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Editor: Abbey Peckis
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If you are a client. we can’t thank you enough for choosing Bridgeway and look forward to your continued success! Pat O’Donnell Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder Bridgeway Software Inc. we are free to put the client first. Our stability and growth over the past 25 years has hinged on our respect for the client. character and competence to solely focus on you and your desire to perform at a high level. in-house legal management operations know-how. legal professionals and helping them reach their full potential. as we do. but to nameless shareholders. several years after retiring from GE. once said. along with declarations that software will “solve all your problems” and miserably poor. shareholder value is the dumbest idea in the world. Citigroup and 3M. the rest of the market has had to choose between providers that disrespect your intelligence by showing loyalty. thoughtfully listening to their need and providing real-world. not to you. rather nameless shareholders. more than any other legal service provider. Bridgeway is dedicated to serving in-house. Bridgeway.GREETINGS FROM EXEC Greetings from the Exec J ack Welch. I do not understand how our competitors can claim to have a truly beneficial relationship with their clients. not to their clients. Bridgeway’s success is directly tied to our culture of “relationships.” I could not agree more. If you are not already a client. after-the-sell service. Like you. I hope that you will give strong consideration to us as your next business partner. We sell enterprise legal management (ELM) software and services to world-class brands like Starbucks.” Because we are not hampered by quarterly earnings targets nor shareholder primacy. given they ultimately answer. so we created a company possessing the flexibility. The world in which in-house professionals and their companies compete is changing fast. We knew there had to be a better way. “strictly speaking. 3 . is prepared and dedicated to their success.

And when she began to feel less-than-enthusiastic about her very structured IT career. is a Pioneer in Legal Technology. Some enroll in continuing education classes or do volunteer work to find that missing sense of fulfillment. Manager of Administration at Navistar. they try to find other things to focus on. she took drastic measures: She enrolled in law school. And still others dive into new hobbies or interests. and law together to help legal departments be more efficient. Others take a few days of much-needed vacation time to recharge. business. Law . 4 K atrina Keiffer.CLIENT STORY A Bridge to a New Career by Stephanie Hashagen Putting tech. But Katrina Keiffer isn’t most people. When most people come down with a case of career burnout.

and I’d found a job working as a programmer.. she says. Keiffer set out to forge her own path as an IT consultant for companies with in-house legal departments. I enrolled in law school. She took extra classes during the summer. You started as a programmer.” she says. In twenty years. create and manage reports. It was a tough schedule. I just didn’t feel comfortable with that path. “That just didn’t seem like technology to organize and track legal matters. “I had a computer science degree. In this role.” Keiffer attended night school at Loyola University Chicago.” her. and monitor and reduce legal spending. Keiffer interviewed with several law firms – but she soon decided that a traditional law career might be a bit too structured for “When law firms are big enough to hire people fresh out of school. Keiffer helped corporate attorneys use After she completed law school. they tend to have a very structured career path. ‘No..” a good fit for me. armed with years of IT experience and a fresh law degree. they tend to have a very structured career path . “I got my J.CLIENT STORY had always interested Keiffer.’” Pioneering a New Career So. heading to evening classes after a long day at her IT job. and then every two years or so you’d move up another little level. and Navistar. Kraft Foods. and I got my law license. you might get to be a manager. “But it was very structured. The job was like a dream come true for Keiffer: She found 5 . “Law school normally takes four years – but I plowed through it and got it done in three and a half. Her client list included big names like Ameritech. Many firms hiring new law graduates reminded her of the IT company she’d recently left behind. and she felt that an extra degree would give her a wider variety of career options. But it was worth the effort – and she even finished a little early..” she says.” she says. It was a very interesting experience. So.D. Somewhere along the line I just said. and after two years you’d be promoted to senior programmer. “When law firms are big enough to hire people fresh out of school. that’s not really me. I really enjoyed it. That just didn’t seem like a good fit for me.

