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Katelyn Hinch

11507 170 Avenue
Edmonton , AB T5X-5Z5
Phone: 780-473-5628
Creative preschool teacher who supports all learning styles. Implements the latest
trends in the early childhood curriculum. Extensive knowledge of developmental
and behavior problems. Experienced hockey player skilled at performing in high
stress situations, whether in a team setting or self-directed. Extensive knowledge of
Division I Athletics acquired through 9 years of playing experience. Hockey
assistant Coach experienced in assisting with day-to-day team operations, as well
as sharing expert knowledge and techniques with athletes and parents.
Behavior management techniques
Positive and cheerful
Training in food handling preparation
assistant hockey coach
Excellent communication skills
Proven team leader
Highly organized
Cultural sensitivity
Certified babysitter Provider
Complex problem solver
Preschool Teacher
Energetic personality
Fast learner
January 2012 to Current
Christcity church Edmonton , AB
children's ministry leader

AB adult supervisor In the years I have babysat around my neighbourhood for family friends and parents i need for a responsible person to watch over there children while they are away. Employed a variety of materials for children to explore and manipulate in learning activities and imaginative play. drawing and crafts. I have taken my baby sitting coarse through the Castle downs YMCA in 2012. and cleanup. I have Escorted children on outings and trips to local parks.9 teacher Cell number 780-405-3732 Barb Dyer Been Looked after since young age by Cell number 780-220-3303 . Christcity church a coarse on how to deal with and communicate with all ages of children. AB I am completing my second semester grade 10 at Archbishop O'Leary Catholic High School. diapering. January 2012 to Current Knights of hockey association Edmonton . January 2012 to Current Babysitter Edmonton .Upheld all CPR regulated certifications from the castle downs YMCA. I have Disciplined children and recommended other measures to correct behavior. Carefully monitored children's play activities.Through the years at Christcity church in the children's ministry I have Read stories to the children and taught them painting. Education 2017 Archbishop O'Leary Catholic High School Edmonton.8. I have trained my self to efficiently Managed general housekeeping duties.Created and ran up-to-date and relevant drills. Previous to my second semester i spent my first semester at M. REFERENCES Deanna Vader Christcity children’s ministry director Cell number 780-893-6086 chashie er Wes Craig Grade 7.Incorporated music and art activities to encourage creativity and expression. resting. Following that coarse I had to take at my church. Lazerte High School.Helped develop each participants physical and psychological fitness. including feeding. E.Motivated and encouraged student athletes to do their best during practices and games. AB assistant coach Through the Knights of hockey association i have had the chance supervised and helped out team fundraised projects to raise money for new uniforms and year end events.