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Notices Federal Register

Vol. 70, No. 30

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

contains documents other than rules or VI. Report of the Preservation Initiatives
proposed rules that are applicable to the Committee Submission for OMB Review;
public. Notices of hearings and investigations, Comment Request
committee meetings, agency decisions and A. Heritage Tourism Initiatives
rulings, delegations of authority, filing of B. Historic Preservation Tax Issues February 10, 2005.
petitions and applications and agency VII. Report of the Federal Agency The Department of Agriculture has
statements of organization and functions are submitted the following information
Programs Committee
examples of documents appearing in this collection requirement(s) to OMB for
section. A. Interstate Highway System
review and clearance under the
Paperwork Reduction Act of 1995, Pub.
B. U.S. Forest Service Off-Highway L. 104–13. Comments regarding (a)
ADVISORY COUNCIL ON HISTORIC Vehicles Policy whether the collection of information is
PRESERVATION C. Nationwide Tribal Notification necessary for the proper performance of
Strategy the functions of the agency, including
Advisory Council on Historic
Preservation; Notice of Meeting VIII. Report of the Communications, whether the information will have
Education, and Outreach practical utility; (b) the accuracy of the
SUMMARY: Notice is hereby given that Committee agency’s estimate of burden including
the Advisory Council on Historic A. ACHP Strategies for Forming New the validity of the methodology and
Preservation (ACHP) will meet on Preserve America Alliances assumptions used; (c) ways to enhance
Friday, February 18, 2005. The meeting the quality, utility and clarity of the
IX. Consideration of Foreclosure of
will be held in the Portola Room, information to be collected; (d) ways to
ACHP Comment by the Bureau of
Portola Plaza Hotel, 2 Portola Plaza, minimize the burden of the collection of
Indian Affairs, Route 4
Monterey, California, beginning at 9 information on those who are to
Improvements, South Dakota
a.m. respond, including through the use of
The ACHP was established by the X. Report of the Archaeology Task Force
appropriate automated, electronic,
National Historic Preservation Act of XI. Chairman’s Report mechanical, or other technological
1966 (16 U.S.C. 470 et seq.) to advise the A. ACHP Alumni Foundation collection techniques or other forms of
President and the Congress on matters B. Legislative Issues information technology should be
relating to historic preservation and to 1. ACHP Reauthorization addressed to: Desk Officer for
comment upon Federal, federally Agriculture, Office of Information and
assisted, and federally licensed C. Native American Advisory Group
Regulatory Affairs, Office of
undertakings having an effect upon XII. Executive Director’s Report Management and Budget (OMB),
properties listed in or eligible for A. Staff Resources and OIRAlSubmission@OMB.EOP.GOV or
inclusion in the National Register of Communications fax (202) 395–5806 and to Departmental
Historic Places. The ACHP’s members XIII. New Business Clearance Office, USDA, OCIO, Mail
are the Architect of the Capitol; the A. HUD Proposal for Affordable Stop 7602, Washington, DC 20250–
Secretaries of the Interior, Agriculture, Housing Initiative 7602. Comments regarding these
Defense, and Transportation; the information collections are best assured
B. 2005 ACHP Business Meeting
Administrators of the Environmental of having their full effect if received
Protection Agency and General Services within 30 days of this notification.
Administration; the Chairman of the XIV. Adjourn
Copies of the submission(s) may be
National Trust for Historic Preservation; Note: The meeting of the ACHP are open obtained by calling (202) 720–8681.
the President of the National Conference to the public. If you need special An agency may not conduct or
of State Historic Preservation Officers; a accommodations due to a disability, please sponsor a collection of information
Governor; a Mayor; a Native Hawaiian; contact the Advisory Council on Historic
unless the collection of information
Preservation, 1100 Pennsylvania Avenue,
and eight non-Federal members displays a currently valid OMB control
NW., Room 809, Washington, DC, 202–606–
appointed by the President. 8503, at least seven (7) days prior to the number and the agency informs
The agenda for the meeting includes meeting. potential persons who are to respond to
the following: the collection of information that such
I. Chairman’s Welcome FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: persons are not required to respond to
II. Preserve America Community Additional information concerning the the collection of information unless it
Recognition and Chairman’s meeting is available from the Executive displays a currently valid OMB control
Awards Presentation Director, Advisory Council on Historic number.
III. Preserve America Program Preservation, 1100 Pennsylvania
Development Animal Plant and Health Inspection
Avenue, NW., #809, Washington, DC
A. Program Status Report Service
B. Consideration of Preserve America Title: Swine Health Protection.
Dated: February 10, 2005.
Future Action Plan OMB Control Number: 0579–0065.
C. Review of Federal Agency Section John M. Fowler, Summary of Collection: Title 21,
3 Reports Executive Director. U.S.C. authorizes the Secretary and the
IV. California Heritage Tourism Issues [FR Doc. 05–2914 Filed 2–14–05; 8:45 am] Animal and Plant Health Inspection
V. Report of the Executive Committee BILLING CODE 4310–10–M Service (APHIS) to prevent, control and