departments have begun hiring legal technology experts like Katrina Keiffer on staff. corporate legal 6 department managers. An Attractive Offer to do What Matters In 2006. a company that manufactures and services commercial vehicles like school buses and trucks – decided to make the switch to Bridgeway’s eCounsel legal matter management system. Their titles vary quite a bit: Some are called “IT project managers. every copy that a legal firm makes – and we can see we’re spending X amount .” she says. most importantly. In her role as the department’s go-to eCounsel expert. and law to help legal departments be more efficient. one of Keiffer’s consulting clients – Navistar. and there weren’t many people who did quite what she did. the job and qualifications are very similar: Drawing on an understanding of technology. the hybrid IT/legal consultant field began to grow.” Others are called “legal “As a consultant. I had more flexibility and a wider range of work activities – I enjoyed that.” she said.CLIENT STORY a way to combine her legal expertise with her IT career. We can see every phone call. But as more sophisticated technology was developed to help people like Keiffer do their jobs more effectively. and keep better track of invoicing. Today. she was doing something she liked – with a career path that didn’t make her feel boxed in. “We can get all kinds of operational reporting out of the eCounsel system – and we can get that information much more quickly than we were able to do before. she was something of a pioneer – it was the early 2000s. business. And. She says eCounsel was especially useful for tracking spending in greater detail. “The e-billing function gave us the ability to laser-focus in on specific line items in our legal bills. she found that the system provided a much more effective and accurate way to create and view reports. When Keiffer first started out as a legal/IT consultant. I had more flexibility and a wider range of work activities – I enjoyed that. Keiffer was brought in to help Navistar’s legal department with the conversion to the new system. access higher quality data.” But no matter the title.” “As a consultant.

which helps us stay focused on controlling costs. But Keiffer loves the work. everything was manually entered and there was one entry for ‘fees’ – plus. This gives us much greater visibility into how our money is spent. and that makes it fun and keeps me engaged. before we started using eCounsel. and that we could save X amount by using our preferred vendor. they appreciated Keiffer’s efforts and expertise so much that they offered her a fulltime position as the legal department’s manager of administration in early February 2015.” she says. there was no way to see specific spending on travel or copies. the company appreciated having her in that role: In fact. which helps us stay focused on controlling costs.CLIENT STORY “e-Counsel gives us much greater visibility into how our money is spent. I know that what I do matters.” of dollars on copies. In the past. and I like understanding how my work with the eCounsel system impacts the company. And. The move meant that Keiffer would be managing the company’s eCounsel system full-time. It also meant that she’d have to give up her consultancy – a big change for someone wary of being boxed into a single career path. “I’m having a great time. and she particularly liked using eCounsel to help the legal department save money and find new opportunities to collect better data.” Keiffer enjoyed her consultant role with Navistar. and she has no regrets. I like the variety 7 .” - “I feel great about my new career. of activities that go on.

State.bridge-way.LawManager Legal Management Software entrusted by thousands of users across Federal. www. and Local government agencies for over 25 8 LawManager R .

I moved over to legal operations and legal technology. I have an interesting background with Bridgeway: I was originally working in legal technology for one of our competitors. right? A: Yes. and at that point I was assigned to the role of liaison to Bridgeway. and then a little over 10 years ago. Now. Q: You’re new to Bridgeway. Harrison works out of New York City and he recently celebrated his one-year anniversary with Bridgeway. I’m getting ready to celebrate one year as a Bridgeway employee. I started my career at a huge corporation. I started working in legal and HR. doing implementation.EMPLOYEE Q & A Harrison Underwood Premier Implementations Center of Excellence Manager by Stephanie Hashagen W Q&A e’re kicking off our Q&A series with Harrison Underwood. and we would work with Bridgeway and other vendors. The client would hire my company. When 9 . and why he enjoys being part of the Bridgeway team. Q: Why did you choose to work for Bridgeway? A: Hands down. it was because of all my experience working with them as a liaison. As a whole. Q: How long have you been in the industry? A: I started in the corporate world 20 years ago -. I’ve been working in technology and legal area of HR since 1998.but I actually started out in marketing for the first year and a half before I switched to the legal side of things. his passion for travel and good food. We sat down with him recently to discuss his career path. That was back in about 2005 or 2006. That company was acquired by a consulting group.

