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Tips for

ne of the interesting factors of

IELTS preparation is that you
can seamlessly incorporate
your IELTS practice in your daily
duties. Whether you are reading your favorite
book, chatting with friends or even watching
television, you can prepare for IELTS on the
Here are some the tips to keep in mind if you
want to crack TOEFL:

The Listening section is the
most important part of the
IELTS test. This section of
IELTS has 4 sections and includes 40 items.

Tips to crack:
Listen to news: One of the easy ways to prepare
for this test is by listening to broad discussions
and debates on television. That is also the best
way to prepare for Monologue and speech test.
Group discussion: This involves interaction
between a maximum of four people. Again,
attending and listening to discussions are the
best way to prepare for this test.

In this section you are given a long
article to read which is followed by a
set of questions like multiple choice,
sentence completion, summary writing, matching
information, short-answers.

Tips for


Tips to crack:
Read. This might seem tedious in the beginning.
Therefore, the easier way to do that is by reading
whatever is interesting to you in the beginning and
then move to heavier material like long essays,
editorials, short stories.

One of the interesting sections

of the IELTS test, the speaking
section involves a one-on-one live
interaction with an invigilator.

Practice comprehension: Practicing comprehensions help a lot in the preparation process. Since,
the questions in the test are based on the style of
comprehension it always helps to sharpen your
skills in comprehension.

Tips to crack:
1. Add value to your replies: It is good to be specific with your relies but you can always add some
interesting facts in your answers. Eg: If you are
asked where are you from? Besides answering
the usual you can also add some detail about
the place you are from.

In the IELTS academic test, you are
required to describe a chart, graph
or diagram and in addition write an
essay expressing your point of view or argument.
Tips to crack:
Read sample essays: It is always helpful to read
as many sample essays as possible.
Write essays: It is important to write sample
essays as a part of the preparation. Write drafts and
analyse your essay every time. Keep the following
point in mind before writing the essay:
a. Note all the point that come to mind on the topic.

2. Knowledge: Make sure you have knowledge

about what you are speaking. You should be
able to communicate the key points of the topic
to the invigilator.

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b. Once that is done, filter the necessary points

from the same list.
c. Bring clarity on which direction you want your
essay to take.

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