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September 2015

Welcome Back.
I hope you all had a wonderful summer holiday.
Have you managed to collect many stamps over
the 6 weeks? A big congratulations to all those
that did use their passports this summer and I hope that
you keep up the good work.
A new year in school brings lots of new opportunities to
get involved with new activities to keep those brains

New to DCU
Hi all! My name is Claire and I will be taking over at DCU. I cant wait to be
involved in this amazing project! I have just finished studying Marine
Biology at University. This is where you learn about what goes on in the
oceans. Did you know that oceans cover around 71% of the Earths surface? So any fishy questions please feel free to ask.

What to look out for.

Dangerous Dads
Next event: Sat 5th Sept, 1 - 4pm
Blackberry-picking, jam & pancake making
Meet at Follaton House car park, Plymouth Rd Totnes. TQ9 5NE at
If you are late, come and find us at the Arboretum. Bring a plastic
tub or 2, and a coat or whatever the weather's doing. No need to
book - cost is by donations [we ask for about 3 - 5 per dad]. Not
sure about parking at Follaton you may need to pay. Dads with
children of all ages welcome.

Did you find any new activities that you LOVE doing
over the summer?
Write in and tell us! We love to hear about your new interests and
about what you have been doing, and if we hear from you, you may
feature in the next newsletter!

Location: Beeson, South Devon
The only festival in the UK just for dads and their children.
Dads/ male carers with children of all ages welcome

camping archery DIY smoothies campfire cooking

woodland bushcraft fishing green-woodworking
tug-o-war star-gazing kids magic show
local food & beers cave-painting storytelling
disco art & craft tent wild walk silly science
Official 2015 World Dad Dancing Competition

Fri. 18th, Sat. 19th & Sun. 20th September
DadFest2015 tickets must be bought in advance
Children 5 & under: FREE + option 15 food ticket for the weekend
Children 6 - 16: 15 + option 15 food ticket for the weekend
Dads: 45 + option 35 food ticket for the weekend
DadFest Ticket = all weekend activities. Add a food ticket = six meals & hot
Concessions available - please contact the organisers

Book early: t: 01803 840990


The DCU Graduation is nearly
Thursday 15th October
Saturday 17

th October

You still have a bit more time to collect

those stamps to get your Gold Awards,
Certificates, Diplo-mas and Degrees
on the big day!

Good luck! And we cant wait to see

you all gowned up for the big event.

Education is the most powerful weapon

which you can use to change the world.
Nelson Mandela

What have you been up to?

We are always looking out for new learning destinations to add to our list.
If you have been involved in any activities or projects that you think deserve to be part of Childrens University, then please let us know by completing a nomination form here. Then either email it to us at: or post it to:
Devon Childrens University
c/o Plymouth University
3 Endsleigh Place,
Drake Circus

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