I have a lot of background in project management. there are two things I’m really passionate about: One is making sure that our clients are happy. I got a sense of the type of company it was: It seemed very friendly -and very focused on employees and on client relationships. What does “Premier Implementations Center of Excellence Manager” mean. I enjoy getting in the kitchen and playing around. I’m also passionate about making sure that what we deliver to clients really meets their needs and exceeds their expectations. You have an interesting title. And one thing that I’m passionate about personally is cooking. cooking with my grandmother and great-grandmother. “Premier implementation” means working with full-scale. My wife is from Brazil. we go there a couple of times a year.000 employees and you’re employee #84. If clients aren’t happy.EMPLOYEE Q & A “. Where are you from originally? I grew up in Marietta.not only are we implementing our suite of products – we’re also helping [our clients] rethink their legal departments. like to take advantage of the great restaurants here.this city is so fast and allconsuming. so being in New York is a little bit like being a fish out of water -. complicated client projects. I’m a southern boy at heart.. There are parts I love and parts that drive me crazy about living here – but I’m not sure if I could live in small town. and Bridgeway needed someone to manage really large. to make sure they all went well and were successful.. and food became a huge passion for me. I wanted to be a chef when I grew up. extremely large corporations. Georgia. so we What is the one thing you absolutely hate doing but . When I was young. we like to go to the theater and go to museums. I spent a lot of time in the kitchen. It’s my job to 10 manage these large projects from beginning to end. right? What do you like about living and working there? That’s right. I’ve been here in New York for about 10 years. we aren’t going to get business. What is the one thing you are truly passionate about? At work. Food makes me feel calm.” you work at a company with 65. When I started working with Bridgeway. exactly? That title was actually created for me when I came to Bridgeway. like Fortune 100 or 200 companies.505 you kind of feel that way. And not only are we implementing our suite of products – we’re also helping them rethink their legal departments. We’re also big foodies. which is about 10 or 15 minutes north of Atlanta. and to make sure that the project is successful and the client is happy. We also love to travel. What do you do for fun? Since my wife and I live in New York. You work out of New York City.

but going to airport and getting on plane isn’t much fun. what would it be? I’d like to have some way to travel fast. that would be high on my list. so it seems like I’m always vacuuming. Almost all of the artwork in our apartment is original – it’s either mine or it’s something we bought while traveling. But we live in small apartment and we have two cats. you feel like you’re a number or a cog – and it’s not that way at Bridgeway. If you could have a super power. If I could have super speed or a way to transport myself. a real sense that everybody is there for each other.” Watching “Jeopardy” is my favorite nerdy pastime. What do you like most about working for Bridgeway? When you work for a huge corporation. There’s a real “family” feel when you’re working [at Bridgeway]. My wife and I are going to Japan later this year. Another thing most people don’t know is that I like to paint. where would you go? My goal is to visit all seven continents. There’s a real “family” feel when you’re working there. I tried out for the Olympic fencing team twice. Our job can be stressful at times. but at Bridgeway we put each other first and that is such a great gift. I have a bad back so I don’t fence anymore – but I like to joke that I’m deadly with an umbrella. 11 . I hate the vacuum cleaner. Do you have any hidden talents? I used to be a competitive fencer for about ten years. a real sense that everybody is there for each other. what would it be? A: I would love to be the next Ken Jennings on “Jeopardy.EMPLOYEE Q & A one that you have to do every day? Vacuuming. If you could visit anywhere in the world. If you could learn to do anything. I love to travel and go places. I’m pretty good at it.