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7712 Federal Register / Vol. 70, No. 30 / Tuesday, February 15, 2005 / Notices

eliminate domestic diseases, as well as DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE Force on Food Derived from
to take actions to prevent and manage Biotechnology contact: Bernice Slutsky,
exotic diseases such as hog cholera, Food Safety and Inspection Service Ph.D., Special Assistant to the Secretary
foot-and-mouth disease, and other for Biotechnology, Office of the
[Docket No. 04–053N]
foreign diseases. Disease prevention is Secretary, U.S. Department of
the most effective method for Codex Alimentarius Commission: Agriculture, 12th Street & Jefferson
maintaining a healthy animal Proposals for New Work and Priorities Drive, Washington, DC 20250. Phone:
population and enhancing APHIS for the Codex ad hoc (202) 690–0735, e-mail:
ability to compete in the world market Intergovernmental Task Force on
of animals and the trade of animal Foods Derived From Biotechnology FOR FURTHER INFORMATION ABOUT THE
products. Because of serious threat to PUBLIC MEETING CONTACT: Paulo
AGENCY: Food Safety and Inspection
the U.S. swine industry, Congress Service, USDA. Almeida, U.S. Codex Office, FSIS, Room
passed Pub. L. 96–468 ‘‘Swine Health 4861, South Building, 1400
ACTION: Notice of public meeting,
Protection Act’’ on October 17, 1980. Independence Avenue, SW.,
request for comments.
This law requires USDA to ensure that Washington, DC 20250–3700, phone:
all garbage is treated prior to its being SUMMARY: The Office of the Under (202) 690–4042, Fax: (202) 720–3157.
fed to swine that are intended for Secretary for Food Safety, United States SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION:
interstate or foreign commerce or that Department of Agriculture (USDA), and
substantially affect such commerce. the Food and Drug Administration Background
Garbage is one of the primary media (FDA), United States Department of The Codex Alimentarius Commission
through which numerous infections or Health and Human Services, are (Codex) was established in 1962 by two
communicable diseases of swine are sponsoring a public meeting on March United Nations organizations, the Food
transmitted. The Act and the regulations 3, 2005, to provide information and and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and
will allow only operators of garbage receive public comments on new work the World Health Organization (WHO).
treatment facilities, which meet certain and priorities for the ad hoc Codex is the major international
specification to utilize garbage for swine Intergovernmental Task Force on Food standard-setting organization for
feeding. APHIS will use various forms Derived from Biotechnology of the protecting the health and economic
to collect information. Codex Alimentarius Commission interests of consumers and encouraging
(Codex). Following approval at the 27th fair international trade in food. Through
Need and Use of the Information: Session of the Codex Alimentarius adoption of food standards, codes of
APHIS collects information from Commission (June 28–July 3, 2004) to practice, and other guidelines
persons desiring to obtain a permit establish the Task Force, under the developed by its committees, and by
(license) to operate a facility to treat chairmanship of Japan, Codex agreed to promoting their adoption and
garbage. Prior to issuance of a license, solicit comments on the work that the implementation by governments, Codex
an inspection will be made of the Task Force should undertake and on the seeks to ensure that the world’s food
facility by an authorized representative priorities for this new work. supply is sound, wholesome, free from
to determine if it meets all requirements DATES: The public meeting is scheduled adulteration, and correctly labeled. In
of the regulations. Periodic inspections for Thursday, March 3, 2005, from 2 the United States, USDA, FDA, and the
will be made to determine if licenses are p.m. to 5 p.m. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
meeting the standards for operation of ADDRESSES: The public meeting will be manage and carry out U.S. Codex
their approved facilities. Upon receipt held in Room 107–A of the Jamie L. activities.
of the information from the Public Whitten Federal Building, 12th & The Codex ad hoc Intergovernmental
Health Officials, the information is used Jefferson Drive, SW., Washington DC. Task Force on Foods Derived from
by Federal or State animal health FSIS invites interested persons to Biotechnology develops standards,
personnel to determine whether the submit comments on this notice. guidelines and recommendations for
waste collector is feeding garbage to Comments may be submitted by any of foods derived from modern
swine, whether it is being treated, and the following methods: biotechnology or for traits introduced
whether the feeder is licensed or needs • Mail, including floppy disks or CD– into foods by modern biotechnology, on
to be licensed. ROMs, and hand- or courier-delivered the basis of scientific evidence and risk
Description of Respondents: Farms; items: Send to the FSIS Docket Clerk, analysis, having regard, where
business or other for profit. U.S. Department of Agriculture, Food appropriate, to other legitimate factors
Safety and Inspection Service, 300 12th relevant to the health of consumers and
Number of Respondents: 347. Street, SW., Room 102, Cotton Annex, the promotion of fair practices in the
Frequency of Responses: Washington, DC 20730. All comments food trade.
Recordkeeping; reporting: on occasion. received must include the Agency name Public Meeting
Total Burden Hours: 1,493. and docket number 04–053N.
All comments submitted in response At the March 3, 2005 public meeting,
Ruth Brown, to this notice will be available for public attendees will have the opportunity to
Departmental Information Collection inspection in the FSIS Docket Room at pose questions and offer comments on
Clearance Officer. the address listed above between 8:30 work to be undertaken by the Codex ad
[FR Doc. 05–2877 Filed 2–14–05; 8:45 am] a.m. and 4:30 p.m., Monday through hoc Task Force on Foods Derived from
Friday. The comments also will be Biotechnology. Written comments may
posted on the Agency’s Web site at be offered at the meeting or sent to Dr. Bernice Slutsky (See ADDRESSES).
2005 Notices Index/index.asp. Written comments should state that they
For further information about the relate to activities of the proposed ad
Codex ad hoc Intergovernmental Task hoc Codex Intergovernmental Task

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