Gender stratification in the workplace; should women go back to their traditional roles?

I choose the “gender stratification in the workplace; should women go back to their traditional roles?” as my issue for this social studies coursework. Critically, I strongly disagree with the topic stated above. Gender stratification slowly becomes a serious issue among the women in some country nowadays. They were being discriminate especially in the job profession. Although women might do some jobs and men others, a distinction between men as breadwinners and women as homemakers characterized gender inequality at the workplace. Gender stratification refers to the hierarchical distribution of social and economic resources according to gender. Although now is not an ‘ice age’ era anymore, the discrimination is still happening not only in Malaysia specifically, but also in some parts of the world. Why this is happening? Some women are discriminated because it is against their religions and cultures, which perpetuate stereotyped gender roles, protectionist, and patriarchal attitudes towards women. It is an old believed where people feels that women were born just to do their traditional roles such as cooking, laundry, cleaning and take care of their kids. They not allowed having higher post in the job sector because that was only for men. Several of the religions including Catholicism, Buddhism and Hinduism, deny women access to interpreting and implementing their sacred text. That practice encourages negative attitudes against women, including disrespect, inferiority to men and demeans the status of women. School curricular, religious teaching material and media images continue to stereotype women as homemakers when nowadays women started to work and pursue their careers. This will lead to the bad image of society towards the women and the discrimination will occur even in the workplace. Besides that, the factor of glass ceiling is one of the reasons why there is discrimination in the hiring. Glass ceiling refers to a set of invisible barriers that

prevent the women from advancing. It is common related with the job hiring. A small number of this, women were at the top; fewer than 3 percent of top executives were women. The women will not able to get the higher post compared with the men that always be given opportunity and chances to success in their career. This case is called glass escalator, which mean an unacknowledged discriminatory barrier that prevents women and minorities from rising to positions of power or responsibility, as within a corporation. In particular, women report feeling excluded from informal leadership and informal leadership and decision-making networks, and they sense hostility from their male coworkers, which makes them feel uncomfortable and unwanted. The men always get the opportunity to success from their career because they are men. They get an opportunity that discriminate the women. This explains why men dominate higher post in most company. The other topic I want to critic is should women go back to their traditional roles? The term traditional roles mean a pattern of behavioral expectations that produced what we now know as family. Though society has changed throughout the ages, and the roles reversed in many instance, the tasks established as being male and female are still significant ones in the development of a society. For an example, the women traditional roles are the home-maker, the nurturer of children and the backbone of what goes on in the home, while the men’s traditional roles are become the provider of food, provider of a home, the worker, the disciplinarian and the protector. Some narrow-minded people agree that women should go back to their traditional roles. They are too superstitious and think that they need to follow their believed and religions. For an example in a marriage, the wives are not allowed to work and are forbid to do any job involving the outdoors. Their work is to take care of their family affairs although they are well-educated person. It is a waste for the country. The husband thinks that his wife might cheat with another man. If women are gave the choice to work, many are forced to give their salaries to

their husbands. Many women who work before have been ordered to give up their jobs when marry. This should not be happen anymore. This millennium era, the gender inequality should not be practice. Gender inequality refers to adversities between women and men. It is not one homogeneous phenomenon but a collection of disparate and interlinked problems of different kinds of disparity. Men and women have their own right and should be treat equally. Besides that, there is some opinion that says women who work are one of the reasons for a divorce. I quite agree with this one because career women have no time for their kids and family besides often to neglects their family affairs and rather concentrates to their work. A woman often deprives herself of luxury in order to provide something for her offspring, but sometimes in a wrong way. This will lead to a fight between husband and wife because the husband feels that the wife did not do the job as a homemakers well, and as we expected, the children are the one who suffers. They are innocent enough to be in that situation. It is so cliché to think about the children might do stupid stuff by entering the dark side of society like clubbing, taking ecstasy and drugs, prostitution and many more. This will be a big waste to the country. Many of parents did not realize about this. They are too selfish to think that in no way their children will affect because of their problems. People do not take marriage seriously anymore, no matter what their preferred role in that marriage. However today, women had changed. They are capable to do any job. Women are no longer considered capable of doing small and unimportant tasks within the home. With job opportunities opening up, women take their place in society and bring in much of the income that is needed to sustain the financial stability of the home. At this moment, women can juggle their time wisely. Most of the women now have at least three roles in their life, which are being a mother, wife and worker. Nevertheless, they still have time to spend with their family even though with all the work that needs to done at the office. Some of the women start to work at home so that they cannot separate with their children besides

neglected their family. This is call as ‘Mommy Tracks’; a career path determined by work arrangements offering mothers certain benefits, such as flexible hours, but usually providing them with fewer opportunities for advancement. Datin Paduka Mazlina is one of the examples of successful women. She had made a world record by being the first women in Asia ever to reach the Antarctica. Personally, I think that women really should be given a chance especially in their career. This is because they deserves it after all the hard work they have put in. women become so educated nowadays. It is good for our country besides proved that women can success too. Nevertheless, the women should be wise in managing their career and family life. Without the balance between work and family, it means nothing. (1198 words)

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