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Prepared By: NTM

Pineda Review Group


1. The patient has a blood pressure of 180/100, 6. The night before final exam q student states,
heart rate of 120/, associated with extreme “I am restless, I can’t relax, and I want to
restlessness. He is very suspicious of the walk.” This individual is in what level of
hospital environment and actions of health anxiety?
workers. The nurse should confront this a. Mild Anxiety
patient on abuse of: b. Moderate Anxiety
a. Marijuana c. Severe Anxiety
b. Tranquilizers d. Panic
c. Barbiturates
d. Cocaine 7. The primary goal in the treatment of
psychiatric client is to:
2. A client with Borderline Personality disorder a. Relieve psychiatric symptoms
appears on a multiaxial diagnosis of: b. Discharge the client to home as soon
a. Axis I as possible.
b. Axis II c. Prevent the client of becoming
c. Axis III psychotic
d. Axis IV d. Assist the client to become better –
adjusted individuals.
3. The term “ la belle indifference” can best be
described as: 8. A nursing student is reprimanded by the
a. Situation that threatens self-esteem clinical instructor. The student comes home
b. Partially expressed forbidden and kicks the family dog. This illustrates
impulses a. Identification
c. Longstanding feelings of inferiority b. Projection
d. Marked lack of subjective distress c. Repression
towards symptoms. d. Displacement

4. The wife of a fundamentalist minister 9. Lithium, the drug of choice for bipolar
occasionally day dreams of being a rock star. disorders, has a narrow therapeutic range of?
a. Delusion a. 0.5 mEq/L to 1.5 mEq/L
b. Compensation b. 0.6 mEq/L to 1.0 mEq/L
c. Fantasy c. 0.7 mEq/L to 1.3 mEq/L
d. Symbolization d. 1.0 mEq/L to 2.0 mEq/L

5. The type of therapy using machine to assisr 10. An alcoholic patient has developed
in reducing anxiety and modifying behavioral korsokoff’s psychosis. Which of these
responses is: symptoms is associated with this condition?
a. Biofeedback a. Delusion and Fearfulness
b. Systemic desensitization b. Suspiciousness and Paranoia
c. Aversion c. Amnesia and confabulation
d. Flooding d. Ideas of reference and tearfulness
Prepared By: NTM
11. A client is receiving Nardil as a part of a. Monitor temperature and blood
treatment. Which of the following is pressure
important for the nurse to stress to avoid? b. Administer neuroleptic medication
a. Organ Meats c. Encourage mild activity
b. Sardines d. Increase antipsychotic medication
c. Shellfish
d. Legumes
12. A client is to receive his first ECT. He states, 17. The nurse will promptly report which
“I am afraid because my roommate told me symptoms related to neuroleptic therapy:
I’ll forget everything and my memory will a. Mild rash
never return. What is the best response? b. Dry mouth
a. “Don’t worry about it; you’ll get your c. Sore throat
memory back.” d. Photosensitivity
b. “You may not experience memory
loss, but you still need to get ECT 18. Jenny has been taking Thorazine for 10 days
better.” and becomes very restless and tells the nurse,
c. “It may be best if you can’t remember “I can’t sit still.” The nurse identified this is:
certain things” a. Parkinsonism
d. “There is memory loss but it will b. Dystonia
return over 2-3 week period.” c. Akathesia
d. Dystonia
13. Patient is given Chlordiazepoxide (Librium).
The purspose of the medication is to: 19. The effective treatment modality for persons
a. Used in cocaine withdrawal with antisocial personality?
b. Known to have no accumulative a. Crisis therapy
effect b. Behavioral therapy
c. Use as a treatment for alcohol c. Gestalt therapy
withdrawal d. Hypnotherapy
d. Known to be useful for situational
anxiety. 20. Which of the following is NOT a
responsibility for ECT?
14. Jane is prescribed with MAOI. The rationale a. Remove dentures, hairpins, etc.
for prescribing the drug is to: b. Administer Medication, such as
a. Jane is uncontrollable and psychotic muscle relaxant as ordered.
b. Jane tricyclics were not effective c. Prep the client as if she were going to
c. It is the only medication for suicide the OR.
d. Because the patient is afraid of ECT d. Carry out ECT treatment.

15. The anti-hypertensive drug that is also the

treatment of choice for cocaine withdrawal
a. Tofranil
b. Catapres
c. Compazine
d. Methodone

16. A patient has been given a diagnosis of

neuroleptic malignant syndrome. What would
the treatment plan include?