“Bridgeway University provides relevant topics for Legal Operations and Legal Analytics professionals with knowledge content uncomplicated to understand and assimilate into business practices as well as augmentation for improvement. with topics 13 . The level of information and strategic knowledge provided comes from not just the experts but from those who know the space and can provide real world experience to improve methodology and experience” says John LEARN MORE Bridgeway University’s content is created by Bridgeway employees. Senior Manager at Purdue Pharma. clients and nonclients alike. and webinars on a variety of current. ranging from overviews of legal information technology to reporting to in-depth discussions about legal spending and pricing strategies.bridgewayuniversity. relevant topics – all free and easily accessible to clients. infographics. Want to learn more? Check out Bridgeway University at www. and they can even sign up for email alerts to ensure that they never miss new content.BRIDGEWAY U Bridgeway University Real-World Education for In-House Legal Operations– Free and Online I nterested in tips on how to improve productivity? Use data more efficiently? Looking for new ways to measure performance or track spending? Look no further than Bridgeway University – Bridgeway’s online library for resources related to inhouse legal technology and operations. Visitors can search the Bridgeway University library by topic or category. Bridgeway University is home to dozens of highquality resources including whitepapers. eBooks. Housed on Bridgeway’s website. blog posts.

They emphasized that company culture has a huge impact on your overall experience/service. The assumption is that cost and features should effect the decision above all else. This works to our advantage because it gives us a unique opportunity to build a relationship with someone who has no prior prejudice of Bridgeway.EVENT HIGHLIGHTS Q1 EVENT HIGHLIGHTS A look back at what you might have missed. They are open to learn about everything and willing to give us information others might hesitate to. Most of the people I met were new to their role. What I learned from the Seminar: The presenters STRONGLY recommend that when shopping for technology the company base their decision on the people within the company they were considering. companies use it as a training tool for new hires. 14 1 Personal STAND OUTS from the Seminar: I enjoyed meeting the members of the Houston Society – I have since been to one of their local meetings. – Chelsey Jochetz . leaders in the industry believe that you should choose people and culture over features and cost. However. Society Essentials Seminar Jan 28 – 30. 2015 How the Society Essentials Seminar Stands Out: Because this is a smaller (less expensive) seminar.

In our continued effort to help the professionals within our marketspace. 2015 There was a Matter Management Man sighting at LegalTech New York! There was good turnout at this year’s annual LawManager User Group meeting. is showcased in our recently created comic book highlighting four client stories. helping the Institute for Law Department Excellence sponsor LegalTech’s Legal Operations Track. Matter Management Man. Healthy discussion was had between clients and Bridgeway personnel and there was even talk about holding the User Group meeting on a more frequent basis. M3. as we call him.EVENT HIGHLIGHTS 2 3 LegalTech NY LawManager User Group Meeting Feb 3 – 5. Many clients from metropolitan New York City attended in person. Our attendance at LegalTech New York 2015 included a visit from comic book hero. click here to download. Bridgeway was one of two underwriters. with a large contingent of loyal LawManager customers attending by phone. Lenovo. Rob Jarvis from the New York/ New Jersey Port Authority spoke on behalf of the User Group. The meeting continued with product roadmap discussions as well as new products overview performed by the illustrious Nick Puschak. there was more. But. Many customers enjoyed the presentation by the New York City Law Department of their LawManager LINK notebook. 2015 February 4. Pitney Bowes and Archer Daniels Midland – Jason Emanis – Steven Beers 15 . allowing for interagency communication and data sharing via the NYC DoITT cloud. showcasing panelists from Purdue Pharma. offering to host the next meeting (possibly May) in their new offices at the World Trade Center.

com/vault 16 .bridge-way.Bridgeway Document Vault TM powered by M-Files® Organizes Legal Information Improves Attorney’s Productivity Enforces Matter-level Security www.

