Syed Saad Gilani

House No 10-A, Qasim Lane, Rawalpindi, Pakistan. Telephone (Cell):+92-323-5069478

Qualification Summary
A Seasoned management executive, with extensive experience, in creating, developing and executing strategies, plans and courses of actions for value addition, asset enhancement, and improving the value of an organization. An Innovative leader and motivator dominating with sound technical background in the areas of management sciences, Information technology, image processing, computer networks, system analysis and design, business communication, project management and total quality management with solid conviction, morals, and ethics, and with a unique ability of steering any sinking project/venture to shore while motivating subordinates to perform at their optimum. Possesses exceptional written, verbal, and interpersonal communication skills.

Skill Set.
 A highly experienced management executive.  A seasoned Educator/Human Resource Manager.  An established computer software developer.  Exceptional written, verbal, and interpersonal communication skills.  Proficient network administrator competent in establishing LAN using Proxy
Servers up to any number of users for provision of internet services by means of DSL Services, ADSL ASHDSL, Microwave links, and wireless LAN.

Career Experience: Pakistan Army Corps of Signals/Pakistan Army Information and Communication Technology Officer (ICTO)
Serving Pakistan Army, for over eighteen years, started career of a professional soldier as cadet of Pakistan Army in 1987. After four years of training, was selected to join the elite Corps of Signals in October 1991, where following responsibilities were bestowed.

Project Manager
Gained hands-on practical experience in working and establishing Enterprise Level Networks, Managing Datacenters, designing, deploying and implementing a variety of Information Systems, to include:  Hospital Management System of Pakistan Army: Whereby automating a chain of Military Hospitals for faster Patient Handling and Processing,  Pakistan Military Academy Information Management System,  Office Automation System of Pakistan Army.

Network/System Administration
Served as First Manager Networks of the First Data Centre of Pakistan Army and System Administrator of Pakistan Military Academy.  While planning installing and commissioning the entire network.  Preserving and maintaining the operational status of the network.  Designed, implemented and installed different classified utility software for the division.  Planed and Installed an ISP while uniquely deploying the Idea of ADSL to the home for the first time in Pakistan in Pakistan Military Academy

Technical Staff Officer Grade 2.
Selected to serve as technical staff officer Grade 2 in National Defense University where following responsibilities were bestowed:  Entrusted with the operation & maintenance of Internet Service Provider (ISP) uniquely based on DRS.  Entrusted with the operation & maintenance of Telephone Exchange with over 1200 subscribers

Communication Officer
While serving in Corps of Signals (conferred with the sophisticated responsibility of provision of communication during peace and war to Pakistan Army) has been planning and executing the communication plans up to the highest possible level through following means:-

(1) Radio Communication. By using HF and VHF radio sets. (2) Radio Relay Communication. By using radio relay equipment. (3) Microwave Communication. By using microwave equipment for
transportation of voice and data streams.

(4) Line Communication. By using permanent line routes, UG (Under
Ground) Cable and line equipment.

Instructional Assignments
(1) Taught various courses of senior officers attending NDU (Then NDC) while serving as General staff Officer Grade -2 (Technical) (2) Remained instructor in Pakistan Military Academy for around two years. Taught various technical, non-technical, combat and non-combat courses to Under Graduate level during the itinerary of this assignment.

Staff Officer/Aide de camp.
Selected to serve as the staff officer/ Aide de camp of a General Officer, who was Director General Research of National Defense University.

Educational Profile Civil Education:
(2004-2009): PGD (Computer Software) Engineering
From National University of Science and Technology (NUST) Rawalpindi with CGPA 3.25/4.

(2000-2002): MBA (Specialization in Management of Information Systems)
From Allama Iqbal Open University with 1st Division with majors in Management of Information System with following subjects: Economic Analysis Business Mathematics & Statistics Business Research Business communication Management Theory and Practice Financial Management Computer Application for Businesses Cost & Management Accounting Project Management Business Policy & Strategy Total Quality Management Management Information Systems Organizational Behavior Data Base Management System Analysis and Design Introduction to Artificial Intelligence Information Technology

(1996-2000): BE (Computer Software) Engineering
From National University of Science and Technology (NUST) Rawalpindi with GPA 2.72/4 with following main subjects: Calculus Basic Electrical Engineering Algorithm & Computing Electronic Devices Digital Logic Design Computer Organization and Assembly Data Structures Electronic Circuits Operating System Computer Architecture Artificial Intelligence Design of Intelligent Systems Database Systems Computer System Design Software Engineering Translation of Programming Language

(1989-1991): BSc Double Maths Physics
From Pakistan Military Academy, Kakul (Peshawar University), with Second Division.

Professional Training/Courses:
 Mid Career Course  Junior Staff Course.  Officer Basic Intelligence Course  Officer Signal Intelligence Course  Young Signal Officers Basic Course  Officer Tactical Course.  Officer Weapon Course

Areas of interest:
 Image Processing  Computer Networks  System Analysis and Design  Information Technology  Management Sciences  Business Communication  Project Management  Total Quality management

Personal profile
Date of Birth: Marital Status: Language Ability: Nationality: Special achievements: 20th May 1972 Married Fluency in Urdu, Punjabi and English written / spoken Pakistani Served as Manager Networks of the First Data centre of Pakistan Army. Served as System Administrator while Networked Pakistan Military Academy Planed and Installed an ISP while uniquely deploying the Idea of ADSL to the home for the first time in Pakistan in Pakistan Military Academy Car and Motor Cycle. Three (2 x Sons and 1 x Daughter)

Driving License: Children: