain day to be resurrected,
Martha if you can believe "I already am the resurrection and the :Life", I already
died and rose again and that means you already rose again from the dead, no not
still waiting, already done, you believe it by faith and faith makes it so! As you
think, so you are. You are alive forevermore to never ever die anymore, death hath
no more power over you ever. The Word of God is the utter absolute and only
eternal truth there is! If it said it, because I read it, then it is so, If it said it, because
it was revealed to my heart by divine revelation and received by Faith, then it is so.
Plain and Simple, God The Word said it, I believe it, It is so.
I am no longer in the flesh, no can I ever walk in the flesh anymore. There is no
more flesh or fleshly mind too me. It was killed out at Calvary. Christ did it all for
me. He killed me in His Death, He saved me by His Life, He raised me with His
resurrection, He changed my Body on the Mount of Transfiguration. He did it all and
there was nothing for me to do except this, "Have Faith In God, by having faith in
the Words of God and the Works of God". He made me His Righteousness. I was
dead in trespasses and sin and He loved me while I was "YET" in my sins, He came
at the appointed time and succored me unto His Bosom. I was lost and undone, void
and without form, an image of darkness. I could not do anything to save myself in
that sense. So they asked Christ, "What must we do to work these same works, or to
do these things you do, to become the same person you have become", He said,
Have Faith in God, Believe on He whom the Father hath sent, for I am the Way, The
Truth and the Life, and no man can come to this State of the Christ, to be One and
Equal to God, unless they come through me, I am the door to the sheepfold, I am
the only Gate to Heaven. I am thy Works, they works were finished BEFORE the
World ever was, there in the Mind of God, before the Fall in the Garden. Who can lay
anything to your charge, when I am thy Works! Who can judge you when you was
already judged at Calvary and found not guilty and found favor and grace in the
eyes of the Lord. I am thy works, I am thy righteousness, I am thy death, burial and
resurrection, I am the Body thou hast waited on that was eternal in the heavens, You
have put me on as the Body of The Lord Jesus, you are Bone of My Bone and Flesh
of My Flesh! I am thy Spirit, I am Thy Soul, I am Thy Body, I am the Words of thy
Mouth, I am thy Life, I am thy Rock, thy Strong Tower! I have already "Translated"
you into my Kingdom, Your conversation is in heaven, your paths are of peace and
you walk streets of gold that was purified in the fire, we are they that dwell in
heaven, Ye are they that have overcome and sit down in the Throne with me and My
Father, as Heaven is our Throne and the Earth our footstool! The Fullness of The
Stature, Obtaining Unto The Faith of Jesus Christ! What are you waiting on? You are
in Heaven, sitting in the Throne, in your heart is The Revelation of Jesus Christ, it

revealed to me who I was and it has revealed to you who you are. Only My Bride can
receive my Revelation that makes her One with Me as I am One with My Father.
I told you I would return the second time, without sin, unto salvation. I told you I
would come as a thief in the darkness of the carnal mind. I would translate your
spirit into My Spirit, that would mean I destroyed He who sat in the Temple of God
showing Himself as God by the Brightness of My Revelated Coming. That this was
the Sun turning 7 times brighter as to the Spirit of Revelation causing the Soul or
Moon to suddenly shine as bright as the Sun, making the Earth or Body no more in
Darkness, as there is no night anymore. Even the darkness is Light about Him. You
are not waiting to be translated into My Kingdom I done this already, You do not
have to wait to transform your mind, because you and all you are, every thought
you had perished at your death, so there is no more carnal mind to you, you now
have but One Mind and that is My Mind, The Mind of Christ. There is no more schism
in your body, no more weakness to your flesh, because I purchased your body and
made it mine and you are now bone of My bone and flesh of My flesh, you have My
Royal Blood flowing in you. My Divine Light and State of Being is shining forth from
the Inner Kingdom Within and permeates every part of you, for as I am so you are.
Where I am there you are also. I prayed Father make these one with me as I am one
with you so we all may be One With You Father. One In Body, Soul and Spirit, These
Three are ONE God! As He is so are we in Him. Christ came to do nothing for Himself
but did it all for you! The Revelation of Jesus Christ was our Seal of Diplomacy, It
was The Graduation. It was The Fullness of The Stature! We crossed the Jordan and
are living in Canaan Land! The Fullness of The Counsel of God has been totally and
fully revealed to His Bride and She is One with Him, having become this at Their
Wedding Supper which was The Message in which we speak! We do not muster up
faith, our state of being expresses it and gives to our hearts all it desires and all it
desires is pure and holy. We are not waiting on anything.
We are translated, transformed and transfigured already, the world does not see it
yet, but they will very soon. However that has nothing on us as to who we are right
now. We are in The Faith! Natural, Physical or otherwise circumstances have nothing
to do with who and what and where we are. Faith is Invisible, We dwell in an
invisible eternal world, that those in darkness cannot see. We are free from every
illusion and lie and deception and His Glorious Full Whole Truth has been made
Known! We believe and we receive! As We Think, So We Are! We have the Mind of
Christ, He feeds us the Fruit from that Tree always as it is the Tree of Life. The World
is waiting on something to happen, but the Bride is not, She is already Home with
Her Husband. The Time is at Hand. This Revelation is here because it is the Time for
it, meaning it is to be preached, so it will be received, so it will be believed, so it will
be manifested as so. We made it folks, We was dead in Christ, till we was Born
Again, then the part of us which was alive in these fleshly remains was changed in a
moment in the twinkle of the eye, at the last Trump to sound, The Voice of God
Himself by Divine Revelation speaking the world out of existence, removing the

shadows and illusions to reveal to me I have always been in heaven and never left
it, it was just a dream from a sleep of darkness so Light could be revealed to me. We
are "Complete In Him" Age has nothing to do with what and who we are, Time has
nothing to do with who and what and where we are, our finances have nothing to do
with it, our jobs our homes, our money, our position in life, aches and pains and
death, hell and the grave, have absolutely nothing to do with WHO, WHAT and
WHERE We Are! We are His Bride, We have become One With Him! Perfect in Every
State of our Being.May God Bless You mightily!!! Bro Pat
Patrick Henry Nichols I
Aug 30 2015
Hilton Head Island