a software engineer. she came to an important realization. though. “And during that process. this advice turned out to be a major turning point in her life. she had a very clear idea of what she wanted to do for a living: A graduate of India’s prestigious National Institute of Fashion Technology. Aksa enrolled in some technology courses with the aim of getting enough experi- ence to get a foot in the door in the fashion industry. Aksa Alex Found Her Calling as a User Experience Designer by Stephanie Hashagen W hen Aksa Alex first came to the United States. she figured she wouldn’t have any trouble finding work in her industry. to Bridgeway Once an Aspiring Fashion Designer.. But somewhere along the way. When her husband.EMPLOYEE PROFILE From the Runway .. I realized that with the life I wanted – the kind of life where I could have a family and plenty of time to spend with my kids – it would be much better to do something related to computers. “I took software courses for two years. Alex had spent two years working for a clothing factory in Bangalore . California.-and she had her heart set on a career in fashion design. she was surprised to find that every potential employer told her the same thing: She needed more technology training.” she says. Once she started her job search. Although she didn’t know it at the time.” 17 . accepted a position in San Francisco.

” she says. “I’m doing design. Eventually. and she loves the fact that Bridgeway encourages employees to collaborate and share ideas. At Bridgeway. so Alex’s husband put in for a transfer to his company’s Houston-area office. that’s a struggle when you’re a mom. Alex admits – but things worked out for the best. She also appreciates the company’s focus on things like employee health and maintaining a work/life balance. and I work for a company that really understands the importance of work/ life balance. it was a job that was still essentially about design.” .” Although Alex and her husband both enjoyed their jobs and life in San Francisco. Alex can have a fulfilling and challenging career -.EMPLOYEE PROFILE Fashion is a demanding industry: Alex recalled the long hours she worked in her first fashion job in Bangalore – it wasn’t unusual to work until 10 or 11 PM. she was hired as a senior user experience designer with Bridgeway. I like being able to go home and spend time with my kids. and eventually she worked her way up to the position of user experience engineer. there were some downsides to living in the Bay Area: Housing was expensive and the couple faced long commute times. Educa18 tion was expensive too: The couple’s two daughters were in private school. six days a week. That wasn’t the kind of lifestyle she wanted. They heard good things about Texas. It was a leap of faith. Alex and her husband decided to relocate.” she says. From her perspective. you see a lot of people working 12-hour days. “It’s about creating something to help make people more productive. she changed course and set her sights on an entirely different kind of design. So. to settle somewhere with a slower pace and more opportunities for a better worklife balance. Within a few months of moving to Texas. “User experience is about designing software and making sure that it’s easy for people to use. She loves the work. She found a job creating software for a Bay Area company. “My kids are happy. In San Francisco.and she still has time to volunteer with her church and spend plenty of time with her family.

” 19 . Through Plant It Forward.SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY Plant It Forward by Abbey Peckis & Jason Emanis T hrough Plant It Forward. farm shares and restaurants. and sell their produce through farmers markets. Plant It Forward brings together the people and resources needed to build the infrastructure for farmers who have fled their home countries and arrived in our area ready to begin new lives. These farmers receive training at a model farm. new Houstonians can become active and contributing citizens and realize their potential. so they can realize their untapped potential as members of our community. as well as additional business assistance to help them start their own urban farms. farm stands. Plant It Forward is featured on an episode of “Food Forward. A portion of each success helps provide opportunities for future program participants. Bridgeway Software has partnered with social and religious groups to provide land and tools to refugees who settle in Houston with agricultural experience from their countries of origin. and our replicable model can easily be scaled to support hundreds of urban farms throughout the city and beyond.

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Bridgeway is dedicated to providing software solutions and professional services to implement best practices for the offices of the general counsel and corporate secretary. Bridgeway 22 implements systems in the areas of corporate governance. . Founded in 1989. the company is headquartered in Houston. Texas with representative offices in Philadelphia and Toronto. control cost and ensure compliance. case and matter management. contract management. cost management. Leading corporations and government agencies rely on Bridgeway’s integrated technology approach to manage risk. litigation risk assessment and electronic invoicing.